I HELP a FELLOW Fisherman! He loves me now!

Scott Martin

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    Fishing trip takes a quick turn after I get the phone call to help a fellow fisherman.
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    1. Kenneth Chapman

      Fished for stripers on cooper river, when they are running the action is non stop. They hammer those swim baits and bucktails, preferably white bucktails

    2. Keith Taylor

      What is your favorite Reels? There most all silver, what are they just curious! Most of the time their isn’t a link for the kind of reel that was used!

    3. Tony Gravley

      Great video enjoyed as always

    4. Uri Orlov

      You should make a video on the hook removal technique, unless liability wouldn’t allow it.

    5. gray ainsworth

      Nicely done.

    6. gary zaiontz

      Nice hawgs man!!

    7. Ontario Bassin

      Awesome vid Scott. Can’t wait to see you compete for the classic. Make the Ol man proud!!!

    8. ZZ430T56

      Always have cutters to cut split ring of lure. A lot easier to get proper angle

    9. bo Spencer

      We catch stripers at night, in the dark, casting top water at Lake Cumberland in April/May. tons of action in the dark!

    10. Aaron Carr

      Scott hey brother you're almost at 100,000,000 views!!! Insane man! Good luck in the Elites ill be praying for you all the way to the classic.

    11. Mike Green

      Dude you are 2nd favorite on page 1 of the fantasy fishing for the Elites. John Cox is a little ahead of you. That is sick. I can’t wait to watch you rip some lips next month in Fla. Tight Lines!

    12. phartattack

      7:45 DOC MARTIN

    13. phartattack


    14. Stacy Jackson

      Scoot I’m coming to fish Okeechobee. Will be be back if you have never fished it before to let a guide take you out maybe a day or so before you go out on your now?

    15. Anthony Clark

      For some strange reason when I do the braid trick. I always have a stream of blood to shoot out. I need to send you a video of it. Maybe you can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

    16. Daniel Merrifield

      Striper fishing is a ton of fun!

    17. Winestore _ Grindcore

      I wish more people would do striper videos, one of my favorite species to target in AZ so, all the extra info is appreciated.

    18. James Brede

      Man I just watch that TV episode of you and your mother fishing ! "PRICELESS " you are one very good man ! Much respect for you scott !!! You are the best !!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you so much!! 👊🏼

    19. Matt Yarbrough

      Dang Childers lol

    20. iram mendez


    21. Jason Godfrey

      Did he break a rod and just glaze over it??? 🤣

    22. Tony Pascale

      You handled breaking that Hex very well...unless of course the aftermath was edited for TV😂

    23. Rema y Pesca

      Oh my Gosh! That hook release! It happened to me once when I was unhooking a peacock bass when suddenly it started jumping all over the place and hooked me so deep in my finger that I had to go to the Emergency Room. The doctors had to open my finger to release the hook from there. It was two years ago and I still feel the numbness in the area. Since then I always use a gripper and my fishing pliers, especially when unhooking treble hooks. Good video!

    24. TJ DAVIS

      Please tell me Billy will still be around in some capacity even tho there's no co-anglers?

    25. Elray Banderas

      Yo I'm a little late but I can't wait to see what's in store in today's episode!! Lets go!

    26. krr6581

      Scott what is the jointed swim bait you were using at the beginning if this video?

    27. Lars Vegas

      I got a decent idea for u.. how about u go out of ur comfort zone and stop the tournament fishing... people got old of it.. and their isnt so much nmoney in it... go to new plces... try new stuff... we want to see u learn.. and not jut be a master,, u would get crazt viewws,

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s part of the plan one day..gotta get a few things for the mantle over the next little bit..😎

    28. Brittany

      Need to go on Lake Moultrie. We have plenty big one to go around.

    29. marc k

      We have alot of them at lake pleasant arizona

    30. marc k

      Stripper bass love jerkbaits and spoons.

    31. big dad ace

      Break a rod, snatch out a hook, catch a big “en” All in a day’s work for a pro fisherman.

    32. Derek Fox

      Good job Scott. I like the change of pace, and I've had that lil trick of yours in back of head for day it happens.

    33. Victor Remick

      Nice save

    34. David McCallister


    35. Tim Vaughan

      Anyone want to see a video of week when that trick goes wrong 😅

    36. Rogbass

      Don’t ever do that again. Lol. I’m still feeling the pain in my finger. Lol.

    37. Troy Whitaker

      I break from the green fish and catching some silver fish is always fun...A buddy of mine has a lake house on a lake that is centrally located so we are close to Cumberland and we had a most memorable night on Cumberland catching 83 stripers in about 4 or 5 hrs and all 10bers or larger...what a blast, we had to stop cause it basically just wore us out...lots of fun

    38. GreenPig Hunter


    39. Kody Mackie

      That guy acted like he got his leg blown off in action, getting a hook in the skins not that big of a deal.

    40. Chris Lowrance

      We want to see one on the grill

    41. Jeremy Albert

      We call em rockfish in maryland!!!

    42. Mr Peabody

      Where Were Y'all Fishing Greenwood.. Some Good Fishing There..👍😎

    43. Chris Honeycutt

      Scott - I have removed a few hooks with this method in the past. I have a tip to share with you... If the bait hook attachments are split rings cut the split ring and get the bait out of the way. This helps when you jerk you don’t end up with another hook to remove. Great video and keep them coming!

    44. Brodie Anderson

      What was that lure you were throwing? I don’t think it’s in the description

    45. Fishingram ingram

      Every fisherman should know how to remove a hook using this trick. Have used it more times than I would like but it's painless when done correctly.

    46. David Powell

      I catch 20 25 pounders. On 6lb test Flicker shad gets deep i can pull grass out of 23 feet. Haven lost or broke off Striper in va first 30 sec is hairy but they give up. Nice vid. But don't knock little line lol

    47. Kaylee Gibbs

      Clarks Hill or Hartwell!

      1. Kaylee Gibbs

        @Scott Martin thanks for replying to me!!!! Good luck this year

      2. Scott Martin


    48. Hoosier Fat Bassin

      Yep my last treble hook to the finger I was alone ended up costing me 1k medical bill. I had no idea nurse was going to shove it through and clip the barb very expensive lesson

    49. Chad Dorma

      That was a entertaining Vid, Scott. Keep them coming. Always fun to watch. 👊🏻

    50. True Blue

      Good stuff Scott. They know who to reach out to when someone gets hooked. Your awesome and keep it up buddy.

    51. jason daniels

      Usually I wack, and shit flys everywhere! Didn’t wanna slam it in your neck! Bro I was rolling lmfao 😂😂

    52. Check Mate

      Those Beauties Look SuperFun... So Ready For The Next. Loving The Changes Too BTW. Almost Time For The Grind...🔥💥

    53. Thomas Johnson

      I feel like you’re always removing hooks from people

    54. Darren Reinhart

      Dude, you remove so many hooks out of people's hands! Peric was the worst!

    55. Adam Smith

      I've used the line trick on several guys. Works great .

    56. Billy Mead

      Shit flys everywhere

    57. JAG

      Paging Dr. Martin.... Dr. Martin hahahaha excellent!

    58. John Proctor

      California Delta some of the best striper fishing. As far as pulling the out, should you have taken it off the bait before pulling?

    59. Jack Stein

      Nice to see you helping out fellow anglers. Great catching too. I enjoyed the stripers, a nice change.

    60. Daniel Brock

      I wish I could catch fish as easy as you 🤣

    61. Northwest Redneck Fishing

      Hey man your my favorite pro angler, got any advice for catching fish in like 38 degree water here in eastern Washington state?

    62. Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez Fuentas

      Beautiful Fish! Live For The Trips...Thanks For All Your Vids.

    63. BJC Counter

      Hey Scott. You should have a split screen. Your chest mount and a camera set up right at the bow unit. That way we can see the fishes chasing your bait.

    64. jaivette

      Good job bud 👍

    65. Andrew Phoa

      Man that treble in the finger looked painful! Good work Dr. Scott! Btw nice striper action!

      1. Roby Fowler

        Love catching them rock fish lol, lived in red bank and Lexington for almost 5 years buddy of mine took me to saluda river to fish for em. Love what you do awesome knowledge

    66. Joseph mannix

      We have bigger on the cape of cod

    67. Tom Walker

      How you doing Scott I have a question for you, how do those new favorite Casting reels compare to like a shimano curado do they hold up as well. Thank you for your time.

    68. Rogbass

      Cool video. Once had to get a Zara spook and 4 of the hooks removed from my left hand. Lol. I know that boys pain. Lol. Used to striper fish the Narragansett inlet in Massachusetts. Biggins in the brackish waters. Used a spin rod. 6 foot. With 6 pound test on rattle traps. Lol. The good ole days. Lol. Oh and SMC show catching those INSANE REDFISH was awesome. Giving that guide a call.

    69. Travis Craver

      Was u on hartwell or greenwood in south carolina

    70. The Reel Joey AKA STAT-STACKERS

      What was the swim bait you were using in this one Scott? Thanks in advance sir Mr. Elite! 👊

    71. Table Rock Kid

      Dr Martin .... Good job! 😀

    72. Karl Chandler

      I would love to catch some strypers.....ive never caught them before Mr. martin

    73. Andrew Martin

      I catch stripes all summer and fall in mass I love it, also my last name is Martin too anyway nice vid

    74. Joe Casey

      Good place for bass in catfish

    75. Joe Casey

      There’s a lake in Camden call WaterRee

    76. MikePizza77

      I think thats a hybrid that first fish.

    77. Joe Casey

      We’re you fishing out of packs landing

    78. mark Roper

      We call those Rockfish in the Chesapeake Bay.....great eating!!!!! Be safe.

    79. Stanley Shelby

      Bet that song about "he is my hero" or "you are my hero" will go through his recall the next time y'all meet one another...lol 😆

    80. Alan Varnadoe

      Your good friend jimmy Houston just didnt this a few weeks ago lol

    81. Todd murray

      Hope you win st Johns River 💪🏻💪🏻

      1. Scott Martin


    82. Mike Naracon

      Ive seen you do that line trick in several videos. Instead of the shoe company “Doc Martin”, you can be “Dock Martin”.

      1. Scott Martin


    83. Michael Cobb

      Need to show up close getting a hook out

    84. glen johnson

      one time i got one in my elbow it was in the bone. could not get it out of the bone so went to the hospital. set there about a hour and just before the doctor walked in it popped out of the bone so i pushed it through and cut the hook and pulled it out myself. and they still charged me $400.

      1. Scott Martin


    85. Brian Patrick

      Never caught a striper, but because of your footage, it’s now a bucket list!!

      1. Scott Martin

        They’re super fun!

    86. jay parks

      push it through and either cut the hook or mash down the barb . did it myself with an 18in walleye attached .

    87. Steven Horton

      The fish u caught we’re hybrids. The way u tell the difference is when u look at the stripes if the are broke or not straight there hybrids. If there straight lines then there strippers. Not fussin at u but most people don’t know that

    88. Matt C

      What was that white hard bait you were using?

    89. Jackson Warren

      What swimbait is that? Does anyone know off the top of there head?

    90. Morgan Crabtree

      Hey Scott im the 459th like on the video can I have a Baitcaster please??

    91. Tyler Mims

      when is the video with DC on mitchell coming out

    92. Squeaky Reed

      I live on lake Lanier, great Striper fishing right now. I was just thinking, I grew up watching your dad fish and now my son is growing up watching you! Pretty neat!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks for the support 👊🏼👊🏼

    93. Charles Hamby

      Was you in Seneca SC by chance if yes that's where I first started fishing been in my blood every since

      1. Charles Hamby

        I thought it was a great video

    94. Life of CoachD

      Wish we could get you to come and talk to my fishing club kids at Deland High School 🤟🏾💯

    95. Charles Hamby

      Go Tiger's my home team

    96. Edward Reidt

      Was neat to see you help out a friend of yours , stripers look fun to catch

    97. WAY 1983

      why does it hurt. I'm just watching.

    98. Michael Craig

      That was fun Scott, do more different species vids.

      1. Scott Martin


    99. George Talley

      Heck yeah I’ve been asking ya for this video for years thank you sir you are the man

    100. DG Mills

      Nice looking stripers Scott. I'm glad you were able to perform "surgery" and remove the hook!