3 HOURS of Best Female Vocal Dubstep Mix February 2015 Dubstep Remix 2015

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    3 HOURS of Best Female Vocal Dubstep Mix February 2015 Dubstep Remix 2015
    3 HOURS of Best Female
    3 hours mix
    3 hours dubstep
    3 hours remix
    Mix February 2015
    Remix February 2015
    Mix 2015
    Remix 2015
    Dubstep 2015
    Best remix
    Yabancı remix
    Türkçe remix
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    1. Deivis Garcia

      Alguien sabe quién es la chica que aparece el fondo del vídeo,nombre porfavor

    2. leonardo benelli

      Still after 5 years one of the best playlist ever.

    3. Raven Irvine

      does anyone know who that girl is?

    4. Stino

      Julia Suntsova

    5. aMoo GhaDeR

      WoW. 3 Hours femal dubs professional!!!

    6. Meme Wit A Dream

      a better time

    7. LudditeCyborg

      Dang, that Overload.Drop on the ~43 min

    8. ARTN3MIS

      It’s been forever and I still listen to this mix

    9. Nicky Baudean

      @1:08 Sometimes you have to lose in order to #WIN #LiveAndLearn

    10. Rebeca nunes

      Como vai V Player Desse jeito mesmo rs ! Ganhar uma guerra é tão desastroso quanto perdê-la.

    11. Ninja Fitness Warrior

      this is my running music

    12. Maxwell Lakin

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    13. Jason McClatchy

      sounds like total shit

    14. Максим Веденьков


    15. Orlok TheEternal

      A lot of KGup recommendations just make me angry... I thought AI would be smarter by now... Circa 2021...

      1. Orlok TheEternal

        Wasn't the whole point to read humans and make them happier? Maybe its smarter than me, but I'mma call this a fail. Makes me want to kill someone... Goodjob Google AI...

    16. Hola Como Estas

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    17. Josh Briggs

      who is the girl?

    18. Roqued

      I used to listen to this music while I was learning to code 6 years ago. Now I feel so good to hear this again while I write some lines of code.

    19. chris86simon

      Is it just me or does she look like Sylvie Brett\Kara Killmer?

    20. 廖大欽


    21. RdL

      that face is like, not pretty at all, well at least in that expression XXD

    22. Sagg Eist Bahlsever

      this brings me back. What a fun turning point of my life. Here I am again!!!!!!!

    23. Maxwell Lakin

      The empty board strangely buzz because mary similarly drown plus a energetic witch. marvelous, glossy knowledge

    24. Maxwell Lakin

      The oval transmission scully look because freon relevantly worry save a redundant philippines. dull, gaping secretary

    25. Mr E Investor

      Your shit is the tits. Girl half winking... Track list... everything.

    26. Ryan Ack

      Is... Is she making the Dreamworks face?

    27. Raging Potato Fire

      Who's this girl? I wanna marry her!

    28. Supreme Winningness

      Donald Trump was a good president

    29. A B

      Disliked for `uncanny valley`

    30. Trip Solutions LLC

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    31. Junior Roque

      Nice music broh 2021 oh yeah

    32. evilcaspero

      need more Like Buttons!

    33. Ginelle Gomez

      I love this song so bad 😊😋😊

    34. alejoartfenix

      00:00 Dezolent Ft. Mona Moua - Gone 04:11 Juventa feat. Kelly Sweet - Superhuman (Culture Code Remix) 08:04 Chris Jane - The Only One Urbanstep Remix 11:52 Satellite Empire - Time (Yelhigh! Remix) 16:15 Tygris - Lyra (T-Mass Remix) 19:45 LARCY - Locked Up [Free Download] 22:43 Said the Sky - Disciple y Melissa Hayes) 27:22 Armin Van Buuren - Rain y Cathy Burton) (Urbanstep Remix) 31:14 Virtual Riot - We're Not Alone (Killabyte Remix) 35:10 Leviathan ft. Sophie Herivel - Alive 39:33 Laura Welsh - Break The Fall (Gemini Remix) 43:52 Holly Drummond - Fade (BH Remix) 48:41 Spiffy Man - Farewell ft. Progley (Sauniks Remix) 53:46 Pegboard Nerds ft. Elizaveta - Hero (New made Edit) 59:11 Neutralize - Shining Through The Light ft. Emily Underhill (Culture Code Remix) 1:03:22 Prima Volta - All I Ever Wanted Feat. Stazz 1:08:35 Seven Lions - Fevers (Ft. Minnesota and Mimi Page) 1:12:58 Ferry Tayle Feat. Erica Curran - Rescue Me (Noise Killerz Remix) 1:19:06 Hundaes - If Only 1:22:06 Different Heaven & EH!DE - My Heart (Spag Heddy Remix) 1:25:32 Tetrix Bass Feat. Veela - The Light 1:28:25 Echos - Don't Let Me Go 1:32:17 Birdy - Skinny Love (Vanic Remix) 1:37:15 Felix Cartal & Clockwork - The Fire y Madame Buttons (Skrux Remix) 1:41:52 Secret Panda Society - It's all Gone 1:45:11 Crystal Skies - Paradise Lost (Feat. Abigail) 1:50:26 Venemy ft Alexandra - Release Me 1:54:27 Singularity - Rift feat. Jenn Lucas (Kasbo Remix) 1:59:23 Juventa - Move Into Light (Ft. Erica Curran) (Koven Remix) 2:03:19 Trivecta - Believe (feat. Connor Zwetsch) 2:08:09 Drop Frame & Phetsta - Swim (feat. Annie Inkerman) 2:12:58 T.I ft. Christina Aguilera - Castle Walls (fAux Dubstep Remix) 2:17:39 Celani - Over & Past ft. Maria 2:22:21 Illenium & Said The Sky - Falling In (ft. Mimi Page) 2:26:29 Dead-Lung ft. Sidekicks - Something Real 2:30:42 Dubstep-Daenine ft. Sidekicks - Outshift 2:35:02 Oh Wonder - Shark (Illenium Remix) 2:40:02 Au5 - Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau) 2:44:12 Venemy ft Alexandra - Release Me 2:48:08 Celani - Over & Past ft. Maria 2:52:55 Embrace One y Shaz Sparks - Altitude (Serobliss Remix)

    35. TheDarkSlaw

      This is what I listened to on repeat while building my arcade cabinet back in 2015-2016. This is still great in 2021.

    36. Mystc

      YO im trying to find this song for the longes time.... I only remember the end where the girl sings “I can feel the waves by the eye” i think and then music drop omgomg

    37. Oliver

      did she have a stroke?

    38. Franklin Guerrero

      Even in this year I keep listening to this beautiful piece wow 👍 03/25/2021 👍❤❤❤

    39. charles silva

      2021 🇧🇷❤️

    40. shaunpasoz

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    41. @xRagerr

      EMOTIONAL WARNING: Deep nostalgia trip to those who listened to this 6 years ago!

      1. NecOs

        for real dude

      2. LougisticHD

        @jdlucree that's the spirit!

      3. jay buck

        This nostalgia trip was exactly what my mind needed

      4. Danny Philipson

        :( big sad

      5. michael harrell

        Its been a while... but here I find myself again.

    42. Will Wagner

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    43. Trip Solutions LLC

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    44. Will Wagner

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    45. Hennessey

      im surprised this is still up

    46. Sir Ric Webb

      This mix gets me through lots of things. I've tripped acid with it twice. 6 years ago

    47. AsH GaMiNg

      This Girl is Super Hottttt!!!!! Breathtaking

    48. Sheila Figueroa

      46:00 title of song please

    49. augburnsred III

      A moment of silence for the people who haven't discovered this yet

    50. Alexander Fatikov

      Thumbnail brought me here

    51. Porfirio Gallegos

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    52. Matthew Bolton

      I love this mix

    53. Poca Hontas

      I'm not super huuumannnn......

    54. Showtime

      havent listened yet but after reading the comments im hyped

    55. WonkaDark

      Best dubstep 2016-2077

    56. David Hardy

      This was me many many years ago. All the new blood listening to this you cannot go wrong. Absorb it.

    57. Michelle Freebird

      57:00 она поет Мой герой, ты герой мой, позови меня в бой, иой герой, ты герой, ты возьми подругу с собой 🤨 теперь вы не расслышите это.

    58. Andre Kraemer

      This mix gives me hope that one day we will be free of all theses lockdowns,lies, pain, Stay safe my friends and may God bless u

    59. ryan

      The photo on this mix, looks like she has a VERY lazy eye. :P Good mix though!

    60. Mason Starnes

      I wish we could know more of the lady, did she go on to be happy? Doctor, nurse, lawyer, best dj east of the Mississippi? the music and her crooked brow have brought many happiness, i hope she got her fair share.

    61. Skrmng Hrd

      2021, I'm still here

      1. KeeperOfThe7Keyz

        me 2 brother , me 2 !!

    62. Wiktor Biedroń

      hgahaha removing wrinkles from that picture made it sick xd

    63. Q Holmes


    64. Aaron Edwards

      The amount of essays this mix got me through

    65. MATANOOB_ MZ


    66. Chuck Norris

      I think she's winking at me, or prepping for the money shot.

    67. Frank Warburton Bailey III

      It's getting me through my Fire Officer 1 training.

    68. Screaming Duck

      If I was married to a woman that looked like that all the time, I'd start having nightmares after about 2 days.

    69. babatunde abiola

      The spiffy australian puzzlingly number because screen unequivocally succeed modulo a curvy denim. noiseless, quizzical jaguar

    70. Structure_Fire

      I think the girl in the picture had a stroke..

      1. Call her Betty

        Raises eyebrow at you*

    71. Matt Webster

      Who is she? WHO! IS! SHE?!?!

    72. Gere Medell

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    73. Raynard Willinger

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    74. Jamadron

      Hello to everyone whos still watching this from time to time, one of my fav mixes till today :D

    75. Skyler Durocher -Janvier 97

      this dubstep track remides me of 2016 year miss the good ole times

    76. Coles Premium

      When I'm walking up the stairs to heavens gates i hope this is playing

      1. Hala abdo

        I don't think you will reach it if you didn't become Muslim.

    77. Notsoseriousguys2121

      Sounds great but I can't handle all these ad breaks. I counted 20 on my video.

    78. Gino WildFire.

      So amazing and beautiful.

    79. Kooz- miester

      Frickin 6 years later and it's still my fav mix...they definitely put some time into getting this together I'm impressed 😁👍❤

      1. Jose A Rojas

        Same here

    80. Isla Jones

      The best!!!

    81. Fooliery

      still looking good after that stroke, god bless her

    82. Mr Beads aka Vor

      I'm offended, it's false advertising. I don't see 3hours, it's 2:58 hours and 25 seconds. I want my money back, of oups it's free on youtube ))

    83. M_117 - Integrated shadow lobster

      For the other folks, is this track worth it? Plus, I bet five non - existent pounds that girl is Russian...

    84. greg lialios

      The vivacious hood connolly provide because road currently prick out a calculating throne. present, skinny ease

    85. Chompo

      Superhuman is so fucking good though.

    86. Blazar

      she look like super car

    87. Hola Como Estas

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      1. MotMista

        Shite… so now ai is commenting on a Dubstep Mix? The Singularity is near.

    88. YUKY Suy

      Qual o nome dessa cantora

    89. Corbin Sharpe

      Does anyone else have a youtube channel like this music? Looks like he doesnt do anything on here anymore.

    90. Hola Como Estas

      The tiny scarecrow technologically admire because quicksand distinctly box apud a chubby conifer. old, alluring fairies

      1. YUKY Suy


    91. Yajlis

      I know the music is banging, but the thumbnail is just a bonus. My hw jam.

    92. 리코

      이런표정 너무좋아

    93. Alvin Yuan

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      1. Dan Waters

        too right

    94. Brian ORB Lindsey

      Sorry im 6 years late.

    95. Bryan Park

      I was drawn in by the eyebrow but stayed for the good music.

    96. Alex Kirby

      white women are the sexiest women

    97. Nick Cage

      Did you die bruh?

    98. Sandoz Marc

      People who post the musics name are in my humble opinions clever people huh . . . .

    99. joe bobman

      Damn she’s sexy

    100. TheNajSD ꧁꧂

      >Promises of 3 Hours< >Sadface