Our fish Grew TOO BIG for its home - Building a Bigger Koi Pond!

Carl and Alex

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    Building a koi pond for our special fish, Charlie. More pond content coming soon.
    Thank you to Evolution Aqua for supplying us with the pump and filter, that was very kind.
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    1. Alans

      After whatching these vids i just feel so relaxed and just wanting to go out and catch some big fish love you guys ceep up the great work😁

    2. dennis hopkins

      done a good job of that lads and it looks really nice

    3. Tmc YT

      6:00 "Karp-enters"

    4. SSC

      The Owl is my spirit animal. Barn owls are the most unique.....they can literally hover over their pray....and they are silent when the flap their wings.....beautiful birds.

    5. Bum52887

      I think the short hair looks good!! I’m glad Charlie is doing good, the pond video scared me because I thought she died (I found this channel tonight and should be sleeping)

    6. Research Mode

      Is it possible to make a transparent tank?

    7. DIY or BUY

      He looks really good with a shaved head!

    8. bantoldude

      You look better with a shaved head bro

    9. Gummy Smile

      It's like an antique swimming pool, so cool bring me ideas!

    10. Hadyn Eley

      He kinda looks like Nathan filder from Nathan for you lol

    11. Maileen soundso

      I wish my bf would build a pond like this...:/

    12. PaceTor Gaming

      We need update video 🙄

    13. Potato Trousers

      Idk why but he kinda sound like wilbur soot

    14. Doro Hiro

      Actually, your hair looks amazing! Very stylish

    15. Lisa Willis

      Beautiful art work

    16. Lisa Willis

      Are those palm trees in England?

    17. casey__boy

      Omg the siphon that's why omggg i legit didn't get it at first

    18. jamienbooboo2

      You have a nice head to have shaved. Doesn't look bad at all.

    19. valeforedark

      Fish like carp grow to their environment..

    20. Natalia RD

      Did you guys filmed the fish getting into their new home? I would love to see that!

    21. Ben Franklin

      Wow I stumbled across this video interested in your koi, but what really amazed me is your experience capturing that owl. It's such a beautiful animal and I can't imagine how it must feel to sit in its presence and just watch.

    22. In-Justice

      Please get him at least one friend and make the pond more interesting for him. Would you like to be alone swimming in circles your whole life??

      1. Carl and Alex

        There's 5 other fish in there :)

    23. skorpia g

      "They were talking about their poo's,it was disgusting.." 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 ps. You look fine bald. It suits you. 👌

    24. M M

      Hmm - no heater for the pond?

    25. M M

      The fish artwork was soooo beautiful.

    26. Loraine Hanchard

      U R a cool guy looks good 👍

    27. Ricardo Rowe

      Hey guys I think your video was cool and funny , weldone on your pond build. Am new to the koi world and I been watching a lot of yoube video , hope to talk with you guys some time about my pond . From Ricky in Southampton.

    28. Yaya Love

      Ughh I would love to me Charlie 😍🥰

    29. Mingi’s Wife

      Yoooo from 1:57 to like 2:20 he had me dying laughing

    30. keibmusic

      I really don't understand how I got here but I'm here and now a subscriber. Hope Charlie is good

    31. rumcakes2

      Alex's new haircut looks really nice. He looks really handsome! 😍

    32. 0 O

      I thought it would be more about the fish?

    33. Simon Catt

      You look so cute with cropped hair

    34. Happy me

      I think Science embarass you :?

    35. Ambi Cahira

      I think the hairless looks good on you, gave me soldier vibes :)

    36. dthompson1313

      Apparently I am interested in Koi...I had no idea I was but after watching your video on your trip to Japan....yeah, I'm now a koi lover....who knew🤷🏾‍♀️ Charlie is growing quite beautifully 😍 by the way.

    37. Urbex

      From now on every video I view I will like it cuz a lot of video's needed to be removed and i am ashamed of KGup to even use it cause it makes people life's and work unduable.

    38. Jacky Quintanilla

      9:40😂😂😂💩💩💩.. he’s funny!

    39. Nuzhat Elham

      Now I want a Chagoi, but my parents will KILL me if I get another pet, I already have 4 birds. One day. Also, you look fine don't worry about it.

    40. Karen Anjasmara

      Greetings from Bali Indonesia.

    41. Andromeda

      The shaved look isn't bad at all. No need to be self conscious, you've got a well shaped melon.

    42. Royalty221

      I liked this vid just for the mini rap part in the middle 😂😂 wasn’t expecting that, icing on the cake lol

    43. Janelle Kim

      Sorry but it's so funny all the water just siphoned back out of the pond hahaha.

    44. Marsha Mercer

      Omg....your mother needs to move in with you two. At least until you are 35. Lol

    45. will loadedchamber

      *breaks ice* harming nobody We have to be respectful! Pulls hat off l0l

    46. Kendell Kryptonite

      The shaved head looks good! I love your videos, so informative and funny. Glad I found your channel!

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thanks and welcome!

    47. will loadedchamber

      Don't play with electric lol especially near water. Good job though guys

    48. will loadedchamber

      Didn't even see this one was out lol was waiting for this to happen

    49. Táltos Lex

      You guys are amazing, love this channel!

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thanks so much!

    50. Setari Pantheon

      1m2 of water is 2£...

    51. Agrooy 77

      So impressed with your drawings, they are amazing and look so professional. Good job. 👍

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thank you so much 😀

    52. Diana Chan

      Imagine just spending 1 week with them would be so calming

    53. Monique Johnson

      refreshing energy between you brothers....you guys did an amazing job on the new pond.

    54. Kelsey Strouse

      One amazing artist and one showing some of the most beautiful owl/wildlife video footage I've seen. BTW, keep the short hair. It suits you.

    55. Karima Reyes

      this is so fasinating and it's so exciting watching people do carpentry and backyard mods

    56. Karima Reyes

      wow she looks brighter! like a vibrant yellow!

    57. Colleen M

      So interesting. Who knew koi are so interesting, and koi owners are so zany as well as interesting!

    58. Maxidu Huan

      Does anybody know what kinda palm trees these are at 11:21? Thanks

    59. Rin Rin

      Big Koi.

    60. Bonnie Nash

      When will you post the new video? Or part two to this one?

    61. Engelbert Carrillo

      That ugly black pipe didn’t have to be floating like that, it could have gone down under the dirt then back up next to the pond and as long as its lower than the filter the water would have flowed into the pond. Also its a beanie not a hat lol and he looks a lot better like that honestly, looks more bad ass

    62. D'erica W

      Discovered your channel at 3am! And your videos are so interesting! I now wanna go to Japan and go to a koi farm and then eventually make my own koi pond 😅

    63. TER D

      Started with the Most expensive fish video and wanted to check up on Charlie! What a beaut! Ngl, wouldn’t have bothered watching your vids if I based it only on your thumbnail. It doesn’t reflect the quality of these vids!!! Stunning!

    64. Rechida Nallica

      Add another Koi as Charlie’s companion

    65. The Luna Mage

      Just started binging ur video's they're so calm and chill. Feel so comfortable XD :) ty man. I needed this rn. Fr

    66. Dan T10

      Lol covid 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    67. KBM 19

      You built a pond for your koi I must say you did a great job & Charlie looks great :)

    68. Katkat Apacible

      I like the hair though

    69. Yoda

      Did you fall asleep is smoke a bloody joint

    70. Gabriella Tandra

      6:00 not "carp"enters you say... haha

    71. MerAlexArtFx

      I'm in love❤

    72. Th3SodaCan

      Wouldt it be nicer to have a glass front so you can look at it from the side? I mean u can only see it if u go over there and look down

    73. J Bang

      Eye protection not worn ...

    74. Shelby Barnaby

      I’ve never been fishing before but it’s seems so interesting and definitely a good time :)) I’ll be looking out for that book

    75. Jazmin Rodriguez

      I really enjoy your channel. Nice content💕

    76. Laura Walker

      You should've sanded the wood down before it was attached to your pool. All the shavings would just have went in your water

    77. Laura Walker

      You're water bill would've been exactly the same if you filled it up from the rain water or hose.

    78. Peter G

      That koi is closer to a builder .. imagine his life or twitter posts.

    79. reta yannone

      Ugh..you cant fix stupid..idiots

    80. DudeNamedDan

      Lol you’re not CARPenters 😏

    81. Q_Tip Bunny

      Good content I love it new sub for you :) keep making good VDO guys 👌👏😉

    82. Steven Booth

      Rainwater means you can transfer you fish immediately instead of waiting for the tap water to dechlorinate naturally or the expense of doing it chemically.

    83. El boogie

      Alex was just breaking sheets of ice ..his brother didn’t need to humiliate him tell him to relax ...wasn’t that serious

      1. El boogie

        @Carl and Alex ooh lol the accent plus the tone threw me off ..thought you were upset lol..i felt bad for alex..lol

      2. Carl and Alex

        I was only joking 😂 :)

    84. crystal siblings

      yes i want u to talk more nonsense i love hearing nonsense!!!

    85. baldchook

      You guys deserve more subscribers!

    86. Hityouwiththatt BP

      The hair suits you well actually. Also. The pond iced over before putting fish in. Did you install a heater so you fishes don’t freeze or will they be okay if it freezes on the top? I don’t know much about Koi fish

    87. E M

      He looks great with a shaved head!

    88. hardino0311

      You got enough money to buy an expensive fish, but worried about the water bill to fill up a 500-ish gallon pond! Epic!

      1. hardino0311

        @Carl and Alex Touché 👍

      2. Carl and Alex

        I am worried about the water bill because I bought an expensive fish. haha

    89. Oreo isa Oreo

      awww you actually look really cute with shaved head

    90. Shelly A.

      Love Koi so much been following Charlie.

    91. David Andersen

      You are very funny. The part about the walkers and poo made me laugh.

    92. Kale Bloemker

      Hey I think your safe to hang out with friends at this point.. are you never going to hang out with friends again just because of COVID? :(

      1. Carl and Alex

        This was filmed in January during a national lockdown.

    93. Elise Doka

      Hi Carl, could you tell us genuinely how much it cost you to build Charlie's new pond?

    94. Vanika

      Yall are so wholesome 😩💖💖💖

    95. Zucchinibred Sama

      im just really curious bout the ponds bottom, like would there be mold or rotting going on down there? Is your wood special? Sorry im a bit new to pond building

      1. Carl and Alex

        The wood is treated against rot and water ingress. :)

    96. twixter1000able

      Lads, I am so impressed with you channel....I’d love to have my son follow my addiction....fishing. So proud for you and your father!

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thanks so much!

    97. RukiMoogle

      You have a beautiful Chagoi, Every pond needs one of those, they're the friendliest Koi you can have. We had one years ago but the upkeep of a koi pond was too much for my dad so he had to sell them off.

    98. Truthbetold

      That haircut looks fine. You should fade the sides and back.. I keep mine the same but with a fade. Cut it let it grow, rinse repeat.. Easy to maintain. Looks good and you don't pay for haircuts..

    99. Ollieparton OP

      guy looks swag AF bald

    100. Slodsworth

      With the cardigan he reminds me of mouse from the matrix xD