Fortnite Update BOSS PREDATOR Location, Mythic Weapon & Gameplay in v15.21!

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    Fortnite Update Boss Predator Location, Mythic Weapon & Gameplay in v15.21! Fortnite All New Bosses, Exotics Weapons Guide in Fortnite Update Season 5 v15.20! (Boss Predator) Hop Rock Duelies! Fortnite All New Bosses, Mythic Weapons Guide in Fortnite Update Season 5 v15.10! fortnite new bosses, mythic weapons, vault locations guide in fortnite update today 15.10 in season 5 chapter 2 update in fortnite battle royale! Boss Mandalorian, Boss Predator

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    1. YouTube

      Oh it's easy, you just have to defeat the boss...😅 *boss is invisible*

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      30 seconds

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      I got it

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      The way you were talking about it at the start I thought It was fake but it’s not 😅

      1. bilinas mini

        Wow 🤩 you are so cool

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      30 seconds

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      37 seconds

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      The commentary is like a football match

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      How are u able to do this because I cant on battlelab

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        Comments are back!!

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      Hey pat do you like Ryan Reynolds

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      the amount of times he missed loot hurts so bad

      1. huttio srreu

        Omg thanks a lot

    15. sotuur aeei

      Most sweaty kids who win the pele cup probably don’t even know who is pele

      1. sotuur aeei

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    16. Bolia Fops

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      Best KGup channel ever

    18. bilij pdan

      There's something out there waiting for us. And it ain't no man 💀

      1. bilij pdan

        You can just deal damage to predator and someone else can kill him and it counts for you and for the other person

    19. beanman 42

      Me:just walking in stealthy stronghold Predator:*running behind me* Me:I wonder where the preda- Predator:literally scares me unexpectedly Me:uuuuaaahhhhhhh

    20. Ashlei Pearson

      30 seconds

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      How are you the only one there

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      Talk to much....just shut up for 1 sec.

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      One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates 🚩

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        he does not stop talking for 10 seconds 😐 im trying to watch the video 🥱

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      Wow 🤩 you are so cool

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      I am very happy that KGup commented on my favorite KGupr

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      was your nose plugged doing this ????????????

    33. Jason Larouche

      theres a woman out there perparing battle on battlefield 👁🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

    34. Karina Esco

      You can just deal damage to predator and someone else can kill him and it counts for you and for the other person trust me it happened to me

    35. Karina Esco

      You can just deal damage to predator and someone else can kill him and it counts for you and for the other person

    36. Pdx Jessie Vera

      Trash combos

    37. Ncr trooper

      POV: your a fortnite kid that’s never seen Predator

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      It is 30 seconds

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      its not even a weapon its just a cloak thing

    40. ImAdazzler

      he does not stop talking for 10 seconds 😐 im trying to watch the video 🥱

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      its lasts for 30 sec

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      It’s 30 seconds

    43. chding zuure

      One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates 🚩

      1. chding zuure

        you have to listen very carefully. *never stops talking and has mic audio 150% high than game audio.

    44. NoVoidence ?

      Geez you talk alot😂

    45. shahzad ahmad khan

      30 seconds

    46. Lucian Gamer

      I got predator skin

    47. Static Chaos

      why don't u kill him in a pub match not in

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    50. dueeh nyyu

      This footage is definitely pre-recorded and he just narrated it afterwards

      1. dueeh nyyu

        Man hunts and kills predator

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      The predator ability

    52. R Rea

      It lasts 30 seconds

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      A lot of blabbering

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      Great video Commentary was funny as well Keep the grid up

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      Everyone vs predator

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      I have preditor

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      Holy crow bro - take a need to fill every second with play by play

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      Omg add me. Flyy-gurl76

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      you have to listen very carefully. *never stops talking and has mic audio 150% high than game audio.

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      The boss is a chicken

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      i got him

    63. dghjkoi yjugd

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    64. King Sanchez

      How do I use it can I can only go invisible

    65. Tiago

      King of talking without taking a breath and not giving us a chance to listen. Please take a pause for crying out loud. It’s obnoxious

    66. Zaid studio starts right now

      Can you do mando vs predator

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      Man hunts and kills predator

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      The boss is hard to kill

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      This guy knows nothing of the movie predator “Ok so you haft to listen very closely for the music” me: than shut up then

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    73. Jakob Andres

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      I love Jesus Christ. Thank God for justification through Christ by faith.

    80. Theeese Nuuuts

      Yea I really wonder why 98% of the people who watch anything you shit out aren't subbed Oh yea! Because they are children and all they're just scratching they're little necks for the new Fortnite skin and they only watch you for a tutorial So do us a favor and shut up about subbing

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      I always use post box pat in the irwm shop cause i don't like supporting someone who has like 3 million supporters

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      "He seems to be invisible" noooo the predator, really?

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      how do you get in these battle lab games with the Boses

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      How did he start a game that was only himself in the game? What mode is that?

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      It’s 30 seconds

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      Imagine just being safe for like 5 seconds in a 1 by 1 then you get shredded by an invisible mandalorian with a p90 who was behind you for the 5 seconds you were standing there.