Todd McShay explains why he has Trey Lance over Justin Fields in Mock Draft 2.0 | First Take

ESPN College Football

35 миӊ. көрүүлөр22

    Todd McShay speaks with Max Kellerman on First Take about the depth at wide receiver in the 2021 NFL Draft beyond Alabama’s DeVonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle and LSU’s Ja’Marr Chase. (1:55) McShay also explains why he has the Carolina Panthers trading up to No. 3 to select North Dakota State QB Trey Lance in his Mock Draft 2.0. (edited)
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    1. Tank Driver

      I know no one here will believe me but I PERSONLY know Todd, Hey Todd it’s AJ

    2. DJVizkiller

      Justin Fields is the best QB in this draft. Yes over Lawrence. Y’all will see.

    3. Christian Walker

      These “experts” is going to hype Lance up so much that it’s going to hurt him because he needs a year to develop. Yes he’s has incredible athleticism and a good arm but it’s tough to say if he progress through his reads at a NFL level because of his WRs constantly being wide open. He rarely needs to work to his 2nd or 3rd option and there are times where he takes off to soon while missing an open WR downfield. Lance is a project and the #5 QB going into the draft

    4. Keno Noke

      What’s funny I can see the Cowboys try to get him if he’s available cause there crazy

    5. David Kramer

      So he is finally admitting he is drunk and a hack?

    6. Karthik Keyan

      McShay(de) says Lance ranks higher than Fields even though he played only game, I hope Fields lands in a good team and prove these so called Pundits have a Big Blind (I couldn't make the B )spot....these are the same guys who hyped Daniel Jones.

    7. Tommy Boyd

      That payola for this kid & Zac Wilson is krazy!!

    8. Michael G

      If the Jets pass on Fields sitting at number two, you might as well kiss their entire season goodbye.

    9. Connie Weems

      obviously you are lying cause all reports out of carolina they love fields over any qb in this draft so what are you talking about?

    10. Gwill_47

      These “analysts” are a joke at this point. They’ll just say anything now.

    11. Travis G

      Todd McShay looking thicc.

    12. E Bon

      The peaceful second supply signal because territory distinctively pine about a vulgar dahlia. round, dear den

    13. Mad Mike

      If the bears 🐻 can’t get Deshaun Watson Dak Prescott or Derek Car then if draft time comes trade up to get Deshaun Watson not Trey Lance Zack Wilson or Mack Jones. Justin Fields fits the bears scheme 1000x better than the QB I just listed above. Justin Fields is not only a good passer; I’ve watched him at Ohio State for 2 years now and he has a cannon. Out of the 4 Justin Fields is more mobile then the 3 and won’t get killed in the pocket. He just fits the bears offense

    14. Cornell McGee

      I would love to see his record on his picks. I bet it’s trash. Hard to believe he gets paid for his evaluations. 🤥🤫

    15. Romeo G

      Tod tod tod tod tod says kiper in his sleep like every night!

    16. bigdap100

      Lol, McShay hates Justin Fields. He must be a KKK member along with the KKK members at UGA.

    17. Yo Santana

      Ain’t Todd McShay one of the people that convinced NFL TEAMS to pick Mitch Trubisky over D. Watson and what’s that other guys name ? Oh yeah two time SB QB Patrick Mahomes. J. Fields has been talked about since his freshman year now there’s two other QBs ahead of him Com on man.

    18. Mike Wendt

      Fire mcshay Fields is the best qb in the draft

    19. Tom McNeill

      Glad to see mcshay speaking better. He was in rough shape a couple months ago

    20. JOE MATTY

      Tanner Morgan From Minnesota Best QB know one is talking about.

    21. Calfreezy's Lanky Body

      I think Fields is good. However I also have lance above fields and I have wilson above fields as well. My top qbs are: 1. Trevor Lawrence(no explanation needed. However wilson IMO is closer than most people have him to lawrence) 2. Zach Wilson (Huge upside and just a very good prospect with not a lot of help on offense in college) 3. Trey Lance (Good arm, Very high ceiling) 4. Justin Fields (Either huge bust like haskins or turns out like deshaun watson.) 5. Kyle Trask (Has very good accuracy, footwork and awareness. Threw for about 4,000 yards at florida and 43 TDs. I would rather have him then fields but I have fields above trask so I dont get killed by ohio state fans) 6. Mac Jones (Had one good season with weapons all around him. Wasnt too eye opening) 7. Jamie Newman (opted out but had heisman potential if he played this year) 8. Kellen Mond (played good at texas a&m and doesnt turn the ball over)

      1. Jackson Smith

        Absolutely agree with the list

      2. Mahlon Rhodes


    22. Tae Alpine

      Todd is really Dan wearing a mask fuccin idiot , ESPN hire me I can do a better job

    23. Mike Baker

      These analyst be so wrong when it comes to QB talent that I'm surprised they still do mock drafts. They should stop with mock drafts because ESPN analyst are the worst at evaluating QBs....just stop it.

    24. DaBoiCain

      Can you believe he gets paid to be wrong. Go back and watch how they downplayed Deshaun Watson a few years back. Just give up you're not an expert Mr. Mcshay

    25. James Jackson

      He really screws up players draft order. Who made him the tell all be all of college players. He probably had Couch, Leinart, Martell, and Johnny Football as the best QB's to succeed in the NFL. Kick rocks!!!!!!!

    26. James Jackson

      I'm soooo tired of Mark May...I mean McShay's degradation of Justin Fields. This kid was awesome last year, and should of been the winning QB of last years Natty in the Fiesta. Fields has been very good over a two year span, despite the coronavirus issues. You're talking about Lance's potential, what about the potential in Fields? He showed his ability while destroying Clemson! He has great upside! You need to stop it bro!

    27. jabbard gilstrap

      Why is the women even talking ? What is her value here ?

    28. Stoney Daw

      Okay the 2021 Carolina Panthers rebuild has begun.... Let's get brutal and frugal and trade Teddy Bridgewater while he has value. This is my vision of the Panthers 2021 Draft a very doable resurrection of the offense. First off trade back with the 49'ers acquiring the number 12th overall and 43rd pick With the 12th pick select (QB) Mac Jones [Pro READY and better skilled than advertised and a guy with the heart of a champion] With the 39th pick select (C) Landon Dickerson [Capable human Road Block able to play tackle or Center or Guard] With the 43rd pick select (RB) Nagee Harris [Another playmaker who understands the offensive scheme Carolina runs a day 1 starter] With the 73rd pick select (OL) Deonte Brown [a rotational guard that can add to the depth of the offensive line] With the 104th pick select (LB) Dylan Moses [A versatile LB who can play opposite Shaq Thompson] With the 135th pick select (TE) Miller Forestall [This TE is sneaky good with a knack of getting open and is also a good blocking tight end who also is very familiar with the QB] This draft addresses many needs and gives us a talented crew who are all familiar with the offense that the Panthers are implementing. This also give the Panthers some much need cap space to sign people in free agency. With KK Short's departure we need a DL who can have an immediate impact answer such as (DL) JJ Watt. In doing this we can sign (OG) Taylor Moton and (WR) Curtis Samuels. Now then when we trade Teddy Bridgewater we might get as high as a 2nd round pick. I don't know who will be available but I believe with this pick we need to address the DB spot. Perhaps this pick we look at the best player available or even possibly look at (DB) Tyree Gillespie to help shore up the backfield. This keeps Carolina getting younger and able to shed the salary cap and gives us a better financial look for acquiring veteran players. Bottom line this makes Carolina at least a 12 win season with a playoff berth....

    29. Brainyous Madverbalphus

      Todd McShay does not like Justin Fields for some reason.......

    30. Dejac

      Trevor cool but his comp is Carson wentz ay this point they d-2 players he has a lot to prove

    31. Justin Humphrey


    32. Christopher Orman

      This is the same guy who had Jordan Love and Tua ahead of Justin Herbert and that the gap between Herbert and Tua was huge. Mcshay has proven he doesn't know qbs and does an awful job analyzing how and when college talent converts to the NFL.

    33. Chris Wincek

      Chase over Smith is ignorant to say the least.

    34. chris paul

      It’s just set up to make these boys lose money. Trubisky was better than Watson and mahomes let him tell it.

    35. JON MOLLOY


    36. ¿ unNORMALized

      Mcshay is a certified idiot

    37. Young Among

      Also Deshaun is better than Any of theses QBs Jets would be dumb to not Send this second rounder with darnold and another 1 round to Houston

    38. Young Among

      Lmao Lance is not better then fields lmao and Fields is NFL ready also wilson reminds me of Goff

    39. James Warfield

      Fucc that lance didn't even play last year. One game. Barely any big-time competition. All on potential. Pass

    40. The St John Sports Spill. Host: Keyone St John

      Todd is right

    41. Paid Tourist

      Trey is just as good as Fields while being younger and knowing what it takes to win a Natty. Fields has already had an injury, is older, and has never won a Natty. Also, Trey's offense is more traditional NFL pro-style than Ohio State's. Trey had more of the "keys to the car" than Fields did. And Trey's QB coach was a former NFL starting QB who knows how to develop QBs better than anyone in the entirety of college football

      1. Mahlon Rhodes

        LOL. "The keys to the car" ? In one game? where he ran it better than he threw it? who were they playing again? good god.

      2. Mitchell Ajieroh


      3. Paid Tourist

        @Mitchell Ajieroh Name the last Ohio State QB who went on to do big things in the NFL. I'll wait...

      4. Paid Tourist

        @Mitchell Ajieroh Nah. If you were my GM or top scout and 2 guys had the same talent level, but you picked the older guy without a Natty who already has a prior knee injury, then you're getting fired

      5. Cam Ward


    42. Anthony Williams

      This man hates Justin

    43. Connor And Hunter Staples

      Justin Fields is GARBAGE,I watched his elite 11 pro day thing 7 months ago and missed a bunch of easy throws and the ball just kind of floats like nothing is on it,and I watched Trevor Lawrences pro day and Lawrence made every throw with ease, the ball had a nice fast spin to it and he looked like a pro QB..

    44. A1 Colossal

      Don’t sleep on shi smith from South Carolina Todd

    45. bloodbrothersforlife kj

      Tracy lace suck😂🤣🤣😂

    46. Grayson DuBose

      todd needs to get on that treadmill

    47. Tyrell Brown

      Man please!

    48. Ga Coach

      First thing they say is look at the games fields struggled in while they ignore the games trevor played horrible in which was a lot more than fields against horrible acc teams. Lawrence struggled against Syracuse.

      1. T. Wyndero Griffin

        @Connor And Hunter Staples pro day? When did Trevor do that? Way to early for a pro day.

      2. T. Wyndero Griffin

        @Connor And Hunter Staples wrong, Justin fields out performed Lawrence at every is your friend.....or listen to Trent dillfer

      3. Mahlon Rhodes

        his arm didn't look better than fields in the cfb playoff?

      4. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @Connor And Hunter Staples so you watched a pro day of Trevor Lawrence that released days ago......and you are going to compare that to a “pro day” of Fields about year old???

      5. Andrew Mullinax

        @Patrick Stevens I've never met a sensible calm OSU fan and you just prove my point

    49. Dustin Barlow

      I got Mac jones over both Fields and lance.

      1. nalim lattarai

        Then you’re lost. Jones isn’t even better than Tua who looks bad. You probably thought Tebow was good, hyping up average white Qb’s

      2. jmiami89


    50. Christopher Woodard

      They're black!

    51. Sadat Alam

      Todd Mcshay is easily the worst person on ESPN

    52. Dee Train

      5 stars D1 vs 3 stars FCS. big risk one year starter at FCS level vs 2 years at and 2 CFP appearances and he was Elite 11 MVP over Lawrence.

      1. Roland Edwards

        U have to be able to read defence in the PROS long term.5⭐4⭐3⭐.

    53. Yair Mirzakandov

      this delay is so bad

    54. Aboma Merdasa

      over the years, these analysts have actually been consistent in hyping the wrong players so I guess in a way, they are still useful. Can't wait for them to be dead wrong about Fields though

      1. Tommy Boyd

        Str8 Facts!!💯💯

    55. Otis Youngblood

      These dudes have no idea what they talking about look how they doing Justin fields

    56. 10GALLEN81

      McShay is trying to be controversial and thereby getting more attention for "HIMSELF"....

      1. Jackson Smith

        Trey lance over fields is not really controversial. Daniel jeremiah and other analysts have lance over fields

    57. weekendtrailerparksupervisor 420

      Ohio St QBs under achieve in the NFL consistently.

      1. Monsuta Man

        So have Trojans, but Todd hyped them lol

      2. Reeny

        @OLPlatinumHero maybe urban meyers system didn’t but Ryan days🤷🏻‍♂️

      3. OLPlatinumHero

        @Reeny The ohio state system doesnt prepare NFL qbs. wide open lanes. simple passing concepts. Top defense

      4. Brenda Joyce

        @weekendtrailerparksupervisor 420 the difference is USC QBs get drafted in the first round, OSU QBs are typically day 2 draft guys, so how are they under achieving, Hastkins is there only first round QB in the last 30 or so years, he's there only under achiever, those other guys where day 2 for a reason

      5. weekendtrailerparksupervisor 420

        @Brenda Joyce usc QBs under achieve consistently as well. Their QBs are usually hyped up

    58. Brian Brooks

      Trey lance played 1 game this year lost and didn’t play well but he’s better than fields How ?!!

      1. Imanii Harvin

        Actually they won

    59. G G

      The media went crazy for Haskins and look what happened to him

      1. Mitchell Ajieroh

        Last time I checked they played nothing alike.......

      2. Patrick Stevens

        @G G okay but what has Daniel jones done???

      3. G G

        @BigBank Breeze What’s YOUR point? I said the media hypes up prospects all the time and more often than not they’re wrong about them.

      4. BigBank Breeze

        @G G ok in that draft last time I checked Daniel Jones since I’m the nfl leads the league in turnovers so saying him over Daniel jones ain’t far fetched Jones has done nothing to this point lol he actually looks just as garbage as haskins so what’s your point ?

      5. G G

        @Kev I think Fields is good personally. I don’t think there’s enough good film from any QB this year to justify a high selection outside of Lawrence because of the way college football was. If I wanted a QB this year I’d be trying to trade for one not draft one.

    60. Kyle Kuzma

      He really don’t like Justin fields he’s so biased against him

      1. T. Wyndero Griffin

        @Gumbo Jambalaya history says Todd McShay is wrong most of time

      2. Tre Tre

        he used to think fields was as good if not not better than lawrence tho

      3. Unisis

        @Kyle Kuzma Nah, history repeats itself.

      4. Kyle Kuzma

        @Unisis only time will tell

      5. Unisis

        @Kyle Kuzma I wouldn't say elite arm, but that's a strength of his. Speed and Size really don't mean as much as durability.

    61. TR3Yz _

      Toney over Bateman?

    62. BluStaxx Music World

      Justin fields 3rd tier? 🤣🤣

    63. IsmokeHiphop Live

      atn this point todd mcshay and espn are embarrassing when on earth did zack and trey pass Justin? what games did they go harder than justin? what leadership did they prover over justin? I can even make a debate for the last two years Justin has been almost better than Sunshine. I cant wait for next year. I am right every year about these Clowns.

      1. Jackson Smith

        @Matt R Mac Jones has below average athleticism with a low ceiling that played for a stacked team. Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, and trey lance are the three best prospects

      2. James Jackson

        @Matt R Wrong...Matt is just like Brady, Brees, and Manning...great O lines. When the defense gets to them, they're ordinary. Kinda like Mahomes...minus the athleticism. Tampa shut dat %#% down. Jones sat back there and picked off the whole league. Good...but not great. Had Atlanta not changed to prevent defense, they would have beat the Patriots in that superbowl. So we'll see what happens in the next few years.

      3. James Jackson

        They have to find fault in smart black QB's. Trust me, I'm not making this a racial issue, but it sorta is. There's no way anyone has passed up Justin, who had he maintained the consistent play of the first two games, he would have passed Trevor. They were so happy when Justin threw three Interceptions against Indian, that they forgot they were killing them for the first half. They blew everything out of proportion from there.

      4. polo hoodie

        @Dr. Logos I just don’t agree with Wilson over fields, I do think Mac Jones is very good, I was down on him last year, his pocket presence is joe borrow esq. at times

      5. Dr. Logos

        @polo hoodie Physically talented prospects sometimes do better early in their career when they surprise the world and then regress as defenses adjust to them. That's my concern with Trevor Lawrence. I'm more impressed by Mac Jones who was written off but continued to improve and ended up dominating against pro-level competition. Zach Wilson is a one year wonder with more bust potential, but he's also willing to get the rid of the ball quicker than Lawrence and has much better ball placement this year than Lawrence did. That's my take.

    64. brooke starks

      Justin Fields part starts at 1:54

    65. Jrg Vsqz

      If Houston does move on from Watson I hope we get Fields.

      1. Aj Graves

        Yea or Lance

    66. Dr Football

      Trevor Lawrence goes 1 Zach Wilson 2 Justin fields 3 as quarterbacks goes

      1. Dustin Barlow

        @Ish LOL Sure, keep dreaming! Dude makes all the throws, and meets every measurable. Ryan Clark also said he is the most heady qb in the draft.

      2. Chris Wincek


      3. Dr Football

        @Ish what do you see in him to say that

      4. Ish

        Zach wilson gonna be a worse drew lock

      5. Dustin Barlow

        @Dr Football Could happen.

    67. Jrg Vsqz

      I like Fields over all the QBs ... Even Lawrence. The way he moves and throws reminds me of Watson. Zach Wilson is overrated.

      1. Christian Walker

        Fields is going to be good but I think he needs to work on progressing through his better and not hold on to the ball as much. For that he’s #3 for me.

      2. Cru Jones

        I haven’t watched Wilson play, so I don’t have an opinion either way. But I watched a lot of fields & mac jones. & I think Mac jones is the better player. We will see

      3. tyrone sanford

        I will take Jones from Alabama.

      4. Dr. Logos

        I have Fields above Lawrence as well, but I have Mac Jones and Wilson above both. I think you could make a case for any of them tbh. I don't like these frauds like Kiper and McShay driving the narrative that one QB is this can't miss prospect while the other is "tier 3."

      5. Calfreezy's Lanky Body

        @Oliver McCall he also has no support outside of like Matt Bushman at TE. Its not just about competition its about habits such as awareness, accuracy, footwork etc.

    68. deuteriumjones

      Shhhh. You’re not supposed to talk about how good trey lance is. I want the colts to draft him!


      I get the Zach Wilson over Justin Fields. There’s at least a respectable argument for it. But this?! Todd is on the booger sugar badly lol

      1. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @THE COUCH BRO'S PODCAST Dak was playing big games in an SEC schedule but I get your point


        @Patrick Stevens when did i ever say he lacked attributes. Justing has the second strongest arm in this draft behind only Wilson. I said Wilson is QUICKER. And is MORE accurate with off platform throws. And has a STRONGER arm. Saying one person is better is not saying the other person in relation doesn’t have anything themselves.


        @QUHectic212 so you think the teams that passed on wouldn’t draft them that high in a re do? Your point is terrible lol

      4. QUHectic212

        @THE COUCH BRO'S PODCAST and they weren’t the number 2 pick 🤝

      5. Patrick Stevens

        @THE COUCH BRO'S PODCAST I just went through this same ridiculous argument with someone. Took them to Justin Fields game tapes and proved them wrong! Go look at the Clemson game. Man is going through all his progressions and all his td throws are accurate (few tight window) throws? Some of these narratives are just that narratives! no feacts to bact them up? Justin's lack of attributes is fabricated.

    70. Chili Styles

      Kadarius toney is going to be a star

    71. charles moore

      Justin Fields obviously turned down Todd for an interview 🙄

      1. 10GALLEN81

        @Lions 88 "THANK YOU" !!!!

      2. JC ESGN

        @Lions 88 exactly

      3. Lions 88

        @JC ESGN People are going to have them ranked differently because its all speculation and opinion...

      4. JC ESGN

        He’s not the only one who ranks Lance over Fields, y’all need to get out y’all feelings over an opinion.

    72. Mo Vo

      The osu curse is real. Every QB from there has crashed, burned out of NFL fast

      1. OLPlatinumHero

        @Mitchell Ajieroh name one qb Lincoln riley recruited and sent to the NFL? 😂

      2. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @OLPlatinumHero so what Kliff was a better qb.....that doesn’t mean he is better at developing QBs

      3. OLPlatinumHero

        @Mitchell Ajieroh 😂 you gonna tell me about texas tech. Kliff and Lincoln were both qbs at texas tech. They both learned from mike leach. Kliff is better

      4. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @OLPlatinumHero no......that credit goes to Lincoln Riley not Kliff....Riley HC tenure at OU no one was talking about Baker as a top pick

      5. OLPlatinumHero

        @HK What? Kliff was at A&M and effectively recruited Kyle Allen Johnny Manziel Kyler Murray he also coached case keenum etc. what has urban meyer recruit? Tim tebow, Terrelle Pryor. and Riley was at a 8-5 East Carolina team prior

    73. Lawrence Perry

      First it was Zach Wilson, now Trey Lance???? Heck I'd take Kyle Trask over Lance. Power 5 football

    74. Lawrence Perry

      Losing all respect for McShay.

    75. Lawrence Perry

      He's played one game this season! Again he's played one game! Justin has been in multiple big games, some hiccups yes, but the upside is unbelievable.

      1. Andrew Mullinax

        Todd Mcshay is messed up in the head.

      2. Dustin Barlow

        Yeah and that one game for Lance was a freaking disaster, woulda thrown at least five picks if were playing a decent team, DBS were jumping his routes by mid third quarter, dudes a huge bust.

    76. Daquan Greene

      Who is shawty in the middle? 😍

      1. izzy sparks


    77. WarriorOfVirtue 5

      Lance has a slow throwing motion..I'll go with fields if i was the panthers..

    78. Elprocesso

      15/30 against central Arkansas... pass

    79. Cryptum404

      Wilson and lance > fields

      1. Brier Means


    80. Stephen H. Smith

      tood mcshay prolly has tate martell above justin at this point

      1. Brikvah


    81. Cameron Tigue

      Justin field drop in the draft everyday

      1. Abel Nightroad

        Maybe he gonna drop and return to college :D

    82. Mike Buchanan

      Fields won't last much longer than the other dude from Washington that just got canned. Neither are anywhere close to spectacular. And I love the Buckeyes. Just being real.

      1. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @nalim lattarai exactly and Fields and Haskins play nothing alike...ones a pure pocket passer the other is a dual threat

      2. nalim lattarai

        Helmet scouting

      3. Ga Coach

        @J Randall he played bad against acc competition as well.

      4. Lincoln MacEachern

        Ridiculous. Haskins is an immobile stiff, with questionable character ( can't believe my Steelers signed him ). Fields is exactly the mobile QB NFL teams want now.

      5. Elprocesso

        @J Randall did u watch him against Alabama or Ohio state before

    83. David Cole

      Tom Brady just won the Super Bowl and he is not that Mobile either. So Todd needs to redue his reason why Trey or Justin goes ahead of Mac Jones..

      1. Mitchell Ajieroh


      2. Ga Coach

        Never compare players to hofs

      3. Oliver McCall

        Brady would be fucked if he had an O-line like Mahomes did in the SB, mobility is still important

      4. Isaac Beu

        Tampa also has a top tier offensive line, a lot of teams in the top 10 picks of the draft do not

    84. David Cole

      Trey lance played Div 2 Football. There is a huge jump from that to the NFL. Anyone who take him 1st Round expect to be a bust.. Calling it now..

      1. Jackson Smith

        Fcs is division 1 football. Ignoring a players talent because of where they played is a big mistake. Joe flacco, Tony romo, Steve McNair, Kurt Warner just to name a few quarterbacks. Btw tyreek hill who is the fastest player in the nfl actually played in division 2. You need to be educated brother

      2. Stan Taylor

        NDSU football program is not to be laughed at. They have beaten 6 FBS SCHOOLS over the years. With different coaches & players. This shows the depth of the program. It's not just getting a few great kids for 3--4 yrs then back to so so. No ! They recruite the top players from all over, & after 8 National championships in 9 years, the kids want to play for NDSU. 3 different coaches, 4 different QB's, & complete turn over in all positions & yet they keep winning. 8 former players in the NFL.

      3. Terry Burns

        Just because you played a lower level of competition doesn’t mean you’re gonna be a bust in the big leagues

      4. Aidan Zhou

        Not division 2. D1 FCS the lower subdivision but still D1

    85. P❷kקroduCŦ!on丂 S͓̽t͓̽u͓̽d͓̽i͓̽o͓̽s͓̽

      "Tape don't lie" Sellout contradiction

    86. Gabriel Wooden

      Justin field 2 pick fact

      1. Chris Wincek

        2nd pick bust, fact.

    87. Cisco james

      Id definitely want Marvin Harrison over tyreek hill

    88. Cj Webster

      Who is she? I haven't seen her before.

      1. jmiami89

        My wife.

    89. Steven Mazey

      I can’t stand Max’s voice!

    90. Luke Piazza

      the reason they have lance and wilson above fields is because they need headlines. I think everyone knows Fields is the second best QB in the class. Dudes from ESPN cant come out with the same mock draft for the next 2 months. I'm willing to bet come draft day majority of people will have Fields as the no. 2 QB taken.

      1. Luke Piazza

        @Royal Joker I agree. I don’t think he played in a pro style system at OSU. All I’m saying is the mock drafts will change. It has nothing to do with the success of the player.

      2. Royal Joker

        People don't realize how much the OSU scheme makes average bench quarterbacks look like legends. Didn't haskins throw for 52 touchdowns at OSU?

      3. Royal Joker

        He's another OSU bust at QB, even dwayne haskins was a entirely better college QB, look what happened to him


        Why is the 2nd best? Y’all really don’t understand how the draft works do y’all lol

    91. Jay Brown

      Ya'll really drinking that Trevor lawrence kool-aid. Him and Justin came into the season neck and neck. These guys push narratives and we just eat that shi up...its crazy...

      1. Lions 88

        @Terrell K How many 6'6 Qb's have made it at the NFL level?

      2. Sharrybay Thompson

        @Trez Rok and notice how this idiot didnt even respond lmao they hate seeing facts

      3. Trez Rok

        @Sharrybay Thompson not to mention one is Big 10 other is ACC.

      4. Sharrybay Thompson

        @Cryptum404 *Trevor Lawrence* : 66% completion, 13 int's, 60 td's, 164 passer rating *Justin Fields* : 68% completion, 9 int's, 63 td's, 178 passer rating I really wish you did your research before you talked

      5. Nagato Uzumaki

        @Cryptum404 not true at all 💀

    92. Kpizzle 937

      Todd McShay still recovering from covid-19 remember that 😂😂🤦‍♂️

      1. Major Price

        @Kpizzle 937 Just look at the competition that Fields, Wilson, and Lance played against. The highest level of competition Wilson faced was against 18th ranked Coastal Carolina which he lost. Lance only played one game against Central Arkansas where he threw for 149:yards with 2TD’s and 1 int. Actually, it’s good for Fields that McShay and Kiper are bashing him and hopefully the GM’s are stupid enough to listen. Then maybe he will end up on a decent team. Last year, Justin Herbert was the third QB taken behind Joe Burrows and Tua, and look how that worked out.

      2. Tom Breckinridge

        @Paid Tourist over half a million people have died from covid complications.

      3. Charlie 2k

        @Paid Tourist exactly!!!Trumps outta office so I guess It's safe to reopen now

      4. Paid Tourist's almost like covid is basically the flu afterall...

      5. Joshua Miller



      Does tod take hard drugs?

      1. Lawrence Perry

        Yes he has to! Or Stevie Wonder is watching his films

    94. zade sonalla

      This guy is such a clown, it’s obvious Justin is a the 2nd best qb in the draft and it isn’t close

      1. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @Kev facts.....but the haters don’t wanna talk about that tho👀

      2. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @DBA_ Luke handled Penn State and Wisconsin defenses well too both times

      3. Kev

        @DBA_ Luke Their defense wasn’t trash when they beat Notre Dame. “tHeY OnLY sCoReD 22 oN nOrThWeStErN cLeMsOn hAs a wAy BeTtEr dEfEnSe”

      4. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @StunnaDeec2x Fr this dude really said Georgia 😂😂😂

      5. Dustin Barlow

        @Trent Williams Lawrence had a good game against OSU, I wouldnt exactly say he outplayed him, if you use that Logic then Mac Jones should be number 1 cuz he outplayed everyone.

    95. Jordan Davis

      Trey Lance is still the 2nd best QB in the class imo. Above Wilson, Fields, Trask,Jones. People just sleeping on him cuz he only played 1 game this year

      1. Terrance Mckinnon

        Trey Lance played junior varsity!!!

      2. Eric Jones, Jr

        @Peter Biesecker thank you

      3. Peter Biesecker

        He really isn’t

      4. Captain Playtex

        are they not right to?