WANDAVISION EPISODE 3 BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed! (1x03 "Now In Color")

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    WandaVision 1x03 full episode shot-by-shot analysis! What is the deeper MCU secret in the HYDRA SOAK commercial, and what was Herb about to say when he said: "She came here because we're all..."? Visit helixsleep.com/rockstars for up to $200 off your mattress.
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    WandaVision’s third episode, "Now In Color," jumps ahead to the 70s, in a Brady Bunch themed episode that featured creepy reality glitches, references to Quicksilver and Ultron, and Wanda's new children Billy and Tommy, aka the mutants and Young Avengers Wiccan and Speed in the Marvel comics. How does the Hydra soap connect to a similar simulated reality episode of Agents of SHIELD, and what does that tell us about the mission of SWORD, the off-shoot of SHIELD now monitoring Wanda and Westview? Erik Voss breaks down all the deeper Easter Eggs and hidden details that you missed in this episode of WandaVision, Season 1 Episode 3.
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    Cody Anderson
    Dan Woodson
    Karen Wang
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    Pony Stark
    Rick Denmon
    Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
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    Written by: Erik Voss
    Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
    Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
    Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd
    Editors: Devin Cleary, Joshua Steven Hurd, John Costa

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    1. New Rockstars

      How did Wanda resurrect Vision? We have possible answers here: kgup.info/get/oIGnfYjXqJGHgG4/video

      1. liyanage shamith

        @BullScrapPracEff LLC

      2. RocLobster

        The Hydra Soak Hydra symbol is different than the normal symbol. The two tentacles at the bottom of the symbol are wrapped around each other like the medical symbol from the caduceus which symbolizes magical and spiritual enlightenment. Also used by Hermes to escort souls to the underworld. Caduceus symbol was intertwined serpents around sword with bird wings and all seeing eye. It makes enough sense that I had to mention it.

      3. Monica Fields

        I don't think he may be and he is Wanda's subconscious. Asking all of the questions someone would if they were held against their will or doing something that they don't really want to do. (run on sentence, yeah)

      4. Joseph Simon

        Perhaps the 3 women with one holding something above the other two are a reference to the Graeae. Three women who have to share an eye and a tooth.

      5. Scott Buchanan

        Herb is Deadpool. In episode 3 he was cutting through the wall with the hedgetrimmers.....trying to cut through the 4th wall??????

    2. 3D Car Customization

      Saving my place 7:32

      1. 3D Car Customization


    3. Thomas kirkpatrick

      Is rambaue wearing hexagon earrings???

    4. John Mandy Garbida

      Wtf are these connections

    5. Will Midgette

      Awesome review

    6. C Moore

      Somebody let me know the time he stops talking about mattresses 🙄

    7. RLE Linney4

      10:10 notice in the same scene you have what looks like a stork in the picture frame , and the twins on the lamp

    8. Nicholas Whitehouse

      Monica in wearing hexagonal shaped earrings in this episode.

    9. Dana Jaff

      Where i can get that t shirt please

    10. Comment Guy

      Is S.W.O.R.D the opposite of S.H.I.E.L.D

    11. Gard Helgeland-Rossavik

      The devil's hexagon, where babies are made

    12. Allison Corona

      1500 for a mattress? no thx

    13. Fictious Silver


    14. David Bowers

      Hexagons are the bestagons

    15. Golden Kicx

      Just noticed how Monica’s earrings in this episode are also a hexagon

    16. Isaiah Cooper

      The hydra soack thing is a blue square, much like the teseract

    17. Everything B

      The Hydra soak is the shape and color of the Tesseract

    18. Gulag Goblin

      wait so.....ultron is ralph.....or.....

    19. Gordon Clark II

      Hey, Erik...Here's a Easter egg I haven't seen ANYONE mention. When Monica R first meets up with Agent Woo and the "Eastview" cops, they say "That's what we've been trying to tell your G-MAN here." Being that they call Xmen G-men due to there mutant gene, I think this may come back to be a big clue. If so, give me a shoutout. Lol.

    20. cristian crosby

      i want so bad for pietro to be quicksilver from x-men, it hurts me when i watch this video...


      Monica’s ear rings are also hexagons

    22. marz lewis

      whenever he goes " did I do that" makes me laugh so hard

    23. Thinking Human

      Orange Slices Vitamin C hehe

    24. Dragoness Dreams

      is it just me, or do the backgrounds in some of the outdoor scenes look painted, like in theatres to make it look like they were outside and to hide the props behind them

    25. Abigail Stone

      14:00 Agnes’ dress pattern looks similar to the Masonic logo or Star of David.

    26. Max Welton536,329

      Hexagons are the bestagons

    27. Dodo Schwips

      13:14 Stork Industries

    28. anakin Skywalker

      The vision: how is the vaction going? The doctor: oh no i dont think i am going anywhere there is no escape

    29. Alexius Lovett

      Need more shirts

    30. na ni

      damn, I thought I was getting rickrolled at 1:15

    31. Travis Kole

      Odd the Dr had a wrench in his pocket.

    32. Eric Serakas

      I was rewatching all the episodes and I think Disney “fixed” Vision skin showing through on the intro of episode 3 when they are on the swing.

    33. Jaque line

      I actually think the butterflies were transformed into real butterflies by Billy and the whole energy/power going crazy was caused by Thommy (based on what i read about them in marvel database fandom, so the versions that ceased existing later on, not the ones called Billy Kaplan and Thommy Shepherd, but the ones with the surname Maximoff)

    34. Jason Bourne

      Why does Disney always implement anti Christ symbols? Damm Satanist 🖕

    35. Cody Bevier

      “We’re all mutants” is what herb was going to say?

    36. Bleep Bloop

      Monica’s earrings are also hexagons

    37. Wungolioth

      Am I the only one who noted the doll Vision was practicing his diaper changing skills on was actually a Kitty Carryall doll, featured in The Brady Bunch as Cindy Brady's most wanted doll. I haven't seen anyone else pick that out.

    38. Lisa -

      i also saw a theory that the quick pregnancy was Speeds doing and the stork was Wiccan

    39. Cooper Hoppes


    40. Sean Smith

      Anyone else interested in Vision’s shirt collar this episode?

    41. Clem Tomlin

      the butterfly that lands on visions nose is the same butterfly that dr strange touches in dr strange 1

    42. Fisayo Akinnaso

      The fruit comparison is used in real medicine today..JS

    43. Meashayshay2

      I intially thought what Herb was doing was like a cry for help or getting Vision's attention so he could tell him what was really happening(without Wanda noticing). Especially with what happened at the end of the ep with Agnes and Herb talking, eventually getting Vision's attention(but too scared/worried etc to tell him anything in the end). Then there's the Doctor lowkey telling Vision that they can't escape. This seemed to be the time where everyone was becoming aware of what was going on.

    44. chicken.

      Loved the little lost Easter egg you bloped im n there

    45. irerin

      "Bébés". Okay, Moira 😂😂

    46. Magda W

      In german, „hexe” mean „witch” by the way.

    47. James Kern

      Dont recasr Eric

    48. Carlos

      Ok some of these easter eggs are a bit far off

    49. It’s Natalie


    50. Julius Dixon

      To me the "Hydra Soak" looks like the Tesseract... 🤔

    51. Numinous123

      Orange slices are supposed to help rehydrate you, and make you feel better after taking Hallucinogenic drugs like LSD, DMT, or 'Shrooms.

    52. Charles Gibson

      Did anyone notice that on the hydrasoak box ounces was abbreviated "ozs"??? Looked it up.....when there is an S on the ozs it means there's a SYNTHETIC compound in that item!!! Easter egg?? ERIK Please let me know!!!!

    53. LunaTuna

      #27 is literally just vocalization, not faint wailing lol

    54. Tudor Muresan

      I’m sorry but did he just make a joke about Ted Bundy raping and killing Wanda ????

    55. Zv Clipz

      did anyone else catch vision looking at the camera twice?????

    56. Lunga Biyela

      Do you know where else you see hexagons? Olivia Octavius in Into the Spiderverse and also played by Kathryn Hahn has hexagon spectacles.

    57. MovieJunkie ForLife

      On the pendant, the tallest one looks to be holding a scythe.

    58. Alex Robinson

      Also Monica has hexagonal earrings

    59. Alex Robinson

      6 is also the devils number

      1. Alex Robinson

        @LEOxuan thank God for that clarification

      2. LEOxuan

        He knows that.

    60. Montse S

      The newspaper says "two hydrants added in main street" and in the mid season trailer behind vision flying you can see a house burning so maybe the time is currently shifting and that was after the fire

    61. Peat Vazquez

      Also if you have never read a comic book...yea get your tissues and hold on to your seats

    62. Peat Vazquez

      Bermuda= Agents of SHeild where they sent Colson

    63. John Salt

      The cheap cancer systematically exist because current italy impress apud a ragged arch. enormous, able maria

      1. LEOxuan


    64. RaiderAnt

      Geez Louis...can we stop with the full sized helicopter being shrunken down theory....the toy helicopter is a retro adaptation of the drone that the S.W.O.R.D. agent flew into the town. This makes the most sense.

      1. LEOxuan

        This was two weeks ago before the drone episode.

    65. Noam Sanigou

      So... did anyone else notice that just before Wanda restarted the scene Vision stared right into the camera??

    66. Manuel García-Casas


    67. Erica Braverman

      Love the “the whole time” shoutout to Mrs. Doubtfire 😂

    68. wow wow

      If something from westview got out, it still the same from inside, so vision might live if he got out

    69. Christian Hanna

      I thought the three women represented the triple goddess: Mother, Maiden, and Crone, three in one.

    70. Dillon Abernathy

      Is it just me or does that shot of herb against the background remind you of bob ross

    71. FadGadget1

      Is Wanda being restrained or hooked up in a some form of laboratory like Neo in the Matrix?

    72. rUFOs

      Anyone really excited for marvel zombies

    73. Vincent Gutierrez

      Notice how the Hydra Soak box is a bluish cube 😅

    74. Emma Howard

      YES I'm not the only one that thought of the Hydra soap in Agents of SHIELD's Framework! Before they showed what the product was, I actually got some TAHITI vibes (Coulson thought he recovered in Tahiti, but those were implanted memories to cover up how he was actually revived), which might be sort of similar to Westview maybe? I dunno, I'm rewatching AoS right now so it might just be hot on my mind and I might be reading into this too much

    75. Søren Kierkegaard

      5:53 why no one is talking about the Hydra symbol on the watch

      1. LEOxuan

        Because everyone knows it’s there... what about the name?

    76. PK the World

      The rhombus of terror! Parabola of confusion!

    77. Rishaan Ag

      The icy bengal wailly scorch because step-father proportionately employ below a secretive grade. thankful, alleged sail


      Helix without Li IS HEX WHHHAAATT?

    79. qopoy dnon

      on the fact too.

    80. CTylor Hendrick

      the picture on Agnes's broach is the three witches from the "3 of cups"

    81. Peter Skorec

      Fireplace = hell boom

    82. PAPER

      It's so awesome that this series is in the MCU and hope there will be a crossover with doctor strange in the multiverse in the future

    83. 78vintages

      Changed my mind about Agnes, thought he was evil now i'm not so sure.

    84. Rock girl

      They call each other "honey" all the time. Honey, like by a beekeeper. Also, the hexagons are like the parts of the beehive.

    85. Andre Clark

      Anyone else notice the hair growth everyone has?

    86. srikanth polisetty

      Watched episode-4 a few minutes ago. Think I found a mistake in it When one of SWORD's agent comes out of the sewer (completely out from it), Vision calls out Wanda's name. The agent then turns towards them. But in episode-2, when Vision calls out Wanda's name, the agent wasn't completely out of the sewer yet.

    87. Onion Man

      6 sides? 6 infinity stones? As the infinity stones have been removed from the main reality (well they are in the quantum realm) Wanda has become a vessel for them and has broke down mentally. Could be a self defence mechanism.

    88. GeissRoyal15

      Monica: He was killed by Ultron...wasn't he? Wanda:W̺͆H̺͆Y̺͆ W̺͆O̺͆U̺͆L̺͆D̺͆ Y̺͆O̺͆U̺͆ S̺͆A̺͆Y̺͆ T̺͆H̺͆A̺͆T̺͆ N̺͆A̺͆M̺͆E̺͆?!?!

    89. Gary Howard

      I think the hexagon is the shape of the area/barrier/ perimeter they are trapped in. That's why everyone appears in the hexagons

    90. Phoenix_Storm

      I can’t wait for Doctor strange and the multiverse of madness

    91. Allen Roberts

      In godfather, oranges represented death. Maybe any connection with oranges here? As in orange =death/mafesito. Grasping at straws but wanted to join the fun!

    92. MCUthere

      That wailing in the end credits sounds like an editores version of Wanda’s last scream when “giving birth”

    93. Trevor Cully

      What about Vision looking at the camera just before the rewind/recut scene?

    94. Clutch Anfony

      Sorry but this means Illuminati is coming to mcu..

    95. Kungfutazz

      The Hydra soap is also the same color and shape as the tesseract which held the space stone. 🤔

    96. hitoshi inaba

      The proud hippopotamus endoscopically mark because george substantially cycle past a distinct jam. mushy, miscreant taurus

    97. Kason Wright

      Hydra soap 🧼 I thought the same thing

    98. Capo J

      17:48 ''Are you looking for this?"

    99. francheska colon

      Why didn’t you talk about what Herb and Agnes said to each other? I learned to watch it was CC on and I noticed their conversation about Geraldine they were having

    100. HaveNoFear Comix

      The figure in the middle of the pendant is holding a scythe with the blade above his head, I think