Catching big dumb Bluegills with a Drone! (Manitoba Western Region)

Uncut Angling

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    The shorelines of Manitoba's Lake Metigoshe are crawling with Master Angler Sunfish at this time of year. Catching them can seem impossible and then be never easier, on consecutive spots...does that even make sense? I still know nothing about these things.
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    1. Northeast Angler

      bananas in the boat??? seriously?? lol duuuude....

    2. Shewdoh

      Is this legal? LMAOOOO

    3. Tomas Paal

      This video alone is worth a million subscribers! I nearly cried from laughter!

    4. My baby gurll Hoopai

      Did i see a banana

    5. Jack Layher

      lucky trump didn't catch them doing that

    6. Sunrise Yang

      Use worms number 1 bait

    7. YT Censorship

      that drone clip is awesome, should send it in to daily dose of internet

    8. Niel Thomas

      I caught one twice that big.. mine had red and yellow colors

    9. Grady Thesing

      Hi I wish I could come fishing with you:(

    10. William Mickelson

      I’ve never been abducted by aliens but I’m assuming this is what it’s like

    11. Jamison Watson

      "Is everyone happy?... I SAID IS EVERYONE HAPPY.,.," lol he knows everyone feels when you see Gide all day with beautiful weather no can't catch anything'

    12. Jake Dearden

      Wonder what they think flying lol

    13. Brian Conroy

      My uncul has a five cabins on the us side of that lake don't ask why he's got five but he dose

    14. Nolan Flikeid

      How dare you bring bananas on the boat

    15. Erica Kraft

      Put a smaller hook

    16. RandomGuy _22

      Nightcrawlers my guy

    17. bassin for life

      Huge gills good job man

    18. Reed Wilke

      Tip the hook with piece of night crawler. That’s the key to targeting bluegill. They will it everything if tipped withal a night crawler

    19. CHH Baller

      It is metgoshee with a deep e

    20. Kyle Limeback

      LOL im dying watching these. Catching fish with a drone! I must say I appreciate the effort into each video, multiple camera angles, proper mic for sound, not to mention the editing. Keep up the good videos!

    21. Kevin Wells

      I'd like to say: "Why are you fishing for Bluegill????" and yet, at least as a kid, some of my best summer fishing days were hauling in like 50 in an hour, with a cane pole of all things, and a bumblebee lure. All fishing can be fun, so I'm with you on that one. Still, it's sort of funny too see a video on it today. Everyone wants to show 'catching a blue fin tuna' (including me) - but I thank you for reminding me that fishing should be relaxing, fun, and still a challenge. That 50/hour was no joke, we had a fishing competition every year, about 6 guys in my neighborhood, and during summer vacation we began a count. It was on the 'honor system', and there is little of that today. But a few thousand fish during the summer was not unheard of. The winner got what we he deserved, bragging rights. Thanks for the video Uncut Angling. Hmmmm... I never see any video about crappie.... just reminiscing. Oh, by the way, you are like a thin(new) Jack Black.

    22. Bullochman

      Canadians are know to be a great people; wow; you are truly doing some work here that not many people do. We've never before had such footage of bed activity; and now it's available to us all thanks to your fine filming skills. 4:42 where you fast forwarded it is awesome; thank you for this footage. Did you ever think we could have some of this footage a little earlier in the morning facing away from the sun and getting it filmed with a polarized lens so that we could see deeper and clearer into the water? Maybe one from like the Costa 580p Glass Mirror Lenses? That would be so dope; people haven't even done things with Drones and fishing yet; not really. I love fishing and I love flying drones and I've always hoped to see people like you doing their own drones for spotting fish and fish activity. I absolutely love seeing this footage, thank you so much!

    23. Hunter Schafer

      Yup, socks and Sandals. That is a true Canadian

    24. Chickenlead

      Lake *met uh go she* is how I pronounce it, that's the lake I go to lol from ND

    25. coasje

      And people wonder where drugs enter Canada?

    26. Heather and Joe Snowden

      I have a cabin on that lake

    27. Nathan Clevland

      I'm pretty sure I'm the only one that actually search for this and I'm kind of mad my idea was taken😂

    28. Asger Nielsen

      This is one of the most amazing way of fishing I've ever seen

    29. Januari Eskeland

      Dude why are you bringing bananas. Their bad luck

    30. stormshadow1211

      that is some completely STUPID SHIT !!! HAHAHA I LOVE IT !!!! but im not risking my drone to try it

    31. Tucker Rogers

      set the hook thats ho i catch a bunch of bluegill

    32. The artist Devil

      I would keep them

    33. Hunter Steinfeldt

      Just use a bobber,a hook and a worm

    34. Joe Powell

      Switch to live bait!!

    35. The Odd Gamer

      You have to put it in the bed cause the fish feel threatened and eat it

    36. Superman 68

      absolutely fricking hilarious.

    37. Hunter

      Brother that is the most epic way to catch fish ever. Yessssss that was awesome

    38. George-019

      The fish was prly like “this is new”

      1. Jackson Vitelli


    39. paul p-

      “Don’t tell trump”

    40. Ant kimb

      Just use night crawlers

    41. Yogi Demis

      Bahahahahaha, Bluegill are dumb they eat anything!

    42. Joe Shamblin

      It’s not met-o-gosh it’s met-o-goshey

    43. apugnamed stalin

      I had the same idea but with rc boats

    44. WiLLi4M

      You're a big dumb bluegill.

    45. Chris Ram

      eww Canadian. your video gets a dislike just for that.

    46. Yéyée Jahahba

      Ur gay

    47. Owen Brunette

      Catches trophy lake trout but can’t cach blue gills

    48. Owen Brunette

      Trump will get heated

    49. lspostma

      I am going to strongly disagree with you on your remark about using the 4wt fly rod for only small trout... Having fished some of the best major rivers in the mountain states for Large trout, going small on the fly rod is awesome.

    50. Wings and Water Outdoors

      Im a little bit rusty and a little bit clueless title of your sex tape

    51. MM MARTI

      Awsome footage of the fish in there beds!!!

    52. Lane Tiffany


    53. MrSickmickey

      Was that a banana on your boat ????

    54. Jordan Hufford

      4 wt for only tiny trout?? bro... tell that to my 18 inchers i've caught on my fiberglass!

    55. 518 pond hopping

      11:14 he said the b word

    56. Tanner Lord

      Use a worm on a hook and a bobber and you’ll catch 100 of these an hour. Also, in the states we pronounce it as Lake Meti-goh-she

    57. Randall KNight

      banana's on a boat ???

    58. Moe Cross

      Dude you are my hero. Not only is it my dream to film rare pristine waters in the North, but I also love panfish as well. No surprise that you are on your fourth drone that year. I wouldn't dream of fishing with it. I honestly think you just invented a new way of fishing. Perhaps in the future we will see fishing drones, because your Mavic is not designed for fishing. I could tell it hated it. I loved it, and so did Mr. Fat Slab. You seem to be the most well funded fisherman I have seen. Also I saw when you took that random guy out fishing in Little Limestone Lake and he wanted to go back before he caught something. Man I would love to go fishing with you sometime. I wouldn't ask to go back to the dock early.

    59. Scott Mattingley

      its a good thing you went back into manitoba if Trump found out you were catching fish in the US he would charge you a million dollars per fish caught say it was for the good of the country and when you turned your back he would pocket the money!! for himself! WHAT A STAND UP GUY!! he he he!

    60. Traci Hopkins

      Try use if good old fashion worms and bobber for bluegill not jigs

    61. Wild Man

      Trout fight worse than a bluegill

    62. Peter

      Imagine the border patrol people watching him on binoculars. "Oh shit he's got a drone, hopefully he's not going to do anything dumb. Ok why the fuck is he tying a jig to it?"

    63. Southern Grace

      You just need to use panfish hooks and worms

    64. Eli

      Catches muskies all day but can’t catch one bluegill until he uses a drone

    65. Brecken Coady

      Notice how he couldn't catch any fish from his boat and all the fish were caught from the drone that was because of the bananas that he was using as a paperweight for his passport........

    66. Boosted John

      I think this is what it’s like to get abducted by aliens 👽

    67. The maximum amount fan 08

      Buddy gotta use a mini mite jig

    68. Brandon Smith

      Jack black lost a lot of weight

    69. Stephen Kolbe

      Unbelievable... Put the passport under the Bananas, in the boat... Are you just gonna wager your life away like that?

    70. Brock Mathieson

      Hay Thajman why don’t you just chill out

    71. Waffles

      This mad lad brought bananas on a boat

    72. Candy Corn

      8:38 the way the fish was just flying 😂

    73. Derek Kirby

      oH mY GoOdNeSs!

    74. Eli

      Just imagine how many he would catch if he had worms

    75. gscotty311


    76. Mac Swanton

      I'm totally sold. And hungry

    77. Sam Bowman

      I think it's Hilarious your Video Title is "Catching Big Dumb Bluegill with a drone" ,,, It took a passport, a 20,000 dollar Boat , $1,000 dollars worth of Gear ,,, $1500.00 Drone , $700.00 GO-PRO , to catch those "Dumb Bluegill"

    78. raymond lacasse

      Nuts, Iv barely seen Bluegill get that big other than where I live in Massachusetts, that lakes about 300 miles further north, same as middle Maine but they only get to about 1/3 the size/weight as the ones in Mass. 2 days ago i caught 2 lunker bluegill in Massachusetts, a 9" and the other a hair over 10", State record is 12.2" here, and both of mine would have easily doubled the Maine state record. just illustrates how much I wanna go on a fishing trip to Manitoba tho.

    79. Phillip Taylor

      Vids are hilarious man!! Love it how you bring a new twist to editing and documenting! New favorite sub!

    80. Bill Gotti

      Yo this is awesome

    81. Bill Gotti

      Turtle Island

    82. Logan Luttrell fishing

      You ever make a trip to Oklahoma I'll take you out on a bluegill trip.. my son and I catch them during the spring for catfish bait. We caught over 50 in about 30 minutes once

    83. Alexander Andersson

      Ok, that was epic

    84. sean dolan

      LOL That was great Loved it ✌️😎

    85. Fyon Wong

      fish goes:i believe i can fly

    86. Hashslingingslasher

      With blue gill you just put a float a sinker on the line and just adjust the depth of the bait no slip float and the right size hook

    87. hayden’s Life

      It makes the video better when he says “turtle mountain” in Manitoba “MOUNTAIN”😂😂

    88. Hardwoods Huntsman

      What happens when a big northern comes up and bites your jig then it is going to take the whole drone into the water

    89. Brendon MacKearney

      I dont mean to be that guy, but in the US its "mit ah go she" is what we call that lake

    90. Caden Lamps

      I was dying when that Gill was just flying in the air

    91. Griffin Gaming

      I just realized you actually look like Jack Black but blonde and skinnier 😅

      1. Griffin Gaming

        0:26 👌

    92. Jay Sims

      Now thats funny.

    93. Donny

      Drone fishing for Bluegill might be a new favorite video

    94. Tate Kuppich

      I feel like this should be illegal

    95. UpNorthAngler

      omggg LOLOL

    96. Den Mun


    97. john doe

      Comb your hair freak

    98. Sloan Kettering

      4wt is enough for the avrg trout, 4-6 is tout weight for the most part, you could probably use a 2or3 for panfish

    99. aiden arnett

      Is it just me or at 0:27 does he look like Jack Black

    100. Devon Groleau

      Hook, bobber, sinker, worm, don't try to be fancy