Deion Sanders Is Surprised When Troy Aikman Shows Up To Jackson State's Football Game! 🏈


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    1. 9MagTV


      1. Micheal Stallworth

        this is what a true friend would do show up on one of the biggest days in your life. There was nothing stopping him from coming not even covid-19. now it's time for everybody else you know and say they love and support you to show up. I'm sure Dion is thankful and glad for all the other support but seeing his buddy on Gameday I'm sure meant a lot

      2. Eric Sova


      3. White Diamond

        I was surprised to see him too after the game was over. I'm so proud of the SONIC BOOM of the SOUTH lol and you go BOYYYYYYYYYY. Coach Prime Time is making big move. 🙌🏼

      4. Cruise Control TV


      5. DrJamal Jackson

        Deion Sanders made College Football Sports History to be the first coach to win a game 53-0, and when they asked him what he thought of the game, Deion Sanders replied We Got ROBBED!!!! =]

    2. Arinda Ross

      We can never have anything for ourselves

    3. jstevenj1

      It's On and Poppin' in the Sipp...

    4. Troy Mott

      Prime can still hit that dance!!😎😎😂🤣

    5. Henry Hank Wesson

      This is what having a family is all about

    6. James Ellis

      Get rid of that blow up tunnel.

    7. 1018miamidrive

      Wow Troy is tall, Prime is 6 foot 1 and he’s a good height taller than Deion. Love seeing ppl support each other. Says a lot about Troy and Deion as teammates during their playing days. That embrace was genuine friends do that.

    8. Joe Della Selva

      That is a nice stadium JSU!!!

    9. Garnet Burgin

      Deon has always been a winner and one of my all-time favorite players and person.

    10. Jerrold Garrison

      He was MOST CERTAINLY SURPRISED to think that his friend, Troy, wouldn't be as thoughtless as to take a flight, or drive a vehicle just to see him.....that would leave an enormous carbon footprint!

    11. Nick L

      The null rugby primarily punish because composer frustratingly smoke unlike a wacky collar. curious, three curtain

    12. Crazy Chick Sheena

      Love prime time🌠🎀💓💓💓🎀

    13. Julian Overton

      Big ups to Troy. He has always had his teammates backs in times of needed and wanted support. On the other hand; I wonder what it is like to know that your head coach has more swagoo than the whole team combined. Haha, I wish nothing but the best for JSU. The band now has some competition.

    14. Westside of Corpus Christi

      Troy is a real homie.

    15. Irish Roc

      That is Real Love Real Friendship the Way GOD Wants It 2B LOVE Has No Color Just Heart 💯❤

    16. Cpl. Dean

      Dats Respect n Support at it's finest!!

    17. Chefhkf3

      About to take flight...Salute

    18. General George

      OG got all da juice!!!!

    19. Rollin Dub

      It’ll be my last year there- I’m giving back to the black community and y’all gon steal my shit while I’m coaching during a game🤦🏿‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    20. SluTubeTV

      Mann I miss the field

    21. Jay Conner

      Anybody checking out dat tote and carry blue bag by a black designer

    22. Zakariah1971

      JFK walks onto the grass at 2:40

    23. Idontlikethatshit

      That was cool

    24. ProTruth Energy

      Will Jerry Rice show up next week on the MVS sideline? Them two had some iconic match-ups back in the day....Way2Support Troy!

    25. cameron lawrence

      I can’t wait to catch some games live. Let’s go Coach Prime Time and the Sonic Boom. Love the uniforms.

    26. Bobby Brooks

      Prime time when I saw Troy Aikman show up in Jackson Mississippi to support you and your coaching 1000 love you are a true disciple working for the Lord you are doing small thing that's grown into big things God bless your spirit . Aka Bobby B from Monroe Louisiana

    27. bignardo95

      That's "black power!" And it's "Show Time!"

    28. Leroy Brown

      City of Jackson help him out. You are the light on the hill.

    29. Prince Edward

      I always knew Deion was a good guy deep down even though as a niner fan I hated when he left us for the cowgirls. Aikman was always a respectable man. I guess Deion made the right choice leaving us since I could never see his ex 49er teammates keeping in touch with him all these years later ..

    30. EASE III

      This ish is cold, keep it comin

    31. EASE III

      The Dion Sanders is a cold as story unfolding everyday

    32. Juan Mollowda

      This is a power move for hbcu's

    33. Tee Kay

      Yeap... That's what's up

    34. Trump One

      I used to like Aikman but after he got caught shitting on the military flyovers and seemed to back Biden and Harris eliminating them, I have no use for him.

    35. Lala Murray

      People are saying Deion is only coaching at the school to get a NFL job & my thing is if that’s true that’s ok bc he is going to start a trend with other black athletes & I’m sure these boys/the college will forever be grateful

    36. ForsaFit

      Big up to neón Dion on his first win and also troy for supporting his buddy. 👍🏽

    37. Kevin Oshaughnessy

      Why he do the Ellen at the end 😂

    38. OHiWONder Gaming

      Prime is exactly where he’s supposed to be! Only an HBCU can contain all his swag!!

    39. Charles Palmer

      Troy's a real nigga for this

    40. Phil V

      Deion with those solid white Grandpa Sneakers on!! LOL!!!!

    41. Ricardo Ray

      I have never like the Dallas Cowboys football team. I do respect Troy Aikman the man. Thanks Troy for showing love and support .to the HBCU.

    42. Michael Lundy

      Game changer in black college football for sure the impact that he can have on black Universities could change the course of our generation for sure that's how big his impact could be ,the status quo will definitely try to ruin Sanders reputation at some point we definitely have to be ready for that and protect him

    43. Daniel Tayong

      Prime time

    44. Michael Mckenzie

      That was nice of Troy! Kool!

    45. addison james

      Prime will have all kinds of people come visit the program go JSU


      Reminds me of myself COACHING Boys and Girls Club 🏈 and 🏀.

    47. JOAN ANGELA Harris


    48. Jay Brown

      You could tell its real love between them 2...I counted like 4 hugs...thats that "we have secrets on each other"

    49. Big Vince

      I remember when Troy was the only teammate there with Michael Ervin when he was going to court after getting in trouble. Troy seems like a genuine guy. Warms my heart to see Deion changing the culture at Jackson State.

      1. jenkinsmike79

        Yea man Troy is a real one

    50. Shantwania Buchanan

      OMG I just Luv him💕💕💕💕

    51. Jacqueline Perry

      If you’re moving his belongings without telling him then he has a right to be pissed he don’t want anyone touching his personal things without him knowing.jealous school officials at that school cause he’s getting lots of attention known that before you hired him that’s what he do and his nickname is prime time that’s way so the haters have to hate on.

    52. Propain Flamez

      Yea n stole from him smh cap

    53. White Diamond

      You go BOYYYYYYYYYY lol I am so happy for you. 🙌🏼

    54. John Truxal

      So no more future visits due to repetitive scumbag thieves....

    55. Matt Favaloro

      Interesting how ESPN had the game covered and Troy Aikman is there for the inaugural primetime HBCU career game

      1. Freddie Bardley

        No what ESPN did was robbed us of having the highest TV ratings in college football history by just streaming the came. Put Prime and JSU on prime time ESPN

    56. Cynthia Brown

      Deion gets continues to get better with age👌.

    57. Carl Stokes

      Troy is a QB isn't he??

    58. EpicGoldenEraMedia

      St Lunatics The Documentary

    59. James Smithiv

      Nice to have great support the Lord is blessing.

    60. Ceddy 704

      Deion sanders got a lean on me type situation with Jackson they testing him but hopefully he will win overall .Jackson state crushed that team yesterday

    61. ZombaHenry garrotKomp


    62. Eric West

      Gotta respect the love Troy shows to his former teammates😎

    63. Thomas Santiago

      Troy be all cool cause he done stole sanders shit

    64. Abdul Raheem

      We need more coaches like D! The young black men under his tutelage are privileged....this is a special time.

    65. Grace

      🏈loving it

    66. Hillery Bell

      Y’all need to stop stealing that man things he should have came to southern he wouldn’t had that problem

      1. Hillery Bell

        Jackson miss worst than New Orleans

      2. Freddie Bardley

        You got that right Southern he would have gotten shot twice with all that crime


      Nothing but love for Aikman, he a real one for showing Deion some love, real talk....

      1. Brian Davidson

        Lotta people do that. Use appropriate sentences. Slang is ignorant

      2. Ron Lal

        The nice thing about sports is that it brings people of all races ,and background together. This why I support FB .It affords some the chance to go to college.

      3. Freddie Bardley

        Thats something no one else saw

    68. Antonio Dubose

      Nfl already supporting this program. Troy Aikmen appearance is huge

    69. Antonio Dubose

      Man prime Ora is contagious they kids gone ball out fir him because they he come from similar background this is going to very interesting. Because big schools are going to cone after prime once he succeeded here and trust me he will

    70. Michelle Saucier

      "Primetime has touched down in the SIP Yasssss put everyone on notice JSU is about to cut up taking the SONIC BOOM to a whole other level🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

    71. Eric Ferniz

      The best shut down corner!! I remember as a cowboys fan in the 90's, I would yell at my tv telling Mr. Aikman "throw the damn ball to michael" not knowing primetime would shut that shit down 50% of the time. I say 50 cause I will never dog on #88. Those to me, were the best matches to watch 88 vs 21. So glad he became a cowboy after all 😂 Good luck primetime

    72. Chris Thomas

      This is planned the team they played bruh who the fuck is this water team I stay in MS and never heard of them they picked the worst teams in football history and put them against Jackson state to make Sanders look good how come they couldn't play some top ranked team bruh no respect on that win from me

    73. Kevin Gregory

      Say Troy a real one

    74. Tae Davis

      This man is about to change the landscape of College Football!! Imagine bringing in all the black talent to the Black Colleges..I smell a trend..

      1. Rich Sr.

        Yes...Come on talented young men. We need you at our HBCUs. Dads point your son this direction. The time has come for HBCUs to dominate college sports. Stop letting these PWI I's use young black talented athletes to make millions of dollars for their institutions.

      2. Tae Davis

        @Rob Warren maybe...we shall see

      3. Rob Warren

        @ABRAY85 😁😉

      4. ABRAY85

        @Rob Warren Define resources.... They have practice fields, stadiums, equipment, buses etc. So explain to me not having resources.

      5. Rob Warren

        Ok u tripping agreed nick resources definitely limited

    75. Mr. Bay Area

      That’s what’s up

    76. Smooth Operator

      Anyone wear masks down there??

    77. WS Taft

      Troy is a class act!!!!!

    78. Jay Max

      Damm makes me remember Dion high steping after interseption . He was fun to watch and is nice to see Troy showing his support always watched him while he played .

      1. Jay Max

        @Smooth Operator is all good . I laugh when I noticed 😃🤣.

      2. Smooth Operator

        @Jay Max no prob! Not trolling- just havin' fun...

      3. Jay Max

        @Smooth Operator thanks just noticed lol 😂😆

      4. Smooth Operator

        intersection: a point where 2 or more things meet. Namely roads, streets & avenues.

    79. Israfel El elyon

      I had a pair of his shoes back in the day... They were my favorite to wear on the regular. I wore them till they got holes in them

    80. J Jay

      I support coach sanders. However I don't like how he handled the end of the game by passing the ball.

      1. WS Taft

        Listen, this is like preseason to him still during Covid. He is still seeing what he has on this team. If your team is sucking that bad, not his fault. Save that sportsmanship BS for later in the season, this is a NEW team, NEW venture, with NEW kids and NEW scrutiny, just let that man live right now!.... Always has to be a sensitive azz to point out something wrong🤦

    81. AGtheKING

      Was that Coach Farmer Fran from The WaterBoy, at 2:00? 😂😂😂

      1. Niko Roulias

        nailed it lol

    82. DrJamal Jackson

      Deion Sanders made College Football Sports History to be the first coach to win a game 53-0, and when they asked him what he thought of the game, Deion Sanders replied We Got ROBBED!!!! =]

      1. Freddie Bardley


    83. quest 77051


    84. Michael Teniente

      We're all rooting for Deion. He's the Tiger Woods of cornerbacks in the NFL.

      1. Defined Definition

        @WS Taft Thank You! And even that's a stretch.

      2. ItzBlu

        Comment did not age well

      3. WS Taft

        No, Tiger is the DEION!!!!

    85. IsmokeHiphop Live

      i was there in the 90's troy was always welcome to the BBQ. plus he always spoke up for BLK QB's

      1. Reggie Brown


    86. Jurian Holder

      Prime about to make a power house smh!!! Im so happy for HBCU they about to blow!!! You have to love prime!!!



    88. SPH' Huntsville

      1 love to Troy Aikman

    89. ashunt29

      Deion still got!

    90. OYOD

      "Welcome Coach Prime" come on now

    91. London Stackhouse

      Troy cowboys

    92. London Stackhouse

      I wonder do they get free deion Sanders sneakers 👍

    93. Judy H


    94. Judy H

      Whhewww whewwww Deion still look GOOD

    95. Bey11ktb

      They jacked all those bags! SMH

    96. River Valley University

      If PrimeTime comes to your house and says come play at JSU, how do you say no?!

      1. D. Lamon

        @River Valley University see if you said DB you’d have a point but with 4 years of picking his brain what can Deion teach a D1 or D2 QB about playing QB at the next level?! If Ray Lewis was the head coach at Alcorn State can he teach an OL how to block in the pros just because of the success he had in the pros? Deion can guide players how to be men but they’re going to get their skills “primed” by their position coach. And even with squatting 100lbs more than a D1 QB, That D2 QB will be overlooked by a not so talented QB from Missouri due to his SEC career alone. The truth is the truth.

      2. River Valley University

        @D. Lamon or you could spend 4 years picking his brain while getting ready for the pros. Squats are squats whether you at Alabama or JSU. They're about to draft a QB from a D2 school #1 overall.... who only played one game this year!!! . If you have talent, they'll find you.

      3. John H

        @D. Lamon exactly. They looked like an average high school team.

      4. John H

        He hasn't proven himself as a coach. He's no Saban

      5. D. Lamon

        The best athletes tell Nick Saban no every year to compete against his and the best teams, did you see that team Jackson State just beat? The memory of him coming to the house outweighs playing 4 seasons of games like that so I’d say you say, I’m grateful for the opportunity Prime but no thank you.

    97. Marty Mcfly

      I didn’t realize 9Mag was there to film it. Because they care clearly claiming it with there logos like they own it

    98. Euro Guy 85

      That's a pretty big stadium they seem to have there! They might actually fill it up in the future if they continue to play like they started!

      1. RAM Transport LLC

        They lead the fcs in attendance averaging 33,000 before deon got there...after covid 40k plus easy.

    99. Mr. Good Dude53

      That goes to show how big this really is!! Troy being there means this not being taken lightly by the power 5’s. I guarantee there will be more ex nfl all pros and HOF’s that will become HBCU HC’s. Which cause a major shift. And as the Bible says there’s nothing new under the sun, remember alot of NFL greats come from HBCU’s.

      1. Kevin Mcgaw


      2. noel smythe

        Absolutely! My thoughts exactly.

      3. WS Taft

        I really hope what you said happens, that would be EVERYTHING for HBCU's and sports in general!

      4. Dee Money

        Truuu hope it goes just like 👍 you stated

    100. Derek Carter

      And Deion gets robbed. Lol. Robbed twice means hes probably gone in a couple years for Florida State

      1. Freddie Bardley

        That's what I'm afraid 😨 of. He has already brought an economic boost to that area and just imagine what it will be like in a couple of years if we can leave the thievery alone e

      2. Jordan Hatten

        @Busy DEM Bruh he wouldn’t come near Miami is cheap that’s exactly why they have Manny Diaz so Deion would definitely go Florida state If the job opened

      3. WS Taft

        Let's hope not!....I hope he stays committed to the HBCU for a long while before he jumps ship to his alma mater!....Not that you can be mad cause, he went to FSU but, if he leaves quickly, I don't think that would be a good look for him. Just my opinion!

      4. Busy DEM

        Florida State doesn’t deserve him, oh but as a Canes fan I would love him in Miami! Welcome to Miami!!

      5. Alvin B.

        Just changing the Culture and some peoples Character it will get better...