1 Hour To Escape A Prison Cell


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    1. JustDustin

      click this link or stay curious forever... kgup.info/get/iGmIoq7Mn3qhiY8/video

      1. Donna Doyle


      2. خلود عارف

        @killiua and gon،،، ث، ثرقب، قب

      3. Hnnjj Hnnjj

        @Brody Eviota $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      4. Colton Clark

        @killiua and gon js9

      5. DetroitTreeCity

        Old school and then o to be honest

    2. Allen Myrick

      100 layers of wood

    3. Ryan Slattery

      Trent in the back about to eat concrete dust 0:42

    4. Krown

      I'm convinced nothing beats Trent. He's a literal beast

    5. Lucas Best

      what’s the song at 7:30

    6. Sixabeth Navarro Navarro


    7. John Patterson


    8. John Patterson


    9. Myls The Great

      My boy trent is Hulk he can get out of anything👿

    10. Mr kid

      When they were doing the last box they could of used a sharp item to unscrew the nails

    11. Amayah I Joshi

      Are you guys real come to my house

    12. Cameron Chubb

      8 minutes left after they open the last box then it goes back up to 10 minutes left with a big hole in the wall? Don't make sense

    13. Anthony Bacaña

      Mr. Beast is the true goat

    14. Logie Pogie Ogie

      Cat in Logan

    15. Syb van der Helm

      You think youre mrbeast

    16. Jacamations

      Trent should meet Robert look on Preston‘s channel he has Robert in those channels

    17. Captain Amarica

      4:10 dustin being a joke man

    18. حمد الداوود القحطاني

      اكو عرب بالطياره

    19. vinny sanarov

      best video ever

    20. mini zyzz

      liv a lik for justDustin

    21. Ahmad Alsedalany

      What was the name of the music when Zach was using the jackhammer

    22. Pepa Srb

      Search a fizistyle

    23. daniel patel

      I remember when you were making videos in a gym

    24. Rojanae Henry


    25. Sandra Haddad

      100 layers of concrete

    26. Thomas Morris

      I feel bad for Trent

    27. doctor_

      That's a lot of damage

    28. LETRIC Studios Chase Nichols

      Gotta say this is really rigged

    29. Maximilian Meyer

      In some end shots where is trent??

    30. NeoCortex

      I have seen only one video from Mr.Beast. So why do i get his impostor in recomended ?

    31. amar yasser

      ههههه امريكان

    32. Mc Oliver Noble

      Are you a big fan of Mrbeast? Because you sounds like him even the content.

    33. TTV_NormalGuy

      Dustin should make the inner layer of the wall out of polly carbonate

    34. Jum 4

      Anyone know the music?

    35. Brandy Mouledoux

      But it’s a time for us too lol I just don’t think you should Quit KGup quit KGup

    36. GANG GANG

      But you don’t have chandler !!! Mrbeast 4 president!!

    37. Bloxburg Speed builds

      Just put the boxes in a British secondary school the students will break it open with in seconds

    38. clockwork box

      1:14 first time I ever heard this man speak

    39. Manda Gates

      Offrband mrbeast 0-0

    40. Jarrod Ryan

      This hurt my ears

    41. Mark Beattie


    42. Tony Santos

      nathing can hold trant $20

    43. marianne mclurkin

      Imagine taking a month to build that but just breaking it

    44. Melby Bornales

      Oh I was saying oh you’re doing more damage next time you should not put extra the money or else I’ll give you so you need to pay you your money bills and you still need to pay your bills Nielsen need more money

    45. Melby Bornales

      That’s copyright songs oh

    46. Noe Galaviz


    47. 乇乂ㄖㄒ丨匚

      **me trying to sleep at night** My neightbours:

      1. OgiDaBest Nikido294 YT


    48. Dave Arce

      Your team is ready for a zombie apocalypse,

    49. Mateen Shaheed

      Where do you get the unbreakable glass????

    50. Bryce Crumrine


    51. عجمي العجمي


    52. Courtney Kingston

      Justin us such a brager

    53. legquint561

      1:10 someone meme this

    54. raul Samaniego

      That is other way to break out prison 😂😂😂lol

    55. Michelle Embry

      Why cant he just rip the bars open like he would do any other time.

    56. Mark Antonovich

      This is the most I have seen Trent talk and not grunt

    57. Ryan PlaysRoblox

      This channel is just a bunch of banging

    58. Brenda Borrego

      When you were saying Time is ticking I heard you

    59. The Roblox troller

      I reckon trent is juggernaut from deadpool

    60. Daksh Hinger

      How did you just get in

    61. Alejandro Sanchez

      Whats up mr monster

    62. Immortal_Show

      Being honest you said the concrete had fibers like 17 times

    63. LIL ZGINE


    64. sebasttian bidrogo

      this is like the knock-off mrbeast I'll name him mrbest

    65. Ninja



      Trent is massive bro

    67. Carlo Martinez


    68. Aiden Given

      That looks dangerous

    69. Robert Petro


    70. Vanessa Burr

      Why didn't they just break the roof? It was made out of wood.And I didn't hear him say you weren't allowed to break the roof

      1. Liberal Tears

        Or just... go through the bars

    71. Sophia Funes

      Lol he said my eyes are tough

    72. Whata Wa

      Ik it was unavoidable... but *man* was this video loud. It almost gave me a headache. Great content tho! Keep it up!

    73. Student Jeremiah Mcneil


      1. ニックベ ジ


      2. ニックベ ジ


      3. ニックベ ジ


      4. ニックベ ジ


      5. ニックベ ジ


    74. QV Lightning

      "This is a lot of damage for a shovel." Me: that is Trent for a."

    75. Carlos Arciniega


    76. Derrick Porter

      They should’ve did it from the top of the sell

      1. Derrick Porter


    77. Corvo Schmitt

      Trent can do a perfect doom slayer cosplay

    78. saif mohamed



      Zack cazy

    80. Hadi Basheer

      Who think he is coping @mrbeast

    81. Kezman Tan Juin Kit


    82. I’m with Stupid

      The host:that’s actually doing some damage Me:wow Phil swift:that’s alot of damage!!

    83. Ghostshadow POC

      1:27 yo he looked like Unspeakable for a sec there

    84. Sheila Harston


    85. Brenda Borrego

      W O W

    86. Thomas McMahon

      Trent vs. Jake Paul in a boxing match

    87. ReeceHodge

      Did no one notice zack at 1:36 at his trousers. I think hes got a hidden weapon

    88. فضل العراقي

      سجن زربه

    89. Marvin Taylor

      Ngl I could slip through the bars if I was in there...

    90. Abdel Chaibi

      Trent In the Prison Cell: it's been 82 Years...

    91. Gebrail Nassereddine


    92. MaskGamer 34

      What is the name of the music in video

    93. Albert Gonzales

      He tried to cage a beast

    94. Joh Leon

      Erics shoe game fireee lowkey 🔥

    95. StupidThings WithACK - Remastered

      just rip out the bars :/



    97. Five nights at Ninjas


    98. Max Beltran

      Porque no salieron afuera

    99. 叶楊观

      I knew the floor was gonna be next

    100. Troy Murphy

      Break the poles 😂