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    1. Joel Haver

      All the love on the channel over these last several months has been overwhelming. Thank you so much for helping me do what I love fulltime. It's such a gift and I won't waste it. PS: Patreon supporters! Make sure to check the latest post on there for a discount code on the merch!!

      1. Kyle B.

        Do you have Joels? (sorry)

      2. gordon freeman

        Old is good like Half life: ai smooth story line good ai talk to each other and lore Cyberpunk : so much freaking bugs

      3. alexander bisson

        Thats sunset animation reminded me of living in the arctic watching lakes stream accross the winds friction

      4. Dark at Hearts

        If you ever do get a sponsor... Please don't do right Shadow Legends. A million players playing it, a new dungeon. A character for first subscribers. Gold and silver and upgrade items for new players. Raid Shadow Legends download it today

      5. Ey b0ss

        Love you too Joel. Keep up the good work.

    2. PAXMA

      Thank you, Joel!

    3. SKeET

      only u can make this type of entertainment

    4. AgentFluff557 / TheXboxGecko

      My love for Joel is unreal I wish everyone was like him 😭

    5. The Faux Fox

      Can we get a shirt of "Hold"

    6. justin dair

      I live you 2!!!!!

    7. Emre Turkoglu


    8. Glen Skahill

      Joel makes my heart smile

    9. Raahim Sattar

      Joel/Trent will never get called a pedofile.

    10. Riccardo Merlo

      I want a Tony Lazudo shirt

    11. someGUYwithADHD

      I like your pawnd

    12. someGUYwithADHD

      We'd just want more "RPG" vids

    13. matej sedlacek

      Great content, thanks :)

    14. TheRealSnackyNorph

      "This is how much I made this week:" $18 trillion dollars. "Oh cool, cool."

    15. Von Kreig

      Well you snooze you lose

    16. The Babycakes

      You're super wholesome 💛 I love this

    17. Lachlan Gordon

      Love u bro!

    18. Dustin Krizan

      "Where'd you" "joelstuff.c" "it? Is-" "It's a great-" "great place to buy shirts?" "shirts." Man this had me cracking up!!

    19. Bilge

      "Sounds like it'll be hard work" "Yep" [Thinking] He doesn't know I just use AI rotoscoping

    20. Jory Mayer

      "You just kept sending me roblox stuff" Holy fucking christ my sides

    21. Mr. Channel

      Thankyou this channel is awsome

    22. Chase Testa


    23. Park Fairmount

      We ❤️ you Joel

    24. xCocoSquadx

      I screamed loud because it's creepy

    25. Saharian

      One word: Wholesome.

    26. Aramil

      YES. My sides holy frigg

    27. V. M.

      I'm glad dipper pines found work after gravity falls

    28. _

      Joel Haver made $18 quadrillion this week. That’s $18 trillion per subscriber. Nice.

    29. Luke Luhrs

      We need a HOLD shirt!

    30. bronyferien minuet

      "I'll probably animate it so more people will watch it" lmao.

    31. SuperWiiBros08

      damn he makes a good amout of money, good for him

    32. Bwack Beedows

      This hits different in 144p ✨

    33. El Char

      When he says "I love you guys", I feel that he means it and that makes me smile. Your videos are a highlight.

    34. Andres Torres

      The “yep” at 2:06 says it all lmao

    35. A Cameraman

      You are a legend joel

    36. xSkj

      i love your land surveying

    37. Dedmaroz69

      I believe that's exactly how it went

    38. That Musician Arron

      I love all your content. Just thought I'd say

    39. Baum

      I've watched this video 18 times.

    40. Kirk Griff

      I love the subtle references to surveying industry and offsiders. I think these guys are secretly actual surveyors.

    41. Kate Hodnett

      SOOO meta I love it

    42. Eoku

      I love all of your content and I will buy a shirt instead of mac'n'cheese this month.

    43. joe and associates inc

      Proud to be 1,008,674.. Here's to 69 more

    44. Daniel Clay

      I didn't expect this to become one of my favorite KGup channels

    45. Daniel Clay

      $18 trillion? That's all? You gotta start boxing NBA players or something

    46. mr Badim

      Front: Hold! Back: Hold my hand!

    47. Nick

      "I'll probably animate it so more people watch it" Yeah, we're pretty simple.

    48. ChromiumEX

      I found you on a random skit about a year ago while you were at like 100,000 or less, you Frieken blew up recently and it’s been amazing to watch.

    49. itherael 117

      thank you for your excellent content buddy!

    50. *Thinking*


    51. Terence Moore

      I just discovered your channel and its fucking awesome man

    52. Lowlife

      Joel looks like he's simultaniously 20 and 50.

    53. Haydan O'C


    54. Haydan O'C

      Hahahahaha surveying equipment! “You thought I was just doin it for a hobby?”

    55. Cpt Soban


    56. LieThePenguin

      "I'll probably animate it so more people will watch it" Legit fuckin burst out laughing

    57. Dan Brown

      This is a pretty good survey video

    58. Iñaki Gutiérrez Anzoátegui

      i love you

    59. Saltino

      the algorithm kept sending me to this channel and I didn't pay attention at first but was really surprised this wasnt a huge channel (and that I wasnt subscribed) thanks for being so fucking funny and dedicated man

    60. Just Cee

      Cool cool cool.............

    61. OvAeons

      Really weird that Joel would leave a camera rolling and some rando would come and talk in front of it.

    62. Raios Ephi

      Bruh, This animation has been deemed by Internet as "Joel Haver Animation"

    63. Eyesy Yewpy

      2 dudes sittin on a bench 5 feet apart bc they're not gay

    64. Garrett Mandujano

      I lost it at “yup”

    65. LetsGitFroggy

      1 MIL BABY LETS FUCKING GO you def deserve all this love if there are any new tubers that anyone should look up to its absolutely you!

    66. Silent Native01

      Joel you are the most genuine guy I've seen on KGup. Don't ever let the corporate overlords control your type of comedy, stay you.

    67. Pwister

      heck yeah joel

    68. Darkraft

      You are awesome! :) Well deserved. Keep doing the thing!

    69. Dash Rubberbear


    70. samkrac

      The man is a frickin work horse 💪 amazing

    71. Drusifer1787

      You need a shirt that's just says "Hold"

    72. fl233d0m

      Who are the guys after 2:22 ? Why they are in the video?

    73. bbody1000

      The amount of times I had to pause to catch my breath, I haven't laughed like that in ages. Thank you

    74. Matt Silvermask

      I thought after the rotoscope part, it's a montage reel or something but it's Joel's new merch ad. joelstuff.store congrats on the million subs

    75. Nate D.

      I just want to remind you I subscribed way before 1 million subs....I NEED MY STREET CRED DAM IT.....lol

    76. Jason Guarino

      205 people survey land as a hobby

    77. D _G

      This was the most midwestern thing Ive ever seen

    78. Just Tu'Greedi

      Hold shirt, HOLD SHIRT!

    79. Ricky

      ur videos are cool

    80. 431101134

      hehe the vibe is like Napoleon Dynamite

    81. Pol

      The authenticity of the content makes it so good. Keep doing your thing!

    82. ShiroHagam3

      Do you do shows man cause this is comedy gold lol

    83. Squire Muldoon

      I thought i was watching land survey videos this whole time, unsub.

    84. Jussa

      You'll be at 10 million within 5 years I can feel it

    85. julia cassie

      The channel where they makes akwardness funny.

    86. CrybabySkullY Smokes Weed

      I need that Adventure Awaits shirt

      1. CrybabySkullY Smokes Weed


    87. pinkfloydiano101

      I love you so much Joel!

    88. Zach Moore

      Congrats dude! You're a genuinely funny and likeable guy, always incredibly relatable and disarming in character. Thanks for all the fun videos!

    89. Mr Snakes

      Well deserved

    90. Viktor Pradley

      Trent is a real gem

    91. QuitSqzike

      tf did i just got recommended

    92. No Name

      I love how humble you are Joel Don't ever change

    93. Eddie Orly


    94. Bhadra S

      I'm so used to your voice and monologues being used as the jokes so i kept waiting for punchlines at the end

    95. Ginger Jack

      "You keep sending roblox stuff." Fucking gold.

    96. Novash Nova

      If you see this, just keep doing what makes you happy

    97. Clash Of Clans

      Jesus it takes full work week hours to make one video. Damn.

    98. Slxxpyhollow

      The Chipotle coupon line killed me, I love you guys haha

    99. truewolf

      no animations... and I unsubscribe...

    100. DarthMaulGamer2000

      I should be liking this. But i do.