I Challenge Billy’s Gotta Bass to a Team Challenge - Harris Chain of Lakes

Scott Martin

26 миӊ. көрүүлөр3

    BIG BASS are abundant on the Harris Chain of Lakes and It will take some to beat Team Billy. Tim Fredrick and I take on Billy and Darrel Davis in a classic Beatdown.
    Visit Lake County for a wonderful fishing trip and a bunch of lakes, restaurants, shopping and accommodations. www.visitlakefl.com
    This episode originally aired on the Discovery Channel and was one the best shows of 2019.
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    1. D Mac

      Billy is easily the most likable guy on the planet. Dude is awesome!

    2. Linda Schmeelk

      Billy catch them monster bass !!!!!!!

    3. Steve Gilland

      Billy you are the man!!!! I love this stuff

    4. Stryker_33

      I’ve been waiting for this to post since the day you guys filmed it. I saw the trucks at the ramp while driving home so I stopped by a bit later to meet you guys when you got back. It was a pleasure meeting you guys.

    5. huggyjd

      Excellant Billy. Very entertaining.

    6. Jukebox5

      I got a challenge for you Scott ( born into fishing jerk)? any idiot can catch Bass in south Florida but try catching Bass in the polluted waters of North Jersey?? hahaha

    7. jerrett bailey

      When the sim fishing game coming out

    8. Pickleville

      Scott, Billy is awesome on TV and in real life. I was able to meet y’all on Championship Sunday at Grand Lake. I couldn’t believe y’all stuck around that long, but Billy was as nice and approachable as possible. Great show guys

    9. Jonathan Jacobs

      Love us some Billy

    10. Lee Hubbell

      Go Billy!!!

    11. No Place Like Home


    12. beastmode gaming


    13. William Cook

      Good to see you back Billy brother

    14. The Bass Amateur

      We Love Billy !!!!! He's awesome !

    15. Topwater Mafia

      You guys are all awesome!!!!

    16. Darin Romanello

      Billy you suck!! JUST KINDING you did great glad your Back!

    17. Stephen Bowen

      Love ya Scott, but I think you picked on the wrong dude on this challenge. But ya never know. All it takes is one bite.

    18. Stephen Bowen

      Hey Billy, you as backwoods as tick on a hound dogs backside son. That’s why I love ya bro.

    19. Rollins Brown

      Billy is awesome!

    20. kyle adams

      Heart my comment if that place has a train car in the middle

    21. kyle adams

      Scott if you get a chance lake Griffin state park over off the bridge holds big girls

    22. Matt Orschell

      What trail is Billy fishing this year???

    23. James smith

      This is a good channel.

    24. Todd Buchanan

      Billy, Billy, Billy where you been man? Keep catching em and the cameras rolling......

    25. Jakeem Perdue

      Way to go Billy's got a bass! awesomeness dude🙌🏾🙌🏾💯and praise God for even being able to fish you got my support bro!

    26. Joe Morris

      Need to head Down there

    27. Tim Jolly

      Billy you just a ways from me we need to hook up and fish Wylie sometimes.

      1. Billy Messer

        Tim Jolly 👍👍

    28. Marius Mostert

      Scott, you are a master! Love your videos, you inspired me to start my own bass channel here in South Africa, check my growing progress 💪🇿🇦🎣

    29. Carolyn Bentley

      Billy gotta bass team was the must fun to watch.

    30. matthew crumbaker

      Love your Lake County stuff Scott. I am a resident and fish here every weekend. Haven’t had a chance to get those big ones yet but you show me what the possibilities are.

    31. Jeffrey Bates

      I got the notification for this video while I was on lake Harris. 👍

    32. Hawg Stalkaz Tv

      Billy, Brandon and Scott , my favorite trio! Love the channel!

    33. Gripping Lips Fishing

      Billy is back???? And thank goodness you didn't go to Bass Pro Trail. They are kinda jacking up fishing. Too many crazy rules and sponsors are bailing.

    34. Daniel Was Taken

      BILLYYY. He did great! Merry Christmas to the Martin family😄💙

    35. mbyler's living

      Can't wait to see you in 2020,!!!!!

    36. George Shread III

      Did great Billy!

    37. Jay Rominger

      Billy you did great we want more Billy!!

    38. RedNeck Fishing

      Billy you bring the funny bro love when your in the vids bro big fan Merry Christmas

    39. florida bass edition

      I want see you fish clermont chain of lakes.

    40. Marvin Pippig

      Hey Scott, I think Billy has you beat he has Big One. Great job Billy you did a great job catching the big ones.

    41. BassGeek

      Good to see Billy.

    42. B4G Outdoors

      Always love seeing Billy on any of the shows... TV show was no different!

    43. Chris Brown

      great vid bro' ... now I wanna see ya do some ice fishing :P

    44. Shaun Roberts

      Billy gotta bass you Did fine. Not really you suck.... lol lol. Love ya man. Your awesome

    45. Lane Flesher

      Love this! I grew up in lake county in astatula fished that lake a lot growing up as a kid from the banks have some awesome memories out there! Would love to go back down and get at it on a boat.

    46. Jordan Gonzalez

      Hahahah don't worry Billy, Im not watching you fish. Im watching Scott😂😂😂🕵🕵🕵

    47. HandiCap Yaj

      Waiting on part 2..... I'm so rdy... love it..

    48. Derik Drinkle

      Enjoyed this. Billy and his partner made a great team. You maybe in trouble Scott.


      Since it’s Christmas 🎄 billy gotta Christmas gift 🎁 merry Christmas 🎁🎄

    50. Kevin flabouyfishing

      Scott these boys at flw gonna miss you..

    51. Alex K

      What time of year was this filmed. Looking to do a trip down there.

    52. Brian’s big bass adventures 🤙🎣

      Good stuff 👊🤙

    53. Mike Rhew

      Billy is awesome we need to see billy way more in the videos

    54. Randy Mcgee

      Bring it Billy Boy

    55. Tracey Gatlin

      Scott and Billy good luck this year and Merry Christmas

    56. Mechele Dawson

      Go Billy...you gotta hand it to Scott! Really nice first round, great keepers, we've missed seeing ya Billy welcome back!!!

    57. David McCallister

      Watching one of my faves and it gets interrupted with a commercial depicting "Drag Queen Story Hour" smh Really???

    58. Mike Bennett

      Kinda disappointed in Scott hornin' in on Billy's spot!

    59. Mike Bennett

      Everyone loves Billy!!!

    60. Jamie Richardson

      Billy did real well! Another great episode and I look forward to part 2. Merry Christmas y'all 🤙🏼🎅

    61. 3rd Coast Rude Bois

      You and billy together is some of the best KGup there is. Billy is funny as all get out

    62. Rusty Wells

      Billy better win this because you two claim jumpers don't deserve this one sorry! 🦅🇺🇸🦅

    63. Rusty Wells

      The only question I have is why in the hell would you be site fishing when you could be fishing eelgrass? That's just crazy! 🦅🇺🇸🦅

    64. Fishing MW

      I'm bored of all the replays.

    65. Aaron Granger

      What has billy done with this tournament shake up?

    66. dannyslife23

      Billy needs to be full time on your channel

    67. Kickflip_CWL

      Love it, I fished there last week from the same boat ramp and got a 9-10 pounder on googan trench hawg flippin. Keep em coming Scott!

    68. Chris Jae

      Billy did great! Like that dude! Been filling him for a while now.

    69. Rob Ames

      You did good billy! Love watching you in the videos, always great

    70. Tim Newby

      Billy is the goat!

    71. Joey Natalie

      Love these videos Scott awesome content

    72. Josh Crouch

      We need more billy


      Billy is the man! I hope he gets to join you on tour this year!

    74. Rafael Herrera

      Great video! Scott Martin has to be the best youtuber there is! Happy holidays to you and your family 💪

    75. Brandon Hicks

      Get them mondos Billy 👍👍👍👍👍

    76. Eric Lun

      I lost it at 15:20🤣🤣 that was great! Amazing video and personalities.

    77. Roger Banulis

      What date was this filmed?

    78. jasontheryan

      Love me some Billy! Bring back the awesome adventures!

    79. SEbassinTV

      Billy 👍 nuff said

    80. Lawrence Ordone

      Billy is awesome...but i wanna know whendoes the bass master start. I'm exited for this new year

    81. Tim Holahan

      Great video I would love to see hill and trash talking James fish a tournament together vid

    82. Doc Phillips

      Great Channel.. Nice video Happy holidays to all

    83. Michael Inman

      So Billy when you going PRO. You really need to your a great bass fisherman

    84. Marvin Marvin

      Billy's not going to be scared he's going to have a tummy ache

    85. Ken Allen

      Nasty day on the Harris Chain today. I live here on Lake Griffin Go get em Billy

    86. Post Stalone

      Challenging challenge to challenge the challenge into a challenge to end all other challenges.

    87. Patrick B Outdoors

      Looks like I’ll take a trip up to the Harris Chain in early January.

    88. ND Hunter

      Should have to throw back biggest fish before round two

    89. Adam Smith

      BILLY,s BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya brother. Merry Christmas everyone.

      1. Hil.a Fishing

        Adam Smith Merry Christmas 🎄

    90. Edward Aki

      Billy u r great for tv- Scott lets get billy in more videos this year he’s good for fav and your channel

    91. Jake Schisler

      Billy did good!

    92. Robert Burns

      Great trip!

    93. The real Outlaw

      Billy remains me a lot of my self, “a clown” lol

      1. Dave Halter


    94. Hil.a Fishing

      Great video love your channel 👍👍👍 EDIT: you also did good Billy big bass Merry Christmas and Christmas Eve if any body is watching now🎄🎄🎄

    95. Eric Olin

      Billy, you did great on the show. I always enjoy watching your escapades on Scott's channel. You and Brandon are really awesome. 👍

    96. Larry Stolzman

      Awesome! I’m from WI, and love to fish in FL. Will be there again this Spring and can’t wait!

    97. Chad Dorma

      Billy, a big 👍🏻 to you. You did awesome. As always, awesome vid. 👊🏻

    98. Bianca Hurtado

      Good job hill Billy

    99. Asapfishing1

      Billy is a natural lol

      1. Frisbee .35

        Asapfishing1 hey ASAP I love your videos!!!

      2. Asapfishing1

        No problem man!

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        Asapfishing1 ayyy you subscribed to my channel THANK YOU 🙏🏼

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      Merry xmas n happy new yr scott n family , love the videos n fishing tips , enjoy the holidays buddy