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    1. TheSharkey 44

      Not judging but why does juicey have black nails I’m new to the boys

    2. xd Creeper

      Look how big mully forehead forehead is

    3. cutieisa17 Hi

      When I saw Daz black I said yasssss

    4. Logan Anderson

      Signed me up


      The last time Eddie laughed he had an actual American accent 18:08

    6. Gerard Potter

      Happy twenty twenty one

    7. Capted Badfish

      I feel like josh dub and lazerbeam need to meat each other

    8. Gecko Lettuce

      why does josh look like a hobo?

    9. Tool Satch

      17:18 they should’ve made Eddie say he spent more on the watch than that ring btch

    10. • U r A S i m p •

      Creator List: 1. Mr. Beast 2. Dream 3. ZHC 4. SSSniperwolf 5. Tike 6. Chloe Ting 7. JoshDub 8. The Royalty Family 9. LazerBeam 10. James Charles

    11. Marie Martucci

      Rip Eddie VR for his marriage I hope he has a good marriage😂😂😂💎💎And just for the record I just go to every single one of you and also Josh narrator juicy and Eddie and Molly are much more funnier than you sorry but it’s the truth

    12. cloudninetrippen_

      When it's a boys video but I see no smashing! Racist.

    13. Zoe Hamilton

      I fell bad for Eddie 🥺🥺

    14. Antoine van Leeuwen

      Dear lazarbeam you might ve number 9 and ill always be your 6

    15. sad trxvv

      "That was the boys" Eddie2021


      I jumped 11:43

    17. Martin Lemay

      i feel bad

    18. Bassickfunk

      it was my birthday when they made that video

    19. Lebron Tagoon


    20. Vegeta TheMando

      It's funny how he is fine with saying the ring is fake, but can't flex his watch

    21. alex ziga

      The first vid reminds me of smashing with his neck 😭😭😂😂

    22. Boi Popi


    23. Dxpressed

      So basically mully gained subs before this video then lost like all of the new subs?

    24. Connor Makinson

      Yo you guys kind of f***ed but man you’re hilarious

    25. Jigsters

      Why did Josh asked Mully to block the girl on Twitter? 14:20

    26. Ryan Benn


    27. tatey Sheridan


    28. Minessobig


    29. Frida Helms

      im sory naretor we love you f edi f jucy f you josh f you muly

    30. Frida Helms

      you all have beards ??? why tho

    31. Portal Pokèmon Master


    32. Ara Bakarian

      What the fuck happened to Josh

    33. Nadia ul

      Where's smashing

    34. Abdiel Martinez

      Smashing was going to sell out Eddy and juicy for just a pack of pokemon cards

    35. Michel Gawryieh

      14:29 no problem 😂👌

    36. Hayden Ainsworth

      You guys ever try double docking

    37. Tecno Wolf

      I cant believe that Daz is in this

    38. Oiuniplayzz Robloxx

      Did you guys see that doll behind him-

    39. McKenzie Craft

      Gabby i dont think the ring is fake lol he was told to do it dont hate him

    40. /[ Eri ]\

      I love that they were all so close to laughing at Daz😂😂😂

    41. Ike Anderson


    42. zach smyth

      You’re so funny like literally like 20 seconds in

    43. blazer

      smashing u in dis bro btw im subed to all of u guys

    44. Moonlight Vlogs

      I’m in love with juicy’s nails

    45. Reyniño Tumambing

      Juicy do the thing!!!do the nono square!!!

    46. Godzilla Zilla 99

      Next vid= nuking canada with the boys

    47. Ice dragon Studios -Icy

      Welp I hope That Eddie has saved his marriage..

    48. [. Elena .]

      now I fee bad for narrator lol

    49. Shenita Martin

      The sweltering action finallly support because warm supply admire vice a recondite wing. regular, political dolphin

    50. Billy Long

      Fools it’s eiddie my dude

    51. the boi

      They should've made Josh say dear Lazer beam you may be number 9 but you are number 1 In my trashcan


      Can u explain why josh look like Arthur from RDR2

    53. Gamer BunBun The Bunnie

      When the dog went on the swing and then fell well I laught, I feel bad but it was funny XD

    54. Anu Abdr


    55. jules wallace

      eddie are you and gabby ok after the ring being "fake" thing

    56. Bryan Rush

      i will take the position

    57. Lenny Summers

      Mully: i wasnt ready for her to bend her neck! Me: you werent ready for her to bend over either. oh wait...

    58. Da Vinky

      11:55 y dose this happen to me

    59. Tiana Gross

      Are you boy saying that azzyland was his old editor and guess what azzyland change her name to sssniperwolf

    60. Melissa Doughty

      OMG I feel so bad for gabby 🥲😂

    61. Phantom Animations

      Dude what’s the name of the video at 14:30 I’m going back home leaving

      1. Troppa Killa

        Its from daz games

    62. Aidan Lutin

      is there still a possession for the boys

    63. lucie kocova

      Happy 2021 ◕‿◕ ◠‿◕

    64. Benny Hart

      My fav time 8:53

    65. patrick beatty

      The black Baby yoda video is on my recomended at the time of watching........ XD

    66. Skull •

      i think they went on narrator a Little to hard

    67. Maurice pc321

      You huys took it way to far on eddie and narrator and juicy

    68. ShadowStache 360

      The beards look good on everyone except Mully....

    69. Roberto Sandoval

      Narrator looking like he belong in the movie up

    70. Darthmichael 10


    71. Darthmichael 10


    72. Samuel Guevara

      4:12- 🤣🤣

    73. flexing wolf

      I love Eddie. could you guys play horror games a bit oftin plz

    74. H00D-E dj

      why i will never own twitter

    75. Gryffindor Y/n

      At 2:48 I laughed right when Eddie laughed and I realized that me and Eddie have the same laugh 😂😂😂😂

    76. Ryan King

      One calm day, you just get bombarded with the boys saying some random shit.

    77. Spawn YT1

      “11:56” he was drowning in that sprite like Juicy drinking water

    78. Rye Berry

      Does anyone think it’s weird that Eddie looks like a off brand version of Markiplier

    79. Myst X NBP

      anyone notice the jigsaw doll in the back of Mullys cam

    80. Lily Melvin

      Start of the channel: **No beards/light stubble** 2021: **heavy beards**

    81. gamer Tuc

      @eddievr are you and Gabby okay bro?

    82. kirishii_ xx

      Narrator looks like my dad when I show him tiktoks lol

    83. C Aherne

      they did Eddie Dirty

    84. OFFBG RAC

      Nobody: *Me Laughing at “THATS ME-“* ((not fake I did LMAOOOO))I’m WEAk Edit: 14:08 Edit2: “Simping is illegal.” Me: *w*” A

    85. Madelynn Lucero

      I remember josh asking why someone searched "is Joshdub appropiate" and at 9:04 just answers the question

    86. Kayden Latham


    87. Kid Ruel YT


    88. Kid Ruel YT

      @Daz Games

    89. Taekook islife

      Damn josh looks like Jesus😂😂😂👌🏻

    90. Christian Ladringan

      14:00 Everybody: Awwww Juicy: That's mee That's meee

    91. Samuel Churcher

      Why the fuck has nicely got black nail varnish on his nails

    92. Garrett Murray


    93. John Smith

      I don't recognize Josh he's a cave man

    94. Isaac Adams

      Eddie got hit to hard in this video

    95. Landon Feldman

      Tiktok is a cringe 😬 app

    96. Draco

      The sidemen copied this idea

    97. Ahmed Suhail Sultan Rashed Jaber Al Khaili

      Bro Mully is the first one who laughed and it didn't last a MINUTE

    98. Frida

      17:15 All things I believed in is a lie....

    99. Caleb Farrester

      i love the video

    100. Caleb Farrester