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16 миӊ. көрүүлөр6

    Warriors, it’s time to choose a side in the Battle of the Eclipse! In the new 4v4 Eclipse game mode, gain control of the Forge to summon the mighty Scythe and defeat the enemy Commander. Available until February 18.
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    ABOUT FOR HONOR: Embody warriors of the four great factions -the bold Knights, the brutal Vikings, the deadly Samurai and the fearsome Wu Lin as you carve a path of destruction across the battlefield in For Honor, a thrilling fast-paced action-fighting game that mixes skill with visceral melee combat.
    Since its launch in February 2017, the game has undergone continual updates and improvements. The addition of dedicated servers have provided a stable and seamless experience for players and new training modes have given players the tools to go from Apprentice to Master while earning rewards. Take your newfound skills to brand various modes and customize your heroes with thousands of gear items added since launch.
    Experience the Art of Battle, the game’s innovative control system, which puts you in total control of your heroes, each with distinct skills and weapons, as you annihilate all soldiers, archers, and opposing heroes who stand in your way on an intense, believable battleground.
    For Honor offers an engaging campaign and groundbreaking multiplayer. Enjoy the full experience with friends online, or solo against AI.
    Key Features:
    Choose your favorite warrior among a variety of unique heroes including deadly Knights, brutal Vikings, cold-blooded Samurai, and fearsome Wu Lin. Able to turn the tide of battle and make their faction victorious, each hero comes with his or her own weapon set and combat style. Express your personality and inspire fear in your enemies by customizing each facet of your warrior, including your chest, shoulders, helmet, and weapon.
    The memorable story campaign is a tale of warriors storming castles and fortresses, making the difference in massive battles, and confronting deadly bosses in intense duels. You will need all your wits and skills to ensure the survival of your people and foil the plans of the merciless and bloodthirsty warlord, Apollyon.
    The groundbreaking multiplayer modes will test your skill and take your adrenaline to the next level. In the heart of battle with your band of warriors, coordination and communication will be the keys to victory as you support your allies, slaughter enemies, and own the battlefield.
    Wield the weight of your weapon and feel the power and impact of every strike. Precise and accessible, the Art of Battle system has been designed with the objective of putting you in total control of your combat moves.
    Ubisoft is a creator of worlds, committed to enriching players' lives with original and memorable gaming experiences. Our rich portfolio of world-renowned brands includes: Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, For Honor, Just Dance, Watch Dogs, Tom Clancy’s video game series including Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and The Division. We are dedicated to delivering original and memorable gaming experiences across all popular platforms, including consoles, mobile phones, tablets and PCs. To learn more, please visit
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    For Honor: Battle of the Eclipse Event | Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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    1. NNA1U3

      Ubisoft really did this game right.. this and DIVISION 1

    2. Annezox

      Does this confirm a scythe hero?

    3. Conner Davis

      Wow Balance the game screw new events

      1. Conner Davis

        @The Broken Machine its not going to stop people from only using his Op moves he is Op get over it the game is not balanced 😂

      2. The Broken Machine

        Game is balanced (except that gryphon moves like a shinobi) they just need to add more movesets

    4. Ultra Justice

      I mean.. who will want to be by the grypphon side in the first place?

    5. Fodge

      Remember when this game a gritty medieval aesthetic and the art style could be considered consistent? God why do we have this high tier fantasy bullshit now.

      1. Jayden 2k


    6. Skyler Montgomery

      This battle between horkos and the chimera will be long remembered in the history of heathmore

    7. Fuoco 136

      I hope this means that if we let Warmonger win that we get more darker themed hero’s and events going forward instead of the boring light sided peaceful stuff

    8. Zvezdan

      Ngl these recicled scythe events are boring af and no one wants to use the scythe cuz its just unfun and stressful

    9. Nick Cinaglia


    10. wu sang

      where daubeny

      1. wu sang

        @Hervis Daubeny * hears angry warden noises saying astreaaa *

      2. Hervis Daubeny

        Right behind you.

    11. Elmo’s Therapist

      Soooo I feel like if we ever do get a new hero again. It is most definitely going to be a scythe user as they seem to have a little animations done and the weapon model?

    12. imane recruit01

      I can here her calling for a warden

    13. CapREX77

      I fight for *HORKOS!*

    14. New Chino

      These cover arts are really sweet!

    15. Athan's Creed

      Man, I just want my glock execution for the Wu-lin

    16. B3NX

      why not a scythe hero instead of this mess ?

    17. Breaker Outlaw99

      Hey Ubisoft can you make the execution of the scythe for all heroes?

    18. Tyler Callahan


    19. Lone Survivor

      0:22 Dovakiin? Is that you?

    20. Bandit Doggo

      On ps4 i literally had teammates that watched gryphon get killed and walked everywhere in the event

      1. Petrichorus

        Damn, i hope you get better luck than that 😓 I haven’t seen any matches that bad on PS4 but people will probably get what to do more now that it’s been at least a day

    21. EXPIRED_ MILK16

      The game mode might’ve actually been good had they not added a ballista..

      1. EXPIRED_ MILK16

        And they didn’t even place them for that they’re specifically put there to plow over people on the forge.

      2. EXPIRED_ MILK16

        The same way we did it with the Jörmungandr event and his hammer

      3. The Broken Machine

        If they didnt have a ballista how tf else are you supposed to kill the person with the scythe? They have hyper armor and can 2 tap you

    22. Razberry

      I know it’s wishful thinking, but what if this finale leads into a huge announcement like a sequel or something? Would be kinda cool to see what they could do without the restrictions of last gen.

    23. Omni

      I think they should do something big with this. Bigger than the event, something that will change the game and world of for honor forever, perhaps as a final polish and goodbye

    24. Azooz

      WE ARE WAR!

      1. TheDragShot

        Peace is Poison

    25. Zaron T

      i'll fight for horkos and lady astrea

      1. Hervis Daubeny

        @Zaron T the voice of one God over the voice of many other gods. Faith like that will blind you like the cultists at mt Ignis.

      2. Zaron T

        @Hervis Daubeny I listen to horkos and horkos tells me to follow her. Rather horkos is right or wrong we shall see in the near future.

      3. Hervis Daubeny

        Sheep. You all fallow a pretender of a wolf, you fallow like blind sheep to the edge of a cliff.

      4. Petrichorus

        She’s a queen 👏

      5. Zerooou _

        Me too

    26. Malevolent

      This mode on ai is easier than any other game mode

    27. Patrick Star

      A sith LORD!?!?

    28. MIKombat

      I'm so surprised Ubisoft hasn't made For Honor 2 yet and are still putting out stuff for this game.

    29. lonecourierjoeyV2

      Ubi: “Will you fight for the horkos or the alliance?” Also ubi: “We made literally no choice available lol, show your support by buying one of the signatures and thats it lmao”

      1. The Minuteman

        @TheDragShot I am proud to fight in an age of wolves!

      2. TheDragShot

        For some reason I keep getting in the attackers team. Peace is Poison. *We. Are. War!*

    30. KING CONG


    31. ShadowZ

      I bet the new hero is going to be a sycthe hero who is going to be another knight 😑

    32. Michael Price

      Did they mention that there's a new gryphon armor variant?

    33. monkey with headphones

      Please UBISOFT buff pk damage, top heavy 14 dmg really?

      1. Esteban Guerrero

        That and Nobushi's rework too!!

      2. Lucas Bogarin

        @KING CONG Yes.

      3. KING CONG

        @Esteban Guerrero are you sure?

      4. Esteban Guerrero

        Her rework happens today

    34. Ari Zei

      So next faction hero will have a giant scythe ... finally something different. So which faction will be?

      1. Ari Zei

        @Ethan Guenette You know, u actually may be right with the execution. Yeah true Thats a shame, its kind of boring having a lot of heroes with almost the same weapons

      2. Ethan Guenette

        dude there is no scythe hero ubi will prob give us nothing or executions for all heros or just be another copy paste hero like gryphon

      3. Ari Zei

        @BuffPkPlease The scythe event. i mean i want to believe that is the reason they introduce a new weapon with unique movement set. Why would they put a new random weapon on an event. Also, i dont remember if they introduce the hammer event before they unlock the jorm.

      4. BuffPkPlease

        What makes you think that?

    35. xClownpiece

      time for shinobis to snipe the helpless scythe user and for jorms and cents to massacre the people thrown to the ground from the scythe heavy

    36. TIMMEH


    37. Esteban Guerrero

      Does include the Shugoki and Nobushi rework? Someone please tell me.

      1. Esteban Guerrero

        @V For ᐯΛNILLΛ thanl you sooo much.

      2. V For ᐯΛNILLΛ

        only the pk and bushi changes. Goki and Warden are next season

    38. RedAssassin44

      I guess I predicted the "Choosing a Side" a month ago. On the Year 4 Season 4 Menu Theme Video. LOL. Hope my extended prediction will be right too ^^

      1. Jim Li

        You dont really get to choose a side. No faction changes or anything. Its just a "yo buy a signature to choose a side lmao"

    39. Magma_Man 750

      I member the last time there was an eclipse in a mediaeval setting an it did not end well.

      1. LawDaddy


      2. PineAppleMuse

        @Slave Knight Gael berserk

      3. Slave Knight Gael

        What was it?

    40. TopC 50

      My ps plus ran out no more for honor for me

      1. Fric qt

        its a favor from the gods trust me

    41. Talula About Town

      putting someone everyone can hate at the head of the 'good' team, interesting take, all said.

    42. VictorFray

      very cool...

    43. Sir_Cancerlot

      If they took all the effort they put in these event executions and funneled it elswhere we would get unique character executions, which we havent had in almost a year

      1. Petrichorus

        @Sir_Cancerlot oh, that’s more understandable. I get what you mean since I want more specific ones too and think it would be great. But their lack of resources that they used to have is probably the reason why if they take the time to make new animations, models, etc for executions then they want to make the most of it by making it available to all characters instead of specific ones that not everyone wants to use. Maybe mixing them up now and then could work, but again, less resources.

      2. Sir_Cancerlot

        @Petrichorus did you bother to read up? Instead of drip feeding us executions i would much rather have them drip feed us character specific executions and instead of having 10 more haha funny execution look haha he died to a candy cane we would have executions for the heroes that only have 4-5 specific ones

      3. Petrichorus

        It’s one execution. It would take a long time to make one new execution for one character for every character. They have less funds and we’re in a pandemic right now. You have no idea how much effort they are putting into the game or how much effort it requires to do these things (unless you yourself have experience in concept art, modeling, making textures, special effects, and animating).

      4. MAL

        @Shayan H "so you don't talk" okay literate Stacy 🤣

      5. Shayan H

        @MAL nobody liked your reply either. So you don’t talk.

    44. Hervis Daubeny

      It would seem my time has come.

      1. Elitetrooper119 Knight of Valor.

        @aiden the bash spam gamer PS4. Console, Also I am a knight.

      2. aiden the bash spam gamer

        @Elitetrooper119 Knight of Valor. You?

      3. Elitetrooper119 Knight of Valor.

        @aiden the bash spam gamer Nice

      4. aiden the bash spam gamer

        @Elitetrooper119 Knight of Valor. Console

      5. Elitetrooper119 Knight of Valor.

        @aiden the bash spam gamer Yes. Thanks. You a console or PC player?

    45. GrizzlyKrux02

      Can the new world order include unique executions?

      1. Milk Devoure

        i prefer new map for dominion

      2. GrizzlyKrux02

        @The Russian Knight I unfortunately believe that is the hard truth we must face.

      3. aiden the bash spam gamer

        @The Russian Knight 1 year

      4. The Russian Knight

        It's been 300 years man I don't think we're getting any

    46. MAL

      Bring your wrath chimera let the monster free prove to us that you are worthy to battle us in this new world we have created. Peace is poison War is the eternal Truth you must face. Enough lies from the wicked cast aside your hope for the false promise of "peace" We Are All We Are One WE ARE WAR!

    47. Deadshot 2021

      A hero with a scythe as his wepon would be dope af

      1. Koziołek

        @Twisted Cogitamentum that are kamas and not a farming tool. It have other design 🙄

      2. Twisted Cogitamentum

        @Jacob Shinobi’s sickles are also farming tools yet here we are

      3. Jacob

        We probably wont see a scyth hero bcause a scyth is for killing fields of wheat not hordes of enemies

      4. T29hotrod


    48. TheDragShot

      Is this hope? Hope for a PvP event mode for the grand finale? Or will we simply be able to choose our enemies?

      1. Petrichorus

        @ShugoTheFatMan they can be annoying to deal with but I’d argue they’re also really fun and add more to the gameplay than just “rush in.” It’s a way to counter being killed insanely fast by the scythe and otherwise can be used to distract people

      2. Cmodel 1000

        @ShugoTheFatMan I mean it’s still fun

      3. ShugoTheFatMan

        Too bad that it's ruined by the fact that ballistas are on the map and that it's still for honor at the end of the day

      4. TheDragShot

        Addendum: Yes! It _is_ PvP! :D

    49. TheDragShot

      It's interesting how the Horkos order, started in China according to the lore, is basically trying to take over the world like this unstoppable thing that in the eyes of its followers is the best thing after sliced bread (assuming it's already been invented over there), while for everyone else is the absolute worst plague so far.

    50. Infinite

      Is that a scythe execution?

      1. NULL


      2. Jac -

        what does it look like mr bald furry man

      3. Dante 5436

        Sure was barry

      4. Vinceywincey Spider


    51. Promptus Mortis

      man I kinda... don't care for this lore.

    52. Scissor Lizardfish

      Ooh you get to choose

    53. Miles Buhain

      so uh when are you nerfing gryphon?

      1. Petrichorus

        @Zvezdan he really isn’t that op. He’s strong but you can fight him and predict people’s moves just like most others

      2. Sleep Paralysis Demon

        @Zvezdan I'm not trying to appear cool to anybody, gryphon isn't op he's just easy to fight with. He's only dangerous in the hands of people who actually have experience in this game. I've beaten countless gryphon players with otherwise trash heroes like Shinobi. If anything they just need to tweak his damage numbers,especially that kick to heavy damage.

      3. Zvezdan

        @Sleep Paralysis Demon nah boss, youre one of those people who just goes against the crowd to apear cool, no matter what. But if youre not and you actually dont have a problem facing gryphons then im happy for you! But me and most of the player base have big truble facing them, mainly the kick into top heavy and the dodge

      4. Sleep Paralysis Demon

        @Zvezdan you can win blindfolded with a multitude of characters. I've done it before with shaolin,conq,raider,etc. Gryphon is not broken but instead has a kit that keeps people from sticking to one playstyle.

      5. Zvezdan

        @TheDragShot soon, his rework removes some of the hyper armor on some attacks like the hug and such

    54. Daniel Keller

      You had me at "grab the scythe!"

    55. Chubby solaire, eater of pussy

      I really enjoyed! cant wait to wield the scythe

    56. Aiden Cepil

      Uhh comment

    57. Lord Of the salt

      I think it's time for a new world order

      1. Matteo Lesina

        a normal life is borin', but superstardoms

      2. Milk Devoure

        @Polar just give them water every day,done problem solve

      3. Polar

        Agreed, but idk if the Vikings say otherwise.

    58. Knife ToMeetYou


    59. Death Skull


    60. Mr. Xeno's Variety Garden


    61. Glenn056

      pomato totato

    62. RolledFig

      Here before everyone complains

      1. Slave Knight Gael

        I've never been this early before. It actually feels good to not see 1 billion complaints