Former Presidents Call For Unity In Wake Of Capitol Hill Riot | TODAY


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    Like many Americans, former presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama watched in shock as rioters rampaged through the Capitol Wednesday. Clinton said “the match was lit by President Trump and his most ardent supporters.” NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports for TODAY.
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    Former Presidents Call For Unity In Wake Of Capitol Hill Riot | TODAY

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      Cómo pueden llamar a la unidad 3 Presidentes corruptos y que han puesto leyes que ofenden a Dios ??? 🤔 Presidentes que junto a otro grupo de millonarios corruptos robaron votos y mintieron para llevar a su hermano Donald Trump a 2 juicios políticos acusándolo de cosas falsas. Dios🙏 tenga misericordia de nosotros, de toda la nación americana y todas las naciones sobre la tierra....🌍

    2. Don West

      Return of the 4 swamp creatures

    3. Karl Fortuin

      Change we can believe in...Barack Obama 2008...

    4. Ramza Belovue

      Omg the comments in this video are funny to read. It’s not the usual negative trolls I’m used to. Good stuff!

    5. Penelope Pitstop

      If anyone of these guys are serious about unity and the rule of law in America, maybe they can explain why the mountain of evidence, exoert witness statements, hundreds of affidavits not to mention video proof of election sabotage was not even heard in court. How can they claim the election was fair if they refuse to see the evidence. Even a seriel killer is given an impartial hearing. The capitol breach is being usedas a distraction now to avoid the issue of a rigged election. Eric Swalwell, sleeping with a Chinese spy, another democrat whose actions are being swept under the carpet. The corruption is so deep in the democrat government, they are afraid if Donald Trumps honesty, spport and ability. Biden talks about unity and tolerance but ignores over 75 million americans who did nit vote for him. Instead, he turns a blind eye as literally millions of these are censored by big tech. The democrats under biden harris will drive america into the ground whilst handing out funds abroad to support other countries.

    6. Tp K

      I truly believe that We The People can heal. The truth will ultimately revail - Like Biden’s dementia.

    7. Paul Williams

      I taught history for three years. Now I teach government. I’m glad to be a teacher these days because things have gotten very, very interesting. I can’t wait for the updated curricula regarding the Trump years and the Trumpublicans.

    8. Lily Rose Soul007

      I honestly believe very few of the rioters bothered to watch this clip ...because most of them still believe their actions were correct. If I were trump supporter i would start thinking & questioning myself why would 4 former presidents condemn the riot...

    9. Kang Kang kang

      Trump you are the winner, you deserve to be the champion ... Our soul and body for you trump, I am ready to die for you.

    10. An Nguyễn doãn

      Toi xin vao cuoc gian nan thien dang

    11. RHanna

      The former presidents and their wives look like XMen. Carter is their Professor Xavier. I swear I thought Michelle Obama was about to levitate, lift from the ground, rise mid air and strike a bolt of lightening through all the grinning republican cold hearts. Hillary was totally an older wiser Jean Grey. Obama was totally Iron Man. That black officer in the camel coat was giving Wakanda vibes.

    12. Denise S

      Where was a “call for unity”when Trump was elected

      1. Kat loves dogs

        Denise S • Yes, where was it? Trump only knew how to divide.

    13. Bruce Nicholls

      Three outstanding leaders,this is what America is all about!!!

    14. Neville Wiles

      The Democrats certainly are. The Republicans too. Low lifespan both .

    15. yosman ramirez

      This happened because the democratic party used BLM to get voted in and now they have to deal with the anger that comes with over a century of hate.all the socialism in the world won't stop people from hating each other

    16. sasa Nikolivic

      Finally a friend of russia in whitehouse..only took a million years.🇷🇺🇨🇳❤️❤️💯

    17. Lynn Jacobs


    18. Jane Kitenye

      Looking at the thumbnail makes me wanna vomit .

    19. JasonJason210

      I'm just glad Jimmy Carter was able to see the back of Trump.

    20. Jason Lin

      The understood bookcase hisologically escape because butcher bareilly exist notwithstanding a elfin shield. graceful, foolish authorization

      1. Kat loves dogs

        Jason Lin • Did you just put a lot of American words together? That makes no sense.

    21. Becky Arellano

      Where were they during the summer? Larry, Moe and Curley

    22. Alex David

      democrates are the traitors

    23. zijuiy wttuy

      I just can't wait to see if when all the former Presidents gather for Jimmy Carter's funeral if Trump will be there or invited... Stay tuned folks.

    24. Elizabeth Mackey

      Former presidents all lied... Trump made promises and delivered...

    25. American Republic Of Canada

      Republican Party featured : Right Wing mode , racist , Big business , low taxes Democrat Party featured : Not rascist , Big Government , sometimes socialist , low/high taxes (if they want to change it )

    26. M B

      Trumps looting the White House, Congress under attack by crazy right wing terrorists, who writes this stuff?

    27. Nathan

      When the Hokages met up

    28. Good Ole' Mule

      Questioning authority & MSM is one thing. Crying "fake news" but believing everything you see from an unverified source on the dark web - is just plain stupid. Here's a funny little pop-punk diddy about all the mook-muppets in the latter mentioned.

    29. Los Carlito


    30. Los Carlito


    31. Doudymac

      They should leave an empty seat at the inauguration where Trump would be sitting and just put a bucket of KFC in his place.

    32. GP grand.parent Cooper

      🐃💩💩💩💩💩💩📍 Obama & MURDER. FEMA COFFINS under Obama.

    33. GP grand.parent Cooper

      👣💔👣 🐃💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💒🏰🕋 🤜🔥💩🇷🇺💩🔥🤛

    34. Reel Tech

      "I watched four US presidents sell the middle class to the Chinese Communist party. Twice from Chinese restaurants inside Beijing." The White House Historian That would be Barack Obama. George HW Bush. Bill Clinton. And Bush one. So explain to me again, how the Patriot is the criminal? All that's right... You don't ask questions.

    35. harry nac

      Good the Carters don't come. Mr. Carter looks very fragile lately.


      Still the number one president = DONALD TRUMP. From Hong Kong 🇭🇰

    37. Carlo s

      What's a great dishonor and shame is how this country was stolen from the native americans by the same violence y'all try to preach against.🖕🏽

    38. neko nekic

      pe dos and war criminals.

    39. Hebbedingetje Hebbe

      Obama the war president who drops the most bombs on innocent people 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    40. Peter Lim

      Look at those former crooked president!!! What a bunch of idiots & morons!!! He he he!

    41. Flora Childress

      Unity after 4 years 5 years of crazy leftist corrupt politicians Hollywood elites that are corrupt and are filth Unity after a stolen election from 80 million Americans y'all better get a brain check I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon

    42. Johanna Bailey

      Democrats 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    43. soinu foig

      Omg!! U look amazing!!!?

    44. Timothy Dare

      None of those Presidents would ever have that done for them. No one ever loved them like they do Trump. And Trump didn’t hold a gun to their heads and say you better show up at Capital. They love this Country. And they strongly feel that Biden won’t cut it. But if that was all for the Left. If the shoe was on other foot. It would be peaceful protest. It’s their right to be there. The Democrats are above the Law. Plain and Simple.

      1. Ian Wagman

        Trump didn't need to hold a gun to their heads because his supporters are zealous devotees, and I'm not saying all Trump supporters are stupid bc they aren't, but an alarming number of them will indeed just do whatever he says. And democrats are above the law? How about Trump?

    45. Susan Young

      *THEY KNOW IT ALL I'M SORRY* - George H W Bush Final note to Friends and Family

    46. trained eye

      There is unity. Everyone is united against the former presidents and joe biden.

      1. soinu foig

        A riot is the language of the unheard- Martin Luther King JR

    47. Peter Tran

      The thumbnail goes hard

    48. Linda Hernandez

      JESUS' plan of salvation starts with ACTS 2:38. repentance, baptism in JESUS' name, receiving the HOLY GHOST with the initial evidence of speaking in tongues. dnt wait!

    49. Alladin Mohammed

      Bunch of FRAUDS

    50. Taffy Lyles

      Why Is They missing people that work. They missing using my name. Everyday. Mis leading my name in crisis mis leading my life. They missing my nane. Everyday. Every 3 .4 seconds out the day. Mis using my name causing me metal black out. Every where i go. They using negative energy-efficient. Not trying to discuss themselves. They. Using my name in trauma crisis. They causing me blackouts. And mis leading. My life. Like a shadow. They using illegal residents and other's to taunting me hunting me in humanity. They embrace my life. Everyday. With Hassle voices. They causing other's to. To much-anticipated personal pressures. They. Makings wrong judgemental. In lack of mis stand. Nudging attack's everyday. They causing. Other's to have attacks in my life. Like they can't stop. They making confused guessing. And making others. Socal media forces. Like the out of contributed. Personal Interesting Internal. Miscounts how to use Human traffic. They mis using my name like baits. In

    51. _lil_rio96

      They don’t teach American Politics in schools except for California keeping law and constitution only for college students like in Texas for instance

    52. Chris B

      Clinton shouldn't talk ! He's a proven liar ! Has o respect for the ppl. Just like his witch wife ! Wichj he didn't even choose ! What a joke !and bush is a moron puppet ! Then we got Obama gate .

    53. Chris B

      Them last three prez.. Where a corrupt jokes , history will tell all !

    54. CringeAholic

      2021 for other countries is starting off normally.... America on the other hand is umm, tbh I don't really know what's happening.

    55. heartless buckets

      What up Tanisha Mitchell and eisinger and Jesus maury Mary reed beverly capraro and father gail I guess im lizzy sade' berylena berylina borden im in buffalo new york sending sos.i want my foster home back without the titanic ship reck Isaiah and ester harrison bodies staged as beverly and father gail bordens death.what a cute red head baby boy in the home alone movie..

    56. Manj Sher

      I just can't wait to see if when all the former Presidents gather for Jimmy Carter's funeral if Trump will be there or invited... Stay tuned folks.

    57. J Keys

      Trump “make America great again” is pretty much the opposite way and has always been

    58. I.AM.

      Arrest those "presidents". Crooks.

    59. Lynn Jacobs

      T Minus 3 Days, and Counting!!! ///

    60. Sebastien AGBOSSI

      America’s democracy make one step growing up.... so many interesting messages are coming out...👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    61. Dig Bick

      A riot is the language of the unheard- Martin Luther King JR

    62. Kevin Prior

      Carter is still alive?

    63. skrew driver

      coming from the top 4 worst presidents of all time makes me laugh. obama, bush, CARTER and clinton all committed treason everyday and the commie news media props these slime up. PATHETIC

    64. Free Dom#1

      After weeks of planting the idea, dozens of extremists used social media to promote an idea with no basis in reality - that the people besieging the Capitol were actually far-left agitators disguised as Trump support

    65. Mundiya Chisanga

      3 Aliens fight against trump

    66. Wayne Shipman

      F bush Obama Clinton's all murders all you stupid leftists created this mob by getting away with rioting and fires and murders for months people are sick of your #### and starting to lose it uiu come to my land and I will lose it Democrats piece of sh##

    67. venus deasis


    68. Barbar Lee

      Obama's lire born in Kenya and lets not forget Russia LIES clintons to much to write lires traders Bush family we all know what his father and there family did.

    69. Barbar Lee

      You all LIED he trump won

    70. Barbar Lee

      Sick MEN

    71. Dan Trott

      The 11-22-63 CIA takeover has caused these manifestations of living lies in a fascist military industrial complex. These past presidents are all complicit liars of Warren report.

    72. Momma Kae

      The top three political criminals

    73. Cassie

      Oh here we go! You got the most corrupt people calling for unity

      1. sasa Nikolivic

        Finally a friend of russia in whitehouse...finally🇷🇺🇨🇳🥂🥂🥂

    74. DONITA JHA

      Absolutely. Agreed.

    75. olusegun adeleye

      these are the judases, though Trump also did wrong but he didnt ship money to rerrorist

    76. Lookout Cam

      Unity whats that.. no one in Congress is united... lol. You could never get Nancy the Pelosi to agree on anything Our President wanted since day one when President Trump was sworn in.

      1. Cassie

        The real riot here is the former fake presidents..

    77. Gussie Williams

      Trump isn't shame about anything that has happened on the Capitol...

    78. rrickarr

      What is the "unity" we are supposed to make? Did former German Chancellors ask for unity after Kristalnacht? Do you seriously thing we are supposed to have unity with white supremacists!!!!!!

    79. Ramli Baki

      Wonder how sophiticated of the USA. But still has a weakness point.

    80. Troll2021

      EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT HAPPENED. There was no plan! There was no attack! This is what happened: * In the days before 1/6, virtually all law enforcement was pulled from the Capitol * On 1/6, Donald Trump gave a speech which probably wasn’t legally incitement (though he will probably be convicted of it anyway) that implied people should go to the Capitol, and maybe get a little bit rowdy * People went to the Capitol, and got a bit rowdy * The cops pulled back, and actually, literally opened the doors of the Capitol building and let people walk in * People walked in and mulled around a little bit, mostly taking selfies * Some of them were yelling * Some guy violated a podium * Some guy sat at Nancy Pelosi’s desk and took selfies * People just kind of filed out of the building, in an orderly way Things that did not happen: * An attack * Any kind of plan at all The purposes of lying about this are legion: * There is a massive shut down of free speech on the internet (including closing and seizing bank accounts) * There is a lunatic new military police state is being brought in * Donald Trump is being impeached again * All supporters of Donald Trump are being framed as terrorists * There is a plan to create new legal classifications for fake “fake news” and “domestic terrorism” in order to completely shut down the First Amendment * To try to clamp down on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (USE MONERO) * Create a mandate for Joe Biden to “unify the country in the wake of unprecedented violence against our democracy” (Biden previously had no mandate beyond “I’m a nice person and Donald Trump is a mean person”) * Destroy any future for a post-Trump MAGA platform by associating it with violence and terrorism * And apparently, based on the above article, to link MAGA to Russia, Iran and China * etc. This is ALL OBVIOUS.

    81. Johnnie Cunningham

      Globalist satanists, condemning a President who’s fought for We The People, calling for unity when it’s them that have caused this. They sold us out to line their pockets. War after war, all the while we still suffer. COVID was unleashed and the dems keep us locked inside our homes while we lose everything!! They are the enemy of the people

    82. Power Nuke

      It's like the four hokages' arrival in the battlefield of the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Trump is Madara.

    83. Og Dlad

      They are 4 of the WORST Presidents in US history. 4 maggots.

    84. Rosean Henson


    85. Tammy D Duthu

      Look at those past presidents. All of them, everyone of those past presidents are part of the Elites/Illuminati. They are all for the One World Govt. Which which will not happen, because Bible Prophecy says the USA won’t.

    86. Tristan Ruby

      But they all stayed silent while our cities were under attack! These politicians have lost an enormous amount of respect!

    87. Joshua Plays

      Trump might be called the 2nd worst president ever

    88. Miz CanD

      Oh here we go! You got the most corrupt people calling for unity

      1. usman1995ful

        Whatever they did, in thier time america was still better than in

    89. Estefan Hinojos

      Bush Biden Clinton Obama are not for America they're selling American jobs to other countries

    90. Tu` Shaye`

      The real riot here is the former fake presidents..

    91. Betty Brannon

      That's some kind of call for Unity and he mentions the Banana Republic yeah the Banana Republic of elections are rigged so I guess America is now the Banana Republic

    92. sly angler

      The title should be "When America was SOLD OUT".. BY 3 of them who got rich..

    93. Randall Mellott

      Blah blah blah...three Democrats and a Republican. Bush hated Trump because his brother was supposed to be President.

    94. celeste wyngaard

      Trump is a disgrace for the American flag

    95. Lilly Claire

      Oh please don’t bring out the disgusting crew to defend the constitution

    96. Karen Duncan


    97. Salvatore Sciarretta

      The seditious assault of the Washington DC Capitol by that goodfellas mob on 6th January (AD 2021) reminds me about those Huns that were incited out of envy and resentment by Gaius Iulius Arminius, a Roman lieutenant of Caucasian ethnicity, whom overwhelmed in an ambush three Roman legions commanded by the Roman general and politician Publius Quinctilius Varus, while they were sidetracked and lined up for kilometers in a march trim, in the swampy scrub of the Teutoburg Forest today Kalkriese Park in Germany (AD 9). The Roman general and politician Publius Quinctilius Varus had repeatedly ignored the reports of the Mensores Frumentarii (Roman Intelligence Services) until thousands of legionaries, settlers, women and children in tow of the troops were brutally mutilated and sacrificed to the pagan gods by those tribes of vandals for days. When some years later the Roman proconsul Germanicus Iulius Caesar returned on the ambush site with some survived veterans, among those brutally violated and unburied human remains, he persuaded himself to repress and decimate with his Legions every Hun tribe that he might have met on his path, as it happened, until the two battles of Idistaviso and Vallo Angrivariano near the right riverside of the Visurgi river current Weser river in Germany (AD 16). In the end Gaius Iulius Arminius was betrayed and assassinated by the Huns themselves, and his family members which were loyal to the Roman Republic handed his wife and his son to the Roman proconsul Germanicus Iulius Caesar who deported them to Rome. Nonetheless nowaday on the site of that vile massacre stands the Hermannsdenkmal, a memorial to Gaius Iulius Arminius traitor of the Roman Republic, to celebrate the ephemeral ideological victory of a moment of barbarism over Civility. Empires are not built on the ambushes.

    98. Igloo Zoo


    99. Entitled Millennial

      BREAKING: Former Presidents are now realizing they dun f*cked up.

    100. Ptao Tom

      Once upon a time.There was a country know as 🇺🇸 America