I Got ROBBED out of my 2021 Tesla in the Hood!


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    never again!
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    1. P2istheName

      wait ..... lowkey didnt that second guy look like XXXTENTACION a bit ? Am I trippin? 😳

      1. Gabriel Crossfield

        bro like keep a gun bro they might get scared and run away

      2. Brayan Lopez


      3. Ty'Quan Parker

        Get a gun P2 come on now 💯💯🔥🔥🙏🙏🔨⚰️

      4. Camden Goss

        nah also that guy was a whole blood

      5. gaming with lil low


    2. Kodee Young

      That one video you did with dropping the phones your friend that was there whoop someone ass

    3. Kodee Young

      Learn to fight

    4. Denis Turic

      19:04 what does the caption say? I still love u man no homo...keep the content up!

    5. jb woodoffe


    6. Scarlxrd

      Weed dude was a complete crackhead

    7. Rico Williams

      Where id dom dom bring him next time

    8. Xxxgamercide 1

      bro p2 you should of beat the fuck out of them

    9. YoungBlood Ak Official

      I'm tryna be a good father...i named him stanley

    10. Glow boy Danny

      p2 next time beat they ass

    11. lane henson

      nah p2 you should keep doin it becase they entertaining

    12. Aliscia C

      This guy wants u dead

    13. Juan Mendez

      U look faded asf lmao talking about do I look high

    14. Luke Afk

      ima wait a long time just to get the last commet

    15. Damien Hatcher


    16. Tommy B

      Y’all are dumb Buts it’s funny

    17. XenoHeart XIII

      At 5:53 sasukes theme from naruto hits, that's how you know its real

    18. Jovon Joyner

      I want u to listen u need to get u a gun a glock or sun just in case a nigga really on sum grimy Shiite u feel me just get one it’s gon save yo life bro ❌♿️

    19. KaeStarr

      Them young niggas wilding 😂😂

    20. Geaghan J

      It looks like P2 got bullied back at school 😥

    21. Dj is the best Lol

      Why can’t the camera man do what he’s wants P2istheName

    22. Jordan Fuller

      HMU if you need protection

    23. Solomon Robinson

      Savester is a dummy bro he talking all about he should do this and do that this niga need to do this himself he a chump I bet he won’t do it cause he scared though

    24. Alexandria Quincy

      Try doing that with a rolls royce

    25. Jmm 123

      I love all ur vids keep it up

    26. Ehibran Saldana

      It look likes the suburbs 🤣🤣

    27. Cain Talaga

      Approval?? 😂😂 funny guy lmao if he would’ve said sum shi like that to me😭🤣 trust n believe im decking his shi 🗣

    28. Cain Talaga

      what park is it

    29. caleb mwanzia

      i think next should be a ferrari

    30. Mrgamingpotato Potato

      That guys that had the red bandanna because it’s red it looks lik h was in the bloods

    31. wookie

      U should figh5 them

    32. Spice Girl

      Sylvester Should help at least not good not all P2 say he didn't want to do it but yet still smh.......😐

    33. Sea Gull

      The guy didn't really want weed. He wanted to get a foot in the door, get something started with a wealthy guy.

    34. Sea Gull

      The rattlesnakes are less dangerous than the people...

    35. Sea Gull

      So once you steal the car then what? These cars stand out like a clown in a funeral. You'll be pulled over after a couple of blocks.

    36. Sea Gull

      After teaching him how to water plants, teach him how to pull up his pants.


      Why do you not attack you can smash that guys

    38. David Abotchie

      The video doesn't makes sense , it's not worth it

    39. Laniyah Sinkfield

      I know his channel p2 is the name but is he’s real name p2

    40. lawn care boys

      P your camera man wants you dead

    41. Tweek Master


    42. Royalwitgold

      YESSSIR where p2 gang at

    43. Abdul Mohymin

      Your cameraman is trying to kill you

    44. Cornelius Mason

      You need to buy you a gun p2

    45. Florybeth Garcia

      P2 just get something for self porotectin

    46. Tyler Mai

      Bro u need a bodyguard in these videos, no cap in the hood vids is my fav tho but u do u 🙏😭

    47. Carlos Delgado

      Dammmm LMAO this happen to me before but there was 4 guys trying to take my kicks that i was rocking. I just ran lol

    48. Charles Jackie

      You should have had Jay, Dominic, Don with you bro.

    49. Julian Gonzalez

      U did not just get bitched by some little kids 😭

    50. saturn vfx

      Silvester Just Sat there and recorded don’t do that ever again

    51. Seni Green


    52. Aaron Thompson

      Lol don't listen to Sylvester

    53. realdeal stepa

      Bring your gun with you man

    54. Chicq TheLover

      U need a dog on you bruh you playing 💯🤦🏾‍♂️

    55. CJ Manuel

      Phillip never go to that park again! Ik ur doing it for views but i need u alive!!!

    56. 3r1k 2d0p3

      ur tesla the color of the hoovas main color orange 😂 🤦🏻‍♂️

    57. Mr. Roundtree520

      P2 you need to start bringing muscle to watch your back and keep sh*# from happening. Much luv

    58. Mark Grant

      Stop lieing can anyone do real videos anymore

    59. Kenden Quinn

      Yo YoU gOt Weed BrO

    60. Dakutoだk D. Sぃmzy

      These little brothas ain’t really about that life in the streets man why these rappers influenced little kids and them moms be wondering why they son is dead by now they was scared of you p2 you see how scared they are 💯 a P2 if I was in yo video bro they would of ran away real quick bro

    61. King Khay Jr.

      Approval 😂😂😂 what u own ur phone bill 😂and I’m sorry if u come back to my car u getting ya ass beat and won’t stop until I feel like stopping

    62. Ih8mathyuu

      Nah bro selvester be rlly fucking you in the videos bro he rlly be out here almost getting u killed DONT take his advice bro

    63. Otf OriginalGaming

      They tryna eat. Fire yo camera man

    64. Otf OriginalGaming

      You do look like that, go get a bag, and flood some city's with the zazs

    65. Otf OriginalGaming

      Fire your camera man

    66. FNL Kxsh

      Silvester should’ve helped

    67. Vybz_sawdogg270

      What is the model of your Tesla

    68. Southwest Dada

      Oh nah we woulda got it crackin fuck dat yall da lames yall bois was scared u was running while bro hiding behind a tree thats y wherebim from we all keep a blick fsfs

    69. ThekidD2

      You gotta keep you a heater from now on🙏🏾😂

    70. Roland Qorri

      P2 man don't go again in the hood man don't even mind it for the KGup just don't go bc we don't want you killed

    71. Gofhaone Mphela

      P2's outfit look like he got it from bruce lee🤣🤣

    72. kanashi

      Stop the cap like bruh

    73. xamel hi

      If I was him I would have gotten a gun then went

    74. YB blood

      Next time bring DomDomTV just for back up

    75. TRIPXX_ Yt

      Lmaoo you need a approval boy tf that ain’t his park the park doesn’t even has his name 😭💯 ppl like him be doing shit like that just so y’all could get scared 😺!!

    76. Sherika Scott

      next car bro gtr35 always keep your stap on you man........ 1syde

    77. Elite SN

      Stanley animations

    78. deartis Harris

      Silvester u need to chill if he dies it's ur fault he doesn't have life insurance probably

    79. Only Messi Fans

      Do a hood video again

    80. Only Messi Fans

      Let's go he got rob

    81. Xavier Love

      Are you ok

    82. Ezclip Ze

      Bro I was so fxcking scared Fr bro omg

    83. Jayliano 3k

      P2 is back 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    84. Anthony Smith

      Bro I respect you and you ain't lying yo health is more important 💯 👌 🙏

    85. BigDraco King

      Bra silvester is a little pussy bra why he didn’t do nothing when that other dude was looking inside p2 Tesla I would’ve done something

    86. therealJj

      Ayo p2 walk w/ a gun wen u doing these vid in case anything like this hppn on some rs😐

    87. therealJj

      Ayo y the camera man still staying one place n he saw those two dudes tryna rob him! He fucked up

    88. CJ Pugh

      You got to get a gun

    89. Devonta Martin

      Take your gun nigga

    90. xerxt

      SILVESTRE wtf u doin not helping out p2

    91. xerxt


    92. Cathing Online daters and other stuff

      im on my computer and ipad playing roblox and watching you on my computer and stopped to watch it lmao

    93. Jamie Gordon

      Sylvester tryin to kill him

    94. Fulfill ASMR

      You should’ve said : who gave you the papers to own this park

    95. Eric De Lozada

      You need a gun permit

    96. Onair Bryce

      Bruh I don’t know if it’s for the video but that camera man don’t care for life y’all shouldn’t even be doing this shit , there are some really niggas who will shoot you n take yuh shit

    97. TTV tryhard2362

      Sings famous hoes by nle choppa " aint no survivin when you shoot a nigga right in his head" 🤣🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    98. Bigz


    99. bergmann

      Nigga get a Gun dawg

    100. Xitsundzuxo Himina

      Sylverster be watching from far 😅😅😅😂 G.O.D level 🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️ Let's keep getting them angles