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    Discover key moments from history and stories about fascinating people on the Official BBC Documentary channel:
    Part two of six. This clip begins with the astronauts on board preparing for the shuttle's descent to earth and ends with the haunting scenes at NASA's Mission Control at the moment disaster struck. Moving footage from the BBC Horizon programme The Last Flight of the Columbia. Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide KGup channel here:

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    1. Vaibhav Mishra

      these explosions are not real i think

    2. Julie Christophe

      They knew this would happen they should have gone up to rescue them and not let them try to come back to earth with a hole in the shuttle!! They did not want to because it would have cost too much my God lives count for nothing with these people

    3. Carlie Beau

      They are heros. They know things can go wrongly. They know they could possibly die.

    4. Jasper Beckman

      You could poll the U.S. population, and the vast majority would not even know about this accident, let alone that seven astronauts perished in it. It seems like these astronauts have gotten short shrift compared to those from the Challenger, which almost everyone remembers and knows about.

    5. Max Mccann

      It almost like having footage from when the Titanic was sinking

    6. Samsonite

      After Challenger broke up I came to the conclusion the whole program was just a bad idea, they should have wrapped it up before this happened.

    7. Brian Hood

      Still gets me every time I watch it!

    8. Car Guy daddyo

      There was a huge hole in the left wing from take off. They knew it and kept it from the crew. Nasa and the contractors and the American Govt gambled with 7 more lives and lost the bet. What did they think would happen coming back through the atmosphere with a huge hole in the wing?????

    9. Casian N

      Respect for LeRoy flight director! RIP Columbia!

    10. John Cronin

      “Exploded” isn’t the right word. Essentially, the Shuttle Orbiter was torn apart by the disintegration of the left wing, and the resulting aerodynamics literally tore Columbia apart.

    11. videoclipits

      It was on their faces very early, that they knew what had happened. The rest of the time, they were praying for a miracle.

    12. Jen M

      I remember hearing about this. and Challenger. I still cry. It was so sad that so many lives were lost

    13. Marie York

      SYILL SO SAD 😞😥

    14. Mikiness Analog

      Crying because he knew this was "another Challenger". : (

    15. grono filmy

      lee roy is a killer

    16. No Way

      Can't imagine why mission control accepted re-entry when they know that a piece of insulation is missing ! How was possible to imagine that you can play with earth atmosphere at such a tremendous speed !

    17. Roy Elmo

      Another unnecessary cold weather launch. nasa never learns. Chunks of ice knocked several heat resistant tiles off the leading edge of the left wing near the fuselage. They should have aborted the mission saving the crew but losing the vehicle.

    18. SJ Smith False flag. No one died. They are all frauds and belong in jail. EVERYONE.

    19. Godffrey Osorio

      I hope it was quick for them. So they don't have to experience this cruel world. RIP to to each and everyone of our fallen astronauts.

    20. Bryanna Mongitore

      And nasa knew what was going to happen...

    21. Westy Raviz

      Poor souls. So close to home but then never getting there. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

    22. kahnadah

      I expect better from the BBC. The shuttle did not "explode". It disintegrated due to aerodynamic loads beyond the shuttle's structural limits. With the left wing producing drag from the hole in its leading edge the shuttle was pitching and yawing wildly, and was tor apart by the loads. The CGI explosion scene is totally misleading.

    23. Rod MacKinnon

      I don't ever want to see that look in a person's eyes if I can avoid it.

    24. Atalanta571

      I relayed a story to my supervisor about the Movie called the Robe, where this wigged out king wanted the soldier who was at the Cross when Jesus was crucified to renounce his allegiance to Him. He would not, so the King sentenced him to die. The princess, seated beside the king, was in love with the soldier. Rather than take the pleasures of the court, she leaped out of the throne and stood by the soldier. This enraged the king and he said she could suffer the same sentence. The last scene in the movie showed them walking out of the palace and into Heaven. I told him do you suppose that's what happened to them right when the explosion happened? The next day in the Des Moines Register there was a huge center spread about it, and in the lower RH corner of the left page, Duffy's cartoon was there. What was it? An angel stood at the control panel, with Columbia coming through the clouds. The caption read, "Columbia you are cleared to land, welcome home." Guess I got my answer didn't I?

    25. Emily Vogt

      2:54 - The grief (and tears) on the flight director's face...absolutely heartbreaking. RIP to the brave Columbia astronauts.

    26. hafizah mohd rawi

      Amat menyedihkan kerana dah hampir tiba kebumi dan jugak landasan pun mereka telah lihat melalui screen....Colombia telah hancur jadi kepingan kecil yang disaksikan rakyat semua 7 astrouant terkorban.... 2 women and 5 man in space Colombia.....Amerika byk kali alami musibah dgn nilai yang amat byk...JUTAAN dihabisKAN utk membina kapal angkasa...... yang canggih gunakan bahanX tahan bila lepasi graviti...kalau gunakan sebarang bahan pasti hancur bila masuki area graviti jadi kepingan yg melayang saje di ORBiT dan hilang gitu saje... Russia yg gunakan SOYUZ ada jugak gagal meletup separuh jalan tapi sikit hanya 3 atau 5 kali kerugian yg dialami Russia okey guys stop here... aaddiioss

    27. Joe Patriot

      They knew exactly what went wrong. They knew tiles on the left wing were damaged during take off and it resulted in a catastrophic failure upon re- entry. God bless and keep the brave souls lost on this day.

    28. NiteMare50

      Everyone in that room already knew that they weren't going to make it! Even the crew in the shuttle knew. The damage that the foam caused at launch was only fixable IF they launched a rescue mission by Atantis! Which imo, should always be ready to go before anything is launched anyways!

    29. diane mainiero


    30. shilpi raizada

      Miss all who went to space 😭😭😭

    31. Pb 207.2

      BBC can afford CGI but not subtitles...”what had gone wrong?”

    32. Brett Wilkinson

      They knew there was a problem from the launch, knowing one of the heat panels may have been damaged, but never bothered to check it out. All of the NASA team on the ground knew the re- entry stage was going to be a problem.

    33. Grant Brown

      At least it was nearly instant. RIP.

    34. xaero76

      It didnt explode...... it was torn apart.... get Facts right.....

    35. Cynthia Ahern

      I remember having a coffee out side and seeing the debris plume and feeling what happened. Started crying. RIP out astronaut heros.

    36. Tim Donavan

      Listen at 1:13. flight director knew something was wrong. but was ordered to let the columbia land. you can tell by his mannerisms that he knew. Noone ever get prosecuted at nasa

    37. Snehil

      The hole in their spacecraft was formed when some of the heat insulation pads came off just when they launched into space. Their flight was doomed from the very beginning. The poor souls never even stood a chance.

    38. Mr G

      Electric body -ASAP rocky

    39. Nair Acadrolli

      Como muitos jovens aceitam deixar seus países para estudar,trabalhar e morar no país estrangeiro,simplesmente aceita,como acontece em uma seita, simplesmente aceita,suas causas e também suas consequências.

    40. Jeffrey Knight

      It's amazing how we never lost any astronauts on the apollo mission but. We lost two shuttle missions below earth's atmosphere. Where folks can see both shuttle's disasters before our eyes.

      1. GH1618

        Except Apollo One, which was a ground test. Chaffee, Grissom, and White.

    41. Jeffrey Knight

      This is the risk each astronaut knows when you explore the unknown in space. Rest in peace you brave heroes.

    42. Jeffrey Knight

      Silent can be very deafening. The expression on the staff was chilly. Seeing the live images of the crew was overwhelming. Knowing they were going to die. But, they didn't know what was going to happen soon.

    43. geekdiggy

      dramatizations are garbage. the raw video footage from mission control and the loop recording were almost silent. nothing captures the drama and tragedy like that silence.

    44. Brett D

      It woke me up. I thought someone may have set off dynamite for a construction site, but when I checked the time, I knew it had to be something else because nobody set off charges at 8:16 in the morning. It just so happened that where I live on a lake seemed to reverberate the high altitude sonic booms against the hill behind my cabin.

    45. yagna sri

      Paarachute use cheyyochu

    46. SeB83 Leith

      entering earths atmosphere in feburary??????????????? really like they hadnt learned with challenger. wow.....

      1. SeB83 Leith

        @GH1618 large piece of foam fell from the shuttle's external tank and breached the spacecraft wing. You talking about the piece of "FOAM"? I guess if that is what NASA tells us we just have to go with it.

      2. GH1618

        That wasn’t the issue with Columbia.

    47. venkkatreddy sanikommu

      Please don't repeat again NASA

    48. Antonius desir

      Still gives me chills RIP

    49. Roshni Shende

      Even I am crying tooo😭😭😭

    50. Linda Merchant

      Before challenger blew up Michael Smith said uh oh before ColumbiA blew apart by gases rick husband Col commander alike said uh

    51. The Duke

      Why is Lee Harvey Oswald running the show?

    52. NANDITHA N


    53. NorceCodine

      My mom said that "two died, one is still alive", meaning Challenger, Columbia, and Discovery. It struck me silent that she referred to them like living creatures. My mom passed away this Christmas, and I still hear it.

      1. physician tech

        Don't know what to say ........................hurts

    54. Fjfufufuf Ufufufufuf


    55. Laeadern

      I was actually at work when this happened. We were listening to it over the intercom and everyone was utterly devastated. I worked for Dresser Industries at that time....a subdivision of Halliburton and we had components on space shuttles.

    56. Rex Oates

      You can feel the helpless atmosphere in the room.

    57. t0nyc0nde

      "Lock the doors." Chilling.

    58. Josh Greco

      Seems so long ago

    59. Nili D

      the spaceship was on fire half it .... Kalpana chawla! nooooo!

    60. worm skull

      Is that James Horner’s “Aliens” score playing at the end? I’m not trying to be insensitive or funny but it sounds EXACTLY like the theme from the beginning of Aliens when the deep space salvage team finds Ripley on the Narcissuses.

    61. cultclassic999

      @3:12 "Lock the doors". Means an investigation is underway, nobody can go in or out, till their statements are taken.

      1. GH1618

        They have to capture all the data.


      Kalpana Chawla died along with her 5 colleagues! Respect from India to this brave hearts!!

    63. Jo o

      "Lock the doors" lol

    64. Pritam

      Miss U Kalpana Mam U r our Real Hero Ur our inspiration 🇮🇳 Deep for Everyone killed in that incident 😔

    65. Xyber

      at least the crew becomes one with earth atmosphere, RIP columbia crew

    66. Jailyn Channel Vlogs

      Rest in peace who are inside the space shuttle....😭😭😭 They are alway's remember...

    67. Shah Fahad Khan


      1. Oren

        how the fuck is this nice

    68. Shubham Tank

      They weren't t killed they died by accident pls change ur wordings🙏🏻

      1. Shubham Tank

        @Oren same here 😂

      2. Oren

        @Shubham Tank Plus, I got bored of you

      3. Oren

        They literally said they we're killed in the accident. Are you dumb?

      4. Shubham Tank

        @Oren You had left nothing to say, soo you brought my grammar in between 😂😂

      5. Oren

        @Shubham Tank Learn grammar, and you clearly don't have a sense of humor.

    69. Pac Z

      This was over dramatised (as usual) For the real time chain of events -- sans all this Hollywood rubbish -- see the "Inside Mission Control" presentation.

    70. Danniiee M

      Seeing them when they were alive and looking happy is sad to watch .

    71. kamal prem



      may i ask how they retrieve those footage inside the cockpit before the decent. was it a live footage or was it recovered?

      1. jrockett73

        It was not live. Launches and landings were always recorded to micro cassette. The video was recovered on the ground along with 80,000 other items.

      2. Oren


    73. Khushi Arora

      I dont know how they all slept that night. Must have been suffocating.

    74. Gundicha Pradhan

      Ooh......God ....


      It's a very sensed video of what happened with those 7 RIP Astronauts including Kalpana Chawla 🇮🇳 ..a disastrous accident which happened just they were about to land...At such tremendous speed the shuttle break....God became a ball of 🔥..

    76. Nuzhat Nur Niha

      I got goosebumps during the com check.

    77. Jitender Singh

      हे भगवान एसी मौत किसी को मत देना कया बिती होगी उन लोगों पर जब वो जल रहें होंगे वाहे गुरु सब का भला करना

    78. Zed Shaw

      KGup: I say you are sad today.

    79. Kunal Gupta

      Anyone watching this in 2021, after going through another covid disaster

    80. z k

      It's painful.

    81. finley hill.

      Rest in peace great people...

    82. Grim

      _Columbia-Houston UHF Comm Check_

    83. Joe Chill

      Can I have full documentary link?

    84. Commander Shepard

      Was half expecting A$ap Rocky to body a beat

    85. Manavjeet Singh Tiwana

      rip kalpana di 😕

    86. Adela Barrera

      Un silencio total😭😭

    87. rose

      WATCHING this in 2021 heart breaking moments 😢

    88. Mahesh Murali

      I still remember the newspaper next morning after the disaster. The front half of it actually showed a picture of the crew waving so I was like "great they are back", and when I opened the other half there was a picture of the burning shuttle and the title saying "All crew perished during the re-entry".☹️

    89. Shivin Unitholi

      18 yrs.... those memories ingrained. Salute to this brave crew. RIP

    90. reactions 4u

      getting no response more than once must make them feel sick to the stomach. just tragic

    91. meyer gaelle

      They saw the piece that flew when taking off to space that the big block hitting the wing made a hole They should have sent rescue team up to repair the damage all would be alive today 🤔😕😕🙏

    92. Increase


    93. Venkat Babu

      Why they explode. Old man recycled shuttle service. Always buy new ones.

      1. Oren

        The reason for the explosion was during launch, a piece of foam fell off the ET, injuring the heatshield. During re-entry, the hole started getting melted, before completely melting, letting the plasma get to the fuel, causing a explosion.

    94. Ian Schory

      Found the original sound for Electric Body :)

    95. Luis Sanchez

      They knew exactly what was going to happen, with that hole in the wind

    96. shajivs shajivs

      Please don't cry everyone.. (Even though I am crying) DEATH happens to everybody in this world It can't be stopped. if we born we must die one day! Kalpana chawla died in a worst way but ... She go to space see the space,stars,and the earth. Then only she died...

    97. S Birder

      This is really badly produced video. For the BBC, come on.

    98. Tom Rohan

      The only thought passing thru their minds dat time is hope its a radio failure.. Loosing a ship, not on my watch Hope they shud land safely

    99. Rajendra Biswas

      But in Armageddon movie the space shuttle came safely

    100. Arjun

      Commander Rick Husband Pilot William C. McCool Payload commander Michael P. Anderson Mission specialist Kalpana Chawla Mission specialist David M. Brown Mission specialist Laurel Clark Mission specialist Ilan Ramon Rest in Peace. You are, and will forever be, remembered and loved.