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    In todays video I caught Patrick and Calvin breaking into the hype house, Harry Jowsey lost the bet, Paper gets in a police chase, and Charli Damelio and Hype House go to a haunted forest.
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    1. Devin Owens

      3:20 trust

    2. Hope

      was the cop part real XD

    3. Randi Johnson

      Charlie yeah D’Amelio

    4. Hey it’s me Rubi Ochoa

      Is it just me or does anyone wonder how none of his friends have died

    5. payton davis

      Here about this if Alex doesn’t propose and marry kouvr then Michael can

    6. Lucy Ward

      It’s not “nice cut g” it’s I like at cut g I learned that from the boys in my class that do it everyday

    7. Soniya Kanyeki

      there 54 countries in africa

    8. Nat and Layzz

      Bruh I thought nick was like 5’4 or something I’m only 4’7 wtf🤣😂🤣

    9. Jasily Aguilar

      there's 55 countries in africa

    10. Stephanie Stelly

      Why dose Calvin have a mask

    11. gary the moldy potato potato

      if my best friends don thave this chaotic eneregy went we grown, genuinly dont want it

    12. lai nai

      They was doing some underage drinking in that forest ouuu bad influences i seen white claw

    13. Xxlollypop 247

      Are the Lopez brothers still in the hype house

    14. Ne-Yoka Vlotman

      Welp I’m from South Africa 6 biggest country 😕in Africa



    16. Echo Pratt

      Omg wen I frist started to watch your vids I love my life just cus Alex and his frends lol

    17. Alejandro Sanchez

      so this guy is some generic cola

    18. ANNI Town



      There are 54 countries in Africa.

    20. Pyper Shearer

      My mom whould never let me wach this but I do what I want thehehe I lean that from calvin🙂

    21. Stqry Tapes

      “What’s your code name?” Him: Virgin Alex: Oh,hi Calvin :)

    22. Izabel Bojorquez

      “Nice cut g” Has me DEAD 😂

    23. Lataya Mackinaw

      “I’m a pretty tuff man” *me sitting here with a black eye messed up hand and a bite mark on my leg* I’m the tuff man honey and every 16 year old tuff wonman

    24. Faria Fizal

      ya k i thought patrick was a hot dude that i could possibly date but then i watched the rest of your vlogs....hes still my favourite hype house member but now if i ever met him i would want to just be best friends i dont think i could handle him as a b o y f r i e n d.

    25. Zoey Wood

      Umm what kind of car do u have lmao 😂

    26. 00avani

      right when the “robber” said he was a virgin i knew who it was.


      Alex is the only KGupr that i love seeing ngl

    28. Simra Mahmood

      I wonder how come paper,Calvin and Patrick aren’t dead yet

    29. Miley Salvatore

      bro i want friends like that :(

    30. Liv & Ola

      kouvr's thoughts: what have I agreed too..

    31. Keara Johannes

      Me who's from Africa

    32. Ryder Ward

      I didn’t know chase smoked??

    33. Vishwas Kumar

      Make more videos faster and longer

    34. Erianna Lewis

      I am with you trust me you’re not alone

    35. Hailey Boyle

      3:20 was that a JoJo’s reference😯

    36. sumaiya Bashir

      I like your cut g

    37. Anthony Ferreira

      ALEX WARREN 2026

    38. Aliya Reynolds

      I like how he out Charli damelio and the hype house go to a jointed forest in the desc

    39. Jessica Alston

      No it’s like it cut G

    40. marilynn Smith

      Get married

    41. L1lliannn

      There 54 countries in Africa

    42. Andre filippi

      Did any one else see he pack of white claws

    43. Braleigh Dodds

      I liked the office kinda moment


      The fact the Charlie almost cussed 🤚🏽😂

    45. Madi Edgington

      Wasn't harry on the show too hot to handle???

    46. Alex Hatch

      You guys remember when you weren’t fat

    47. Maria Sanchez

      What did paper do ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    48. Alex_dabestever Roblox

      Who remember dis: 🎼I’m a virgin 🎼

    49. Krsiten Whitely

      Wait I’m 55 5 foot 5

    50. _ Baddie _ _ Girlz _

      Imagine living next to them

    51. Anna Bachman

      Hey we whey to your house and no one came out 🥺🥺🥺and we drove 6 hours to go to la

    52. Alyssa Werbeski

      Was that really the cops

    53. Lynsey Lewis

      Ok so I’m 8 but love this

    54. Kyle Britt

      Alex, Kouvr, Clavin, Mia, Patrick, D’AMELIO Twins, Nick and everyone Clavin and Patrick are robbers and Patrick is in the bathroom in the hunted house plant and and two robbers vs everyone in the kidping people it’s funny

    55. Mihira Krothapalli

      i practically LIVE for these crackheads

    56. Jacoby cameron

      at 1:45 - 1:50 they are carrying whiteclaws lmao they drinking and charli 16

    57. Rayla KyutiiVA

      1:42 no one noticed charli almost said that? ok bye.

    58. Leah Murray


    59. Acacia Briones

      Alex when are you going to marry Kouvr?

    60. Marli Neva

      This idiot said 6!

    61. Adi Jade

      I live in a country named south africa in africa

    62. Caron Thomas

      In PE the is 62 i live in PE

    63. A White

      The fact that "virgins friend "had a lighter

    64. Jasmine Gaoxx

      You should’ve use your fire bending skill on that mouse

    65. Tiana Anzel Venter

      I'm from Africa well south Africa

    66. cody rodgers

      what the hell my friends are boring as shit why don't i have these kind's of friends

    67. anika hoffmann

      He said like 6 countries in Africa There is 54 and I live in one of them South Africa ❤️❤️❤️BTW love yall❤️❤️And Alex if you read this please say to Covr that I love her ❤️❤️❤️

    68. Bff love Angel Amilia


    69. Adele Wolfton

      Me who has been binge watching the Harry Potter films: Oh that’s right I still can watch other things well oops

    70. Tatiana Stanley

      Am I the only one who watches these vlogs on binge dying of laughter? my family thinks im laughing at my zoom call and wonder wth is going on...NOPE!!

    71. Drawing Sophia Hubb

      Ok Alex imma say this IF YOUR GONNA GO TO A FUCKING HAUNTED FOREST U BRING ME WITH U IM OBSESSED THE PARONARMAL ANd I LUFF IT/PENNYWISE -sophia a 10 yr old watching ur vlogs been here since OG videos 😁

    72. Hannah Abdile

      he made it sooo much better

    73. Kabanshi Kunda

      I can't believe this guy said there are 6 countries in Africa😂😂😂

    74. Bilal Ali

      Love it man keep going !

    75. ima chicken nugget

      Am I the only one that gets the robber joke bc of the ad on tv

    76. Charles Isaac


    77. Francesca Cimini

      It’s 55 just learned it in class today

    78. Carlos Pacheco

      Did he just delete the vid?

    79. Yulisa Hernandez

      Plz colleb with Gavin magnues

    80. Imaan Ajam

      Just to be exact, there are 54 countries in Africa. BTW I loveeeee watching your vids. ✨❤️

    81. Isabella Dotson

      Alex instead of asking Kouvr how many countries there were in Africa you could've just searched it up but no you had to ask your girlfriend and instead of saying 54 countries you said like 40 something LOL🤣🤣

    82. Tyson Wing

      Remember when paper and Alex were both skinny

    83. Kailani Valeintn


    84. Alysssa Orozco

      Alex you sing so good but you can't admit it

    85. sad vibes bbygurll

      why does Alex look like Lewis Capaldi frfr

    86. Romaine's Reality

      I mean, Kouvr was closer to the number than Alex!! She wins! 😂😂🤣🤣

    87. Fabian Sauceda

      Patrick: nice cut g Patie face

    88. Pan San

      Calvin version version of The Rock

    89. Laya Khalil

      Does anyone notice Alex faced his biggest fear.

    90. Samantha gz

      "Alex: d'amelios lead the pack if tiktokroom can't touch you neither can a ghost"

    91. Velvxt Bliss

      I mean considering his education,I'm not suprised he didnt know.

      1. Kasey Gold

        He had a IQ of 165

    92. Nina Rome

      Just so you know I am 5"4 hehe and I am 9

    93. Meeka Jasmin

      I live in Africa and I didn't even know how many countries there are

    94. Blair Nicley

      After Alex broke into Tana’s house it wouldn’t surprise me if she broke into theirs 😂😂

    95. madison wallace

      Nick is 5”11?!? Okay!!!!!🥰

    96. Darcii_ Bear

      For halloween papper should be pepper and tana should be salt 😗✌️

    97. Raina Houeidi

      Alex: turns on tazer Charli: AH WTF... me: OMY CHARLI GONNA TURN INTO CHASE ANYTIME NOW >O< LOL

    98. Lois Angeles

      Nick: 5’11.. My 10 yr old sister: 5’2..

    99. Olivia Howerton

      Who else saw the white claws? 1:49

    100. Elyssa Ochoa

      Ayyy I wearing the merch while watching your Vlogs