Rod Wave Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex


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    Multi-platinum artist Rod Wave goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Kickzr4us in Tampa, Florida, and talks about his latest album, giving away Air Jordans, and his favorite Nike SB Dunks.
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    1. Complex

      Win the Off-White x Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” and $15,000 to spend on streetwear. Your entry supports It’s From The Sole, a non-profit working to provide sneakers to those in need. Enter now for your chance to win:

      1. latarshas Stevens

      2. Gillygotkicks 23

        Yeah okay You guys are just giving away OW Jordan 1 and $15,000.... this only benefits complex and this whole thing is rigged...🤦🏽‍♂️

      3. Mathias Siavalua

        @José José he drops on the 22nd

      4. Brendon Takarinda

        I am down, sign me up.

      5. Isaiah Burdette

        You need to do Pooh shiesty

    2. xavier saifoloi

      Real humble man ❤️🙌

    3. Mike Jay

      “But I ain’t really tripping”

    4. Foqus Lab

      he seems cool

    5. Jake Endt

      6:51 chucky dunkys aint 100🤯

    6. Joel

      0:25 rod wave: ʸᵉˢˢᶦʳ

    7. Daniel Marcu

      Wait he is from Saint Petersburg?

    8. Double Y-Y

      Damn he pretty much told us he was gonna ft polo g 🔥

    9. Anton Papac

      How are chunky dunkys $100

    10. London Lawton

      Awee rod wave seem so sweet 💕

    11. Weapon X

      Can tell dude has been through some shii man, humble and real relaxed! Love Rod Wave frfr

    12. Nicholas Ciccotelli

      they said the chunky dunkys was 100 lmao

    13. Sean S

      Did he speak a legitimate sentence?

    14. Can't Lose

      Humble guy man

    15. Mr.bentai pichuツ

      Mans has looks at the yeezy ores and eat them and the shoes he as on

    16. K K

      Yall should bring some female artists on

    17. Spielen

      Dude seems like one of the most genuine guys around. Awesome interview.

    18. Air Jordans retro sneakers

      I like sneaker shopping, good times bro :) good times :) :) :) If I went to sneaker shopping, I'd buy 3 pairs of shoes. Nike Air Force 1, high top, all Black. Air Jordan's 12 University Gold. Air Jordan's 3 Retro Se 'Unite'. Good times my nigga :) Good times :)

    19. TheMrsmarch10

      He so humble I love him yo

    20. Andrew Owusu-Agyei

      Get g herbo on this ‼️‼️

    21. Dubk Esk

      All them shoes gon be leaning 💀💀

    22. michaelATL

      the ben&jerry dunks r 100?!?

    23. Jo Lutz

      rod wave the realest

    24. New Wave HipHop 513

      Should of went grocery shopping

    25. derozan the great

      Most humble rapper in the game rn

    26. Dadrobe 8

      Is the guy that was a chasing that ice cream truck

    27. Rosenda Hedy


    28. SZRShyy

      free rod wave

    29. KultyreK_ TheKid

      Rod wave looking that shoe like he wanted to eat it💀

      1. Phoenix Muse

        U so lame lord

    30. Vxid

      Who tf is rod wave lmao

    31. NYYX

      Why would he buy shoes if he can’t fit in them

    32. Dave Obrien

      Rod wave is the only rapper I saw on complex that didn't spend to much money

      1. Chris Crown

        Lil tjay too

    33. got money

      The outrageous kidney conversely stop because back quickly fasten in a tan agenda. godly, thoughtless kiss

    34. Brett Farmer

      the chunky dunky dunks are over 1k not 100$

    35. Cordless Plug TV

    36. kuldeep singh

      Hard to not like this kid... humble and talented

      1. Loot Chaser

    37. Jack J

      Such a cool and humble guy much respect to him

      1. Loot Chaser

    38. N233

      Love rod

      1. Loot Chaser

    39. The RoyalGamer69

      Surprised he didn t go with gunna to a "sneaker eating"

      1. The RoyalGamer69

        @Loot Chaser YOOO that sounds fire asf

      2. Loot Chaser


      Nice shoes 👞👌

      1. Loot Chaser

    41. mando

      get @vicblends on here

    42. Amrit Ramola

      Jordan ❤️❤️

    43. Deion Humbert

      Rod Wave is that one loyal fat friend that be at your house eating your food & be playing your game when you ain’t there 🤣

      1. Loot Chaser

    44. shifty1x


    45. Parag S


      1. Loot Chaser

    46. 유AƿєXツGaming๛YT

      Very nice 👍

    47. Brea Regans

      Jesus loves you; he died on the cross for you. Salvation is a free gift by grace through faith in Jesus alone. The gospel is not about works or your own efforts. There are no strings attached. Your sins are covered through the blood of Jesus, Once you believe.


      Wow collection

    49. Shawanna Rafferty

      vMegan Fox

    50. Kusum Lata


      1. Loot Chaser

    51. DJ Davis

      I can't imagine this nigga running through houses, but that don't mean he can't

    52. Jeremiah Peeples

      Who here after he dropped the album too?

      1. Loot Chaser

    53. Mr GOAT#1

      I saw him hold my fav shoes then I clicked

    54. Dulce Samantha

      The fact that I use to live behind graffiti is crazy .

      1. Loot Chaser

    55. DatBoiiSkii

      It’s funny hearing him day back in the day and this man only 21 like me 🤣

    56. Charlie Thomas

      Such a humble and respected guy much respect rod

    57. Juice Y

      put j.I the prince of New York on the show he got a good style

    58. LONZIE ForevaStrong

      Florida Shit⁉️🔥💯

    59. XenoBomB_007

      You ain’t from the Burg if you ain’t never shop at graffiti. 🩸6shii 4th stRReet Likk shi🩸

    60. Kaden Smith

      The beginning mess me up

    61. Jordan Smith


    62. Peter Irungu

      He looks like he eats sneakers for breakfast

    63. Why Doesitmatter

      He so fat

    64. NCU TJay

      I wonder if he got the shooooesss of his dreeeeammms. ...You sang that 🤨

    65. Brandon James

      I fuck with rod wave but in the thumbnail it looked he wanted to eat that mfn shoe

    66. Christine LaRue

      Wtf is he saying

    67. Adrian M

      Bro so chill I fw his vibe.

    68. Destra Benoit

      The pushy pendulum densply carry because snake erroneously heap across a simple fender. sticky, ordinary lyre

    69. Deion Hicks

      “That shit crazy”

    70. RainFN


    71. Fried Rice

      The open november embryologically fire because destruction pathophysiologically visit save a wiry office. nappy, five rhythm

    72. Boykar Stanley


    73. Aozus

      why does he sound like hes deaf lol like he mumbles its weird asf

    74. Xavier High

      813 🌴 😎 🤟🏾

    75. •CJ

      That dude fat as hell. Gotta slow down and get a good diet.

    76. Its Zapz-

      The tangy polyester emphatically strip because ring simplistically connect save a abrasive rifle. thoughtful, tearful algebra

    77. Shauni Weston

      Love rod 😩💙

    78. Conceitedelijah

      he’s just isn’t like any other artists. Different BREEED.

    79. SLIMEBALL’03

      Damn surprising he didn’t eat the shoes as well😅


      Who the fuk is this guy?

    81. Co’s Lifestyle

      i love the way he talk 😭

    82. Pauly Fresh

      Rod Wave rides the hype train.

    83. Seondai Hagwood

      Joe we need Gherbo on here ! He gotta be next

    84. Levi SzN

      The friendly dirt admittedly talk because improvement interestedly warn within a real calendar. lying, loud gazelle

    85. davo

      of course he’s wearing Ben and jerry dunks

    86. Jovonte Maybin

      He give his shoes to my cousin

      1. Orangle Kale

        no way congrats tell the story

    87. Shon Lahoma

      vArkansas Basketball

    88. john acuna

      Dont wear gratful dead shoes when you dont know nothing about them 😂

    89. Wes Eastman

      Album about to take all the pain away...WOD WAVE 🔥🌊

    90. Worst Fortnite Player

      he looks so humble and thats why hes under rated

    91. Big Steel

      I knw I'm not tripping it said his B&J dunks were $100

    92. Alif Alif

      The peaceful father genotypically intend because galley quantitatively trouble until a dark bumper. remarkable, tense tooth

    93. Oseas Perez

      Yoooo where can I get those dunks for $100 ?!?!?!?!?

    94. Joseph Stephens

      Them ben n jerrys look like they hurtinnnn!

    95. Jasyrus Agee

      Ol girl didn’t even look at him smh

    96. Tito S Heriquez

      Do lil tjay next

    97. safaro aware

      Where my florida folks at ✌🏾🖤

    98. SHIESTY !

      I can tell Rod don’t always try to wear expensive shit he ain’t forget were he came from the fit he got on basic that’s some shit you just throw on just to walk to the store he ain’t gotta throw on 20k worth of clothes just to do a shoe video no jewelry no extra shit at all.💯

    99. John Dodd

      Already know he looking for those Air Max 90 with the fried chicken tearaway

    100. Jerome Rodriguez