Fleeing California


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    Why are millions of people leaving California and moving to other states? What do those states have that California doesn’t? PragerU’s first mini-documentary explores the root causes of this mass exodus from the Golden State. “Fleeing California,” featuring PragerU’s own Will Witt, sheds light on one of the most significant but underreported stories of our time.
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    1. PragerU

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      1. 4thForCon

        The most annoying sound I hear where I live? "We just moved here from California".

      2. Raptor Jet

        the California Recall law requires 12% of the voters in the most recent election for Governor, so based on that, to qualify the recall for the ballot, we need a minimum of 897,158 valid signatures but our goal 1.5 million signatures for insurance reasons, and we have currently 1 million signatures. Even the liberal Politico is calling the Democrat Governor Newsom a failure.

      3. Richard Que

        @so mad bro people said the thing about michigan.during mid 60s.even in the early 70s.now look at detroit.

      4. Bryan

        @Michele Miller oh sorry about that, wish you luck on your endeavor

      5. Michele Miller

        @Bryan I am a Republican. Not a Democrat. Not sure where it came across that I was. If my elderly, poor health, parents were able to move we would leave California in a heart beat. It is so sad to see how it as evolved into the craphole it is becoming due to all the leftist socialist leadership that We didn't vote for. But are stuck with.

    2. George Newton

      Sounds like Texas is advertising for Californians. Careful what you wish for.

    3. murali S

      Lol , can’t believe they are making Tomi look like an expert with specs and all that

    4. The_Hot_Thought

      I just left MD for TN. The people in TN are so polite!

    5. Ryan Gott

      If the earth is flat, why is my life going downhill.

    6. Horen LastTeacher 2.0

      Policies and governance. That's all you need to look at. Good, you get Texas. Bad, you get California. Its that simple.

    7. John C

      In Texas we have politicians, like Senator Cruz, who actually understand economics. It's so refreshing to hear down-to-earth common sense from a politician, of all people. I grew up in California. If a politician spoke, it was usually total nonsense. The same is largely true with federal politicians. When I came to Texas, I was amazed how I could actually learn something from our politicians. They could actually teach me something I didn't understand. It's awesome!! In California, my parent's 3 bed/2 bath home is appraised at around $500k. Here, in Texas, I bought my 3 bed/2 bath home for about $176k. I'm never doing to pay over $200k (ok, maybe $250k) for a home/property. I'm 25 and have been making more than my parents ever did since I was about 22 years old. People and businesses are fleeing here by the thousands, every year. I have zero state income tax and far more freedom. We just had New Year's. Back in California, there were only certain fireworks displays put on for the public. Here, in Texas, you buy them and light them yourself. You can literally get them as easily as if you go to the store to buy milk. There are some restrictions as far as what kinds and when you can buy them/light them. But, overall, there's no comparison to California. Likewise, with firearms. I got my first two firearms a few weeks ago. You literally just pass a federal background check and fill out some paperwork. Honestly, you'll have more trouble buying a new car with a loan. I can at least 10 times more trouble buying my first home than I did getting a firearm. You can pretty much name the measure, and Texas will likely at least be comparable to California. More likely, Texas will beat California by a mile. God bless the Lone Star State.

    8. alvenir azevedo

      Se os Texanos se mudassem para o Brasil e olhassem a quantidade e impostos que pagamos. Tenho certeza que eles achariam a Califórnia, o Estado mais capitalista do mundo. HAHAHAHAHA Como Brasileiro, eu dou risada para não chorar.

    9. shubham joshi

      My Indian relatives moved to Texas from India And don't worry they are highly religious a conservative Hindu

    10. TheWizard

      Equality means making everyone poor. Oh not the politicians they will get wealthier.

    11. Your channel

      the parasite is leaving its host

    12. i. j

      Now I get where the saying " Don't California my Texas" comes from

    13. João Germano Luzio

      And now, Texas is the new democratic`s state.

    14. Keaton Crandall

      If a Californian moves out of California, they better leave the ideas that destroyed it there. Keep your "progressiveness" out of Texas, Utah, Idaho, Florida, and Tennessee. Your state failed for a reason. It's time for you to change before you drag the rest of the country down with it. Either change, deal with your new life that you made in California, or leave America. It's not Republicans who need to wake up.

    15. Ray S

      This documentary is flawed.. They are not taking into account "per capita" Obviously California will have the highest homelessness. They are the most populous state in the USA!!

    16. Jose Paredes

      Great video! I’ve been thinking of moving to Texas too all my family has been out there for the last 13 years California is just becoming a homeless state

    17. Joshmakey12

      California supposed to be all environmentally friendly while they rank in the top 5 out of all states for pollution

    18. Ark Watch

      Please do an updated version on CA since their draconian CV-19 xhutdowns.

    19. Al D

      Another issue is all the corporate landlords buying up properties and raising the rent to ridiculous levels.

    20. Brenda Natale

      Democrats run cities now they are going to run the country...😡

    21. Greg Marino


    22. No Mercy

      Yep, I live in MN, given the opportunity, I would move out Yesterday !!

    23. Chris Fleming

      Texas is slowly turning blue due to illegal immigration and west coast transplants. Fleeing CA to TX is not good news for Texans.

    24. Doc Holladay

      Deadly tedly

    25. Murat

      What paying them a minimum wage is a problem now

    26. Murat

      What did Arnold Schwarzenegger did when he was governer he was the one who started this mess in the first place and he was a REPUBLICAN

    27. Murat

      Yeah what is going to happen if conservatives control California nothing they probably pass by a homeless person when he say can you spare me a dollar they say go find a job loser so...

    28. David

      “Californians are suffering yet they vote for the people that destroy it.”

    29. Paul Rath

      it should be pretty clear by now - California’s one-party, increasingly leftist, government-crony rule is only maintained by increasing levels of organized electoral fraud.

    30. ronald alexis torrico

      independence 4 Texas

    31. Allen Ryde

      The only way I would agree to willingly live in California would be ar constant gunpoint point blank though after having to deal with everything going on over there and being at the mercy of Newsom maybe pulling the trigger would be more merciful

    32. Alexandre Rech

      The problem is the most of ex-Californians go to a red state and continue to vote to democrats cadidates!

    33. Leonard Ssenkindu

      California is going to become a ghost town, I’m shocked, I’m London, been to America only the East Coast New York, stayed in New Jersey, Hasbrook heights, lovely place and clean 😃

    34. Janice Rivera

      I left California too, but in the early 90's as my business was taxed so high I left then! I can't imagine what it's like now !!!

    35. drink brandi

      I would love to see a documentary on the middle class families that have lived in California for years and cannot afford to move after the wealthy persons voted for policies and politicians and made the state unlivable then left as soon as they were faced with the consequences of THEIR actions

    36. drink brandi

      Sooooooooooo why move from California then vote in the same policies that made you leave California?

    37. John Avi

      Such a beautiful and thriving state. Can't wait to see how things progress.

    38. Frank Velik

      omg Russia, russia, Ukraine phone call, impeachment, mayor election fraud. the press is just pure garbage. Trump 2021, 🕳🕳🕳🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇯🇵🇮🇱🇬🇧🇧🇴🇹🇦🇰🇷 the press will get more ridiculous by the day, soon earthquakes and alien invasion is Trumps fault, his words will sink us all. #walkaway from this far radical Democrats media press. This happen in other countries before just in small scale, wake up.

    39. Random Guy With an Opinion

      Yeah because all of California is LA.

    40. SuperGion915

      Steps for ruining a state: 1st - Vote democrats. 2nd - Always is first the progressiveness and then everything else doesn't matter. 3rd - Let democrats highly tax everyone like everyone was a millionare even if most of the population isn't. 4th - Go against the republicans for your state being a hell even if the responsibles are mostly democrats. 5th - Start taking drugs for leave your pain away. 6th - Move to a better state. 7th - See your living standars increase. 8th - Repeat.

    41. j r

      People are not fleeing California....Cancer spreads.

    42. Andrew Falk

      Texas will soon become broken just like California. Don't let left destroy Texas!!!

    43. Patti Funkhouse

      The “greatest country in the world” in its richest state. Haha - even Ben Shapiro and Charlie Kirk have to stop savings this. You start by enforcing laws. Under no circumstances can a person live on the street. The public hygiene is not controllable. No business will ever start in these conditions. They have a place to go. They chose to “live” here. Why are they not living in small town America where rent is affordable? You know the answer. And it’s not living in denial by saying “America is the greatest”.

    44. Fredrik Wallinder

      If Biden's coup succeeds, communism will spread to the rest of the US though their crazy new green deal. Good luck everybody, you'll need it.

    45. Edward O'Neill

      I moved to Europe.

    46. JC A

      Go Americans!!! go to Red States !!! Leave the misery and the socialist corruption behind !!

    47. Martin Gail

      Welcome to the Democratic party

    48. David Moore

      I am from Ontario Canada (the California of the north). I am thinking of moving to Texas because I can't stand how the liberals are killing the economy up here

    49. Luke Smith

      Socialism - communism - progressivism does not work

    50. GForceNinja

      I wish these "people" would stay in their open air asylum

    51. Satnam Singh

      If people move like that within 10/15 year Texas become California

    52. D Whit

      Typical Dem city, now, Welcome to the United States of Venezuela.

    53. Tim Rohrer

      tweekers r takin over Sac.

    54. Lexus Driver

      Man, California in a state like this I feel like Californian government officials are not well educated to run the state government as well as the local government. What is wrong with California, why are they like this? I mean aside from the COVID-19 pandemic. I feel like the current constitution should be teared out and make a new and fresh constitution, when it comes to the policies they've implemented what were they thinking. I believe that California should erase their current government and start over fresh rebuild the state and local governments from the ground up.

    55. heyguyslol GAMING

      Until all this CA's vote out Texas Republican leaders and replace them w/ Democrats and destroy Texas the same way they destroyed CA. Then move on to the next state and destroy that too. GREAT IDEA!!!

    56. The White House Vietsub Archives

      1990s fleeing socialism countries. 2020 Fleeing California. 2040 Fleeing Texas 2060 Fleeing Oklahoma 2080 Fleeing North Dakota. 3000s no where to run anymore

    57. snorni

      communism never worked

    58. Fum tv


    59. scott moore

      Demarcate politics and policies at their fines.

    60. Rodrigo Vazquez

      There is a reason all this futuristic movies show California as a shit hole.

    61. KRATOSLIVES22 !

      in 10 years: PEOPLE ARE LEAVING CONSERVATIVE STATES FOR CALIFORNIA. Same real-estate exploitation is going to happen in TX

    62. Sadie F

      They’re trying to turn the electoral college

    63. erich84502ify

      Illinois wants to separate from Chicago, most dont know that Chicago gets priority over the other cities.

    64. Jamesy_ Boy

      No match Texas is and always will be better than California and I’ve never been to Texas


      Watching from the UK this breaks my heart. I will always love and be a fan of America. Like other people around the world I have always looked to america with respect and admiration. I fear these problems go way beyond party politics but I pray America gets a grip and finds solutions before they wake up one day and find the whole game is up.

    66. Orangeguy

      What you are not hearing to that their in a increase of people willing to move to california. I guess these people on youtube won't tell you that. The population of california has never decrease in it's history,

    67. Jim Namba

      Why do I want to ask, be careful of what you ask for Texas?

    68. zapthycat

      I left in 2014 with my family of 6. Since then, my brother, mother, SIL, niece, nephew, grand niece, niece's BF, and two friends and their families of 5 and 3, have all left and gone to Missouri. Never go back!

    69. The smore emperor

      Bureau of Forest parks.

    70. Jay Singh

      On god Republicans would start dominating elections if they just supported the federal legalization of weed XD I know so many people who literally know zero about politics but vote based on that issue alone. Sad and stupid, but true

    71. Brian 604

      Korean here that spent time in Vancouver, and Seoul. After looking at this advertisement of Texas, I'm sold. Texas is amazing and Korea should be doing things like Texas.

    72. Jon T

      better yet why not move to venezuela?u could live like a king on $500 a month there. no one cares about texas jesus h christ.......who in their sane minds would want to go to the south with all the southerners? ay?u ever heard anyone say lets quit new york,massachusettes,jersey,washington,california,conneticut,maryland......and lets go to tenessee,kentucky,missisipi,idaho,new mexico?

    73. Kurt Feierabend

      I have watched some videos that you had posted on Facebook {where I've mostly followed Prager U.) This was the first "KGup" video that I've watched. As a California Ex-Pat, this video was more of a confirmation of my opinion of California since I've escaped, but now Colorado (which WAS Red) is also falling into the same trap as California. Demoncrat controlled government destroying small businesses for the benefit of Illegal Aliens and the Indigent. Yes, Mental Health is an issue within the Homeless Community - so is complacency. You have NGO running "homeless health care" and making millions off of Taxpayer Dollars - and they have no desire to see an end to this process. [Full Disclosure: I was born and raised in the shadow of the Mouse - I grew up just a few miles from Disneyland. I also lived in Irvine California during my High School years [The Planned Community - where I would still live - if I could afford to live there.] until 1982 - the first time I tried to escape California. I consider 1985 to be the year that I finally made the break, moved to Colorado, and disowned California for the last time.)

    74. scasny

      Im siting here were my country have 22% corporate tax, income tax 19-25%, social security 49% of individual income and value added tax 20%. USD is lower then EUR but not much. 1 gal of petrol 5 EUR, bread 1.20 EUR, 2,2 pound Boston butt deboned 4EUR, Average cost of decent home 80-150 000EUR, monthly rent 400-800 EUR, home tax for house or apartment fees 20-250EUR. Average net income 700-1200EUR minimal income 580EUR. Monthly cost of living 350-600EUR. In most cases more then 50% of you income is saved but there is large population that spent all income. Now we seeing first and second generation that dont need to take mortgage loan to own house. This is thanks to communist nationalization of property and real ownership was able after 1990. So in a sense slovakians have to start from 0 and have bin accumulating wealth not more then 30 years.

    75. scasny

      even if you done it subconsciously . That above look and position of you head. For good god i can see under you chin. Im sure you are a nice person but that look ask for punch.

    76. Ian Penswick

      I could honestly see a scenario develop where states like California & Illinois get broken up like any other business that runs into bankruptcy; the surrounding states would gobble up whatever is left. On the flip side of that, what state would want to take on the debt & homelessness issues of a neighboring state? All empires fail and, unfortunately, I believe the U.S.A. will be no exception. Don't want to see that happen, but you folks have brought this on yourselves....

    77. Randal Nihei

      They can rename California, Killafornia.

    78. Randal Nihei

      Good, at this rate, their electoral votes will go down!

    79. Super Man

      Like that governors drive.

    80. Alan Harrison

      You are exactly right! Blame all the Bleeding Heart Liberal policies for the demise of California, Portland and Seattle. The voters get what they deserve.🙏🏼


      Could PragerU stop sending ads to California KGup users? You people are psychopaths. PLEASE stay in Texas, Tennessee or wherever the Hell you want to be. Take your friends and relatives with you. GET!!!

    82. Black Tar

      And tips my ass. You get minimum wage I don’t tip. Follow suit

    83. Black Tar

      You can also pay that in Dallas. Austin looks just like Caulifornia. Homeless tent cities all over. Run by libtards out to destroy everything.

    84. Black Tar

      Don’t move to Texas and vote freaking Blue. Stupid to vote for what you fled from!

    85. rareword

      High costs, high taxes, increasing homelessness and rising crime, in addition to the impending earthquake which has long been predicted by seismologists. Socialist policies never work. Those who promise heaven on earth have produced only a dysfunctional and infernal society.

    86. Kah Ho Wong

      Fleeing Hotel California?

    87. Dave Mills

      Damn America looks like a shitty place to live.

    88. Yitivitzen

      I feel like what really hit me was those gas prices. $5 for a single regular gallon. That just hurt my wallet thinking about it!

    89. Fernado BP

      I move to México and work online to my california company, with my US wage i live like a king in Mexico i already buy my own house, something that would never happen in California. Folks Move to Mexico with your US wage, this country has a lot of good cities like Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico city, Cabo, Cancun even Tijuana.

    90. Alessandro Vasconcelos

      Congratulation Socialists Democrats, YOU ARE A SHIT!!!!

    91. The Irvine Daily

      This documentary is better kgup.info/get/iKdpcn3beqhlfnc/video

    92. Tripp Swearingen

      Stay in California. I dont want Texas to become the next California.

      1. David Griffith

        I do want to say, those that are moving out of California are the ones super unhappy with the lifestyle and especially the politics. That's why they're moving to states like Texas because they know that they will not only be happier with the standard of living in their new home state that California once had but also know that the political situation is more in-tune with their thinking. Those that have stayed in California and have vowed to never leave are the ones thinking that everything will be just fine and are contributing to the problem. As somebody who lived in California for almost all of my life (I lived north of San Francisco in Wine Country), I moved with my family to south Florida back in August. I thought it was going to be tough saying good-bye to a state that had contributed to all of my memories, but honestly, since moving to Florida (in between Miami and Fort Lauderdale) I haven't looked back. As a Californian, it is super refreshing to see gas not be the cost of a gold bar and a bottle of water actually being 99 cents instead of four bucks. That's what I have to say about the exodus in California: those that are leaving have grown disillusioned with it and are trying to search for a better life.

    93. Augusta Dawber

      After all the bitchin moaning and complaining by Californians about their authoritarian Legislators and Governor, the dumb taxes and their absurdly high Tax Rate - they will all go out and vote Democratic again ! If you live in California that is what you do.

      1. David Griffith

        So true! I lived in California for almost all of my life (North of San Francisco), and despite all of the memories that I have associated with that once great state, I haven't looked back since I moved to Florida. Conversely from the clean air, highly affordable cost of living, all of the grass being green, and no income tax in Florida, California is not safe anymore. You mentioned the political climate, but let's not forget the wildfires that burn up and destroy millions of acres a year and every passing year they only seem to get worse. Not to mention having the electrical companies shutting off your power for days at a time because "it's a preemptive measure against starting a fire" when it was their dumb decisions that started some of them in the first place-sparks from faulty wiring during these procedures making contact with the dry vegetation. My advice to people living in California is if you have any sort of logical sense, and if it is remotely possible, leave as soon as possible. There's no more redeeming qualities to the Golden State anymore. It's hard for me to admit that as a Californian for 25 years, but even I can deny no longer.

    94. Joseph Louwerse

      I was recently just trying, desperately, looking for a contrasting opinion to why socialism works because I want to open my mind, but just looking at the abysmal state of the failed socialist state of California, I have high confidence that socialism cannot, and will never work.

    95. mayurgai

      Im not from the USA and even I want to leave California...

    96. Bryce Detterman

      You lost me at having Tomi Lahren as a interviewee. YIKES

    97. Kewl Khid

      As a liberal, I have to say California has to get aggressive and be assertive moving these people.

    98. Олександр Бутенко

      why does it fill like brain wash?

    99. toady

      I am HAPPY and THRILLED to see California implode and collapse!!! Truth be told, from a subconscious level, it has nothing to do with politics, but the fact that Californians think and act like they are to COOLEST and BADDEST in the world. They are aloof and look down upon and have no interest whatsoever in the rest of the world or the country for that matter, except maybe their ethnic homeland. They believe they are super smart, have common sense and have achieved great success or are heading in that direction. Well, now it's flying back in their faces.

    100. Athear Nasery

      Regulation will kill California. It's not a matter of "if", but when.