2021 Bassmaster LIVE at St. Johns River - DAY 2 (FRIDAY)


22 миӊ. көрүүлөр-0

    Watch the Day 2 Bassmaster LIVE archive from the 2021 AFTCO Bassmaster Elite at the St. Johns River. #bassfishing #bassmaster
    More information on this tournament: www.bassmaster.com/tournaments/2021-bassmaster-elite-st-johns-river
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    1. Ted Bergmann

      Zona's take on the old Devil's Horse lure is absurd. That's like saying a buzz bait only works until Tennessee or N. Carolina. More Sanders and less Zona please.

    2. Harvey Montano

      Too many glitches effects poor quality

    3. Foggy mountain man

      You want to impress people get rid of all the Hi-Tech fishing and go back to the original couple rod and reels and 10 pounds of tackle

      1. Ted Bergmann

        Check out PigPatrolTV on utube if you multi-species fish. He's a hoot.

    4. Kenny Haworth

      Not sure why bed fishing is still allowed Your telling me that it does not harm the bass population Who are you Dr Faucci?

    5. Sandalwood Steve


    6. K.M.C

      its time to come into the new century and weight the fish and release like your competitors do. Why stress the bedding mothers out like this just for applause....smh

    7. Adam Freeman

      thanks for posting these replays!

      1. Mike Burns

        Yep. Don't have Fox sports.

    8. Tim M.

      Almost that time of year

    9. TV 18

      4 guys taking at once whats wrong with that Bassmaster ?

    10. trey lowder

      Kyle Welcher for angler of year very possible chance

    11. James Mims

      2020 just keeps on giving wish it would just go away I know it’s 21 but 20 is just hanging around.

      1. Mike Burns

        Optimisism. I like it.

    12. bwspacity

      When connection is bad would be a good idea to not go live and go old-school and record and upload. All this pshkkkblipblipkshh gonna make me hafta go see a shrink. The old lady said so. LMBO. Ripsumlipz

      1. bwspacity

        With that said. Y’all rock love the show keep on keepin on

    13. Ra Lo

      Good stuff guys! 👊🏼💯🇺🇸

    14. Charles Norton

      WTF- it was scheduled to start at 5:00 all day, then at 4:45 I pull it up and it’s now 6:00☹️ I’m in a deep freeze in Texas with nothing else but Bassmaster to do!

      1. Vig Outdoor Adventures

        lol welcome to the life of northeast bass fishermen! we wont be out on the water for another 2 months!

      2. Ronnie Moore

        Sometimes you gotta push something back an hour. Sorry for the inconvenience

      3. Jesse Olmanson

        Try minnesota, everything is frozen for months on end. oh and it was -30 this morning! You will be just fine bro