Making Money Fishing on Lake Chickamauga (Ft. John Cox) - Bassmaster

Scott Martin

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    Fishing on Lake Chickamauga in the Bassmaster Tournament. Watch every fish catch and the lures and techniques used to cash a good check in this event. Cameo appearance from John Cox - He did the "Wiggle" on his partner!
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    1. Brayden Ray

      I love pops

    2. Ty Childers

      I was with my partner at Chickamauga and he caught a 8.11 largemouty

    3. Chris Craven

      Your Dad's excitement about every fish, challenges and tournament is inspiring and fun to watch.

    4. Jordan Anderson

      Where’s his son go to college?

    5. QB1

      I'm sorry I'm a new subscriber what does 4/21 mean

    6. QB1

      If u played music would it mess up ur fishin

    7. Eric Downum

      You and Mr. Martin together (aka pops)..I leave close to Dayton and was at this event and also my nephew came along, he is a big fan of yours and pops..We tried to get him a picture of you and him and pops with your boat behind but never cud get the rain to lighten up and yall got gone...he was so heart broken, he keeps up with you and says you will do Great in the Bassmasters side this year in 2020 and we are gonna try to get to 1 of the events this year

    8. Jackson Johnson

      9:59 Powerfishing, shallow water, and Roland Martin equals a hard time for every one in the tournament

    9. MrEricdgreat

      Roland Martin is funny “ your big boy figure it out” lol 😂

    10. TEJ Jensen

      Your old man looks good Scott. It must be great to look at such a father and think. I look like him and what a nuisance he is delivering. My father was an ugly devil. I inherited it!!!

    11. welder92 tx

      I would definitely be excited ever single morning getting to hang out with legends of bass fishing

    12. RIPPER334

      I want to know how much Brandon makes... Being Scott's gofer.

    13. jraintdead

      He did the wiggle!

    14. jeff chafin

      I recently moved 20 minutes from this lake super stoked to fish there what is a good bate to use

    15. Civilian #72583119

      Are we going to zoom by the 4/21 thing?☣️ 🚬🌲🔥🌬💨🆙🔊🗯📢.. just hitting random emojis...... Or am I?

    16. Ed Burke

      I want that hat man!

    17. Derrick

      get a pair of Binoculars look around save money on fuel. ?

    18. Austin the fisherman

      Scott Martin you better never say hell again or I will unsubscribe to you

    19. upchurch12seth seth

      How about you come to Lenoir City and catch some fish

    20. hogbelly Life

      Coffee looks like tea that will wake u up lol

    21. smoberdeen

      Family first brother and it looks like you are doing a good job with the balancing act. I'm happy to see you and your father out there. I watched your dad's tutorial on bank fishing the other night and enjoyed his approach. He was explaining his technique like a grandpa to a grandchild and I could tell he was having a great time catching some really nice fish. Best wishes in the new year.

    22. T&EELITEK9

      I don't even bass fish other than when I'm bait fishing for catfish but I watch your channel and every video. I think your A genuine guy and I like that you are spiritual as well.

    23. Reuben Ryabchuk

      You wanna know something Scott? I Saw your battle wagon that night! I was driving down HWY 58 and I passed you guys! It was like 11ish at night!

    24. Nick McGue

      I live here In Dayton TN and I fish the boat dock where they put in at in this video and there’s some great fishing here

    25. Trey Hicks

      Trey Hicks iii Tuscaloosa ALABAMA Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa ALABAMA Scott Martin roll tide roll Alabama Scott Martin happy 🎂🎣40treyhicksiii (423)314-7956

    26. Trey Hicks

      Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa ALABAMA Scott Martin fishing Tuscaloosa ALABAMA football football championship Trey Hicks

    27. richard greaves

      you learn every day by watch dad fishing and you start pick it up where good places are to go get the fish

    28. jankie55

      did he make a toke joke about 4/21

    29. J M

      I'd like to see more challenge videos with your pops. Like 20$ challenges or 50$. Barbie pole challenges some fun goofy stuff like in your more current videos you two fishing is legendary.

    30. Ronald Turley

      U can tell ur ole man loves an is proud of u.... No look like that..... good video need to see this one I miss my ole man injoy my friend

    31. Anthony Payne

      Awesome stuff Scott I was watching you when u won your flw championship good bless you my friend.

    32. Thomas Christopher

      Come to Ontario we have some great lakes in the Kawarthas

    33. chaz honaker

      Im addicted to watching you fish. Lol (Your Hook Sets). Keep films coming.

    34. Zach Browning

      Good job man

    35. Andrew Wolf

      Lol “today isn’t a holiday for you Brandon, today is 4/21” Haha Brandon smokes mad tree

    36. tactical ranger84

      My son wants one one of these hats Scott is wearing, where can I get the exact one..

    37. Logan Howard

      My dawg spinnerworm be on the gas doesnt he? 🔥

    38. Jakes Epic World Of Fishing

      JetBlue is better

    39. king miller


    40. Rodney Hanbaum

      Good job!

    41. Kendall Owens

      Scott said to brando todays not a holiday for you, today's 4/21 😂😂😂

    42. knockoutxthebotslayer

      I love the way you do things Mr.Martin! Oh and Brandon is a darn good left hand man! Take care of him Scott,they are hard to find!

    43. Jonathan Keith

      Chickamauga is my home town I fish that lake almost every weekend in the spring and summer

    44. Jason Patterson

      LunkersTV brought me here..... Scott seems like a great guy

    45. R Boyle

      Scott you fly out of Ft. Lauderdale a lot I see. Why not fly out of WPB?

    46. Anthony Rubeo

      I’m digging this video. Liked and subscribed

    47. Etienne Lefebvre

      I love your videos Scott, you and your team are doiing a really great job. I have a question for you: do you fish pike, if yes what are your favorite lure? Thank you!

    48. Bryan Flint

      Spinner worm needs more recognation. God bless you guys! Love the vids...

    49. Justin Carver

      dude please put John Cox and Brandons laugh back to back it's almost identical. please I'm gonna comment this every video until u read it lol

    50. Aaron Gibson

      Had alot of great times in south Florida my home town is not far from there

    51. Jasmine Taylor

      And girls not just boys

    52. Hugh Mungus

      I love seeing Roland.

    53. Itsawrap

      How you know that someone is a good fisherman... Tan lines

    54. Itsawrap

      Ayyyee I live in Nashville. Have lived there my whole 24 years of my life

    55. Frank Aylward Jr

      Haha I cracked up at the snake part

    56. The Jada Show

      Im still watchin

    57. old mcdonald

      not sure but i heard it cost 4 to 5 thousand bucks to enter one of these tournaments. im sure his check didnt match his entry fee

      1. Scott Martin

        +jim mcdonald 1600.00

    58. Hayden Farmer

      Fly southwest

    59. Mixed Madness

      That’s where I live

    60. Chris P

      Greetings from Canada, Scott. You're my favorite FLW pro, and going back to the 80's your dad was one of my favorite pros. I would give anything to take my Dad fishing one more time, and it touches me to see the episodes that feature your dad and or mom. Keep the great videos coming.

    61. Aaron Fowler

      The juice man lol

    62. Bryan Tillery

      Scott, is your dad ALWAYS the smiling, happy guy that he seems to be??? It's obvious that your positive attitude was come by honestly.

    63. Charlotte Stevenson

      is spinnerworm any kin too you? hahaha you guys keep me laughing

    64. Daniel Loveless

      hahaha 4:21

    65. gamepad

      Big bass boy Scott Martin squirmin' over a lamprey, lol ... 'Howdayagetitouttatheboat?'

    66. texasAUtiger

      How can anyone not like Mr. Roland? We need more videos with POPS!!!!

    67. Sameer Avantgarde

      Very nice Scott.. I wish i could be there..

    68. Radar

      All pros have a tan face but up top??

    69. Radar

      John Cena awesome!!

    70. Sam Brentwood

      Anyone know what GoPro setup he's using?

    71. hnrkmkay

      Barry's tan line, daaaaaaaaaamn

    72. TilDeath1776 US

      Next time your back on chickamauga lake. Hit me up. I'll take you fishing for catfish on top water. Lots fun!

    73. Mangiacake

      Scott stop winning so your buddy's don't have be uber drivers

    74. joseph bailey

      watching Roland since the early 80's would love to see three generations compete in a tournament.

    75. Cullen Blair

      would your co angler on day 1 just not net for You? Haha that was messed up

    76. Alex Mask

      when are you going to start playing music on your amazing 10 inch radio

    77. liam brouillette

      Jet blue is the goat airline

    78. josh lewis

      How does one go about fishing with Scott Martin

    79. Christopher Jones

      I live in Chattanooga TN can we hook up sometime soon and go fishing for the day it would be a dream come true your my favorite pro fisherman

      1. Ultraclassic CamaroSS

        Christopher Jones I live in dalton I’m trying to get him to come to carters lake see if I can hang out and fish with him lol

    80. algorithm

      When the bell alarm went off i had a flashback to the early mornings when i would attempt to wake up to play video games before school

      1. Scott Martin

        +Thomas Harbauer o that sound...:)

    81. The Jada Show

      whenever I was a young kid my dad took me fishing was trying to teach me how to fish with a rubber worm and offset hook and as soon as he showed me I got $7 back to back and my dad started calling me Roland. I never knew who that was but men can you see how cool that guy is still giving out coordinates to some honey holes only to his son though haha. love these guys

      1. Scott Martin

        +Devin Grooms 👍🏻

    82. Mr Tight Lines

      Congrats on your check man! You deserve it!

    83. AR 3 Outdoors

      darn good video even if you had technical problems always a good video when you have Brandon on it to

    84. Bret Reid

      Dude, I have been following you all along this year and these videos are so awesome!!!!! Can't wait till the next video comes out and the next one and the next one and so on!!!!!!!

    85. Fishing GrubbZ

      Captain Dave is the man!!

    86. Pao Choua Yang

      Liking your videos Scott! What kind of swimbaits did you use in this tournament? Keep up the videos!


      I want to come run the net!! lol

    88. EKY Bassin

      Family always comes first. You the man Scott

    89. Hoosier Outdoors

      I love watching these tournament videos. Would love to see you do kind of a play-by-play breakdown of what your doing in them though. Like what's going through your head & how you make decisions based on conditions etc

    90. Drake C

      u earned a new sub

    91. Josh Maniscalco

      You're the man

    92. recon033

      pancakes or waffles?

      1. Scott Martin

        +recon033 waffles

    93. Jeremy Sanders

      hey or brandon. like your videos. wanted to say my brother approached you in bass pro in Orlando. didnt know who you were liked your jersey. im sure you rember. anyway we both enjoy bass fishing want to come to your dads camp on the chobe one day great vid thank you

      1. Scott Martin

        +Jeremy Sanders thanks man..come on down

    94. SwimminWhiteMan

      Does anyone know what brand of watch Scott uses?

      1. ANHEL 6

        SwimminWhiteMan fr

    95. BigBear FSU

      " today's not a holiday for you , Today's 4/21. " LOLOL!

    96. John Reese Fishing

      its awesome to see a father and son working together like that and offering help to each other.

    97. Chris Bailey

      What is the cost to enter these tournaments?

      1. Timmie Kat

        Chris Bailey haha k man gl when you do get into it

      2. Chris Bailey

        Timmie Kat I wanted to enter as a co angler but when I saw the cost I decided to put that off for a while. That is going to be a bucket list item for me down the road.

      3. Timmie Kat

        Chris Bailey ooh sorry lol i thought ge said so in the beginning i dont live in the states and i hace never caught a bass they arnt here haha only pike and zander and big perch and sometimes european catfish but hard to catch since in most rivers they get 3 metres max somtimes even 5 so yesh thats like 14 feet max

      4. Chris Bailey

        Timmie Kat I looked it up. A co angler is $700-$800 to enter. An angler is double. That is what I found on the FLW site.

      5. Timmie Kat

        Chris Bailey i think he said he paid 50$

    98. Design Transportation

      Brandon, I think you're off the hook about being the one drinking the Jack Daniels. A), I will bet there are more empty bottles there and B)... I think they belong to they guy who emptied his sunscreen into his tackle bag.

    99. Bravo25

      Please do a video about how you and Brandon met!

    100. Bravo25

      Never a sacrifice to be with family!