These Baits SAVED MY TOURNAMENT! -Bassmaster Elite Knoxville 20/20- Unfinished Family Business Ep.11

Scott Martin

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    These CUSTOM WOOD CRANKBAITS saved my tournament on the Tennessee River at stop #2 of the Bassmaster Elite Series. I break down what I did right and what I did wrong for you guys!
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    1. Chris B

      The only reason i said i would have went with those methods is because I am form Western North Carolina and fished those kind of conditons but live in Florida now. Nov. to the end of April was my best time fishing up there

    2. Chris B

      One thing I would have done is went with the balsa but in a purple body and burnt orange belly or mostly black body and gold belly in that dirty water. Then move out on the points just before creek runs with a ned rig or a finnes worm off the points. I do like your channel. If it means any thing i found your channel from watching a video of you daughter about 2 weeks ago when i was sick with covid . The first time i watched one of her vides she was in her soft ball uniform fishing a canal and I told my wife that young lady knows how to fish my quote that i told wife " some body that knows how to fish taught that young girl how to fish " I am an older guy now and i met you a couple times back in 1998 or 98/99 in some tournaments, I am glad you have matured into a good father. I met your dad a few times one time we were in line to register for a tournament and he was behind me in line and he talked to me and treated me just like any other pereon and I have allways respected him for that and watched his show and now yours and you daughter. She has a bright future at fishing but you and i both know it is a long hard road. I tried it but didnt have the funds. I hope you get an elite and a classis i will be rooting for you and watching you channel

    3. Chuck Chambliss

      Enjoying these videos and learning. I didn’t grow up fishing. Aside from the extreme basics, I have no idea what I’m doing. But my 14yr old son has gone fishing crazy the last couple of years. So I decided to buy my first boat to get him out on the water proper, so he can learn and get better. Hoping for him to be able to get on the fishing team at the high school next year. This is all crazy intimidating, but here we go. I’ve really enjoyed stumbling on to your videos, Scott. They are entertaining and informative. The production quality is very professional (video editing is what I do). Started watching the tournaments too. 🎣

    4. Adam Connelly

      Your the last guy on earth that needs a product to stop hair lose..looks like you'll just plug and brand that's willing to toss you cash

    5. Adam Connelly

      Pls be totally honest of the baits..and brands you were using not just plugging your sponsors..pls name the the bait company's

    6. Ravi Jayson Dwarku

      Always impressed with your great fishing knowledge ,experience ,humbleness n wiseness,,you are the best in what you do Sir ..those boat talks ,tips lookback n self analisysis really help me to learn more n new technics .. all you say make sense..i am so greatfull sir..goodluck in your quest wish you lots of double digits in your tournament sir. My prayers are with you.Stay alway blessed..

    7. Brock Johnson

      Thanks for pointers man! Always a gift from a pro like you brotha

    8. John Buck

      I love crank baits!

    9. Scott Heston

      There's a lot of tournaments left you got it

    10. Ab Gr

      This dude don’t use keeps

    11. king kr8

      why would i go to keeps if you havnt used so why speak on it ..not fair sponsorship..speak on sponsers if you actually use their product...

    12. Diverse fisherman

      Dude I’m going for you for the Pickwick lake man!! Hopefully bassmaster puts it up live

    13. jason daniels

      Rolling up on a pimped out golf cart like a G 😂😂. Love it.

    14. Keith Taylor

      What were you lures did you use descriptions on those?

    15. Ethan Aschenbrenner

      6th sense flat 75. Great prespawn bait in dirty water.

    16. A-Rizky

      Mantappp om semoga sukses selalu yah om

    17. James Paris

      Scott I will always watch everything you put out but this year it's not the same without the Oklahoma boys dang it

      1. James Paris

        Yes they just gotta get to them

      2. Scott Martin

        😂 I know man I miss the boys too but This new crew is awesome!

    18. Mark Fulwood

      Very insightful video. You're head and shoulders above anyone in the fishing game today, when it comes to promoting your sponsors, and presenting your message. Love your show Brother...

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks very much Mark!👊🏼

    19. Hugo Blinckmann

      I saw you at the world wide Florida sportsman on the freeman

    20. George Autenreath

      Hope you do well at Pickwick I have you on my fantasy team and need some points

      1. Scott Martin

        I’ll do my best. I’m feeling pretty good about it so far. Thanks George!

    21. Foggy Bottom BBQ

      Congrats Scott. Best of luck at Pickwick.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks man!

    22. TheCriminalViolin

      I love how with the second day practice video for the Tennessee River series when you asked us what we'd suggest or go with, I noted that for no specific reason my gut instinct was Chartreuse & White and then Black & Blue for colors in that environment and water, and these two cranks you caught a lot with matched that first color combo. I'm super happy about that. Again, I really didn't have experience or reason for them, but I just had this deep feeling inside, like a gut instinct with confidence that was the color scheme to go with there. Guess my instincts must've had something right there!

      1. Scott Martin


    23. gowcrazycraig

      I would love to see you and Marling Baits do a collab for a handmade bait.

    24. Lacy Desires

      Wow Scott left ranger.... I really loved my Fx20/250sho I fished it for 1.5 years and sold it Sept last year. Fished for Tracker marine and mercury for a long time in fact my first sponsored boat from them was a Nitro savage 20 footer running a 225EFI, last boat I fished under a contract from them was a Nitro Z9/250 proXS so that was a lot of years I fished for Tracker/Nitro and a many of different boat models. I signed with Gambler boats and Mercury Pro Team in Oct 20. So I'm back with mercury and extremely happy about that and all I can say is flipping wow about Gambler. It's a 2020 Gambler elite 21'9/Merc 300ProXS V8. Boat will run 82mph with a full load and 86 to 87 with a med load. Handles big water amazingly well and the decks are massive and I mean massive. This is the finest fishing boat I have ever ran and fished. It's literally a lambo of the water that rides like a caddy and fishes like gods hand blessed it.

    25. shane simmons

      John Cox or John Cox. 😢 👶 SM

    26. Howard Stout

      I fished the bass pro us open sat and met your dad at Okeechobee so awsome. Oh and by the way ol luke dunkin was dogging you out pretty hard on his podcast this morning not cool. Love the content

    27. BilletSPIN

      Good stuff, so much fun to watch live and watch your vids. That big one by the silo would have been nice but that’s fishing! Good luck at Pickwick! We will be rooting for you

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks dude🤙🏼

    28. Glenn Boone


    29. FishHooked

      That’s crazy stuff! Tight lines from FishHooked

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks 👊🏼👊🏼

    30. BEAR

      Knowledge ❗👍 Pickwick it apart‼️😁😉🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    31. phoenix w2w

      7 min. So true, power pole down and super slow crank random rocks =🎣

    32. Pierce 87

      What baits would you recommend on the Tennessee river lakes in spring time?

    33. Jeff Leide

      Just saw you on Wilson lake

    34. BamaBassFinder04 4

      Started throwing p-line over the weekend and let me tell you that fluorocarbon is so strong i legit pulled a tree stump from about 15 ft of water up to the gunnel of the boat without my line snapping and it was 12 lb test.. that line is legit legit legit..

      1. BamaBassFinder04 4

        @Scott Martin 100% no doubt!! I know what I'm using from here on.. n I had little Knicks in my line from the knot to about 5or6 feet up n it never broke! Wild crazy strong stuff.

      2. Scott Martin

        That’s WILD. It’s great stuff!

    35. Patricia Guenzler

      Good luck with tourney

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!

    36. Joe Van Kilpatrick

      Congratulations Scott, hopefully I’ll see you on Pickwick!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks man. Hope to see you there!

    37. Bob White

      St John's video??

    38. flyfishing channel


    39. Chris Young

      The Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, and he was buried, and he rose again the third day, and he is offering everlasting life to all who will believe in him.

      1. Ethan Renucci


      2. Bayou State Outdoors

        Amen, more than a mental belief, it means surrender of one’s life. Even the demons mentally believe in Jesus.

    40. Jason Mausteller

      Was the color Louisiana Shad?

    41. Jason Mausteller

      You don’t use composite rod for cranking?

    42. Jose Ornelas

      I like u and ur dad but stop trying to sell me something and show some some fishing skills for the average angler

    43. Scotty B

      Scott it’s not 2020 tho it’s 2021 😂

    44. Kevin flabouyfishing

      How old are those trees?

    45. Kevin flabouyfishing

      Scott Martin eating high on the hog like me looks like those cold beers and a little bit more of the good food showing up

    46. Rogbass

      Extremely good video. You have mastered the ability to rely information and have it stick to memory. Great stuff Scott.

    47. Matthew Jarrett

      Just me or does Scott keep saying 2020 instead of 2021 in his videos?

      1. Aaron Greenlee

        Hindsight is 20/20. Reference is to vision as opposed to the terrible year 2020 was. Lol.

      2. Rowdy Broomstick

        It's a phrase, 2020. After you went through something you can look back with perfect vision and see what actually happened verses what you may have thought during the event you we're going through. That's why people say hindsight is 2020.

    48. Chris Phillips

      Love the Video ! Great stuff

    49. Elton Goemans

      Hey Scott, Just a question, do you find any difference in shallow calm water with your graphs on or off?

    50. Jake Schisler

      I think after watching so many of your videos is, while on the road, you don't get enough sleep. Hey what do I know, I rarely sleep myself. Good job so far Scott, keep at it! Tell camera man to keep shots above the waist

    51. Brian Patrick

      Good stuff! I just picked up a few more of some balsa crank baits.

    52. Carter Ivey

      Really enjoy your videos

    53. Phil S

      So its a ph lure made in indiana

    54. Andy Garcia

      The man the myth the legend just like your pops 💯🔥🙏🏾💪🏽

    55. Timothy Welch

      You’re such an inspiration

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Timothy!

    56. braden lewis

      Scott u have to get the OU decal for the windshield bro!!!! SOONER BORN SOONER BRED ID RATHER BE SOONER DEAD@@!@!!!!!!! BOOMER

    57. braden lewis


    58. Frank Flores

      Like ur videos very entertaining one question I don't own a boat yet do a lot of shore fishing how can I get on the fish from shore

    59. Aredd Fishing

      PH custom bro!

    60. FMJ Solutions

      Well Scott you are off the hook. I finally caught fish on a Bandito Bug. I was starting to question whether they actually worked and I layer into a couple 4 pounders on Headwaters lake last Friday. Alabama craw was the color. Thanks for the great videos and good luck on Picwic.

    61. George Talley

      I think when you do the keeps add you should photo shop yourself with a horse shoe bald head like George Costansa lol great video buddy your the man

    62. Grant Abrams

      Scotty the Body!!! Hey, I know you’re a googan. BUT, can you please help me out with your favorite color Rover128 on okeechobee PLEASE?!??

    63. Jeff Suero

      Amazing Entry for intro lol


      Great job! I have a feeling Canterbury was telling you to throw balsa.


        @Scott Martin awesome dude!! Thanks for your inspiration and teaching me how to fish!

      2. Scott Martin

        Actually not..order those lure two weeks before the event.

    65. Billy Burton

      Just fished the bfl at Pickwick as coangler. They dropped the water over four feet throughout the week up to tournament day. It was like a foot a day. Pretty much everything people were marking was out of the water by tourney day. There was a little current up by the damn. Pay attention to the old crappie fisherman. They are locals and troll over brushpiles in the main lake arms constantly.

    66. 256BassFishing

      Just a heads up Scott, the river is way down. A lot of shallow creeks are essentially drained. TVA has been keeping the water level low. It's gonna be a repeat of Fort Loudon as far as that. Check out the grass flats around the Colbert Steam Plant to start. I wish you luck, and hopefully a win or at worst a top 5 finish.

      1. 256BassFishing

        @Billy Burton I don't understand TVA's reasoning behind having the pool so low right now. Makes no sense. There's areas where the bass usually spawn in, but can't now because there's no water. It's a shame.

      2. Billy Burton

        Yup. Was just there as coangler

    67. Joshua Mueller

      How come you never talk about your reels?

      1. LIVING LIFE

        Probably cause the are Shimanos and he is not sponsored by them

    68. John Falasca III

      Go get em Scott !!

    69. Robert Barnes

      Goldthwaite Tx has red baits

    70. spikey donnut

      Scott your my favorite Fisherman in the world keep up the good work

    71. Jason Godfrey

      Bubba I was so happy for your bounce back! We are all behind you 1000% great point tourney!!

      1. Scott Martin


    72. Zac Pearson

      I pulled an 11 lber out of a tree with 20 lb pline tactical. He’s not lying when he says it’s good stuff but it does get a lot of memory. I’m still a customer tho

    73. Dan B

      I liked the videos of you guys sitting around telling stories. Hoping you pull off a win real soon. That'll really boost your confidence

      1. Dan B

        Awesome. I really do hope you get a win soon. I watch your Dad and Hilarys KGup channels also. Hope you have lots of success in upcoming events.

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks Dan, we might do some more vids like that soon!

    74. Tristan Stewart

      I saw you to day

    75. Patrick Nail

      4 minutes into a 16 minute video we are watching a hair commercial and hearing bout your luscious'ness.....B-O-R-I-N-G.

      1. BassinWithBrandon

        Well Sir... for people like myself who just moved to Knoxville last July.... this video helped me to better understand the body of water that I am going to be fishing frequently.

      2. Patrick Nail

        @Scott Martin - your hair is one level below your dad's Scott.....Great videos, have a great "rest of the season" !!!

      3. Scott Martin

        Come on man...thought you would like the luscious part..🤷🏻‍♂️

      4. Twigg Sherman

        He's got bills to pay like the rest of us. You have the ability to skip ahead. Buy a Quitcherbitchen' t-shirt.

    76. Bill Sr.

      Scott what would you had done differently? If you had noticed they were dropping the water on the third day?

    77. merfmurphy

      What reel is he rocking there? Shimano? Looks like he blanked em as they are not sponsoring... but looks like a cpl of Curado or higher....

      1. Ninno Marks

        Yeah looks like a mgl

      2. Patrick Nail

        Metaniums looks like to me.

    78. Jason Colangione

      Love ya brother!! Best of luck this year. Going to be on Champlain this summer hopefully with my first boat. I know you've had success there (in fact there's a video of you catching a 4lb smallie right in front of my grandfather's cabin) and there's lots of us wondering if you'll be there and if so when. Bless you and yours

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Jason! We will be on Champlain the first week of July and I’m looking forward to it!

    79. Richie _k_68

      I wish they had keeps before I lost my hair I would’ve saved it..😂😂

    80. Kayak Angler

      Those are some nice fish

    81. Fshn4Lmt

      I’m fine with losing my hair- when is a Boatlogix Scott Martin code coming? I just bought a 2015 521 and the fella kept his boatlogix mounts.

    82. Brycens Fishing

      Are those black labels??

    83. Kody Verbal

      Keep killing it man!!!!

      1. Dan Hancuff

        no, Old School Balsa/PH Customs

    84. Dbars19

      the fritts flatside are really good also. if you can ever find them in stock.....

    85. Martin Allison

      Thanks for setting a great example by letting Canterbury in, that is what we need more of in the sport!

    86. Levi Tapia

      Great video I was inspired to fish more because of you. Keep up the great work.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Levi, glad you are fishing more and that I could help!

      2. capnrob97

        I really got back into fishing after a 20 year break because of Scott’s videos. Even picked up my first boat dedicated to fishing last week, a side console 16 ft Tracker.

    87. IFindArsenalHackers

      thanks you have helped me with baits and way more stuff ☺️

      1. Scott Martin

        Glad I could help!

    88. Don Diesel Fishing

      There's a couple more flatties that I personally like, the "Ima Shaker", PH lures Makes two and they're both gangster, and then you can't go wrong with a Speed N when trying to cover water or even a Speed trap. Clear water I use the Yo-Zuri 3DS cause they're so realistic and actually have a really small profile but with the weight transfer system in them allow them to really cast like a bullet.

    89. Don Allen

      To late for me on the hair!,

    90. Josh Floyd

      Will be at the Pickwick tournament cheering you on! Good luck!

      1. Scott Martin

        Looking forward to seeing you there. Thanks Josh!

    91. FishingTheSouthEast

      Dude I can make pretty much any wooden bait you could ever want!

    92. Brandon Russ

      Good luck at pickwick I will be there hope you win!!

      1. Scott Martin


    93. Jonathan Shamblin II

      Man fort Loudon is my hometown. It’s so cool that you were here!!!

    94. Tony Gwyn

      Hey man i been fighting kidney cancer and i hope to see u in pickwick. I lost all my fishing gear in a house fire but i will be to see u i love u Scott last time i saw u was 2003 at wheeler my guy

      1. Scott Martin

        Man, I hope I can see you at the tournament. I’ll be praying for you. Thanks so much for your support dude.

    95. Rylee Hunt

      u are great scott



    97. Case Bullington

      That’s a few nice fish

    98. fishing and rc cars


    99. Dalton Townsend

      I want one of your jerseys I didn't win in the drawing ☹️

    100. Landon Ruetz

      I love ur vids

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you Landon!