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    We had an awesome first 3 days on our PCH road trip, but unfortunately it came to an abrupt end. This seems to be a trend in 2020...plans getting turned upside down. BUT first, we got to explore Long Beach :)
    #vanlife / Travel vlog 743 | Long Beach, Washington | Filmed November 14, 2020
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    Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the #travel bug! We started “travel hacking” & finally decided we wanted to travel for one year. After 2 years of saving $ and over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016. We started this #travelvlog to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling! After achieving our new goal of 100 countries before 2020 and all 7 continents, we have no plans to slow down anytime soon, and we are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. :)

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    1. lealand kraus

      where from tennesee are you?

    2. Manon Vo

      Yeah you cant plan like that during a pandemic😹 worst timing ever to start planning

    3. Abderrahman Douh El Idrissi

      I love your videos 🤩🤩

    4. Crinabobi2018 Crina

      Watch the rust on the van after the sand drive

    5. Mary-Jane Barella

      Thank you Kara and Nate!!!! We love you

    6. Frank Shane Sadicon

      i'm binge-watching this channel omg so good 😭😍

    7. Khandakar Emtiugh Haq

      Coxs bazar is the longest beach in the world, witch is in Bangladesh

    8. Tommy Paul

      I'm planning to drive my van home back to the Washington coast come spring, so this video really "hit the spot". Home Sweet Home.

    9. Zack Leonard

      I would love to travel for a living

    10. Karen Cooper

      Totally okay to be disappointed~ you made it okay for all of us to feel the same way.

    11. heather hudlow

      Hopefully you can start traveling again love your videos

    12. Jim Runyan

      Hi you guys. So sorry you had to cut your trip down the coast short. My family has had a place on the Long Beach peninsula for 70 years and it is a beautiful place, its to bad you didn't go all the way up to the tip and it rained the whole time but thats cool you got to see Long Beach and Cape D. Hope you made it home safe, I'll try to tune in to more of your adventures, I sure enjoyed this clip. Safe travels

    13. Shannon Marcelle

      Northwest coast Poutine!

    14. Della Scheidegger

      It’s so cool and a little weird to see someone so excited to go or see something you have seen a bunch of times. I love this video!

    15. Bailey Anderson

      Love their videos, glad to see them traveling the US now

    16. Wildflower memories

      I know, I have been grieving for all my travel disappointments too. I still have a burning desire to travel.

    17. D D

      *global pandemic exists* *travel advisory announced* “we were in disbelief” like what were they expecting I’m just confused the US is a big fat mess


      In the spring if you stay in Washington you should go to mount Vernon for the tulip festivel.

    19. Natalia Gamboa

      You always give us a different kind of virtual travel experience... its a feeling I can't explain. Fav travel vloggers forever! :D

    20. Alexssa James

      Those chowder fries look so good😘👌

    21. Stephanie Gruenberg

      So glad you don't let the weather keep you from exploring! Why did you delete your spreadsheet plans? You should have just saved them and done them at a later date. 🙁

    22. Rajan Arora

      You guys are love ❤️

    23. Alex Bollich

      Of course you can be disappointed!

    24. Don Mettler

      Good some back bone...go have fun...why are you listening to stupid politicians.

    25. Carey Henderson

      What a huge bummer for you guys. I think you handled it beautifully❤ Times are so tough right now & every single person (worldwide) has had a plot twist in plans. Relax with family & friends and re-group...Cali will still be there. Happy 2021!

    26. Olivia Parish

      Kara! Would you mind sharing where your Sherpa is from? I am obsessed!

    27. Merete Jakobsen

      The nice thing is.... California will still be there in 2021.

    28. thekid9989

      I am a Canadian flatbed driver, who out there as a pilot car moving wind tower to Saskatchewan. It was a really tough time. When they put more restrictions on restaurants was the hardest for us. The growing population of homeless people also starts wear on you. A lot of drug problems especially in the Portland area where we stayed waiting on permits etc. Glade to be leaving that job behind.

    29. Emily Stoltz

      This is where I live! A few blocks north of the “Worlds Longest Beach” sign. This is normal weather this time of the year unfortunately 🤣

    30. Ricki Belden

      Dear Kara and Nate, I've been dreaming about the crystal blue water's in central Florida. The springs and national parks look good to me. Will you two please go visit for me and let me know which one is your favorite . Blue waters , floating along at a slow pace and being able to see to the bottom anywhere you look. Bucket list!

    31. Colleen LaBiche

      You should kept going on Your original travel plans!!

    32. Allinmyworld

      As much as it's disappointing i'm glad you guys are observing and respecting the rules and wearing your masks. Stay safe

    33. Diana Baker

      Sunset Grill in St. Augustine, Florida has chowder fries. They are delicious, until the fries get soggy.

    34. josh3326

      I’d rather hear those words, than being punched in the stomach. I vomited when punched.

    35. Wendy Murry

      I love that you showcased our small community thank you. This is a great video. Not in love with promoting beach driving. I’m sure if you knew more about the impact this has on the fragile coastal eco system you might not have chosen to promote it.

    36. Jack_Sparrow963

      My name is .... with no name or accent with no land or place as im not living in a earth that flows as the the minds of the Simples believe in, but in a earth that is great as great as the sky this is the first time im speaking to you directly it can be the last as im used to people that cant understand me most of the times how can the closed hearts understand what im saying and i will tell you about my last message,message number 13 He is coming to bless are country we most welcome 24 ( with no rules -1 rule number 3 in the 15 law ) 1 freedome,mess,revolution,wars 2 controle over power,education and health 3 drope of ownership 4 destroy of religion and business 5 empty politics of its container 6 controle over Industry and Farming 7 fire globale wars 8 empty the law of its roles 9 destroy maners and spread are ones 10 deadly constitution 11 new word order 12 controle about what its shared ... ahm ahm ( we can share a littel no worries ) 13 hide public Awareness 14 Spread atheism,sick literature 15 Coups,Umbilical cells (( rule n3 Flies most destroy Heros/Courage by making fun or laugh at them )) 16 corrupt education 17 destroy religion laws 18 spread corruption 19 Prohibition of political action 20 Sink countries in debts 21 Sink countries with internal debts 22 GOLD 23 Rise of the jewish country 24 The state of King David

    37. Christian York

      I work at The Chowder Stop and I saw you guys today. It’s surreal seeing our small restaurant on such a well done channel and you guys are nice as can be! Means a lot that you came back for us after this most recent lockdown for more! Thank you both for the support and I can’t wait to see you again!

    38. R J

      I know this is late, but thank you! You’ve set a great example of caring and respect for others.

    39. Wizard Glick

      There is a deadly pandemic, yet you two continue to travel. Why? Have you not heard almost every governor asking people to stay HOME? I used to be a subscriber. This just reinforces the reason I unsubscribed. Have some concern for others!!!

    40. David

      What don’t these people get about STAY HOME?

    41. BM H

      I just discovered you last night, and I look forward to going back to watch all your videos. Honestly, I'm surprised you were able to keep traveling for as long as you did with the politicizing of Covid that's running amok in so many places. Even if you never vlog for us again, I am greatful to have witnessed your travels. I've only seen a few so far, but your bravery--climbing and sleeping on the rock face of a mountain or plummeting depths of 200+ feet to sleep in a soundless, lightless (probably haunted) cave--inspires me to face my fears with a little more gusto. God Bless in all your future endeavors. 😁🙏❤️🚐 ⛰️

    42. max epstein

      I’ve been subbed for 2 years

    43. harmonious travelers we bee moonbeam & slickrick

      Half moon. Bay ca for the best clam chowder and ft Bragg ca Sea Pal Cove for best fish and shrimp fry

    44. Goodi2shooz

      None of these advisories are actual laws ...laws have to be passed.. and none of it is based on science but k whatever it makes you guys feel good to believe and just put your lives on hold because somebody on TV said something.

    45. Leaza Howe

      Sweet kids, sorry for the disappointment about your trip.😕 Hope you'll get to finish it soon. Loved your personalities shining throughout! Happy travels.

    46. Ed Wi

      I love Washington nice video

    47. dannabelle420

      So cool you were just blocks from my house at some point in Long Beach! I hope you tried the lost Roo restaurant too when you were here!! Maybe you can come back & finish the trip, it's beautiful highly recommend doing that!!

    48. Roxanne Lindstrom

      I am so sorry Stupid Brown and Stupid Inslee ruined your trip. I live in Rufus Oregon on the Columbia River. I live 2.5 hours from my mom and I can't go see her because Stupid is trying to control us and let is see family. Once we get opened up again, I sure hope you guys come back to Oregon. We even have a free camping spot herein Rufus...

    49. Optimystic1

      Cross the border... MEXICO!

    50. Kat G

      This site may help, (if either of you are prepared to research a bit further), to get through these troubles: Browse through the index - some forms are for paid memberships but there's plenty to read for basic (free) membership. Also (based out of California I believe) may help to 'un-hinder' your travels. Don't be forced into a 'box' of compliance. Research everything, like you do when buying a camera... and keep on traveling. These are interesting times. Blessings to you two ~

    51. Roman

      I would have to whip it sideways on that beach even if I had to pick up all the stuff from the floor😅

    52. pavelow235

      Well the travel advisory didn't do a damn thing for California, COVID is out of control there.

    53. Jean Burk

      A little perspective for you two. the gr8 Re s3t. I enjoyed the video

    54. kd willi

      lovely pics!

    55. Jesica Mesa

      Hello from the tip of the USA Key West. Found your videos on facebook and now I'm hooked. I think I'm living vicariously through you because this kind of lifestyle was my dream. Thank you so much for your vlogs! It has been a savior through one of the worst years of my life. Have a wonderful end of the year and can't wait to see where you head to next.

    56. Really crazy tiny bobbi

      Go home stop eating in, you nasty yuppies

    57. California Overland

      The U.S. Constitution protects the right to travel and move freely within the country, so it would be unconstitutional to prevent Americans from crossing state borders. However, the federal government does have the authority to impose quarantine orders on travelers to combat the spread of contagious viruses. But we know Trump won't do that. State governments and local authorities also have the power to enforce such measures within their borders. But nearly every single sheriff in the west coast states have said they're not enforcing curfew or Quarantine laws. These governors are so far off the reservation. We went to Washington for Thanksgiving. Didn't get stopped or even looked at by law enforcement. They have more important things to do.

    58. Brittney seal

      Here from California 209 sending much love and cant wait for you to come visit is is amazing im 21 I've been here since I was born. Keep making awesome videos and COME TO CALIFORNIA!!

    59. Dave Hahn

      Wow you drove right past our house. We live on the Olympic Peninsula near Forks WA. Great of you to show those ORCA Whales they are endangered because they feed on salmon and there are not enough of those anymore. Come back when you have more time and we can show you what you missed. It doesn't Rain here everyday.

    60. Irfan Hossain

      Cox's Bazar Beach, located at Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, praised as the longest natural sea beach in the world running 150 kilometres (93 mi) [source: wiki]

    61. Brian Bender

      My wife grew up on Long Beach and we've visited plenty of times. Glad you found the Chowder House. My favorite spot too. Jake the Alligator Man made my youngest cry when she was like 18 months! LOL. Cape Disappointment never disappoints with its views though. We've always dreamt of moving back and retiring there, but like your video said- plans get turned upside down some times.

    62. D&A

      I appreciate your dedication. Seeing the lighthouse, water, and cliffs up close. I felt like I was there a little bit. That was really special. 🙏🏻✨

    63. Big Boos

      Guys welcome to 2020

    64. kerrie foleni

      Once u can u should drive new zealand

    65. Welks

      No Kara......You just have a big, tender heart......

    66. Liza Scheer

      WHY did you delete your spreadsheet!!! You should definitely come back when things get back to normal. It's an amazing drive!!!!

    67. 79viewer

      Travel Anyway! What are they going to do? Seriously? Give you a ticket? we don’t live in communism! Last I checked it’s still a free country.

    68. Karen Shafer

      Oh no I was excited for the mexico videos . Now ; you guys have to return home from Xmas 😓😢😫

    69. Angie Hdz

      What I want to know is how does Kara keep her look so fresh! I need details on face routine because she looks flawless on every video, even running from a storm or in tropical heat!

    70. Emily Loredo

      You should've come to Cali anyways. Nothing has changed. Just that our governor is a dictator.

    71. Emily Loredo

      F Gavin Newsome.

    72. Michelle Dill

      I wish you could have been able to explore my amazing town more and in better weather! Y'all should come back and visit another time!

    73. JSON Huf

      Don't give up, never surrender, march on! Improvise, adapt and overcome!

    74. hex hex

      wilderness fantasy land ?...I'll say fantasy...not sure when this video was made, but with 280,000 people dead from covid in USA...eating in restaurants...oblivious is more like it

    75. Bud Wende

      It's the first of December 2020....How are you two doing?

    76. Adam Wollman

      3 places for fish and chips..."The Bowtender" in Astoria; "Luna Sea" in Yachats; "The Hungry Clam" in Brookings....The Clam also has incredible chowder.

    77. Billy H

      All the best. This is a temporary blip and you guys will be travelling again soon and giving us awesome videos. :)

    78. Farhan Hasan

      The World's Longest Natural Unbroken Sea Beach is actually Cox's Bazar of Bangladesh.

    79. Olivia //

      I live in England and some of the scenery you filmed in Washington of the mountains and the forests looked so beautiful! The only time I have been to America was in 2016 with my family where we visited San Francisco, Yosemite, Las Vegas and Los Angeles and it was INCREDIBLE! I would love to go to America again and explore some of the places you have been to lately! Love your videos ❤️❤️

    80. Eddie Herman

      You misspelled ''caffeine''. And you call yourselves coffee lovers...

    81. TheOtherChef

      Hi Kara and Nate, I'm so sorry y'all can't do the entire West Coast. I used to live in Portland for 5 years before returning home to New Orleans. If you guys have plans to go to New Orleans (or Louisiana) please let me know I'm from New Orleans and... a chef. Would love to show y'all around.

    82. miscellaneous H

      Awesome views!

    83. Jason Smyth

      Funny after watching this video, I went to St Augustine with my wife, kids, in-laws, and my mom for Night of Lights. We ended up eating on historic St George Street at St Augustine Seafood Co, which funny enough had Chowder Fries. They have local seafood and chowder fries were amazing.

    84. V Sn

      It’s okay Kara I haven’t gone to California yet either!!! Love the videos!!!! Don’t stop making videos!!!!

    85. Amber Hall

      That moment when the chowder fries SILENCED Kara! I was waiting for the mmmmmm and it never came. Those must be some amazing fries!

    86. Terry Troutman

      Hello - General Question... What do you all do for health insurance while you are traveling? Do you have both domestic insurance as well as travel insurance? Thanks

    87. Lacey Gorrod

      The Chowder Stop is my family’s favorite. We usually order a side of fries and a bowl of chowder and share.

    88. Evelyn Thomas

      To be onest when she was at claim chower it was kinda cringe

    89. dlangford0073

      I started watching your videos on FB. I was so intrigued. So I jumped over to your website and here to KGup. While most people are binging Netflix. I’m binging Kara and Nate 💕💕💕

    90. Dennis Pack

      You videos have way too many ads!

    91. Sub to SimpleTV

      Go to MA for clam chowder/seafood

    92. Roman Goubin

      I don't blame you , however I would have gone through with the plan yall have your own vehicle and or house on wheels for goodness sake the only people that are actually strictly enforcing all this stuff is Hawaii , but that may be almost to the point of soon or already overstepping federal law because HI is an actual state ... other than that , should be fine except for a few busy bodies here and there but little practical enforcement and yes, for the record I did get covid here in TX over halloween , but it passed already similar to the flu

    93. Nicky NN

      I love you guys❤

    94. Maori Brown

      I hope you didn’t actually delete your spread sheet for the west coast because you can always do it in the future.

    95. Johnny B

      What's clam chowder? am in the uk

    96. Louis Hernandez

      New fan here and california native. If your not thinking about it already. I would recommend doing this in the spring time. It will be nicer over all. And it won't be quite overrun by tourist yet. Assuming covid doesn't change that. Keep up the awesome videos!

    97. Istiak Arnob

      the longest beach in the world is the cox's bazar,Bangladesh

    98. Jennifer Smith

      I hope you get to pick up where you left off once the restrictions are lifted. And I think it is totally okay to be disappointed!

    99. Ashley Nieto

      i am really late because i haven’t had a good time to watch because of school, but i go go cape disappointment every summer (we couldn’t go this summer) with my dad and siblings. it seems a lot different in the fall/winter time though 😂. when we go we always go into the water and go on dry hikes and bike rides!!

    100. SSF556

      People need to ignore this crap. Keep traveling...there is no Government that respects the citizens