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    In todays video I surprise my girlfriend with puppy, Invite fans into Logan Paul's house, Patrick and Calvin are upset about Christmas, and Tana gets plastic surgery.
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    1. Maya Persaud

      In the intro who is the girl that had the broom

    2. Glisxx

      The cat suprise has the same thumbnail as this one

    3. Jocelyn Hansen

      I’m scared of ducks 🦆

    4. Derek O Driscoll

      Kouvr scared of ducks Alex: it’s the weirdest fear ever Tomas scared of syrup

    5. Jodi Wanner

      Why doyou always watch a movie and try to do it?

    6. Sarah Roberts

      kouvr scared of ducks alex" thats the weirdest fear ever thomas afraid of syrup

    7. Makayla Lopez

      Alex: That is a weird f***ing fear Me: that is a weird ducking fear ha ha ha ha I’m so funny 😭

    8. Chimichanga 20

      Alex:what is with you and likening weird animals Kouvr:cause there special ...oh I think it just farted

    9. Landon Rice

      plzzzzzzzzzzz make longer vidos

    10. tik tok

      at the end

    11. Legit Every Other Bloxburg Channel

      First of all why is that CHILD at the hype house that is no place for a 2 year old lol😂😂😂😂

    12. Ida Lehtonen

      *gasps* it’s a winer dog! - kovur

    13. Mad Maddox

      Is it just me or am I also scared if elevators

    14. sophmadie - roblox

      My sister was obsessed with ducks she had a pillow duck and I threw it in the fire but I was like three she still cries to this day

    15. LoliBunny

      I have the same dog as a kouvr

    16. Gaming Melany

      Kouvr: am afraid of ducks Alex: it’s the weirdest fucking fear ever Thomas: afraid of “syrup” rlly syrup 😑and kouvr has the weirdest fear😂

    17. MiaSillyLion 123

      Kouvr afraid of ducks Alex: it's the weirdest fucking fear ever. Me: Thomas is afraid of syrup tho...............


      Who else is in bed just looking at the old Alex warren 😔

    19. Sw33tLee2008 lee

      Take that back ducks are not the weirdest fear how about tell that to Thomas that syrup is the weirdest fear because it is

    20. Addison Long

      I have a dachshund too!!

    21. Noelle Cousin-Lee


    22. Kyanna Rupe

      Can you tell my idol k0vor I Sade hi

    23. Kylie Loi

      Why is there a child at the hype house

    24. Genesis Rivas

      At the end

    25. aesthetic _twinz

      kovur* a wiener dog :3 ** starts hugging it** omg it’s baby yoda..omg I think it farted....

    26. Callista Marie

      I love how kover is so calim

    27. Kyla Mullin

      Pilgrim chases turkey: *Casual Christmas music in the background*:

    28. Leaver Hearn

      Boys these days LOL 😂😂😂😜

    29. Leaver Hearn

      Me: Paper always wants try stuff on TV's then do it real life 🤣😂

    30. Alejandra Barba


    31. Lauren Rust

      “ because there special,I think it farted “ lol I had to hold in my laughter

    32. Juice5 Fifty

      Kouvr Is A Pawg

    33. Jennifer MacNeill

      hi Alex do u have a kitty i do and it so cute

    34. Cristy Ruvalcaba


    35. Random Girl

      What’s thanksgiving??

    36. Harry potter Geek

      Do these things really happen in los angels in public-

    37. WøłfìęŠqùãd x


    38. Jenna Laura Ayano

      You think ducks are the weirdest fear? How about Halloween stores :D I’m fucking weird

    39. Aden Muskat

      Why is Thomas afraid of syrup

    40. Taylor Riding

      my sister hats cikens so much i rasd 12 cikens

    41. McKynlee Bertrand

      I have the same dog

    42. Jayme Shen

      kouvr and alex is so cute

    43. Hanieh esfahanii

      what happened to the cats

    44. Ily Vlogz

      0:54 THERES A KID???

    45. Jessica Green

      These vids kill me every time 💀😂 they are so good

    46. Cailin Honer

      Connors a whole mood 😭😂😂😂😂

    47. David Wainaina

      I fell like nobody cares that she got a puppy ❤❤❤❤

    48. Brenda Jimenez

      omg seen you

    49. naruto reaction

      why was it 2 days before my birthday COUNICEDINT I THINK NOT!!!!

    50. Beth Watkins

      Ducks are cute


      Well I am afraid of geese

    52. Addison Taylor

      i’ve flown like mary poppins before

    53. Sienna Camila Perales

      Wolf wolf

    54. Gemma Ryan

      So is Tana part of the hype house now?

    55. Grayson Nelson

      u kno he got head after that😂

    56. Leah Cardinale

      The nurse is laughing

    57. Nateツ

      Omg, kouvr is gorgeous

    58. Giselle Solorio

      Oh I know George and Matthew they are my friends sisters boyfriend

    59. Brianna Martinez garcia

      I am scared of ducks to

    60. Kelly Fetherston

      Yay ducks and puppy

    61. Jasmine Diaz

      Is it just me or when paper jumped with the umbrella he said after "so what did we learn from this conner" whos conner

    62. Sonia Banatean

      I think the duck said fuck

    63. Elizabeth Smith

      Don't ever give your girlfriend a bunch of money because she might fill the house with animals alex

    64. Katie Murillo

      there the best content house

    65. Katie Murillo

      love the hype house

    66. Toys by ave

      why is she scared of ducks i dont believe it she is so brave and also one of the dogs have ears like baby yoda

    67. Tabitha Coulon

      kouver scared of ducks vs me scared of spiders

    68. Ray long jr

      th turkey running is funy

    69. Jamie O Callaghan

      OMG me and kluge twins! I am terrified of ducks!

    70. xxxnessaa xxx


    71. Josh Richards


    72. MadelynMortensen

      i love yall

    73. just your local crack head

      LoL he’s a Turkey

    74. Kira Peppe

      “It’s the weird fucking fear ever”....... Says the man who is afraid of elevators.

    75. Keinzle Boriskey

      I am convinced that kouvr is the cat whisperer....

    76. Muneera M

      Don’t worry 😉 kouvr I’m scared of duck 🦆 too

    77. Grace._.ridenhour

      “it’s the weirdest fear ever”. 2 seconds before “Thomas is afraid of syrup”

    78. Zowii's Life

      Alex do you actually watch movies with Paper or do you do it for your videos?

    79. Zowii's Life

      me trying to figure out if The animated person is chase or thomas

    80. Kingsford Oteng Boateng

      if your scared if syrup u must be the biggest wimp ever

    81. applesauce

      Alex: this is the werid fear *Thomas fear of syrup*

    82. Leona Grace Kelley

      hype house is FUNDING the covid-19 tests

    83. Frenchx._. xfries


    84. Tisha Webb

      Hahaha he was chasing the Turkey hahahaha im dead 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😃😂😘🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

    85. Audi Remelts

      Your crazy

    86. Grace Richards

      Why does one of them look like Noah beck

    87. Graciela Rodriguez

      "OmG iTs BaBy YoDa"

    88. Elainel Morel

      Why is paper always falling in the pool?

    89. Kate Devlin

      I am afraid of Elevators too

    90. snugglegirl plays

      God this is to funny I’m in tears

    91. Susan Kelley

      Alex: why do you have A obsession with weird animals? Kouvr: because they're special 😂😂😂

    92. DaGachaPotato :]

      Why were u playing Christmas music when they were dressed as a pilgrim and a turkey

    93. Ede Bridge

      I’m afraid of chickens💀

    94. Carly Qirngnuq

      Alex: you gotta face your fear Kouvr: no I don’t Alex: it’s the weirdest fucking fear Thomas: afraid of syrup

    95. Savannah Henry

      Bro I have 4 ducks they are amazing

    96. Olympia Tait

      Holiday: Thanksgiving Song: christmas

    97. Yonna Gee

      Who came here from TikTok

    98. Ashlynn Kern

      Alex: it’s the weirdest fear ever :me what about syrup??

    99. Alex Anic

      Logan actually copyrighted the video

    100. Zoe Tarantino

      Wait paper’s real name is connor?