How They Wrote Classic Christmas Songs

Ryan George

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    In the meadow we can build a snowman
    And pretend that he is Parson Brown
    He'll say "Are you married?"
    We'll say "No man"
    You can do the job
    When you're in town
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    1. Ryan George

      Special Cyber deal! Every purchase of a 2 year plan will get 70% off + 1 month FREE! Go to and get NordPass for only $1.49 a month.

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        @Yellow ppppppppppppppppl ok pp pp on lo99o

      2. carealoo744

        Do Song Pitch Meetings NOW!

      3. M Reese

        Could you do a series like the 'telephone' game. E.g how science works -> how scientists work -> how science funding works -> public perception -> man on street.... Or for politics, law, bankers, money,... Like the time travel stuff but in the hear and now, different perspectives on the same thing.

      4. Ruroo C

        U are knowlegable about alot of stuff

      5. NAVINATER

        @NicheNetwork Ryan for sure I mean he’s tight what can I say as it’s super easy barely an inconvenience

    2. JoelCrafter43

      Is that a song? I've never heard that before.

    3. SMSFF7

      That last bit shows you clearly do not get the song. She wanted to stay, but it makes her look bad so the guy was helping to come up with excuses so she can and not have it look bad on her.

    4. Ryan Walton

      Great but, I coulda used a little more cowbell

    5. Oliver Brady

      Grandma got ran over by a reindeer

    6. Text Deleted

      "This video is sponsored my Nord-" "VPN?" "No, Nordpass"

    7. Victor gaming

      he guessed my password

    8. Llamafied

      Proceed with the snowing.

    9. Angel Hdz

      "If she's in, I'm out."

    10. Tay Yang

      The first guy(s) to make Christmas songs

    11. Kuriniko

      Now I wonder... How the hot crispy Kentucky Fried Frick did the come up with strangle spells, or blocking around the ryan-mas tree-

    12. NotASpyReally

      Ok I got the reference of that last one lmao But the second one, no idea what that is and it sounds so freaking random XD

    13. Tales Extra

      this was obviously supposed to be one of those things I never paid attention to how weird they are, but i'm from brazil and had never heard the parson brown song and now i looked it up and i pretty much have the same reaction as the ryans

    14. Connor Hamlin

      Will people stop saying that "Baby It's Cold outside" is a rapey song, it isn't!

      1. Natasha Avital

        THANK YOU

    15. stick man animation guy

      That was one of the most entertaining sponcer-ships ever

    16. Holly Pipef


    17. The Glitch Gaming

      parson brown was a real person

    18. SimonTheFlareon

      I thought grandma got run over by a reindeer

    19. Yuri Kamado

      I love this channel 😁

    20. Vincent Urquhart

      I didn’t know the lyrics to winter wonderland and didn’t believe those were the real lyrics had to look it up

    21. King K.O.L.D

      Ah Ryan George the man who exemplifies there's nothing funnier than reality

    22. fishboy2000

      Even the adds are funny.

    23. Ronds Pub

      Best video in the world

    24. Xchan 64

      We need more videos about other Christmas songs! Here’s some suggestions I have Baby It’s Cold Outside (a more extensive version) 12 Days Of Christmas Santa Claus Is Coming To Town It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Jingle Bells Frosty The Snowman Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer Feliz Navidad Christmas Don’t Be Late (the chipmunks song) Santa Baby I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus Last Christmas It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas A Fairytale In New York City Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

    25. Joseph Haas_4230130

      Another Space Agency has entered the Ryan Cinematic Universe

    26. Wesley Oldham - Cartoons and TV

      "You're lucky your Dad's the CEO of this vague company that writes all Christmas music for some reason." His Dad? I'm pretty sure these guys are all brothers

    27. Toasty

      "See, kids, this is why you don't get very much into religion."

    28. xCreeperBombx

      2:36 Shoot they're realizing it's a simulation, quick roll it back, roll it back!

    29. Infernape1998

      Do you have Christmas song for me? No sir, I do not, but I do have 3 chipmunks that sing there in helium. Oh, really? Yeah yeah yeah, and I was hopping that maybe we could, you know record a whole album with them. A whole album with chipmunks as the singer? Isn’t that going to be hard sell to the people? No sir, it’s going to be super easy barely an inconvenience. Oh, really? Yeah I think if we make them sing for kids, and use use some popular songs I think we can make a fortune. Oh copying other people’s songs is tight. And now that I thought about it, I just came up with a Christmas song as their first song. Well great.

    30. The Vast

      Cool video: exists My adds: do you ever wonder what happens if you pour salt into a cabbage.

    31. IC7

      “Hey I got an idea” “Sure what is it?” “So you know Santa?” “Yeah” “And your Grandma?” “Wait wha-“ “What if they kissed??”

    32. YourAverageChip _

      For some reason I thought the beginning said N-word pass

    33. MandMs05

      Fun fact: Baby it's cold outside is actually a progressive song about how women should be allowed to refuse or accept men's advances on them, and treat themselves as their own person.

    34. Engine Ear

      Have you done a video about the first guy to do it suicide?

    35. Scuba Steve

      Parson Brown is in the meadow, not the town.

    36. Kyle Windover

      Once again, people misunderstanding the intent behind "Baby, It's Cold Outside". I mean, the joke is funny. But the woman doesn't want to leave the guy's house. No, the entire song is about them both making excuses as to why she could have stayed, because back when the song was written, a non-married woman spending the night in a man's home was heavily frowned upon. So they're making excuses as to why she stayed.

    37. Adam

      Guy 1: falalalalalalalalafalalalalalalalalafalalalalalalalalafalalalalalalalala Guy 2: what is wrong with him Guy 3: i don’t know, but it doesn’t show signs of stopping Guy 4: **arriving** hey I brought some corn for popping Guy 2: oh, yay Guy 3: mmm popcorn is tight Guy 5: how about we do that to chestnuts Guy 4: what is a chestnut? Guy 2: I have no idea, Steve is weird Guy 5: well actually chestnuts are a group of 8 or 9 different species of trees and shrubs and I was thinking we could roast them over an open fire, like the corn. Guy 2: nah, who would ever do that. You are so weird. Guy 5: jack literally won’t stop saying falalalalalalalala Guy 2: yeah I know, I just don’t like you Guy 5: wait wha- **sudden blackout** Guy 3: the lights are turned way down low Guy 4: who is nipping at my nose Guy 1: oh hey it’s me Jack Frost. I am doing that Guy 4: could you maybe not do that Guy 1: no Guy 4: well okay then. **lights come back on** Guy 3: ok that’s much better. Guy 5: so who here hates people older than 92 Guy 3: me Guy 4: yeah so do I Guy 2: me too, old people suck Guy 1: I hope they get run over by a raindeer. Guy 3: now hold on that’s pretty serious. Guy 1: nope, my grandma’s 95 and I hope she gets run over by a raindeer Guy 6: **arriving** sorry I’m late, I had to take a different route to avoid the pidgins Guy 4: hey dude, you should probably stop being so paranoid. Guy 6: those things aren’t real birds you know. Guy 2: they aren’t cameras Guy 6: one of their missiles hit my toe Guy 3: haha we should call you missile toe Guy 2: actually that’s just sh- Guy 6: so anyway the government is watching all of us. They see us when we’re sleeping, they know when we’re awake. They know if we are bad or good. Guy 2: okay you can shut up Guy 6: BE GOOD FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!! YOUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT!! Guy 2: okay goodbye **shoves guy 6 out door** Guy 1: he kinda makes a good point. Guy 3: ya know, this whole conversation gives me ideas for multiple songs.

    38. Billybobbrenn424

      i thought he said nordvmp bc I always hear that as a ad

    39. Adam Domo

      hmmm might have to be Parson Brown for christmas this year

    40. Teabag999

      Who is parson brown!?!?!

    41. Teabag999

      Let’s get this guy to 1mil

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      I can't believe I've only just found your channel. I've watched nearly all the pitch meetings and was craving more videos of you only to find this absolute gold mine of a channel. You're amazing

    45. Violet Rose

      lmao this is awesome!!!

    46. Thomas Mygind

      this is fake, the adstronaut wouldn't be able to hear the nordpasstronaut because the vacuum of ad space doesn't carry sound waves smh my head

    47. Solypsis

      I have started to pretend all snowmen are an army of Anglican priests

    48. PikaLink91

      Sorry, didn’t get the joke at all.

      1. James VanZanten

        Some people wondered about those specific lyrics in "Winter Wonderland" since we were kids. It's just kind of random and out of place.

    49. CoolKid BraDude

      OMG! I couldn't stop laughing the whole video. I could barely breath.

    50. Marty McChicken

      Watching again on Christmas Day :)

    51. Detective Conan

      *Le tits now* .

    52. hf07425

      I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve watched this video at least 10 times now over the last three weeks, and it’s probably my favorite video ever

    53. tanz448

      Whats is the parson brown song

    54. James Relich

      Can we get more of these? "Santa Baby" and "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" would be perfect for a similar deconstruction.

    55. Brett Johnson

      Yeah, how about a song were some carol singers wish you a merry christmas. Okay that sounds good, that is what people do at christmas. Yeah and then they ask for figgy pudding. What? Yeah they like figgy pudding so they ask you for some. Okay thats a bit weird. And they won't leave until you give them some. Even if you want them to leave, they'll just keep standing there till you give them figgy pudding. Ooh mygod!

    56. Eienias20

      just realized, are these the same guys who named all the tools? gosh what does their company do exactly XD

    57. Joey Fontaine

      Ryan Goerge can u do the first person who talk with God

    58. Satevo

      Why aren't you on SNL? Instead of those boring losers I've never heard of or like or care about...

    59. BD Carrot

      Parson brown made me literal wheeze

    60. 12ken

      This guy produced so much stuff.

    61. Couch Potato

      I want one of these for US states

    62. Joel The Owl

      I love the fact that "Proceed with the snowing now" actually rhymes with go too

    63. Idunno

      I don't know if I watch for the sketch or for the Adstronaut.

    64. MrAjerguy

      “I’ve had my identity stolen 5 times this week!” The sketch and the ad combined have 5 characters other than the Ad-stronaut, but all with his face! He was spot on...

    65. Iarland

      I lost my breath from laughing so much I nearly passed out.

    66. Sarah Wolf

      I finally figured out that the last one is 'baby it's cold outside' took me a while.

    67. Orion Foresee

      "What is our business model?"

    68. Alexandra Delliou

      2020: 6014

    69. ellie

      I love how he says "of a PRIEST in the CHURCH OF ENGLAND"

    70. ellie


    71. Darclover82

      Now I want to know what that last song was.

      1. david ludwig

        Baby, it's cold outside

    72. RobloxRobot

      1:08 Full pitch meeting mode.

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    74. DrDoggo

      “So what if we do Santa, but he’s this pedophilic stalker watching a kid sleep.” “I love it, I love it.”

    75. IAteAnOnion 1

      Parson literally means a priest. Not just a fake name

    76. Noah Gloster

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    77. Gina the Cookie

      "Don't give out that information! Give it to us instead!"

    78. MoonLight Phoenix

      “How about we do a song a bout a girl wanting to leave a mans house but doesn’t let her?” “Yeah fine by me” “I think it perfectly fine” LOL

    79. Mizujano

      Please please please make a part 2 to this! I’m rolling hahaha 🤣

    80. Delicate Disaster

      "Winter Wonderland " was written in the 30's, so "Parson" was the name for Protestant or Anglican ministers that went town to town to provide wedding ceremonies for people who didn't have a local minister of their faith. So the people building the snowman are so in love they're dreaming of the Day that the Parson will arrive and marry them.

    81. Jennifer G

      Ryan!! 😂😂😂😂😂😍😍😂😂😂 my side hurts SO BAD! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    82. E2B2

      Now explain Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.

    83. carealoo744

      Do Song Pitch Meetings NOW!

    84. Margee

      make a part 2. make a part 2.

    85. Ordog123 123

      Parson as in priest who can marry the people in the song

    86. Rolf Gustavson

      When the ad is funnier than the actual sketch😂 Nevertheless, you rock Ryan!


      Who are the actors?

    88. Virginia Fernandez

      Nordpasstronaut looks really smart.

    89. Emily IRL

      This is like the fifth time I've watched it, and it never gets old

      1. david ludwig


    90. FourthWig

      I love how you’ve taken all your shower thought and turned them into a career

    91. Vanessa The Lessa

      How about a song where a kid's head literally falls off? Yeah, that's realtable!

    92. Electro Dynamometre

      “And will get people to put this on the radio?” “Yes it’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience”

    93. Brick Army Productions

      Lol they really shoved it in those songwriters face... But seriously who is parson brown?!

    94. IAmAZygote

      Ryan “Proceed with the Snowing Now” belongs a Christmas ornament. Notes for next year 🤓

    95. Maleine Perle

      Which songs are those? I don't know the references but I've gotten very curious!!

      1. Hi Again

        The first one: Let It Snow The one with the Parson Brown snowman: Winter Wonderland The one at the end: Baby It's Cold Outside

    96. Obsidian Jane

      Ryan's is the only channel where I stay to watch the embedded ads at the end.


      Ha only idiots use password as their password smart people use 12345.

    98. Hot Indie Media

      Is that fake mustache computer generated? It totally seems to have a mind of it's own by the way it moves around.

    99. Omin Cat

      I hate advertisments, but Ryan Georged does it in a cool way

    100. sword man

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