How HIGH CAN PLANES fly? What is the COFFIN CORNER? Explained by CAPTAIN JOE

Captain Joe

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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel!
    Today we’ll be looking at on „How high can planes fly“? What determines their maximum altitude? What are the dangers of flying too high? What are the Optimum, Maximum and Recommended Altitudes?
    I hope all these questions will be answered in this video!
    Thank you very much for your time! I hope you enjoy this video!
    Wishing you all the best!
    Your "Captain" Joe
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    1. Don Bino

      Hey Cpt Joe, can you show us a stall recovery in a 747? Maybe on one of your next flights? Put a Go Pro in the cockpit, it would be so cool to watch!

    2. Andre Williams

      Differents in feet 4000ft divided by 100 FPM = 40 min

    3. Memphis Raines

      Would love to hear more about high speed aerodynamics. Especially about the Oxcart, Blackbird & XB70’s unique designs... So Joe what are the Max ceilings for the 747 400F & 8F?? Keep up the good work...

      1. Memphis Raines

        @Harrison Randall-King Tnx for your reply I am fully aware of assistance from Mr.Google but was more thinking about our Captain Joe browsing through 747 operating manual...

      2. Harrison Randall-King

        I think boeing details it on thier website and if not there will be loads of info on Google

    4. Jesse Lee III

      What causes aircraft suddenly dropping?

      1. Harrison Randall-King

        Power loss in an engine can affect it

    5. Aaron Austrie

      Very interesting vid!

    6. wton23

      Meanwhile Concorde chillin' at 2.2 Mach

    7. Guru Sandirasegaram

      Honestly I have traveled so many countries Pilots are so nice. After 9/11 everything changed Now COVID-19 Airlines industry hardest hit by pandemic

    8. Benen Sddbekfjj

      Yes plz

    9. Jonathan Edelson

      I vaguely recall an accident report where the pilot used flaps to operate at higher altitude, and had to disable an automatic flap retraction system by pulling the breaker. When someone else reset the breaker, the flaps retracted and the aircraft stalled.

    10. Thomas Richter

      If a Plane goes into a Mach-dive - is it able to recover from this situation?

    11. Joe Onam

      36000ft-32000ft=4000ft/100(ft/min)=40 minutes

    12. Anselm Joseph


    13. Germán Cornejo

      So much comments requested that I forget them...

    14. David

      Planes like the Cessna CJ4 business jets fly around FL400-FL430~

    15. Tᴏʙɪᴀs Rɪᴇᴘᴇʀ

      So, I guess with the MMO, the Euro fighter Typhoon has more possibility to survive it due to the nose elevators?

    16. Wandile Linda

      I know nothing about aviation related stuff yet here I am enjoying this video

    17. michael jordan

      @captain Joe would very much like to see a video on aero dynamics. Great content keep it up! 👍

    18. Raivolt

      Awesome video, it's so interesting when you talk about things that you probably won't encounter because if you do, you may not be able to recover. Aerodynamics of high speed flight would be a great video, I'd watch a 3+ hour video about it! Great channel Captain Joe!

    19. Hydra Of Malice

      On flight radar i have seen sometimes planes faster than 1200kmph does that mean they are breaking sound barrier or there is a catch. Please reply greatly appreciated

    20. Manish kumar Jha

      sir, it's not "how high planes can fly?" it's " hi! how planes can fly?"

    21. Stick0413

      Climb from FL320 to FL360 at 100fpm took 40 minutes.

    22. Ron Pence

      45100 ft. I have a picture of myself in the cockpit left seat of a 747 coming back from Desert Storm 30 years ago this year. That was a party at flight level 390.

    23. Phil Chia

      Yes to high speed flight

    24. Justa Youtuber

      We bought my grandpa's casket at the Coffin Corner. They have great prices.

    25. Dan Harris

      This went from informative to terrifying.

    26. Nick Luther

      Well in reality a plane can fly as high as the pilot is will to tolerate the thing falling apart

      1. Justa Youtuber

        Well, no. You won't fall apart without air, you just won't have the lift t go higher.

    27. Atharv Savarkar

      Please make a video on electric planes for pilot training (flying schools which have these)

    28. Don'tSpikeMyDrink

      please add closed captions again

    29. TR6Telos

      Fuel burn, fuel burn, there is enough oil to keep us going as a reckless civilization for a thousand + years. At 30 ,000 +ft where do all the exaust gases go? If we want to burn less why do we not use the electrogravitic propulsion system of the B2.

    30. Jay Wolf

      I just heard "Livin' on the Edge" in my mind the whole video.

    31. Mot56

      Is there a situation where a pilot may exceed the maximum altitude? When I was a teenager in 1973, I flew on an almost empty three engine jumbo, I don’t recall, but it may have been a Lockheed L-1011, from JFK to SFO. Over the Midwest, the pilot announced that we were going to climb over a large storm system. I recall the announced altitude being well into the 40,000 feet. I now know that the L-1011 has a max altitude of 42-43,000 ft. Due to the fog of time and memory, I’m not confident in the number I have in my mind, but it was in excess of 43,000 ft. The experience was remarkable; a sea of flashing lightning as far as I could see from my window seat. It was around 9-10pm local time.

    32. Jatin Kale

      Yes please! High speed dynamics! Can't wait for a video on that from you!

    33. Joshua Brown

      Thanks Captain Joe. As a center controller. This helps me to understand a rare PIREP I received. I believe it was associated with mountain wave as we receive those frequently. However I only recall being told once that this phenomenon caused them to redline the aircraft. I was only able to guess what that meant and of course now I have a much better understanding, especially as it pertains to the potential danger to the flight in the "coffin corner." Thanks for the knowledge and video.

    34. RMD 420

      Maximum Operation Altitude for the Boeing 747-400 is 41,000 feet.

    35. Marius Hansen

      1:22 FL450

    36. Messrs Anderson & Co

      FYI altitude and attitude have the same sound. Do not make the first syllable in 'altitude' a Schwa (because it's stressed) and we get confused. The word 'altimeter' has an additional syllable which is why the word stress moves to the second syllable and the first syllable becomes an (unstressed) Schwa sound.

    37. zog zog

      I think Cap'n Joe is getting confused. He is talking about Mach Tuck at 10:37. Surely he is referring to a Mack Truck.

    38. Frank Bruno

      51000? Frank

    39. James S

      As high as the amounts the pilots puff puff pass

    40. Dan McBride

      747-400 Cargo Aircraft can fly to 45,000 ft. Is that correct?

    41. Jonas

      With different propulsion systems, as high as they want, and at accelerations exceeding 100g. Just sayin'. Dream Big

    42. David Sheriff

      Been on an A330 to 43,000 for about 15 mins

    43. JESUS YESHUA EL ELYON elshadai Adon Ori haaretz

      Just as high as a ground ufo 👽👾

    44. Ja Sc

      Please use the metric system. Nobody outside the USA has an intuitive understanding of miles and feet.

    45. Matteo

      It's astonishing how, in a hundred years, the science of aviation is so much and so quick evolved!!

    46. John Marston

      I’m sure the 747-400 ceiling is 45,100

    47. I̵t̸s̵A̵b̷n̵o̴r̶m̴a̵l̵i̶t̵y̴

      this channel always seems to amaze me

    48. HundeBengel

      I know how feet and knots are used in airtraffic but it would be nice if you could also display things like these in si units like meters

    49. Splity

      Climb 40minutes Ceiling of the 747 is around 45000 feet

    50. Grabos Omar

      Need a video on cabin pressure.

    51. C R

      You should have an online pilot training course!!

    52. Ben Bury

      Maybe you already made a video about this, but I have gotten Interested in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, and I'm curious: does a pilot ask for IFR clearance BEFORE or AFTER asking g for ground services? Does the order matter? I want to be as accurate as I can!

    53. Evo

      I always like your videos before even playing them. I just know there is no way I wouldn't like them :D

    54. stringbeanpc

      Sopwith Camel has entered the chat. What the hell is up there ?

    55. Bouslama Karim

      Certain things are routine for fighter jets but dangerous for passenger planes.

    56. Friedrich Dusold

      On a flight from Hannover to Kittilä i reached with a F900EX an Alt. of 48350 ft. Rate of climb was 100 f/min and IAS was 170 Kt.

    57. NickiLasse

      FUCK MANN... WHAT IS FEET???? WHERE IS THE KILOMETER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    58. vHakai

      Captain Joe looks like a default character

    59. Anson Tai

      Would like to know more about the "Coffin Corner" from your explanation, Joe!



    61. jeff aller

      Maximum flight height of flight is 45000 feet . If memory of my wife's right anything higher you could stall out , higher you fly at the more fuel is used , different factors added the fuel will be consumed quickly .

    62. Tony Zhu

      Isn't the Optimal Solution the Recommended Solution? Am I understanding the logic incorrectly?

    63. t eureka t

      Can't climb higher but can land on my table absolutely, thank you captain Joe.

    64. TJand08 DOES GAMING

      Fuel ÷ engines ÷ oxygen in that attitude

    65. Truth N Politics

      Thank U For Your Vids. They Are Very Educational and Fun. I am A Newly , Aspiring Pilot and these vids are just Great

      1. Don'tSpikeMyDrink

        hi embasrement

    66. sunalwaysshinesonTVs

      I love how commercial planes have the same "eco mode" drive setting as my 2014 3-series Bimmer.

    67. Tom Szoldatits

      maximum operating altitude of 747-400F is is FL450/45100 ft

    68. Mustapha N

      CA Joe Thank you for sharing these valuable info.

    69. gary tomlinson

      Yes please more about high speed flight captain Jo 🙂🙂

    70. BatuhanD

      2 minutes

    71. Joel

      Just for algorithm.

    72. Code With Parth

      It took 40 mins for the slow continuous climb.

    73. Kepagu103

      I wonder what happened to Justin y

    74. Summon Gamers

      Checklist complete😎😎


      20 000

    76. Brian Hiles

      A few numbers are being provided by insiders for the absolute ceiling of the Boeing 747, and I cannot dispute those, _except..._ The absolute ceiling is a function of engine performance _per_ equivalent speed-altitude. It seems to me the early Boeings with engines of lower bypass ratio would do appreciably better than the modern “barndoor“ propulsions units, having greater thrust but lower efficiencies at extremes of altitude and speed. Thesis: It depends... -- but it _has to_ depend, on the (generation of the) engine.

    77. MyXplornetExperience

      "Hello COMMENT BELOW everybody! COMMENT BELOW Today, we're COMMENT BELOW going to COMMENT BELOW discuss the COMMENT BELOW maximum COMMENT BELOW ceiling for COMMENT BELOW commercial COMMENT BELOW aircrafts COMMENT BELOW"

      1. MyXplornetExperience

        I guess it worked....

    78. Francois Fortin

      As a Canadian, I took a few flights in my life, from Montreal to Vancouver Island, and back!!! If I remember correctly, it was a 4 engines plane for the long haul, in 1984-85 ish (7-8 years old) era on Canadian Pacific (CP air), small airplane (bush style??) on the island and one back. I saw a Tv show (Mayday) on the Gimli glider, and I wonder if that manoeuver could get done in a coffin corner type of situation?

    79. Jeff McJeff

      FL451 for the -400.

    80. Sahl Hafij

      maximum operation alt for 747-400f is uh 40000 feet?

    81. Marco Jimenez

      The maximum altitude for the 747 -8 4000 feet around there

    82. Annabel Holland

      Explain why feet is used for avaition similar to the reason English is used

    83. Jobelle Collie

      I found 43,000 ceiling limit.

    84. Karmo Keevend


    85. Ricardo Fonseca

      I would like to know more about aerodynamics of high speed flight. I'm would also like to know about physics of the "sonic burst" captured when a plane surpasses the speed of sound.

    86. Double Cream Oreo

      Can you take the small plane off the stand?

    87. ࿐R҉E҉C҉T҉O҉R҉么

      What??? I flew my cessena-797F at FL990!!!! 😏

    88. Ninjago Ramen

      Around 30 minutes of climbing

    89. dax re

      747-400F müsste irgendwas um FL450 fliegen dürfen.

    90. Arish Roy


    91. hwd71

      I would guesss it would take 40 minutes to climb. Edit, judging by the comments which I read later, 40 minutes was the correct answer.

    92. The aeronautical Guy

      Very nice and informative video. Keep it up👍👍

    93. Xabier Marquiegui

      The high speed flight videos would be cool!

    94. Aviation life by Devashish

      Yes sponsoring your own video smart of you huh

    95. MDM Aviation

      40 minutes obv. xD

    96. sulaiman alfarizzie

      Please collabs with captain “vincent raditya” capt haha

    97. Isaac Sothern

      4:53 It took you 40 minutes

    98. Pierce 87

      I want to be a pilot when I get older and I was wondering if flying heavy rated aircraft for the United States Air Force or national guard is good for transferring into commercial aviation and fly larger planes?

    99. Capt Alpha Kilo

      40 min to climb from FL 320 to FL360 at a ROC of 100ft/min.

    100. Quist Science Station

      Sir, just curious; what altitude was the Virgin Galactic HSPJ proposed to fly at? At age 11 and aviation and space is my passion. You might be getting more questions from me! :)