Is That A Cake? Challenge

Good Mythical Morning

4,4 млн көрүүлөр445

    In today's game, we're seeing if we can guess which object shaped cake has the nasty ingredient inside. GMM #1809
    Thanks to Lacy Rygg for all the amazing cakes! Check her out at cakesbylacy
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    1. Francess Bond

      The egg is supposed to be a duck egg Lol

    2. Marie Song

      I would have gone for the tooth paste cake too just nooooo to the pink stuff

    3. Kacey Linn

      John wayne chasey is terrifying

    4. Kourmer

      every good cake was on links side

    5. MaiCohWolf

      They're lucky Josh didn't make these cakes bc he would've infused cat food into everything from the batter to the fondant to the flames on the candles.

    6. Fiction Verse

      I wouldn’t eat the brain and liver even if they were cakes

    7. Shak Waghat

      Why is Link dressed as a mailman?

    8. Alex Andru

      They talking if its real or not... BUT IS IT A LIE??!!

    9. Riley Fleming

      Hey listen! Air fryer! Idea! Run with it! Boom

    10. Doc

      Beard paint

    11. Tony Maselli

      its eerie how much that clown looks like steph curry

    12. Aidan Herrera

      bring crew back

    13. 702._.valentine

      Links logic is weird, they wouldn’t put medicine in a cake if someone doesn’t need the medicine, that could get you sick lol

    14. Andrew Hirtle

      Lol they couldn’t make a cake that looked real enough, they just threw this idea together last second. the tittle “will it cake” is still there from the original idea.

    15. Joanna Dzenowski

      Everything is cake!

    16. Nox Kraven

      I wonder would Rhett & Link train their children how to become like them for future reference and good mystical morning episodes and shows on KGup

    17. Rayne Quinn

      They should have said, is this cake baking or faking? Love the video btw!

    18. Rhett Boblian

      Just realized all cakes have eggs in them

    19. McKenna Bowers

      Idk but that Pepto cake looked tasty 😅

    20. Omi’sR6World

      I gueesed every single one of them correctly using logic

    21. Angellica s.i

      Link not only won every match but also correctly guessed which cake was gross in every round!

    22. Stephanie Hu

      why would anyone celebrate the end of summer T^T

    23. The Insane Team!

      The f**king liver though

    24. Emily Morgan

      I lost it at John Wayne Chasey

    25. BamShiDoo 2


    26. Crink

      Link got all the lonk ones.

    27. harry pottah

      i remember the old days when my hair goes up, my hair goes down

      1. harry pottah

        are u gonna eat that was also pretty dope

      2. harry pottah

        before one hair goes up and one goes down and now same people its the opposite one goes down and 1 up

    28. Mark Dufresne II

      Can we just enjoy the moment that Link finally won!

    29. 8 3

      when i become a famous musician ima make a video with yall haha

    30. kid._.cuisine

      Okay but where did they get the "human" liver

    31. RPbaby 72

      hey y'all posted this on my wedding day :')

    32. Jane

      The garlic clove is amazing

    33. Mr Squidge


    34. Jack Steedley


    35. Kagima

      "John Wayne Chasey"

    36. Caleb Foster

      The more detailed ones are the ones that aren’t laced

    37. Rachael Magerl

      Link is dressed like a mailman in the summer time 🤣🤣🤣

    38. Audrey Manning

      hey i live on nantucket

    39. alia haider

      Cakes for dinner???

    40. Owen Gray

      sup good mythical morning peeps

    41. Chill Guard

      The day 1 day before my 8th birthday

    42. AerialAnnabella

      I'm gonna let fate decide... N' then I'm gonna give you the liver.

    43. Gravity Grace

      I haven't watched this show in a while, why does Rhett look like a neanderthal??

      1. illujion

        He explained it in one of their podcasts I cant remember but its a mental health thing

    44. Bella Curcio

      Link be lookin like a post man

    45. Bofur the Dwarf

      Rhett’s wish is so weird, weirder than me!

    46. Eric Williams

      How many of yaul thought the cake was on the buckets

    47. mariah brown

      Yeah OK bye

    48. Sydney Howell

      dont eat tooth past it is bad for your brain.

    49. CorazonKc

      The clown looks like post melone 😯

    50. a.random.person

      Link really can't not touch those spinning tables lol

    51. S. N.

      my god what a wish rhett.

    52. Cjaa Hfl

      It’s been 8 years sense i last watched u guys and u still look the same how is that possible😐

    53. Cute and Fluffy Pikachu

      Am I tho only person that actually loves the taste of pepto bismol 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    54. Pandamonium

      Every time I come back, Rhett's hair is closer to becoming its own entity.

    55. Justyce Phillips

      Good Mythical m Good m More videos

    56. Peep & Stitch


    57. Azathoth the Primal Chaos

      Its like portal but opposite.

    58. Kristen Stockman

      I agree

    59. Relax CreatorM

      -Episode approved by asexuals

    60. Relax CreatorM

      "Yah, that's just a stapler"... xD

    61. ellsbells 99

      You’re not in a care home yet??

    62. Pebbles 💖

      Those cakes were awesome, she did a great job! Love your videos, you're hilarious 😂

    63. Mexican Jesus

      The liver one was obv

    64. TJ bmx

      My face the whole time🤢🥴

    65. William Tomcykowski

      pepto bismol slaps anyway i’d take that anyday

    66. Isabela Boscolo

      what a wish..

    67. Blah-Blah

      John wayne chasy smiling is the most wholesome thing ever

    68. Legendary Lego Dude

      Nantucket is where I live

    69. hunter .c

      Remember when people cared about votingm

    70. Bailey Schatz

      Chase made this episode😂

    71. Wriju Banerjee

      I still cant believe that liver cake had real liver

    72. Lyric Richard

      Guess what guys... BIDEN WON!!!!

    73. Yamarie Robles

      This is also a Will it cake 😂

    74. Colton Salsig

      For eating a lot of weird stuff, link is pretty picky 😂

    75. Killian Barrans

      John Wayne Casey 😭

    76. CanyonsEdge2076

      That garlic clove is insane. I literally didn't believe it was cake until Link bit it.

    77. PuertoRicanPrincess

      How many times did they each vote? 😏

    78. moreelo silva

      Brard clothing🤣😂

    79. B Canada

      Interesting designs

    80. Michael Taunton

      You guys should do a will it cake episode

    81. Carlisa Sobolesky

      How do they do this?? How do these cakes look like real life objects?? I've seen cake look like toilet paper, a shoe, freaking Pepto Bismal!!

    82. Julie Hipp

      I’m going to let fate decide then give u the liver

    83. Thomas Pankiewicz

      to bad she didn't make an expensive toothpaste cap so link could swap them

    84. Husko Busko

      its... its... its all cake

    85. Autumnniite

      What is the secret to rhett's hair i just,,i just want to know

    86. Joe Mama

      The defeated platinum separately saw because gore-tex contemporaneously cause since a feeble feigned chauffeur. determined, succinct gauge

    87. Marco Maldonado

      Talk about brain food

    88. Daily dose of serotonin

      yoooww u guys were literally my childhood f0saofsoafsoafj

    89. GhostRider2224

      Alternative Title: The Cake or Fake Challenge

    90. Marc-Gabriel IORDAN

      Rhett looks like aquaman in this video

    91. Kata Mancek Pali

      link is dressed like a principle

    92. Johanne Christiane Tolentino

      Rhett look like from the cast away movie

    93. AR Films

      Isn’t there usually egg in cake?

    94. Joshua Jackson

      *the cake is a lie* 🎂

    95. Crash

      We not gonna talk about how links dressed like a USPS driver?

    96. Hannah the Goth Girl

      Do this again

    97. Madison Kupsky

      I am now curious what Link’s wish was.

    98. Big Smoke

      The sardines say bleak creek which makes me think this is all a play :/

    99. Natasha williams


    100. sai

      Bro why is no one asking about the live part :o