1 Ounce = $125,000 | Lake Erie - FLW Super Tournament

Wheeler Fishing

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    2020 FLW Super-Tournament on Lake Erie out of Sandusky Bay, Ohio. Full tournament filmed from my point of view. Over the course of 4 days of competition, 1 ounce of bass ends up being the difference in winning and losing the tournament and taking home $165,000 or $40,000!
    5 fish limit each day. Tournament waters include United States waters only due to COVID. Lake Huron through St Clair and the Detroit River into Lake Erie.
    #FLW #LakeErie #BassFishing
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    1. edgar57639

      Best in the world, can't win them all but 1oz is definitely a kick in the junk mmmmmm

    2. Adam Smith

      Only wheeler can catch a big largie way off shore in erie. It's pretty much unheard of. They are thick in the harbours and near shore. But not in the middle of the lake.

    3. den dens adventures

      My cousins live in Sandusky Ohio, (I live in east Tennessee, kingsport TN) an I remember the first time we went up there to visit them, they took us to the lake, an I thought it was the ocean!! Lol I talked to some of the locals an they told me about the big small jaws!

    4. ed savage

      If 18-9 would of won then wouldn’t 18-8 tied ? And 18-7 would of been an ounce off.? That doesn’t make any sense

    5. Zac Pearson

      My man went home and cuddled with his wife and just pondered his career😂

    6. Pat

      no wonder you are so good the fish just jump into the net for ya. lol

    7. Jason Emry Fishing

      I would love to go up to Lake Erie and fish with you and learn to fish this Great Lake!!

    8. Matthew Bousman

      love the videos

    9. Philip H

      People from la eat drum blew my mind

    10. Jim Snyder

      Those look like Ass Less Chaps!

    11. Jean-Pierre Vermaak

      Love this guy..

    12. Jean-Pierre Vermaak

      Love this guy..

    13. Steve Hogan

      WooHoo on the one after the pitstop.

    14. Gauthier_Fishing

      What bibs are those?

    15. big dad ace

      Small-time Ed [that's me] won a bag tournament lots of boats gathered around the area waiting for the clock to run out. I catch fish # 5 and win by about 8oz the tournament director says you wouldn't have won if you had not caught that last fish. I said well I wouldn't have won if I had not caught the first fish either. That's fishing bro you're still Jacob [the Reel Deal] Wheeler to me, you will get em next time...

    16. David James

      Jacob, Can you go over your drop shot technique? Looks like you have a different hook than an octupus hook. @wheelerfishing

    17. TF Davey

      Jacob Wheeler = Class Act

    18. Ontario Bassin

      Keeps you humble. But that’s why you do it

    19. John Koons

      Way to DING!

    20. Justin Chaffin

      Nice video on Erie. It's cool to see multiple fish species. I live in the Sandusky area and fish the islands and mainland harbors area a lot. Tip for next time you are on Erie: try East Harbor. There are plenty of 4 and 5 pounders largemouth. I'll give you a like and subscribe.



    22. John Olive

      I have eaten drum and they were good.

    23. Nonya Busy

      Awesome your the best.

    24. Will Foster

      it would would help if you talked more about what you were running so us minions could get a little educated. I like the comment.

    25. Andrew Bauer

      The title leads me to believe Wheeler pays way too much for his weed

    26. Solocanoe

      Just watched this whole tournament off the DVR today... totally awesome how you fished this one. You have been on fire the past months! Like KVD or Tiger in the 90s, like Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson in their runs... pure poetry in your fishing. Can't win em all... but you are getting SO close!

    27. Jerry Marshall

      Its better to be lucky and good.

    28. Matt Parks

      16 ads on this video? yeah no thanks.

    29. FireCaptain Tom

      Standing for the national anthem!👍👍

    30. Nelson Costa Pesca em família


    31. lee n

      16 adverts lol bye

    32. Brian White

      Done!! Love the videoan!!!

      1. Brian White

        Love the videos man!! That is

    33. Lou Carter

      Great video bro

    34. Chad Drumm

      No doubt one of the top if not the top pro anglers of our current era! J Dubs is simply amazing!

    35. Erik Larrison

      Who in the hell would want to eat a Sheep head they smell like a damn dead hookers ass!

    36. FollowMaeRd

      Wow 1 oz!!!! A couple of fish probably peed out that much 🤒

    37. Tyler Robinson

      You wondered about eating drum.... Lots of people on the Detroit River, Windsor side anyways. Do... kgup.info/get/lG52eavJnYCsaY8/video check out bucks video and you'll see coolers full of them!

    38. Bryan Embree

      Love watching your videos. they have helped me over the last year or so with my presentment and what to look for on new lakes. I am coming to the chic Oct 11-18 how should I prepare for that time of year on that lake? Thanks for any advise.

      1. Bryan Embree

        Wheeler Fishing thank you I know the Elite series will be there that weekend as well. Thank you for the tips

      2. Wheeler Fishing

        Bryan Embree hmm it should be a decent frog and topwater bite. Look for mats with life in them in the creeks to throw a frog on and submerged grass on the main lake flats to throw a walking bait.

    39. Luke Guggemos


    40. Gnoarn

      Considering all you had happen in this tournament you did more than awesome. Always love watching your video's.

    41. Treyblerock Lake

      Couple quality one liners in this one! 😂 enjoyed watching

    42. Blaine Bennett

      can you do more videos about what goes in my boat for whatever month it is

    43. Fran Saban

      Still the best guy out there for this sport! Most guys would have blamed this blamed that for why they lost by an ounce. You took it as a sign to work harder and stay hungry. Not too many like you in the sport and life in general. Great job! And best of luck in the future!

    44. Koll Messer

      Lets get him 500k subs

    45. Roberto Piazza

      Where i can buy that specific weight scale?

    46. Tony Parsley

      Way to go whealer

    47. Luke Staples

      Wow! So many ups and downs... 1 ounce! Unreal... big ups to Lucas. ur a pros pro j wheel... still the best thats doin it right now... the channel is so sick bro🤙

    48. living the outdoors

      Keep up the hard work buddy

    49. living the outdoors

      You guys better check youre Subscribers cause I just lost 20 of mine last night and I lost Jacobs wheelers channel I had to re Subscribed

    50. Crumley Boys

      Like u u wanna fish with him

    51. Crumley Boys

      Bro your awesome would be so cool to fish with u

    52. Big B Outdoors

      Imagine disliking this video?? Great season man!!

    53. Andrew White

      So glad I quit my job to meet you at Sandusky!!

    54. Kane Fishing

      Hello and good luck this year. I am starting a Veteran owned Fishing Gear company and would love the opportunity sir to send you a free shirt. My e-mail is pic@kanefishing.com. I am still working on my web-site (should be running 9-22-20) but in the meantime it would be my honor if you were allowed to receive this shirt. I would also love the opportunity to fish with you, you seem very squared away. Shoot me an e-mail if your allowed. Be safe

    55. Eugene Wall

      So if you needed 18-9 to win, why didn't 18-8 put you into a tie? I'm sure I'm missing something.

      1. Jerry Marshall

        Maybe the tied in weight and the other dude had a largest single fish.I dont know

    56. Charles Schuyler

      Jacob, thank you. You make it really easy for us to be a fan of yours! Thanks for the great video, but most importantly for the great attitude!

    57. Jjonathan Hamby

      Congrats buddy I cant wait to see you win red Crest

    58. bent rodguy

      awesome i just wish you would do 8 hrs of of practice and tournament , i cant get enough!

    59. Zcfishing

      Anyone know what brand sun gloves he uses? I can’t seem to find a decent pair

    60. Wyatt Muench

      Drum, we call em sheepshead on the Mississippi south of lacrosse, the smaller ones taste awesome only in the spring and the fall

    61. Steven Bullard

      Guess now I know why you where at honey creek getting some trolling motor work done

    62. Todd Williams

      Jacob....Ive followed professional bass fishing since the early 80s. Used to fish small time tournaments in the 80s and 90s......now days Im just a crappie fisherman and do some crappie tournaments. You Sir are a beast !!! Love how humble you are !! Best wishes for ya next season !!!!!!

    63. Aaron Brady

      Great job. Really enjoying your videos

    64. owen outdoors

      Wow that really stinks to lose by one ounce but seriously you need to be the angler of the year you are an incredible fisherman and stay at for the rest of your life

    65. caleb harmon

      Hey Jacob what kind of reels do you use??

      1. Chris Szymczak

        Duckettt bait casting reels and shimano Stradic spinning reels

    66. mohunter68

      Glad to see that Patriotism and standing for the flag/national anthem is still alive and well in Pro Bass Fishing! I Cannot Stand any other professional sports except maybe PGA but NFL, MLB, NBA are all dead to me like many others based on comments that I've read. Great Job JW that was a tough loss for sure and I'm impressed by your positive attitude that's what makes you a tough competitor. You'll get em just keep doing what your doing.

      1. Jerry Marshall

        You got that right,those pigs make me sick,The fans are pathetic for paying to see those piles insult our country,let em go play in china,see how that goes for em.

    67. Steve Worrell

      It use to be VanDam as top dog, now the tide has changed to Wheeler. Great video!!

    68. Steven Bernard

      Definitely one of my favorite pro bass fisherman to watch.

      1. Banks 420

        What’s some other good ones

      2. FrankieTheDude


    69. Alan Lister

      Brother you are going to have a lot of seconds and thirds in your career because you are going to have so many firsts. It's a good thing!

    70. Dustin Walker

      "Everybody loves a little truffle butter"...gross

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        Its all good brother! 👊🏼

      2. Dustin Walker

        @Wheeler Fishing No doubt but it is pretty funny! I love the names of 13 Fishing's lure colors. They're bringing humor to some serious well built baits and wonderful colors. I love what they're doing. Please don't take my original comment as distasteful or me complaining, I found it hilarious and had a great laugh behind it.

      3. Wheeler Fishing

        Yeah I seen it. Just because it slang for that has nothing to do with the true meaning of the word.

      4. Dustin Walker

        @Wheeler Fishing I know it's the name of the color and it's a great color and a hilarious name! If you don't know or haven't, look up truffle butter on urban dictionary lol!

      5. Wheeler Fishing

        It’s the name of the jabber jaw crank bait that I was throwing.

    71. Paul Anderson

      Am I missing something. If he need 18.9 to win and he got 18.8 shouldn't it be a tie. What was the tie breaker?

      1. Jerry Marshall

        Probably the biggest fish.

    72. Bassin 63

      . Enjoy and appreciate you Mr.! long time now. Your vids rock . Thanks for allowing us to join you on your ventures. Always looking for the next one. Bless you and your family and friends.

    73. Dan Barrell

      Love your attitude you've had a great year. And you got a great family you got a lot going for you. I love how you interact with your friends. Especially you and mark. I know you work hard at fishing. Impressed with your knowledge of electronics and mapping

    74. Kurtis

      Had my first tournament last weekend on table rock and loved it. My buddy and I placed 13 out of 83 boats, but we’re unlucky because we would have had more weight but 3 fish were a quarter inch short which would have put us in top 5. Other than that I had a good time on a lake I had never fished until then and you, mark and those guys are the reason why I started so thanks.

      1. jer bo

        cool story bruh

    75. Jon B

      How could you tell your lower unit was going out ? Good video btw !

    76. Wader ,

      God will definitely put you where you belong. I know it sucks but you are a very blessed man! Great season buddy...... " UNREEELLL"

    77. Knotty Fishing

      Love the videos learned a lot and would love if you could please subscribe to my channel knotty fishing 🎣

    78. Gerald Bradbury

      Great vid wheeler love watching your videos thank you

    79. seth spring

      you are a stand up Human we all look up too!! Keep grinding and you will keep providing for your family! Great work!

    80. Jordan Borchansky

      So I'm just gonna say it lol wheeler I love you but I wouldn't reference truffle butter ever again lol just sayin bubba #Drivefasteatass

      1. Joe

        It’s the name of the color of the crank he was using.

    81. John Oglesby

      Jacob, Great job Hoosier Heart.

    82. Dylan Miller

      We had a 3 fish limit tournanent up here in akwesasne (st lawerence river) last weekend and the winning bag was 15.8 lbs. We have some dodo smallies here.

    83. Lalu

      Did he not win anything for getting second then

    84. Larry Smith

      JESUS Loves YOU ALL. JESUS died on the cross for everyones sins, HE went to hell for us ALL and after 3 days HE rose from the dead to give eternal life to ALL who will believe, obey and follow JESUS to the END.(Bible: John 3 :15-17/1st Corinthians 15: 1-4/ Romans 10:1-15 NKJV)

    85. Steve Hogan

      Nice... Thanks for putting this up for us man. Water is beautiful there. You are snatching em up like popcorn. and with or without the win, you brought some fun to a lot of people. Thanks.

    86. Josh Taylor


    87. Zac Pearson

      Can you explain the difference between mlf and flw? Like how you went from one to the other and if you are going back to mlf? Love the vids keep it ip

      1. Jerry Marshall

        @Eugene Wall i thought Duckett started MLF,is it still an organization,I havnt kept up with fishin like I used to.

      2. Eugene Wall

        @Jerry Marshall lol, the World Football League is defunct too! Sorry, aixelsid kicked in.

      3. Jerry Marshall

        @Eugene Wall WFL?

      4. Eugene Wall

        MLF weighs every fish over 2 lbs. They have an official in every boat who weighs all fish and uploads weight. This gives every fisherman in the tournment a real life tracking of where they rank, and how much weight they need to win. It's a catch and release immediately tournment. FLW is run like most other tournments in that it's only 5 fish weighed-in, then the fish are released. I doubt most anglers who left WFL this year will go back. The man who started it died, and the new owners refused to honor previous commitments, one of which was a promised big dollar tournment among the top 10 (I think it was top ten). Hope this helped.

    88. brian gentry

      I grew up on lake Eire and it can be a beast at any given moment it will change on you.

    89. APOFishing

      it surely can't be worst losing by an ounce than some of Randy Blaukats past tournaments.

    90. Puscy Lisker

      That's what I love about smallmouth. I always think there bigger just because of the fight

    91. Chase Havens

      Wheeler with the flying smallmouth net job😂

    92. Darryl Williams

      Time to give the Yamaha a try ..

    93. James Mims

      Great vid Jacob. I’m going to hit the water for the first time in a month or better. Hurricane Laura totally destroyed our community. I’m a union electrician we have been super busy picking up the pieces so to speak can’t wait to get back on Toledo Bend.

    94. Kirk Reusch

      God bless you a JW. Great work.

    95. James Mims

      Fresh water drum r very good to eat meat is firm and flakey bout the same as a red fish. You have to cut the blood line or red meat out of them but very tasty.

    96. Brian Gonser

      Nice right in my backyard man. Much respect. Lake Erie is a tough one but you almost had it! Ill try to catch you next time you fish up this way. My dad and I always wanted to meet you lol

    97. G Gw

      Shoulda went with a yamaha mane.

      1. Jerry Marshall

        Buy american

    98. Ray Williams

      ive had 2 toueneys in last 12 months 1ve lost by 1 oz. our club top ten championship we lost 1st by 1/4 oz, bye bye extra $1000

    99. Mulldrifter Z

      The difference between between you Jacob, and most guys I watch is at around 15:00 . Most guys are worried about making a check, and you are already thinking about how you are going to win. THAT is why you are the best bass angler in the world right now.

    100. Crappie-Disaster RC

      That sux Jacob I bet it was hard to sleep that night. The way your feeling now is the way you make a lot of anglers feel every tournament:)