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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel and to another video which is all about the cryptic world of aviation abbreviations.
    Let’s get started
    ADF - The Automatic Direction Finder, a radio navigation device. Which works great with an NDB
    ADIRS - The Air Data Inertial Reference System, processes and provides for example data concerning speed, angle of attack and altitude as well as inertial references like position and attitude.
    AFS - The Auto Flight System, the core system when it comes to autonomous flying. It includes for example the subsystem everyone knows as the autopilot.
    AH or AI - The Artificial Horizon or Attitude Indicator
    ALT - Stands for Altimeter and it displays the Altitude. They share this abbreviation.
    A/THR - The Auto Throttle. Once activated, it adjusts the thrust or throttles autonomously.
    B/A - Is the Bank Angle around the longitudinal axis.
    CDI - The Course Deviation Indicator. It is used to determine your lateral position relative to a course to or from a VOR for example.
    CDU - The Control and Display Unit. The pilot’s interface for making inputs into the aircraft computers.
    CKPT - short for Cockpit
    DG - The Directional Gyro or better known as the heading indicator.
    ECAM - That is Airbus’ Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring. The two center displays.
    EFIS - The generic term for the Electronic Flight Instruments System which make up the modern glass cockpits.
    EGT - The Exhaust Gas Temperature
    EICAS - The Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System, which information is displayed on the center screens of a Boeing, comparable to the ECAM on Airbus models.
    ENG - short for Engine
    FD - Stands for Flight Director the little graphical aid in front of the artificial horizon.
    FMC - The Flight Management Computer is a system based on a data base that allows the programming of routes and is part of the…
    FMS - The Flight Management System, which contains many subsystems like the FMC and other navigation systems. It displays its data via the EFIS.
    GPS - Is of course short for the famous Global Positioning System
    GPWS - The Ground Proximity Warning System.
    GS - Is your Ground Speed
    HDG - Is short for Heading.
    HUD - The Head-Up-Display which can be found in a Boeing 787 Dreamliner for example.
    IAS - Is your Indicated Airspeed which you can always find on the left side of your basic T.
    LNAV - Stands for Lateral Navigation.
    MCDU - The Multi-Purpose Control and Display Unit, which again is an interface unit to make inputs into the FMS. It consists of an LCD Screen and a Keyboard.
    N1 - The Low-Pressure Spool Speed
    N2 - The High-Pressure Spool Speed
    NAV - Short for Navigation
    ND - The Navigation Display.
    OBS - The Omni Bearing Selector, which is the turning knob to set the course line on the CDI.
    PFD - The Primary Flight Display.
    QNH - Represent the altimeter setting in which the pressure reference is set according to MSL, the mean sea level.
    RMI - The Radio Magnetic Indicator is a radio compass used for navigation towards NDBs. It is included in the ADF.
    SPD - Is short for Speed.
    STD - Stands for Standard, another altimeter setting, which is used above specific transition altitudes where altitudes become flight levels.
    TAS - Is your True Airspeed.
    THR - Thrust and Throttle both share this abbreviation.
    TOGA - The Take Off / Go Around button is mounted onto the thrust levers and automatically applies take off thrust or full power when pressed prior to take off or to perform a go around.
    VHF - Is short for Very High Frequency. The spectrum of short-range radio frequencies.
    VNAV - Stands for Vertical Navigation.
    V/S - Is your Vertical Speed, also called climb or descent rate followed by
    VSI - The Vertical Speed Indicator
    WXR - The Weather Radar which graphical information is mostly displayed on the ND.
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    1. Patrick Wauters

      Hello, the Pic illustrating the VHF is in reality a VOR antenna, and not a typical VHF communication antenna

    2. Gudmundur Kristjansson

      Thank you Joe, this came handy for all of us, and I even shot screen shots of every item you mentioned, and filled in my Flight Dictionary record!


      sir what is difference between PFD and EADI

    4. Unidentified User

      Most of his subscribers are on the no-fly list🤣

    5. Mynamesmatt_

      QNH = Query Nil Height in case anyone was wondering

    6. Rana Saif

      Iloveyou capt ❤️

    7. 푸딩이집사아는형

      Brilliant explanation!!

    8. Iskandar Zulkarnain


    9. Ábel Kormos

      At 1:18 you're showing a wrong instrument. In the Cessna cockpit that is a vor without glide slope indication, not an ADF.

    10. Spare2 Count

      Guys the HUD in the 787 is hilarious it is not a Fighter jet haha

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    13. Kris Tarasana

      QNH ( question nil height )

    14. Dominik Friedl

      Could not I say, the CDU and the FMC is the same?

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    16. Baptiste

      Whats the difference between MCDU and FMC ?

    17. Critical Operator

      TCAS appears on screen Me: ohh, I know that one

    18. chamuditha fernando

      What are the spinning wheels near the THR

    19. animesh singh

      Sir please make video on Aircraft maintenance engenering

    20. fet1

      5:14 Q code refefece: for fet_enthusiasts (“Field Elevation”) - is a pressure setting you dial into your altimeter to produce the height above the runway. It reads zero when you are on the runway and gives your height above it when you are airborne. This appears to be consistent between ICAO and U.S. FAA reference material.

    21. fet1

      6:32 VSI = Vertical Speed Indicator

    22. fet1

      5:22 RMI = Radio Magnetic Indicator

    23. fet1

      5:14 QNH

    24. fet1

      6:40 WXR = Weather Radar (Whiskey X-ray Romeo) Mostly displayed on the ND (Navigation Display)

    25. fet1

      6:28 V/S = Vertical Speed (+) Climb Rate / (-) Descent Rate indicated by the VSI (Vertical Speed Indicator)

    26. fet1

      6:24 VNAV = Vertical NAVigation (navigation)

    27. fet1

      6:16 VHF = Very High Frequency (Short Range Radio Frequency)

    28. fet1

      6:02 T0/GA = Take Off / Go Around (button / detent)

    29. fet1

      5:57 THR = THRottle * THR = THRust

    30. fet1

      5:51 TCAS = Traffic alert & Collision Avoidance System

    31. fet1

      5:49 TAS = True Air Speed

    32. fet1

      5:36 STD= STandarD Transition Level ==> ALT becomes FL (Flight Level)

    33. fet1

      5:32 SPD = SPeeD (speed)

    34. fet1

      5:22 RMI = Radio Magnetic Indicator NDB = Non-Directional Beacon ADF = Automatic Direction Finder

    35. fet1

      5:16 QNH = Altimeter Setting / Pressure Reference Pressure Range => 870 -- 1084 hPa MSL = Mean Sea Level

    36. fet1

      5:10 PFD = Primary Flight Display

    37. fet1

      5:01 OBS = Omni Bearing Selector (cf. CDI = Course Deviation Indicator 2:19)

    38. fet1

      4:54 NAV = NAVigation (navigation) ND = Navigation Display

    39. fet1

      4:48 N1 = Low-Pressure Spool Speed N2 = High Pressure Spool Speed

    40. fet1

      4:33 MCDU = Multipurpose Control and Display Unit * MCDU = Multi-Function Control and Display Unit

    41. fet1

      4:30 LNAV = Lateral NAVigation (navigation)

    42. fet1

      4:21 IAS = Indicated Air Speed

    43. fet1

      4:18 HUD = Head-Up Display (Boeing Dreamliner)

    44. fet1

      4:12 HDG = HeaDinG (Heading)

    45. fet1

      4:09 GS = Ground Speed

    46. fet1

      3:54 GPWS = Ground Proximity Warning System EGPWS = Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System

    47. fet1

      3:50 GPS = Global Positioning System

    48. fet1

      3:40 FMS = Flight Management System

    49. fet1

      3:27 FMC = Flight Management Computer

    50. fet1

      3:24 FD = Flight Director

    51. fet1

      3:17 ENG = ENGine (engine)

    52. fet1

      3:05 EICAS = Engine Indication & Crew Alerting System EICAS (Boeing) ECAM (Airbus)

    53. fet1

      3:01 EGT = Exhaust Gas Temperature

    54. fet1

      2:56 EFIS = Electronic Flight Instrument System

    55. fet1

      2:46 ECAM = Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitor

    56. fet1

      2:40 DG = Directional Gyro (Heading Indicator)

    57. fet1

      2:36 CKPT = Cockpit

    58. fet1

      2:29 CDU = Control and Display Unit

    59. fet1

      2:19 CDI = Course Deviation Indicator

    60. fet1

      2:12 B/A = Bank Angle

    61. fet1

      2:05 A/THR = Auto THRottle (System)

    62. fet1

      1:58 ALT = Altimeter

    63. fet1

      1:54 AH = Artificial Horizon AI = Attitude Indicator

    64. fet1

      1:41 AFS = Auto Flight System

    65. fet1

      1:24 ADIRS = Air Data Inertial Reference System

    66. fet1

      1:14 ADF = Automatic Direction Finder

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        The HUD increases the pilot's situational awareness because the pilot can see important flight data in front of his/her eyes without looking down to instrument panel. Here is a good image presenting the flight data displayed on the HUD:

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