Why you should NEVER GIVE UP in Minecraft... #shorts


8 млн көрүүлөр7 726

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    1. Lylons

      Remember to press that subscribe button! Were getting close to 30k, which means KGup rank on hypixel! :D

      1. Hmmm Yes

        @Hamza MAAK it’s for a video, I also never stated I was better than anyone tho I maybe stated I was like able I never said I was better than anyone your twisting my words now. What, did I say that was emo? Did I ever say “oh my hearts broken because of her I wear black all the time” or some shit like that? Do you even know the meaning of emo?

      2. Hamza MAAK

        @Hmmm Yes calm down self emo is great but don't say that you're better than someone else I mean the trash can is more likeable than you

      3. Hamza MAAK

        @Hmmm Yes I can do better than a guy twerking for his friend's death in minecraft

      4. MARIA ULFA

        @Isiac Hollen 😂 abu

      5. keven


    2. Fantom ankka a

      Why you should stop watching minecraft

    3. FieryBlank - Roblox

      Dont flex on people

    4. Rest Easy

      No wonder he's getting more your at the wrong. Y level duh

    5. Toasty_Pea

      What. The. Fuck.

    6. JackPlayzWasTaken

      i swear to god if i hear this song again im gonna kill myself



    8. Estudia_

      Que chucha?

    9. Nays 007

      Islandi jsk

    10. Ruffuls

      I seriously don't get this video

    11. jakedup6969

      But netherite doesn't burn

    12. Jacob Harper

      Hmm, just witnessed a man burn while holding a rare tool and object. Better twerk!

    13. ashteean

      What the heck

    14. Melkitho

      i was about to leave the video and than i said:oh yeah i forgot to dislike this shit

    15. MyDekunuts

      Ok minecraft was cool when it made a Comeback then its fanbase turned into complete retards.

    16. Mr Schneider

      Now I really want to go back to monkey

    17. A Dog Person

      Special Ed class be like

    18. {•Eristel Syino•}

      *Upset no one got the other ancient debrief twerking*

    19. TheOnlySp1r1t

      The anti vaccinated kids :

    20. Banele Nkosi

      I wish Minecraft was real and become rich

    21. Jennifer Catherine Camara

      The twerk dance lol 💅💅

    22. Mikey watkins

      This is so cringy

    23. DarkShade

      I laughed so hard jk

    24. Opticsignn

      wow this guy has flashbacks when his mom beat him up. thats why he stopped.

    25. რეზი გიორგბერიძე

      He pepeed in his head

    26. kotyara227

      А чо он встал то?🗿

    27. 30FPS Nexus

      I don't know how humanity evolved from apes just to use 3 different songs on KGup shorts.

    28. keancris45

      If i hear this music again im gonna smash my head in a brick

    29. Juan Kena

      *why aint you bed mining?*

    30. LightSweeps

      How do you get this angle tho

    31. Rainbow Foxy


    32. Rachel Babe Arsyil

      Bagaimana caranya langsung di mana kalau Anda turun tuh mati gitu gitu kalau Anda turun la

    33. Evos

      subscribe today! Only the worst of the worst content around here!

    34. That Earthy Alien

      Oh no, its digtock again

    35. AadenJ.


    36. Daozk

      Bro what is this shit

    37. Awesome Dude Gaming

      Dude it would have been funny if you had put "in Minecraft" inside the brackets😂

    38. Olivia T

      Who brags about getting two ancient debris?!

    39. SernoxSergal

      welp thats already fake dude. the maximum ammount of ancient debris in a vein is 4. and there can only be 1 vein per chunk.

    40. Milla Wati

      What was he doing went that guy crouch sad and he close .~.

    41. • I'm Zalko 27 •

      If I ever hear this song again.... AHAKSHAKSBDN

    42. viral zadkyel


    43. warhawk404

      niqqa what

    44. McLOLersYT

      The cring tjo

    45. Shadow Stalker

      Wut, ngl im so confused after this video XD

    46. Saul Edmond

      Having that mentality in mc is probably going to go forever


      This made no sense

    48. Igi CzW


    49. GustavoN 444

      Anyways another lunar client player

    50. Dragon the slayer

      Debris spawns in groups of 2 mainly

    51. Robert Johnston

      This has happened to me

    52. benjamin hager

      I lost brain cells watching this

    53. stevenkingsav

      bruuh dude started twerking😂😂

    54. Noah Tinio

      when you can only get 2 debris per chunk

    55. Thicc Carl wheezer

      He mined a couple of blocks than just gave up that one kid who spent 3 hours strip mining

    56. FTime 229

      Music name?

    57. Chris the bacteria god

      Always remember kids, wait for a random kid to join your server, find more scraps than you, and wait for him to die for good luck

    58. Shrimpyplayz

      Me and the boys bustin a squat after we watch someone getting burnt to a crisp

    59. Shmaz Pootaz

      This is the dumbest thing i’ve ever seen

    60. Tubbo Likes Bees

      What did he do??????

    61. Durchknal

      I fucking hate this song soooooooooo much

    62. Bartless

      You give up life

    63. MisterCaden’s Sandbox

      God why has KGup turned into tiktok

    64. TheStarryBighead

      290k likes. Small creators are struggling and this is what the youtube platform promotes. What has humanity come to.

    65. The Lost Sponge Bob

      df is this

    66. Cecilia Space

      My eyes are suffering

    67. Ultrazz gamer

      Is it normal Finding a 3by3lava hole in the nether Finding a 18blocks vein of ancient debris Digging straight down in the nether Randomly giving up

    68. Hyperifics

      If I ever hear this song again I will blow my ear drums pff

    69. Alex Wallex

      So you shouldn’t give up or a random guy will die

    70. ActuallyThings

      Was diamonds, now this

    71. Enderrina Chan

      Link music please🎵🎶🎵🎶

    72. Kylie eunice Amoyo


    73. Kylie eunice Amoyo


    74. Gob


    75. Young Reckless

      That does not give me a reason to not give up

    76. Shantae On Windows 98

      Huh, so this is why my friend doesn’t like most Minecraft yt shorts

    77. Daniel Santos


    78. Kerem Cagan

      Press f5 idiot

    79. Traleras

      Famous last words: " Hey buddy ill help you!"

    80. Valeri Perez perez


    81. matias rodriguez


    82. Your a Simp

      We not going to talk about how ancient debris doesn’t generate like that?

    83. Viktoria Sobolewska


    84. Yuko

      Эм лол, он как бы даже не понтовался. Лол, смысл этого тупого ролика.

    85. Simon Lau

      If I heard this song again I’m going to main villain plan this planet

    86. Altronius


    87. fetch the good dog ツ

      Imagine if this is a add now i should delete minecraft forever

    88. TheRBLXHacker

      Stop with these type of minecraft videos bruh its like cancer the music everything Imao

    89. OverOreo

      fuck this shit I'm out

    90. Alex Osuna

      What the fuck did I just watch

    91. itsyummeh

      The dance is so funneh hahahahahahahahahyaush

    92. Асема Джеенбекова

      Я одна рожала когда он тверкал

    93. Cowboy feogg3

      KGup kid be like

    94. ZerØ As th3 numb3r

      This just shows why you SHOULD give up

    95. UnWeonCualquiera :D

      A man die in lava Girl: LETS DANCE My english is not perfect :c

    96. Tankman

      I wanna die

    97. Slut Slayer

      W H Y

    98. Samuel Melo

      No siaumilde yes siamuilfr

    99. theo blahblah

      Evertthing wrong with this video 1: 2 pieces of ancient debris per chunk 2: they cant ser eachother 3: annoying trend 4: these videos suck