Is This Hilary’s New PERSONAL BEST?

Scott Martin

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    Hilary is a quick learner! I show her how to flip a 2oz weigh for GIANT BASS! New Personal Best?
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    1. Scott Martin

      Be sure to go check out Hilarys version on her channel NOW! @thereelhilarysue

      1. bob smith

        TOADs!!! You should have taken a double fish pic

      2. Brenda Eberwein

        Hillary had a great teacher right there.

      3. Rogbass

        Watched hers first old man. Lol. Your getting slow. She rocks. Looking forward to the future and her in it winning tourneys

      4. George Talley

        Thanks Scott she is thrilled lol she’s like oh my goodness

      5. Steve Hogan

        Yes, I'm going there now...

    2. uknowhatimean steve

      Think of the bag she had wow

    3. Jeff Fournier

      And that's how you get it done.

    4. Stephen Beth

      Scott you did a great job with her but sorry she's gonna kick your butt soon lol

    5. ExoticReaper12

      Is it just me or is the screen gliching

    6. Justin Newton

      Did I miss how much it weighs?

    7. Kyle Flanagan

      What lures are y’all using?

    8. Beau Bellamy

      Hillary catches a monster!! Scott.....hold my beer.


      If you were my daddy I’d fish with you until my pb is 19.1

    10. Danny Vang

      Congratulations Hillary and very great catch! Father like daughter, daughter like Father!

    11. Chris McCloud

      A+ on hook set Hilary!

    12. Chris McCloud

      Wow that gave me chills!! I’m tearing up! I’m so happy for her PB!! “Dude Dude Dude”!!!

    13. Michael Pollard

      Who had the better hook set when come set the hook in the fish. I got Hillary.

    14. Landyn Cooley

      What kind of reel were you flipping with

    15. Morrow outdoors

      You just Texas riding a pitboss

    16. Jonathon Ray

      Y it glitch in first part of video

    17. Blue Collar Fishing

      Is Hillary going to make the 3rd generation of pro fishing royalty? that her plan?

    18. Lukas Barcelow

      who else heard peric when she landed her bass

      1. masonotp332

        Lollll golden comment

    19. Jon Trahan

      HAHAHA OH MY GAWD!!!! Just two straight up HOGS!!!

    20. EasternAnglerNC

      I’m a long time subscriber! When I saw this video I was already in Florida, next day went straight to Headwaters. Had an amazing trip! Throw some support to the channel my way! Thanks for always putting out great content!

    21. wildlife explorers

      Great video Scott and Hillary

    22. wildlife explorers

      Those bass were huge

    23. Bubba Ward Music

      Hell yeah Hilary!!!! That is a huge freaking bass!!! Scott you are a role model father man!!!!! When she set the hook and that braid started screaming.... goose bumps instantly!!!!!! Hell of a video!!!!

    24. Kevin Wells

      I love you guys. I love your videos. I'll be back.

    25. Darrell King

      I miss the spinner worm

    26. Topwater Tony

      I plan on heading to headwater at the end of March, very excited 😆😆

    27. JunkFishing101

      Good coaching!

    28. Hammerin_Hank_Outdoors

      I don't know why you are trying to say y'all we're catching those fish flipping with a Googan bandito bug. Easy to see that you got a creature bait and a burner craw. Don't have to lie about it.

    29. Ross Greenwell

      This is the COOLEST father and daughter moment 🤘🤘🤘

    30. HC Fishing

      “Dad it’s a giant”. Scott hold my beer

    31. Fire Turtle Adventures

      Does she have to wait until she's 18 to go pro & fish tournaments? Just curious to how that works. It would be awesome to see here there fishing MLF & BASS tournaments like you and your dad..

    32. Devin Dobson

      I remembered when I screamed like a little girl when I caught my Pb too well done.

    33. caitlin cooksey

      wow.. absolute beasts! great job and great content keep it up!

    34. Fish and Fishing Activities

      Good content from SaudiArabia

    35. William Bates

      Congratts Hillery

    36. Ethan Snyder

      Hey Scott if you are ever in iowa stop in okoboji iowa they have 3 main lakes and berkley fishing company was founded in the okoboji and spirt lake area it has great smallmouth largemouth and pike fishing check it out

    37. robert alexander

      Scott.. best dad ever award. Great job Where are you fishing what lake. Love to head south and get my fish on and take my son with. Northern fishing is way to cold right now. Have a new vexus and will travel have some vacation. That looked awesome.

    38. nealkinevil

      Great show.

    39. Geoffrey Lefevre

      Hilary caught a biggin but big papa had to show her who's boss

    40. Simon Bodjanac

      Bro how is she so good at fishing? That’s awesome

    41. Chad Woodward

      Personal best is the most redundant thing I've ever heard. If it's your biggest fish then if course it's your personal best the hell else's would it be. It's just your best dating other best just flat out sounds stupid. Congrats on your biggest bass.

    42. Dwayne


    43. Bass Fly Fishing Korea

      Respect 🙌

    44. Rad Reeling Fishing

      Holy Gosh, did she take lessons from 1rod on how to react when you catch a giant. Such an awesome video!

    45. Jacob G

      I’m going to Florida soon and I want to fish. I need to find a good lake where I can beat my pb. Know any good lakes. And what’s this one

    46. Stuntoholics

      Damn Scott is good.

    47. Scott C

      That was awesome!!

    48. Jeff Fournier


    49. Eat sleep Game

      Is the vid tripping are am I

    50. David Dunne

      It's great how excited you guys get!! 👍

    51. A OUTDOORS

      I'm glad someone caught some good fish out of that place when I went it sucked and I mean bad, all I kept hearing was headwaters this and headwaters that didn't enjoy it not one bit.

    52. tdkman28

      Shes such a little badass!!!! Great stuff.

    53. Brett Ingersoll

      She got the right mind set " we need to put him in the live well an keep flippin.." next flip another tank!!!!!

    54. Brenda Eberwein

      Awesome job Hillary

    55. Dustin H

      Freakin mondo's!!!

    56. Michael Neal

      Love to see the excitement on her face , memories she’ll never forget !! Great job dad !!

    57. Mark Chambers

      Awesome 😎

    58. Ron Chambers

      Great times guys...thanks for sharing. Awesome fish

    59. Tony Shroyer

      Wow.....that is awsome that fish just changed her life forever......"CONGRATS"

    60. Nolan is Fishin

      By the way o have those same hey Dued’s

    61. Nolan is Fishin

      Heyy man I really hope u see this commment man I love ur vids and in school I had to a biography on some one and I did u and I hid to do your age and alll of that stuff and pics of u and ur family and I had fun time doing it man and I want all out man I love u and ur family

    62. Gabriel Haggard

      Dude this is just amazing!! I love this video! Can’t wait to have kids myself with my wife one day! You inspire me to teach them everything I know!

    63. Elray Banderas

      Man I love this kind of content something for me to watch and learn but also see pure happiness and adrenaline and everything thanks @Scott Martin keep it up man !! 👌🤘💯🔥🔥🔥

    64. BassGeek

      Awesome fish.

    65. Sayin Fishin

      I love this

    66. Rogbass

      Heard some great things about your operation in the keys. From that incredible freeman to the location and cottages. I’ll be coming down.

    67. KelvinShiFTZ

      Sick cant wait for spring time ;)

    68. AndenOutdoors

      you can see bluegill or something inside of that fishes stomach lol

    69. Jarrod Willbur

      Drove down from Michigan for 2 weeks to fish this lake... any tips? Went out today wirh my dad and struggled... but it’s not called catching. But seriously, any tips on what to do if flipping isn’t the move.

    70. Brody Solis

      Great vid man. What is your PB?

    71. Glenn Toups

      Back to back special is that......way to go Hilary......proof apple doesn't fall far from the tree

    72. KFlo_1219

      DA-DONK!!! 😳🎣🔥

    73. Collin17 Foly

      Why dose she low key sound like peric though

    74. Rangernation46

      Back to back mega mommas what an awesome day I gotta come down to Florida you’ve taught me much bout flipping heavy cover we ain’t got much cover like that in north ga !!! ;)

    75. Bay Joua

      After watching this video and you don’t subscribe, something is wrong with you. Epic video!

      1. Scott Martin


    76. Eli Edwards

      Scott your amazing

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Eli!

    77. Jello's Random Channel 4182

      Wow your Daughter is beautiful and I have been fishing since I was 3!!! I am 14 and my biggest is 6 pounds 7 ounces Damn! She is good I would love to have a tournament with her!🔥😎

    78. Scott Anders

      Lol! Made my day watching her catch that tank!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks was an amazing moment!

    79. Daniel Walston

      Wow her excitement was worth the whole video!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Daniel

    80. Smallmouthnation


    81. George Talley

      My little girl loves @reelhillarysue channel she’s 10 yrs old I feel like Hillary is a great role model

      1. George Talley

        Thanks Scott she was thrilled shes like oh my goodness lol 😊👊

      2. Scott Martin

        That’s awesome tell her big hello from Hilary

    82. Michael Lussoro

      That’s criminal awesome! She’s so stoked!!!! Awesome job dad!

    83. Mason Sewell

      Y’all need to fish with that trash talker. I don’t know his name

      1. Scott Martin

        TTJ come on man

    84. Steve Hogan

      There he is back up back u p... I just hate you guys, you too Hillary..Dang I am so envious. Thanks for sharing you ........ s.

      1. Scott Martin



      love seeing hilary catch donkeys. What ever happened to camera man brandon?


        @Scott Martin miss the banter between you two lol Glad to know he is still around TIGHT LINES!

      2. Scott Martin

        He films our TV stuff not KGup anymore

    86. Quinton McDermott

      Priceless father-daughter moment right there

      1. Scott Martin

        I’ll never forget it awesome

    87. Earthworm J Fishing

      Hilary with the tank!!

      1. Scott Martin

        So awesome!

    88. The Troutinator

      Did I miss how much those 2 bass weighed ?

    89. Charles Thompson

      the thumnail is if scots fish lol

    90. Bryan Doyle


    91. A Buddy of Mine

      Shes like 16 and already better than some of the pros

      1. Scott Martin

        She’s working hard

    92. David Blaylock

      The excitement you both have. Nothing better than father Daughter bond. My daughter loves to go on Lake Chickamauga fishing with me. Do we catch a lot of big bass? Kind of, what great days we have.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks David that’s awesome you get to spend time with your daughter as well

    93. elijah kangas

      good lord my ears

    94. Michael Nadeau

      What 💩 gives this a thumbs down!!!!!! I’m guessing a very jealous and bitter angler.

      1. Scott Martin

        Hass to be

    95. Dade Waldrup

      This video is trippin

    96. Travis Wells

      Ready for this channel to hit a milli 🔨🎣🔨🎣 always high quality content here. 👊

      1. Scott Martin



      Nothing sounds better than braid screaming off the reel! Great job!

    98. George Talley

      That’s a proud daddy moment awesome job

      1. George Talley


      2. Scott Martin

        Very proud

    99. Logan Netherton

      Hillary: *Catches a absolute giant Me: can only catch 5-7 inchers

      1. nik mar

        Ikr. The biggest I can get near me is 3 pounds. My friend caught a 4 and that’s the biggest I have seen in person, but I do live near a lake that had a 7 pound small mouth pulled out of it.

    100. McGerkFish65 Outdoors

      You guys are definitely related to Roland Martin with catching those 2 bass.