Trisha & Ethan Do Goat Yoga & Carpool Karaoke - Frenemies #11

H3 Podcast

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    1. Katie Carter

      this is genuinely the only good content left on youtube

    2. LetMePlayWIthIT Bro

      Thank you for affirming that Kathie Lee was and remains so much better than Kelly . I’ve been saying this for years.

    3. George Mulcrone

      Are they attracted to blood like sharks? ‘they’re vegan’

    4. I Want To Be A Hive Mind So Bad

      Literally the lowest volume feels like it's blasting my ears lol

    5. My Keys

      „they are vegan“

    6. skeet ulrich


    7. Lillith666

      I thought she was gunna be Cindy Lou and Ethan would be the grinch?

    8. Pedro Rodrigues

      goat yoga is the most LA shit I ever heard

      1. Pedro Rodrigues

        i stan tho

    9. Breanna Basile


    10. Breanna Basile

      Get me a friend like ...

    11. Jak Brownies

      26:13 JEW 👉

    12. alex boyd

      Ethan is genuinely the cutest! he is just so supportive of Trisha. I'm not her biggest fan but their relationship is adorable, we all need friends like Ethan

    13. Just Me

      I really don't think Ethan has a crush on Trisha. I think like the rest of us he finds her endearing and fascinating but sexual attraction? No. Pretty girl yes, but so what? I think Trisha needs everyone around her to adore her or her insecurities kick in. Sad.

    14. Emma Thom

      I was dying at 30:17

    15. Emma Thom

      Trish rlly be lord of da ring



    17. Gama_

      Yo why is sad boy 2005 actually decent

    18. hahaPajn

      To the people hating on Trisha. If Ethan accepts her after she tried to ruined his life it ultimately makes yall toxic.

    19. łiving dead grrl

      “I literally get tested all the time-mhpm

    20. Alexandria Cicero

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they got married some day

    21. ashley zapata


    22. jessica vantassel

      Omg i know I'm late but I guys should do a lie detector test. This will help both of you.

    23. Derik Le


    24. Paula Quiroz

      she said the goats were vegan lmao


      trisha: are they attracted to blood? like sharks? goat yoda instructor: 👁👄👁 they're vegan.

    26. jaime Scanm

      Sadboy 2005????? sounds like sadboy2001(yung lean) and the designs lowkey look same, kinda sus

    27. Hanna Lee

      trisha looks like shes happy, genuinely

    28. Remi the actual human rat

      I swear this is not the first time she ate a lip ring...

    29. Kyle Snelgrove

      You guys are awesome together. I’m a huge fan.

    30. Brock Nelson

      Damn we’re tough af on Trish. She’s human, immature, but human... “who cares” fr fr just watch and enjoy while it last.

    31. Jonathan Moya

      I LOVE YOU BOTH 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    32. Lynn

      I felt like i had to say this but i make a sandwich with my cupcake i break the middle and put the bottom on top lol

    33. Stephy D

      Ethan really seems to be a genuine friend to Trish! I hope she lets her guard down some and accepts the friendship 🧸💜

    34. New Guy

      Cali needs to be nuked.


      Her fucking hair

    36. Daisy D

      This Duo saved my life

    37. Jude Ghnaim


    38. Angelina Perez

      I love these videos so much please keep doing them !😂I love the karaoke Hamilton 😂😂😂

    39. lane darling

      first time I’ve seen Ethan walking out first

    40. Avocadomaki

      Trisha looks good in the emo look tbh. It should be her regular look lol

    41. Bad Barbie

      "Skinny girls intimidate me" that's so true 😪

    42. Sophia •

      26:16 “JEW” “Trisha you cant just scream Jew”

    43. Carol DeSarno

      And those Eyebrows...... So...... Cute....

    44. Carol DeSarno

      They are Soooooo Cute ... Seriously...... This is the best Podcast......!! They both have excellent voices..... Ethan has the Sexiest Voice..... .

    45. Jill Maiden

      Trisha’s outfits/costumes bring me life!❤️

    46. GoodChristianBoyLG 69

      my favourite part is this 27:42

    47. Dancemoms Elite

      Obsessed with this obe

    48. kennedy paiuk

      what did moses do to offend trish’s sister?

    49. James Kozy

      Goat yoga is the most ridiculous thing I've seen in awhile 😂

    50. magui gaytan

      this podcast is everywhere lmao

    51. Alicia B


    52. phunky asthmatic

      trisha def has a crush on ethan and is projecting really hard onto him poor guy she doesn’t realize how much that shit pushes people away.

    53. Lillian Helmer

      ethan is so excited about the goats and it makes me so happy

    54. Hyeronimus

      11:54 broo, you had to get that real 💀

    55. Taylor Mcbride

      Lol she didn’t eat the ring! It fell into the box of cupcakes 😂 that’s what that sound is 😂 there’s a better tik tok and you can see it fall off her lip

    56. Marquise Martinez


    57. Joseph Anastacio

      46:25 what kinda transitions, y'all cutting out at the weirdest times 😂😂😂😂

    58. Dante

      Trisha is such a good business woman idc what anyone says the way she speaks when it comes to a. Deal or a sponsorship and the way she can jsut sell soemthing just with personality , the way she hold her ground and will fight for what she thinks is right.. I really really respect her idc how “problematic” she is

    59. Blankety Blank

      Cross country road trip! Staying in crappy motels! Ethan and Trisha cross America.

    60. Kksdxı Clrlfkfo


    61. Alexandra Galvan

      Ethan has a eye twitch thing huh? I can’t stop seeing it

    62. Eden Shizzle

      INCEL = INvoluntarily CELibate

    63. Delilah Whatsittoya

      Am I the only one who feels like there was slight editing mistakes? Lol

    64. JenahsissJanuary Milligan

      This video is so awkwardly cut

    65. Addi Witt

      I didn’t know I needed to see Ethan and Trisha singing Hamilton until I saw this video. I can die happy now

    66. cicily

      trish loves toilet paper

    67. cicily

      we love when you get engaged while being racist

    68. vTag

      “Oh, he’s taking a dump right there” “That’s... goat poo” Idk why I laughed so hard but I did

    69. Eloise O'shea

      rewatching all the podcasts and way more cuts now?? I hope this was to help Trisha feel more comfortable but definitely strange cuts.

    70. 4reel fishkeeper

      This podcast is everything👍👍😁✌✌

    71. Portablebox

      How can you stand Trisha

    72. Bartek9260 Kowalski


    73. M

      Ethan when you had the goat on you and said "here we go" WHY DID YOU NOT SAY "HERE WE GOAT"

    74. Lucky Penny

      notes to self: 1. never marry a man who is disgusted by your period, 2. never take sex or period advice from Trisha

    75. Mariah M

      This could literally be a tv show.

    76. Becca

      What did Moses do to her sister and family? Like what does she want him to apologize for?

    77. lost kid

      28:20 he got possessed by the GOAT LORD

    78. RAY Perez

      awesome podcast though like always!

    79. RAY Perez

      i can feel how weird and awkward this conversation is :,)

    80. RAY Perez

      that car drive gave me second hand embarrassment 😂

    81. Mackenzie jordain


    82. Kate Anne

      trisha reminds me of ponyhead from star vs the forces of evil

    83. Megan Elisabeth

      No, if your dead people wouldn't give a sh!t. Everyone would be fine an pop punk would be happy bc the band and you literally suck 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

    84. Lisa Lisa

      No one taught you how to chew??? What the literal fuck lol

    85. Kristy Kristy


    86. Scott C


    87. Scott C

      26:14 JEWS

    88. Scott C

      22:23 Capulets and Montagues 😂

    89. Scott C

      17:26 😂😂

    90. Ruth O.

      the absurdity

    91. Tic Tac

      Trish 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

    92. Geoff Pollard

      Wow. Ever thought about doing a search for “sadboys” before completely ripping off someone else who’s been around for years?

    93. SexCannonMusic

      "Are they attracted to blood like sharks ? .... .... ...They're vegan " I fucking busted my gut.

    94. Sumara Evans

      when they started singing hamilton i lost my shit😭😭

    95. Sophie Maude

      Just want to say I’m proud that you suya are always sold out of teddy fresh!! I just got my hoodie and I’m obsessed, went to check out new stuff, all sold out!! Props to hila!

    96. Olivia Wolford

      This was 100% my favorite yet. They have such good chemistry and friendship.

    97. Phillly Babyy

      “AH there’s a goat on me”

    98. Christina Hauritz

      I’m addicted! The flow between you two is on point and I definitely look forward to when you guys post!

    99. Kajsa Djärf

      There seem to be a LOT of cuts. Usually don't really notice them but since I did now several times I'm guessing there's more than usual maybe not idk 🤷‍♀️

    100. Michelle Ariel

      Legit thought Dan was a goat in the back seat for a second I’m sorry I was disappointed