Big Scarr - SoIcyBoyz 2 (feat. Pooh Shiesty, Foogiano & Tay Keith) [Official Video]

Big Scarr

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    Big Scarr - SoIcyBoyz 2 (feat. Pooh Shiesty, Foogiano & Tay Keith)
    Gucci Mane & The New 1017 Present 'So Icy Gang, Vol 1.'
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    1. Orbrez

      Who better blueface or lil pump ???

    2. Existant BG

      big blrdddd mine big scarr my first rapper i like dig that lil niggas

    3. Kontrell Beckwith

      foogiano better than dababy

    4. Kontrell Beckwith

      foogiano go hard

    5. Ace & Td


    6. Jon Smith

    7. Sandra Monta


    8. Jaici Lacey

    9. RageMode Deezy

      Song is dope af 💯

    10. tae wayy

      It sound like y’all didn’t try this so hard

    11. JayFloss


    12. D shmoke

      Da baby needa get on dis or Gucci mane

    13. Keyveil Whitson

      Memphis been looked over so long now they want us shot out to my city love my city

    14. Dirty money Production

      Versus brought me here shout out too Guuuwop💯💯💯

      1. Memphis crippin

    15. Davante Williams

      If you got 12s or 10s in the car then you know 😎😂

      1. Memphis crippin

    16. Stanovyah Sloan

      Big scar

      1. Memphis crippin

    17. Traphouse Supermodel

      So icy icy icy boii tap in

    18. Edward ryder

      Song so fire 🔥 I literally listen to it 50 times a day

      1. Memphiscrip needfanbase

    19. Saki Sibanga

      "Pop my shit🕺🏿❄️ all my hoes say I'm toxic🤷🏿‍♂️" - Big Scar 😂😂🤣🤣

      1. Memphis crippin

      2. Memphiscrip needfanbase

    20. Rhylei Kent

      Why scarr not verified. We at 61.5k when started we was at 7k

      1. Memphiscrip needfanbase

    21. T Lo

      Pooh real pressure give em 1year artist of the year

      1. Memphiscrip needfanbase

    22. Shawna Horn

      *les go les go les go*

      1. Memphiscrip needfanbase

    23. Pat Johnson

      Them chains clankin hard af🔥🔥

      1. Memphiscrip needfanbase

    24. Sandra Monta

      Hi. Big scarr

      1. Memphiscrip needfanbase

    25. Ya Ji

    26. Ashley Warner

      It’s the melody blrrds for me

      1. Memphiscrip needfanbase

    27. HeyyAyyOne

      Fooogi said #FreeKill #FreeKill that’s wat wop said

      1. I’m boutMyHog

        That’s that Choppa gang lingo

      2. Memphiscrip needfanbase

    28. Big 50

      Please take foo off everything😆

      1. Memphiscrip needfanbase

    29. Gabrielle Lance

      Yung mal would fit in wit these niggas

      1. Memphiscrip needfanbase

    30. Susan Locklear

      I don’t even know why am listening to this bullshit

      1. Memphiscrip needfanbase

    31. Jennifer Hernandez

    32. Ctm Tae

      1017 lit

      1. Memphiscrip needfanbase

    33. flyazzva

      Why is foo so damn fine

      1. Memphiscrip needfanbase

    34. Balenciaga Fetish

      Shit won't get ol

      1. Memphiscrip needfanbase

    35. Wooski-300

      No way Foogiano catch a body in 2019- 2020

      1. Memphiscrip needfanbase

    36. clout e

      this Hits

    37. devin roddy

      them boys hard

    38. Sir Early North Carolina

      This shit go hard

    39. Wooski-300

      Big brrrr let’s go let’s go


      This hit different when you trappin to it

    41. Jeffrey Lovett

      Scarr n pooh shiesty comd

    42. tj tucker

      Young stacks we paid remix fresh white boi!💯💯

    43. Poppi Simmings

      From CoD Mobile, we the DracoBoyz187 are hereby CERTIFIED SoIcyBoyz2 ❄️❄️

    44. Timothy Spears

      Gucci Mane single-handedly recreated the Hot Boyz 🐐

    45. wewantfigures


    46. 937 Buckeyes

      Been gettin to it, we just gettin older 💪🏾🤠

    47. New Carolinas Underground Rap

      Shiesty x Big Scar tape would be 💨

    48. BOM City

      New Video 🔥

    49. HUNTZ Q

      The Pigeon Coop Go Hard AsF 😂😂 Big Brrlddd 🐦

    50. ShawShank ALi


    51. Swoop 22

      Gucci the smartest ceo for signing these niggas

    52. 5thwardBubba 713


    53. Dante Latham

      Foo slid on god

    54. King Jb

      The last part ass bro

    55. Hunter Griswold

      Foogiano Killed this!!!!!!!!!!!

    56. Kilo G

      Yay Keith new name cuz changing the game literally frfr

    57. Lil E

      SoIcyBoyz 3 ????? Wassup

    58. Dee Black

      No Cap these guys sound like the new Poison clan from back in the day fire

    59. Blake Jordan

      3:04 subtle BRRR

    60. Ophanim Altitude

      Chain clank ASMR

    61. Bazza Jones

      #soicyboyz #1017

    62. Bubba Wayne

      Life like a movie im flipping they chapters 17 months I done turned to a rapper . y'all ain't feeling Big Shiesty

    63. ダブルハイフン

      quavo popped off OH thats not quavo

    64. RealObey

      braaa this nigga foo said from the corner know i’m good, like bradley beal 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    65. Luis Martinez

      Big scar made this song 100x better

    66. Rey Baby

      All they missing is big yavo 💯

      1. DrugRixhReese X


    67. jerry earl

      Best single out all year no cap💯

    68. Christopher Mattei

      big brrrrrrrrr

      1. Godofbars

    69. Ben Stoned

      Designer glocks no throw away we shoot to kill get shot in style barsss

      1. Godofbars

    70. Dom Fierro

      Fav rappers rn! New 1017

      1. Godofbars

    71. Vranes17

      Big brr big birr

      1. Godofbars

    72. Miles Williams

      I’m new here who is who lol

      1. Godofbars

    73. Sammy Keys


      1. Godofbars

    74. GeneralBlacc

      Repeat everyday

      1. Godofbars

    75. Nadia

      🔥🔥🔥🔥 collab, on everything! Chains clinking like this a B I G video in 95'

      1. Godofbars

    76. Terrence Jones

      You gotta appreciate this. Young Men coming together movie forward in life. Twenty years ago this would of have been a dream of mine and I’m 44 years old.🙇🌎🎴🀄️⛩🏯.

      1. Godofbars

      2. Terrence Jones

        And I’m gonna leave it alone after this Foogiano coming from a small town where’s their poverty you had to keep it ten toes down. That’s why I fuck with him.🙇🌎🎴🀄️⛩🏯.

      3. Terrence Jones

        And my brother you replied on the ⛓ hitting together was hard to add in. You know with that many minds around they getting to the 💰.

    77. Korey Stewart

      South Memphis Shit

      1. crippin6ig

    78. Joseph Hernandez

      didn’t do a drive by, bitch i did and stand still

      1. crippin6ig

    79. Turp Tv

      Pooh and Scar Verse So Long You’ll Forget Foo On That Bitch ❄️🥶

      1. crippin6ig

    80. Jager

      Bruh you hear their chains while they rappin lol

      1. Jager

        @crippin6ig not clicking

      2. crippin6ig

    81. yung trail

      He need drop Chinese man

      1. yung trail

        @crippin6ig that not even Chinese man

      2. crippin6ig

      3. yung trail


    82. Hhd Hs

      Anyone know tha song its like "Trappen by my lonely wit dat jerzy in my cup" ? If so thank you

      1. crippin6ig

    83. Ace Savage


      1. crippin6ig

    84. Ty Bands

      If You on some dangerous shit I promote it 💯💪🏾🤣

      1. crippin6ig

    85. Kaleb Pride


      1. crippin6ig

    86. Gabbz

      All they vocies on a song is a hit. Pooh shiesty go so hard doe

      1. crippin6ig

    87. Mimi Smith


      1. Memphis 60s

    88. DexAlot

      Cleanest flow for a trio

      1. Memphis 60s

    89. d w . Baltimore


      1. Memphis 60s

    90. Vonta Davis

      Big scar an Pooh need to do a mixtape💯🔥🔥

      1. Memphis 60s

      2. Memphis 60s

    91. Jamael Gibson


      1. Memphis 60s

    92. Lucas S. A.

      Br prr brr brr prrr brr

      1. Memphis 60s

    93. Eric Hervey

      South Memphis taking over the rap game

      1. Memphis 60s

    94. Godisgood

      Big scarr chains sound like them kids or old folks ringing the bells for donations around Christmas time

      1. Memphis 60s

    95. AQUAVIDZ

      Big BrrrLtttttt 🐍 👃 👈

      1. Memphis 60s

    96. Tiffany Hackett


      1. Memphis 60s

    97. doudy flex

      Ie6nef nj

      1. Memphis 60s

    98. Rιllα Cяσωlєу

      This shit go hard #Brooklyn

      1. Memphis 60s

    99. BTM_Polo Topic

      My mf shit On Soul💪💪💪💪〽️👑🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. Memphis 60s

    100. Khiandra Rhett

      Ion even being having chains on an I be shaking them shit

      1. Memphis 60s