What Owning a Sushi Restaurant in Japan is Like

Abroad in Japan

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    Sushi is an iconic Japanese cuisine beloved by nearly all. But what’s it like to own a sushi restaurant in Japan? I spent a week with the owner of a top sushi restaurant to uncover life behind the scenes and discover the one thing NEVER to do in front of a sushi chef.
    **A huge thanks to Ueno san and the staff at Sushimasa**
    ► goo.gl/maps/agqfoVn4Z61z5Zib7
    **And for a more CASUAL SUSHI dining experience, check out his neighbouring restaurant, Sushikan**
    ► goo.gl/maps/oAwFdSrd2NrvztX98
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    1. Abroad in Japan

      NOTIFICATION SQUAD: Now I know the secrets to owning and running a sushi restaurant, get ready for "Abroad Sushi", the sushi restaurant London doesn't deserve. Thank you to Satoshi and his wonderful staff for letting me run around the restaurant for a couple of days! We met about five years ago at a party and often talked about making a video together in the years since. As the years passed and we just never got around to it, I never expected we’d actually make it. But being stuck indoors for many months this year ignited some resolve and I vowed this would be the year we filmed it - no more excuses. So unsurprisingly I’m delighted we finally got to hang out and film the video together. I hope you enjoy the video and remember if there’s something you really want to do, don’t just talk about it. Actually get on with it! It’s so easy to become your own worst enemy. Now back to planning my sushi restaurant.

      1. 【妖】あんパン異世界カルテット

        In Japan, eating with elbows is NG

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        Very nice video. I want to dine in this main shop. Can I get the name in Japanese and their address. Thanks

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        Please follow my restaurant’s ig Roasted Di Canggu. I’m in Bali at mo, but from Islington London Originally 😊

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      I don't even like sushi. Not a fan of fish. But I love this channel. It's so fascinating.

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      radioactive wasteland.

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      Wow, I am glad Satoshi has the foresight to ensure a future supply of fish by planting trees! Amazing. No wonder his father put him there. Wise.

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      Chef: "The most important part of being a sushi chef is reading the customer." *two seconds later* "Chris, you should try this fattiest part of the fish." Chris, he's throwing shade.

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        He just sized up his customer well :p.

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      Satoshi san made genius example. "If forest sufffers, the ocean suffers and soon we wont be able to eat sushi" and his company planting trees for whatever reason is great example of buisnessman understanding the environment and looking into the future

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      Почему это у меня в рекомендациях? Warum kriege ich das als Empfehlung?

    74. DFS Notify

      I'm from an E.U. country and also used to live in Australia. I saw so many Chinese restaurants in the Western countries suddenly turning into Japanese Sushi restaurants just to make more money. As this chef said, you need at least 2 to 3 years to learn the basic as a suhi chef. Some people I know said they went to a Sushi restaurant and they didn't like it. I guess they went to those fake ex-Chinese Sushi places. Pity...If they only ate at those authentic ones like in this video, their opinion would have been different. Notice : I'm not saying you must be a Japanese to become a good sushi chef. One of the best sushi I've ever eaten outside Japan was in SaiGon/Vietnam and the Chef was a local Vietnamese. But this guy was properly trained by a Japanese chef for some years (unlike those ex-Chinese restaurant's fake Sushi chefs who never got a proper training.) I hope we can find more authentic sushi restaurants outside of Japan, served by a local chef who got a proper Japanese style training 🙂.

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