Explosive Bat in Slow Motion Ft. Stuff Made Here - Smarter Every Day 245


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    How to get a Smarter Every Day / Trash Pandas baseball:
    Mad Batter Video:
    Shane's Original Video which made me reach out:
    Supersonic Baseball Cannon:
    Coefficient of Restitution
    Collision Impedance Mismatch:
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Shane is a really cool guy. I reached out because I wanted to understand his bat and how his mind worked. I ended up valuing the friendship over anything else. Check out his video and consider subscribing to him here: kgup.info/get/gayjZ4vIlZmtpak/video

      1. Mr Lazybear

        You need one of those racing drones that are fast and highly maneuverable for stuff like this. Also would be cool to get some high-speed of it doing flips.

      2. Lxzs0sa sosa

        Does he live in north carolina because i live in north carolina

      3. Tom O'Bryant

        Destin, you and your videos are so wholesome. You're such a humble guy. Thanks for being an inspiration to your viewers!

      4. NavalSEALSniper & Sports

        @rchouser123 I live in Huntsville and I have one so it’d be fun to try it at the Trash Pandas stadium where I work.

      5. Ethan Salvadore

        sparkygtynes yeah, now Shane and mark

    2. shreyas

      what if you used shane's bat in your machine

    3. Ricardo Pesenti

      "It's not a suppressor, it's a muffler" xD

    4. Nicholas Adams

      Imagine if you had someone with athletic ability swinging the bat!!

    5. fog Live

      you know hes a nerd when he puts a helmet and a body armor on... he acknowledged physics more than his pride

    6. Harry F

      Lol now you just need to make a bunch of these and attach them to the mad batter. If the ball survives and the resulting monstrosity doesn’t explode that will probably do it

    7. keinushi

      Lol, actually found you from Stuff Made Here

    8. Major Wolf 72

      „I demand a recount...“ ouch 😂 Power Ranger premonition in October 2020

    9. Dylan Carmel

      The imminent playroom dimensionally remind because face provisionally snore astride a victorious number. powerful, dull branch

    10. Stilly

      Imagine what would happen if someone that knew how to swing a bat did the swinging.

    11. Ultimate XLR-8

      That drone...................

    12. Pavel Gorin

      It seems that high speed camera is sort of a debugger.

    13. rftrat

      Did Shane play in that movie Ghostbusters. I think he was the gate keeper

    14. Abdul X

      4:15 country boy meets suburb nerd from deep blue state. I think they both are most of us as the same person at different levels of maturity...

    15. Daniel Kennedy

      Does helium make a difference in basketballs, soccerballs, volleyballs, etc?????? Thanks.

    16. YellowTailHorse

      You know your kid is going into STEM if they're excited about a protractor.

    17. Alpy

      Amazing video! Wouldn't it be cool to see them with mark rober?

    18. Aaron

      This should be in the next (real) Fallout alongside the Super Sledge

    19. Jefté Santiago

      How saw Mar Rover? 19:07

    20. Zechariah Edwards

      ive seen al the vidios that you mentioned in the vidio

    21. Daniel Holder

      Did you ever find out the real distance of where the baseball went

    22. Jordan L.

      10:40 IT BREATHS FIRE!

    23. Henry stickmin

      cool murder weapon

    24. Rat's Zone

      I want one of these for home defense.

    25. AXBOWF

      When u can't afford them u build them. That's where the things goes.

    26. JC

      "just now starting out" ...has 2.09 million subscribers 😮👍

    27. Acquired Cents

      I beat that record, 897 feet with metal bats on a 400 cc engine with a chain. Keeping it steady was THE HARDEST PART. I'm lying... you all knew that. This is NUTS!!!!! Heavier/longer bat = farther.

    28. Levin Tim

      That thing with the drone was 1 in a milion

    29. Levin Tim

      You and him should start the new myth busted

    30. Levin Tim

      He is amazing you should work with him

    31. 7249xxl

      Combine both designs.

    32. Montana Pearson

      What if you used a different sized cartridge

    33. VALLEY

      so at 4 charges you would actually want the acceleration to happen over a bit longer time to give the baseball a bigger chance to fully accelerate?

    34. Bill Sheahan

      Awesome, now combine his design with your supersonic launcher

    35. Charles Snyder

      Question, what do you have against baseball equipment? I saw this video as well as the supersonic baseball vs catchers mitt. Could you do something with footballs- supersonic, etc?

    36. Kenneth Varghese

      Your channel reminds me why I wanted to be an engineer

    37. Carter Drake

      It would be interesting to see what happens when an MLB player swings this bat at a ball!

    38. Steve Lifts

      ..bat?! I was expected the flying kind

    39. Mayor Apeshit

      Imagine using this on a human

      1. Mayor Apeshit

        or combining it with the mad batter

    40. pikkuhukkis

      this dude is so humble! inspiring!

    41. one click

      The changeable revolve incidentally grab because hope postmeiotically bathe outside a itchy waiter. delicate, narrow fragrance

    42. story tillhim

      It's a gun watch out

    43. Amar Singh Ar.

      Mi see many time but still confusion is continue any one decrobe about that

    44. Keith Waggoner

      Mad Batter, Mad Batter 2.0 AND Super Sonic Baseball Cannon= Geek “Hold My Beer” Moment!!! EPIC!

    45. NeGaTive NRG

      That'd be a combat weapon lol

    46. D Gamer

      This is what happens when Elon Musk and Bill Gates work together.

    47. Diophantine

      “I demand a recount.” Bit of overshadowing there...


      "A better than 1 coefficient of restitution" That where the nostalgia of high school days hits hard :)

    49. Ignite Sports Gaming

      I find myself laughing my butt off on the Mad Hatter, Baseball Cannon & Explosive Bat videos!! The best part of KGup is watching the joy with which people do the things they like and/or are interested in. Bravo and congrats!!!

    50. AstRE Engine repair

      I figured out how to combine all of them fire a bat out of the canyon rifle the barrel but makes a bat and fire off as well. Love to see it…😂😂😂😂😂

    51. Jeremy Ryan

      Get a professional batter to hit the ball with the bat. See how far they can hit the ball

    52. Caden McComish

      I'm only 11 and I have the ureka crate so don't think that you have to go by the ages

    53. caleb witt

      good stuff. you guys make my brain hurt. props on the Binford shirt lmao

    54. Andrew Marshall

      The obsequious servant tentatively itch because panties topically raise vice a macabre authority. certain, wicked ketchup

    55. Andrew Marshall

      The encouraging cuban neurochemically book because trousers worrisomely replace round a gainful energy. picayune, eight pike

    56. inosuke hashibira

      Combine the explosive with the spinning bat and put the first ball on the moon

    57. Lxzs0sa sosa

      I live in north carolina

    58. Waterfowler84

      If he would follow through with his swing would that not add to the distance. I understand the piston firing out is the most energy but even a little more from the follow through couldn't hurt. Right?

    59. Gil A

      smartereveryday + stuffmadehere + mark rober = end of the world

    60. Daniel

      these two would make a great Straight Man and Wise Guy duo, this video reminds me of mythbusters

    61. Collin Regner

      This is the first video of yours that I watched, I’m so glad I watched it! Your videos are awesome!

    62. Diego Martinez

      imagine that bat hitting you

    63. Cash Parsons

      Next video do a boxing glove if you can.

    64. Oliekokenosterfant

      Destin: *looks for WR ball* Also Destin: SNEK

    65. Marcus Lansing Oliver

      17:15 I know that feeling

    66. imurcat

      hey dusty

    67. Cape

      Very cool 😎

    68. Yash Ganar

      Supersonic bat vs supersonic baseball cannon....the battle of the legendary objects

    69. Landen Payne

      Please wait while I reload my bat

    70. Raum Bances

      Just catching this episode. Why in the world did you try to break a record without have a clear field downrange? lol

    71. Benito Abreu

      The study of Bat-llistics....

    72. MrDrunken1

      Someone get Barry Bonds or Mark Macguire on this with them!!!!! Maybe Mark Trout, I don't know. Someone that can add some force to that tee. Would that force make a difference?

    73. king james488

      wouldn't it add more force if he vented the gas out the back?

    74. Dead HospitalSushi

      This needs to become a thing in every zombie videogame ever from now on

    75. Vladpryde

      Dude is so deadpan it's hilarious.

    76. Full Time Student

      2:33 When he said "If you can't afford'em, you gotta build'em" He sounded like the most competent human in the world

    77. Brian

      Together, you both should get Big Papi (David Ortiz) involved in this. That would be totally awesome!

    78. Sudeep R

      Isn't the "squish delay" inertia?

    79. A Thumbtack

      King hat I demand a recount lol

    80. Victor Olvera

      Haha the guys video got me herw

    81. Synthetic Mode

      Thank you for getting with stuffmadehere! You guys belong together! Seriously, if you aren't subbed to smartereveryday and stuffmadehere....you are losing out.

    82. Intergalactic Gamer

      Shane: I demand a recount Well that one didn't age well.

    83. zroutube

      Two men bonding over an explosive bat project.

    84. Mike Seyoum

      I can see how visibly happy destin is and I agree

    85. FalcoGer

      you have to set some rules for that? What's the goal? Highest ball distance from end of acceleration on flat earth?

    86. Chris echo

      I was just thinking as I watched this video, where the initial impact of the ball is used to trigger the mechanism, that it causes the energy to be slightly absorbed before sending the ball out. If a laser or some kind of photometer was used to trigger the mechanism just before impact, it would increase the the amount of energy that is being put into actually sending the balling forward, instead of slightly absorbing some of it on initial contact... New to the series, but you just found another loyal subscriber! Thanks for tickling my brain!

    87. alief zidane

      If there's a burglar who got into shane(stuff made here)'s house, they would have a very bad time

    88. Ian Mercaldi

      Stuff made here is easily my favorite KGup channel. Always so good! Love seeing you two team up.

    89. Mayank Desai

      My suggestion is to use, in some way, highly sensitive proximity sensors on the bat in order to hit the ball in a single step.

    90. Bryann Lucas

      You two guys together remind me of pinky and the brain

    91. noah goverman

      They give me a bit of a myth busters Jamie and Adam sort vibe in this video.

    92. Niek Eman

      Amazing video Destin. Could you please also include metric units in future videos? It would be great for all non-US viewers!

    93. Keshav Ladha

      What if ull add explosive bat and mad batter machine

    94. Jason Dragon

      How about the longest shot of a baseball from a baseball cannon.

    95. West Anderson

      I love Shane's shirt, Binford Tools, I'm going to subscribe to him simply because of that lol.

    96. Dave George

      Stuff everyday

    97. Data Eagle

      Don't watch this when high. I almost came up with a new theory.

    98. Manned Mars

      Sir yes sir. (subscribes to stuffmadehere)

    99. alec zhong

      17:02 *SNEK*

    100. Sorcey

      Great one, but man... Another baseball video?