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    1. 1k boujee

      reg really bae fr 😫

    2. Nahyona Sanchez

      Yall think mark have a chance with menyon

    3. Angie Langston

      I love your family ❤️💗❤️💗

    4. Kaulana Quartero

      🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 love

    5. Madisyn Jones

      yall post this on my birthday

    6. LivinLifeW Terri

      I hate Aaliyah

      1. LivinLifeW Terri

        I didn’t know there was a just sorry

    7. ThatgyalBenita

      Desirée Drop the song 🤩

    8. Tyla Alexander

      Why I can I please be a fat kid🥺

    9. Alejandro Rodriguez

      Who else still don’t know all there names

    10. William Garcia


    11. William Garcia


    12. Alfreda Keys

      I love Jerry

    13. Jaija B

      Bro markkkkkk smile 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    14. Briana Crawford

      mac why yall do jay like det he mad now

    15. miss 2311

      Jay got real mad

    16. Kenneth Vaden

      its my birthday

    17. ZBK DRAKKO

      Brooo tory is wierd he got a shirt of toni and she obviously dont like that mane😂

    18. katrina horne

      Your video are lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      1. katrina horne

        It's good

    19. shaniqua cook

      i wan't to be a bad kid

    20. Mari S

      0:10 0:33

    21. dae dae

      I feel like jay kinda like the new girl n magik like jay but jay don’t need no female friend if he got a gf.... Or am I wrong ?yall can tell me I’m just saying

    22. Rashida Hall

      Y’all aint fun no more.

    23. Eva Brooks

      And my mom was signed the papers so can you make a videos how to give me a bad kid please🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    24. Eva Brooks

      Funny mike and I please be a packet to come in town like 20 videos of yours and you delete your comment somebody tell funny mike to read his comments

    25. Derek White

      nigga jay said they all tried

    26. Makayla Emmanuel

      Dang how the prince family got more subscribers then y’all? Y’all way more lit then them,jus sayin🤷🏽‍♀️

    27. Lilmike 2x

      Funny mike better watch wat he say

    28. Cool Kids

      Jay ugly what is ugly ass

    29. Cool Kids

      I do not like Jay

    30. Cool Kids


    31. Cool Kids

      And I like Ruby Jay and I like funny Mike and I like Devante and I like Trey

    32. Cool Kids

      Why would y'all do that don't take his phone no more Jay was so mad but he said why would y'all do that so don't do that again you know you cute funny Mike and ruby cute and Jay cute

    33. Cool Kids

      Why we are you do that like that stupid J like he would have been mad

    34. Recon Xpert

      Ivw been watching him for minute and when i watch it everytime my mom be like put the volume down i be like sorry mama im too lit rn lol ive been watching for 2 and a half years

    35. Alfonso Woodrops

      😎🥺🥺😡😡🥺🥺 he’s gonna be mad because probably if he has Emily on the phone I am do you still like Emily are he has another girlfriend don’t do it you know why so you could pour water on him and breaking phone and throw in the like it will be awesome do it now now I’m King🫐

    36. Unknown

      15:10 snitch

    37. Shartece Hoover

      I think Tony update tell me you like Tori I think that yeah I think they like you W a big file in trouble but I think they like you have a ride oh my god so grab you woman are you keep what are you what are you keep popping just popping ⬆️

    38. Fro Baby

      I lovvvve you vids pls I want to join the crew

    39. Fro Baby

      Mike pls put me in the team I've been a fan soo longgggggggggg I really really really really really really really really really reallyyyyyy want to be part of the crew

    40. JAY

      I love u guys

    41. K3R1 M

      I’m I the only one that peep jatori shirt.lol 👀

    42. Ayanah Womack

      Kam so messy she just mad that she dont got no boyfriend, but im not sending any offense.

      1. neichaa C

        Bible 😂😂💯

    43. D'Angelo Mayfield

      this triggers me

    44. De'Andre Brown

      😂Wait did we get excited over teens subscribe to channel i game with funnymike and jay some times!!

    45. Javier Gaming


    46. Tristan the game is 66 pooh

      What do I have to do to get a PS4

    47. Adrieane Fry

      300k likes if you love 💘 funny mike aka MAC!!! Funny mikes#1fans MOMMY!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎁❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎄❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎅❤❤

    48. Tha punkin family

      7:03 look at the editor face aka I forgot his name I been with funnymike foe like 2 to 3 years i think he started 2 years ago when dede sister was a badkid thats how long😫💜

    49. Brittany Holmes

      Mike I want the ps5

    50. Williams and Paige Family

      I really wanna be a bad kid but I am not gon beg you I just want to let my mom be proud of me cause I got a lot of good grades and my own KGup channel and plus I only live in Jackson and y’all live in Houston

    51. Jala Griffin

      That nigga Jay don’t even like brownskins🤣


      when woo and wings coming back

    53. Neka Armour

      My brithday come in up on the December 15

    54. Neka Armour

      I am gone to join the bad kids when I get 16

    55. LIL GWAVY

      who’s the female rapper in the beginning😢😢😢

    56. lil kootie

      Tell me why hanna only like mark

    57. Al Williams

      i found jalya tiktok

    58. Etika Ribss

      Love you funny mike

    59. Amirh Joseph

      Jay always scream to the top of his lungs when you do the intro tell him to stop!

    60. yte josecruz

      7:31 💀😂😂😂

    61. kayla_xxx hearts

      I miss the old vlogs

    62. Chardae Turner

      yaal not suppose to RAT ON EACH OTHER. 🤣 yaal suppose to stick together boo

    63. Donnisha Joshua

      Love u funny mike

    64. Donnisha Joshua


    65. Jasyr King

      Can I be a bad kid

    66. jay2smoove


    67. T o x i c G a m i n g

      Who's the shawty in the corner

    68. b_a_b_y_n_a_ta_ve


    69. Tre Will

      they posted this video on my birthday yesirrrrrr

    70. xXLeahXx


    71. Itz Bronel ツ

      Jesus ❤️ Loves yall. He died for yall: Jesus is returning soon ❤️ Jesus rose the 3rd day. No force

    72. Kiyah gaming

      What happened to mykel

    73. Gio Davie

      lolllllllll 7:32

    74. Gio Davie

      when is kam gonna get a boy friend

    75. Keynasia Hall

      😂😂 lol

    76. Kbclutchcurry

      Mac when the girl rapper you signed gon be in one of yo videos?

    77. kingtoFUNNY


    78. Jany'a Roberison

      It’s some lit content over there go subscribe to The Cousins Journey kgup.info/must/4qC8JyqYImX-Mb98ybyTNg.html they have great content

    79. Jany'a Roberison

      It’s some lit content over there go subscribe to The Cousins Journey kgup.info/must/4qC8JyqYImX-Mb98ybyTNg.html they have great content

    80. Jany'a Roberison

      It’s some lit content over there go subscribe to The Cousins Journey kgup.info/must/4qC8JyqYImX-Mb98ybyTNg.html they have great content

    81. Kendrell Noel

      Anybody wondering where wings at?

    82. MN XOTIIC FF

      Lol He's ..............

    83. StrapCartel

      I’ll go in there and take everybody girl real talk😂

    84. I'm Kill u

      Hey mike I want to be a badkid

    85. Tamia Jackson

      can i be a bad kid plsss

    86. Tristan Coppedge

      son said 'mami papi im a cinderella'

    87. Vallo

      this love and basketball + love n hiphop . what layout is this bruh

    88. Izaiah Cortez

      where bamm

    89. Anathi Mbekeni

      I miss woo❤️❤️

    90. Trinity &Beyond

      Mac: “make sure y’all check out his new song” Tori: “is out” ? Like how u don’t know to own song out 🤣

    91. Liyah Childrous

      FUNNYMIKE MY IG IS @lee_made0 I been watching you sense it was just jay as the bad kid & I wanna be a badkid 🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽🕺🏽let’s make it happen

    92. EasyBlockz

      Lmaoo y’all niggas funny af

    93. OtfMaxx666

      “We Finna Creep Down On Jay” 😂🤣😂

    94. Teron Green


    95. Teron Green


    96. Teron Green


    97. Chante Fitzgerald


    98. lol.

      why this channel turning to where its all about dating , i still love yall tho but real talk

    99. Aundrea Golden

      bro yall so ghetto and loud when i was watching this yall was so loud you wake up my brother funnymike bro like chill out

    100. Tamya play's