The Vampire Diaries at PaleyFest LA 2012: Full Conversation

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    Cast and EP of The CW's The Vampire Diaries gather at PaleyFest LA 2012 to celebrate their show. Topics include: the show's lucky presence in "the explosion of vampire zeitgeist"; the long-awaited Damon/Elena kiss; Paul Wesley's increased enjoyment in playing Stefan since the character "went bad"; Nina Dobrev's experience playing two very different characters in Elena and Katherine; Matt Davis' nervousness in romantic scenes with Torrey DeVitto (Meredith Fell), Wesley's real-life wife; EP Kevin Williamson's input; and if the "epic love story" is between Damon and Stefan. #paleycenter Subscribe to Paley Center on KGup:

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    1. lotte H

      So no one is gonna talk about the casting couch 😂🥲

    2. yazmin h

      4:30 “like every women in my life” that look omggg

    3. Chloe Elam

      let's get this straight - nina is katherine paul is silas ian is damon

    4. Abigail Bolton

      I love Nina and Ian in this 🤣🤣❤️

    5. Ciel Berry


    6. sohina khattri

      the cast be like: let's all wear black and not tell Candice

    7. Daphne Dawson

      Ian I love you 😘😘

    8. Shrutika Potdar

      I think Im the only who dont find nina that attractive. Im really glad Ian is with Nikki !


      i didnt even pay attention to what they were saying i was just staring at paul and ian

    10. Nurulhudda Ashrafi

      Everyone: ye yea Elijah has a soft side ya Candice: well klaus draws horses

    11. Don Jo

      Elena was not the best actress in my opinion especially when she cried lol

    12. Jenna Veenendaal


    13. Jenna Veenendaal

      41:10 Ian and nina

    14. Jenna Veenendaal


    15. Chahat Gupta

      Why is the interviewer looking so awkward?!? If it hadn't been for Ian, this would have been extremely boring...

    16. Sonia Peña

      Ian’s so pretty 🤩

    17. marky gg

      Caroline so beautiful man

    18. Aya Abraham

      bonnie and caroline barly talked

    19. EMMY NEIVA

      my biggest miss is this ian , nina was doing him so well !! nikki left him like that, introverted and embarrassed🤢🙄

    20. Amanda Darkwood

      waiitttt a minute! did Ian just touch that woman's behind?? omg

    21. miamor

      4:33 I love how they both blushed instantly

    22. Nusyba Naim

      Paul is the best 😍 I love him so so much 💖

    23. Sakshi Kishen

      The presenter doesn't know what to say next🙄

    24. Roblox Tingz


    25. Imani Howell

      My favorite ring is Alaric because if you wear it and somebody kill you you could come back from the dead that’s awesome🤍

    26. Imani Howell

      Damon and Stefan is solutmate🤍

    27. Imani Howell

      Only if enzo was up there to see Bonnie👀💗

    28. Imani Howell

      Can we talk about how beautiful Kat/Bonnie looks😍😍😍

    29. Cynthia Z

      4:29 😂😂😂

    30. Taylor Guzman

      Ian is such a flirt lmao

    31. milie kay

      omg Ians eyes and Pauls smile you cant resiset

    32. Uniqve_Boba

      Ok so correct me if I'm wrong but Paul is married to Jenna's actor

      1. Uniqve_Boba

        @Heidi Job oh so Meredith's actor is with Paul

      2. Heidi Job

        Dr Meredith Fell

    33. Uniqve_Boba

      Why is Nina so pretty and Ian so good looking at 40

    34. Tangier Barrett

      Nina, Candice, and Kat look great!

    35. lily duffy

      this was so awkward-

    36. Jiska B.

      When ian gives nina his coat 🥺

    37. Jiska B.

      ian ian ian

    38. neeha bell

      am I the only one that didn’t know Paul had a wife for 2 years

    39. Avary Howard

      To all the vampire diaries fans out there Guys could you imagine if they didn’t cast Ian as Damon? So glad he got to retest because that would’ve been tragic

    40. Izabella Magner

      Is there going to be nine season of The Vampire Diaries

    41. kobori Khurshid

      Oh god I love this man Ian. He is super cool with a great humour & I think no need to say about his beauty. He is Damon in real too🥺🥺I love him😭❤️

    42. kobori Khurshid

      Ian: I'm glad you read those articles 😂😂

    43. kobori Khurshid

      13:34 Ian: this could be the menu but this is what we're serving 😂😂

    44. kobori Khurshid

      Nina:they (Elena & Elijah) have a chemistry. Ian: Is there an Elijah Elena make out scene coming,this man😂😂

    45. kobori Khurshid

      Ian- that was a definitive joke. Help me ask a question 😂😂😂

    46. namjoonies fake laughs

      33:32-33:50 *i just know that's katherine talking, that's all i'm saying*

    47. Madeline Blanchard

      Damon’s just a show for its self

    48. Glamour Unicorn

      Hittig the interviewer on the butt doesn‘t age well...

    49. Kim Correa

      Racist pigs 🐷

    50. Kim Correa

      They did not even include Bonnie in the conversation I hate them😡

    51. Gracie Christine davis

      Why is this interview so awkward😂 like there’s so much awkward silence

    52. danielle reid


    53. danielle reid

      I can't believe it's you I craying

    54. Saimana Uniuqsaraq

      I Benge watch this for a week until I fell asleep

    55. Saimana Uniuqsaraq

      Are they making more seasons????

    56. Kaylyn Fry

      dude kat and matthew barely was talking 🥺

    57. Madeleine Libbis

      TEAM SALVATORE 25:03 and ring power is straight after ahahaha 🤣🤣🤣

    58. Yugyeom stole my heartu ft. Mingyu

      So is Ian Damon or is Damon Ian...

    59. Lynn

      It seems like kat graham is always last 😕

    60. Josie J


    61. Hannah

      Ian and Paul really act like brothers 🤣

    62. Sprinkles YT

      The girl who yelled “OMGGG” when Ian gave Nina his jacket is my spirit animal 😭

    63. Sprinkles YT

      This entire interview is Nina and Ian flirting...😭 and I’m living for it

    64. Sprinkles YT


    65. Makayla Lively

      When Ian put his jacket around Nina 🥵

    66. Donilda Xhani

      How adorable can Ian be 🥺🤤🥵🥰

    67. Miley’s Crazy life

      Ring power Team Salvatore I will never get over that 😂😂😂

    68. Taso Tasomaz

      🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 vampires diaries I love the

    69. Namrata Gattu

      Damon:- "I love these group of people" TVD fans :- Yeah we too!

    70. urpieceofheaven 2

      49:28 well spoken!

    71. urpieceofheaven 2

      The one question that started with saying how Ian and Paul are so “handsome” yes they are, but is rude when “Alaric” is there too and they didn’t even acknowledge him.

    72. urpieceofheaven 2

      I’m in a area with hardly any signal! And this has soooo many commercial and the commercials buffer too 🤦🏻‍♀️

    73. urpieceofheaven 2

      31:22 😂

    74. Queen AB Vlogs!


    75. Queen AB Vlogs!


    76. Queen AB Vlogs!

      33:25 awesome moment

    77. Soha Sayed

      I love the part Damon give his jacket to Elena

    78. Soha Sayed

      Delna and Klaus and carloni ❤️

    79. morganna Moore Whelan

      They basically sidelined Kat Graham for most of the panel. Maybe she's more socially anxious or reserved. It just seems off.

    80. Name Name

      The presenter sounded dead at the beginning

    81. Shazia Parveen

      Season 9 please with Ian Nina human❤️ love life

    82. Shazia Parveen

      Ian Nina❤️❤️❤️

    83. Jana Rohrer

      i love klaroline🥺❤️

    84. Simply Stupid

      it’s so weird to hear candice be called Candice Accolla because now we know her as Candice King

    85. olivia x

      16:49 when ian gave nina his blazer🥺🥺

    86. Kangkana Bezbaruah

      Ian ,Ric nailed it

    87. Kangkana Bezbaruah

      I like ric

    88. Kangkana Bezbaruah

      Ian and Paul both have gorgeous eyes

    89. Eve Albert

      iAn sOMerHaLdERNnHHh

    90. elisa gr

      First nina didnt touch ian's arm but ian tried to. Then ian tried to touch nina's arm. Finally he succeeded.😁

      1. elisa gr

        So sweet reaction. They love each other. No matter if they broke up. 😣😭

      2. Moon Blanco

        minute? 😔

    91. Heidy Serrato

      when ian gave his jacket to nina omggg

    92. Lauren Griffin


    93. Liv Vlogs

      Aww the way Ian gave Nina his jacket was so cute

    94. Veebs Veebs

      2021 anyone??????

    95. smruti maladkar

      4:06 16:34 24:51 31:15

    96. Heidi Job

      no one: Ian : see you in the showers👉🏻👉🏻

    97. L M10

      “Dear diary, a chipmunk asked me my name today.I told him it was Joe, that lie will haunt me forever” ----- lol Damon Salvatore is best........

    98. Gabriella Chilito

      ok but why tf did they ignore Kat😐

    99. Zoie Gyarmati

      Ok what the hell is wrong with matt Davis

      1. fa02


    100. Simone Ritchie