Fishing the Thick Stuff with Pops on Okeechobee

Scott Martin

150 миӊ. көрүүлөр24

    Fishing thick grass with pops and things get crazy! This is the last episode from the 2018 SMC season but make sure you check out the all new episodes airing on Discovery Channel at 5:30am EST Saturday mornings!
    This show is from our SMC that airs on the Discovery Channel. Hope you enjoy!
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    1. Scott Martin

      Hope y’all enjoyed this 2018 TV Show. You will notice I am fishing with Okuma in this episode and currently fishing all Favorite Rods now. Just wanted to clarify that for y’all. Here is the Team SMC Merch link - Please tag me on IG with pics for a shout out.

      1. xPFGxSkully

        Hey Scott Not sure why I haven't seen this video before now but man this is a great one. Fishing along side your dad is so fun to watch. I lost my Dad back in 2015 just before my 37th birthday. He was my best friend and my Fishing partner along with my kids. Now that he is gone everytime I get out and on the water I can hear him always saying I'm gonna get biggest one today bud. thanks for sharing this. Gave me a tear but some good memeories too Thanks again and FISH ON brother

      2. Bigfnogre

        Honestly @scottmartin nothing makes me happier than to see how excited you and pops get for each other’s fish. It’s seriously awesome

      3. Aaron Granger

        Have you tried this new Tokyo rig yet?

      4. Strike City DMV

        Hey Scott this is classic I love the vid, been a fan of your day and you for years, when he said I'm going to shake him off like you do and set the hook, I almost spit out my drink LOL too funny. Love the video once again , best of luck this year to the both of yall, Blessings man..

      5. Barry Douglas

        Guys. This. Is. Good. Fishing.

    2. Bryce Grissom

      I would be duck hunting that place

    3. Tony Shroyer

      I remember my first and only fishing trip with my dad.....I was probably 10 years old or so my dad went out and bought us all new rod and reel get ups and took us to patapsco state park....he took one cast and got a bird's nest and threw the rod in the water and said that's it never agin......and I spent the remainder of the day trying to get it back but never did....cherish those memories because I've never had them keep them videos coming because I love watching them and get just as excited when you guys catch one.....stay safe and lines tight....

    4. Colby Cole

      It's my goal to fish with Mr. Scott one day

    5. frank torres

      I love all Martin fishing best of the best

    6. Bassin with Ty

      When I figured out Roland was ur dad I just laughed for an hour for some readon

    7. Color Eye

      You two together are almost as good as pops with Houston. Son

    8. Lebron Estrada

      I want to see you on your dad's channel. Get out in the canoe with him just you and him. That would be so awesome, y'all can just share the video

    9. Lamarr Lawson

      Enjoy every min you can fishing with your dad... My dad is a legend where we live and just to hear him say hi or good morning is a godsend to me 🥺. He's my hero and he will always be a legend as long as I'm around 🙏

    10. Cam Hester

      love to watch you two fish together

    11. Adam Halstead

      That electronic gear console is like the enterprise starship.. Gotta love seeing the generations together and how fishing gets passed forward on.. Priceless

    12. Christopher LevelleCombs

      Sir the fact you said "we gotta let then go" I have so much respect for you! I love this thank you for the video!

    13. Makan Nabavi

      This was awesome

    14. Anthony Modica

      Hey Scott I know this is late but have you ever thought of trying st.croix rods? The new ones come out tommrow and they are supposed to be way better than the already amazing rods they are. They also have great customer service.

    15. Cody Young

      I seen them coots.

    16. Deltadawg660

      You're a lucky / blessed man Mr. Scott.

    17. LaidBackFishing

      Were you using weights with the swim baits?

    18. Nicole Dearman

      It's hard to beat the beat bass fisherman that ever lived. So don't beat yourself up too much.

    19. Nicole Dearman

      Please stop throwing down those expensive rod and reels. Its breaking my heart.

    20. Boat covers anywhere

      Great Video guys 👍👍🤙

    21. Bassing around

      a 1984 video of your farther catching 10 pounder in the big O with some guy whose name is Dido was that get me on the bass fishing

    22. Hartley Daniel

      Rollin martin is the rick flair of bass fishing

    23. Seth Coffey

      MR Martin, Me and my brother in-law are avid bass fisherman. We are at Disney world this week with our family. It’s been our dream to fish lake okeechobe. My brother in law has done 3 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and I want to hook him up with a good time. Is there a tour guide you recommend for the lake? Thanks! We always enjoy your videos! Keep them coming!

    24. joseph disanti

      Hard to beat an experienced pro Scott.

    25. Stephen Graves

      Precious memories!....🥂

    26. James Erickson

      My favorite videos are you and your dad fishing.

    27. TilDeath1776 US

      Cute. Scott’s fish 4.78. Nothing like dad and son

    28. TT Factory Outdoor Sports


    29. Mr. FASANELLA

      Scott you are a good son to pops

    30. Daniel Barbee

      Scott your Dad is the one celebrity I would love to meet.

    31. 1glock55

      You should do a Googans bait challenge, each pick a number of baits and only use those baits and see who wins

    32. Timothy Buzzell

      Watching that video was awesome. If I ever been able to get my son into fishing that would be us but my daughter and I play pool together I taught her how to play and now she's getting to where she can beat me every once in awhile so I know the feelings that we're going through you during the weigh-in and after. Thank you to both of you for being two of my favorite anglers in the world

    33. Ken Stanford

      Dang wish i had that much fun with my dad

    34. Mr. FASANELLA

      I like the way you are competitive but you still respect pops

    35. OldJoker Gaming

      I’ve only started watching your channel a month or so now. I don’t know if you’ll ever see this being so late but only thing better than seeing you and your dad fishing would be to have your dad you and Hilary fish off. Three generations or true anglers.

    36. Jonathan Spadafore

      I watch a lot of your FLW Videos. You’re my favorite pro by far because you always seem to have a good time regardless of the outcome. You never grow up when you’re fishing, and that’s the best part about it. Great content.

      1. Scott Martin


    37. John Anthony

      I love your Dad, I've been watching him since the late 70's.

    38. Dustin Hunt

      So awesome to watch you two in action I just LOVE it SON!!

    39. Anton Dahl

      Such great father son interaction! Each was pulling for the other. Two of the best. And wonderful scenery. Dad and I had lots of such memorable outings hunting and fishing.

      1. Scott Martin


    40. Philip Sonny Kirsch

      Fish Or no fish I can feel the love the good times you guys are having together. I have watched your dad for decades I think every Floridian loves that man. There's no doubt about it I'm pulling my boat to your part of town this weekend and going to catch some of the love of that lake

    41. Derrick

      Hi Scott can you do a line setup as in Leader length Please .?

    42. Derrick

      This would be my second dream to fish that lake never caught Bass Before tight line's Beechboro Perth Western Australia

    43. feellnfroggy

      My fishing sucks, Id be afraid to flaunt your merch, but I may put something on the hat rack.

    44. GS 2019.

      He did it again. LOl. I watched a tournament years ago and it was coming down to close out time. Your dad said I need a big one, I need a big one. If I can’t land something with size soon I may not make the cut. He said, I need to fish this edge and he switched baits......he landed a monster with just a few minutes left......awww son.

    45. GS 2019.

      Awesome video. I watch your dads all the time. He is the man for me. I grew up watching that man. Your great to Scott. I like your tips. I looked up your tournament victories. Wow. The apple did not fall far from the tree. Your dad said in a video, you did it yourself and your much better than he ever was. My son is my best friend and it seems you two are the same. Congrats on the hard work and preparation.

    46. Aguillen304271

      Man I grew up watching your dad catch monster bass every morning. He literally helped me so much in learning about bass fishing when I was little. Crazy to know now that he's your dad causes I've learned a lot from your videos also!

    47. Mike Young

      Love watching both of you guy's videos And it even better when you fish like is one..... All the way back to sun network channel.

    48. Duane Dodd

      A good Scott Martin challenge would be Roland against trash talking James!!!

    49. Lanna Kellum

      You are awsome I wish I could fish with u sometime

    50. M David

      Good stuff !!!

    51. packinaglock

      The legend vs the young gun.👍

    52. Elias Zepeda

      I get a chance of a lifetime too fish lake Okeechobee, what makes it so important to me is that it’s Scott Martins home lake, love watching his videos and hopefully have a good experience and catch a few bass!!!

    53. Justyne Sansoucy

      Thanks for the video Scott I been watching alot of you lately. You the man bro! Haha love that father and son relationship yall got hopefully I can get my boy to love fishing too haha.

    54. Garrison Walker

      Scott you should really check out accu-cull cull tags they are awesome

    55. Konnor Johnson

      Your daughter cood kick my but in fishing

    56. JT fishing adventures

      Good stuff! Great video!

    57. Kronig Jenkins

      Am I the only person still holding a grudge about the helicopter lure?

    58. Alan Alanis

      Roland Martin is the Law

    59. Tom Bruce

      Roland reminds me of Lee corso lol

    60. Billy Jack’s fishing show

      You and your dad are Dynamite together me and my family hope you have a good year win them all

    61. Perry Bailey

      Really cool that you and your dad was able to go out and go head to head in a friendly fishing match. This really put a big smile on my face. Thanks for sharing this fun and heart warming video with us.

    62. mohunter68

      At 17:56 what is that white dot in the sky at 2 o'clock right under the tip of Scott's rod?? Did y'all have a drone in the sky at that moment or is it an anomaly? Just curious and it's still there at 18:24

    63. Everything Outdoors

      Hey Scott, I followed Billy on the Okeechobee tournament. You should have gave him some pointers. Its Ok I am still pulling for ya Billy, and you too Scott. Look forward to talking to you at the classic.

    64. Anderson Ard

      Do you really like the evinrude

    65. Saskbuck Outdoors

      What a great episode.....Pure entertainment and comradely!!! Spot on

    66. Mr.Googan

      Roland is a living legend

    67. Robbin Bailey

      So good to see you guys fishing

    68. Mark Robertson

      good luck this year scott make it this year

    69. Tom13GN

      Whoa, dude!! If you're gonna show old stuff, you should edit out the Okuma adverts! ;)

    70. Ssm Issa

      paddle tail plastics are my personal favorite. Texas rig with a weighted hook.

    71. jay fields

      I want a challenge father son/father daughter on my amazing pond

    72. Tyler Skeen Outdoors

      Great video! I’m ready to get the boat out and start making some fishing videos!

    73. Fred Wagner Airbrush Studio

      I have been watching your Father for years and that’s a tall order to take on. Better luck next time Scott. Never had a Dad to try to beat and my Father in law just wanted to leave for breakfast and a cigarette. Lol if you happen to run by a chubby old man with a grey goatee in a blue Hobie Kayak in NY Waters that will be me.

    74. Victor Remick

      Roland couldn't get that fish out of your hand fast enough 10-4 good buddy



    76. JACK of ALL TRADES

      Billy got a boat...that’s awesome!

    77. Wood Outdoors

      Where’s Brandon ?

    78. Ricky Moore

      Scott, i sit here watching you and your dad having fun fishing, and I can't help but remember the times my dad and I had just the most fun times fishing.Treasure these times and they will last a life time.god bless and keep up the videos.

    79. Joanne Clark

      I catch big fish too scott martin my name is Lucas Clark

    80. Ronald Hayre

      Super pops got you love these videos I've been watching your dad ever since I was a kid, hey you think of doing a smc for the fans or a chance to win a fishing trip with you anytime soon God bless

    81. James Wieder

      Scott when will the SMC Hat #12 be available again. I keep checking the shop and it is always out of stock. Thanks for all of the videos. Best of luck to you. Keep up the great work.

    82. Gary Lee

      Awesome! Son!! One of these days I will come fish out of your Pop's Marina!🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣

    83. 24falconfootball

      This just proves that New Balance are the ultimate Dad Shoe!! Hell Yeah!

    84. Sean Mccolpin

      I love watching you two fish together! I cant wait till my son is old enough to yank on some donks! Great video and good luck at Toho!

    85. Robert Jackson

      What's up Scott and Roland. I went down there last year. Liked it alot. I went on the right weekend cause the FLW was there. Bought alot of lures and tackle even a shirt. Just wish I had got there earlier so I could have found a guide to go fishing.

    86. Jose N

      Wish I had a dad I could go fishing with 😏

    87. Finesse KING

      Scott just wanna Win!😂

    88. 98kutch

      Billy going to vlog his tournaments????

    89. Pimp C

      Wish I had a dad like this not gonna lie

    90. mncalexander1

      Maybe next time Scott. Maybe?

    91. Jolly Giant

      Doesn't get any better than fishing with pops!

    92. Mike Geer

      Love seeing these videos with your dad. Thank you!!!!!! Real awesome Scott.

    93. Brandon Robinson

      Where can i find billies channel

    94. david allison

      Man, gotta love your dad! The old pro never looses it!

    95. Alex Morataya

      I enjoyed it very much! Now that I have a son I hope to make memories just like that. Great video on all levels!!!

    96. Woody _865

      Favorite is about to go bankrupt 😂

    97. Steven Suarez

      I love the end of this so much. I hope I can keep winning against my son as he gets older! Loved watching your dad growing up and love still watching y'all have a great time.

    98. ytaddict10000

      So much love for fishing and each other.

    99. Jim Warden

      You 2 are the bomb! Great fun to watch.

    100. Swarpin_On_ Donks

      Are you going to the fishing convention in Columbus Ohio this year Scott?