Young Jeezy - Leave You Alone (Explicit) ft. Ne-Yo


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    Music video by Young Jeezy performing Leave You Alone (Explicit). ©: The Island Def Jam Music Group

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    1. Rosalinda Ortiz

      Anyone here

    2. Nancy M Giron

      Love this song I love my baby shorty for ever thank u for coming in my life u are the best bebe miss u were ever u are right now😘

    3. Danny Dearing

      God knows ur ride w me if im right or wrong. You are my ride or die 100. I love you Elizabeth.

    4. Eli Peñaloza


    5. elimz zz

      Still slapping this in 2021 😌!!

    6. OnTheComeUpClub

      This video is some real shit

    7. OnTheComeUpClub

      This video is so underrated

    8. Billyjoe Spearman

      Listen to the future baby

    9. e car

      This song is real. if u feel it then don't be shy in person lol. Out here in georgia, united States the girls be playing. All in the whole country matter of fact wherever I been west coast, midwest, colorado, they forgot how they were raised. To have respect for themselves and others and everything else will fall into place. Idk where exactly I came from either so if ur self conscious just know ur not alone. I'm italian, english, irish, Scottish, native american, I'm not ok lol but I am tho just chill. That's your choice tho fellow human being loved person in general whatever place or culture you claim or come from, it's how you act not what background you came from that God chose for you.

    10. Christopher

      bad ass music video

    11. Adrianna Rodriguez

      Hell yeah

    12. whitney pruitt

      Olivia a snitch!

    13. whitney pruitt

      Still relevant in 2021

    14. Halan Fernandes


    15. Brandi Moy

      It real life

    16. Vanessa Major

      I'm a black woman and I love my Mexican boo 🥰🥰 he's so sweet and such a hard worker. 🥰🥰

    17. Jacob Cradoct

      Yes dear laugh now cry later family portrait tattoos same as barbed wire

    18. Jacob Cradoct


    19. Jacob Cradoct

      My work collection bring me to the battle of the tattoos that is sticks that is troubles and that is barbed wire

    20. Jacob Cradoct

      My morning word collection has brought me to a new word women just don't turn me on anymore

    21. Carl Soeke




      1. SAFIS


    23. Haven Hunter

      I guess I'm the last to finally hear this song in 2020!! But I'm listening to it EVERYDAY now! It's 2021 now! 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 Ugh, I'm sure this video is accurate as fuck tho!

    24. jrrodrigues2510

      what a great song and video production

    25. Aser girlgood

      Wyuiii the only thing that you can get

    26. Hussle Music


    27. Amanda Sanchez

      IS THERE A PART 2 to this please tell me

    28. Lester Watson

      Gucci is a clown for Real !! too much Jeezy for being Real Brotha!

    29. Eddie Edwards


    30. Notorious Lena

      Bruh this is exactly how it is in my fam, I got two big brothers that are strict and gang related like this and it fucken suckss I’ve been with my bf since highschool he’s also black, my brothers and my dad HATED it! we went through the criticism all the timee but we stayed together no matter what now we got a beautiful babygirl ❤️

    31. Rich Hardly

      Still here 2021

    32. Adalyn Alouette


    33. Bridget Denise

      Young Jeezy - Leave You Alone (Explicit) ft. Ne- Yo 🤥 JEEZY

    34. Loca Dreamer


    35. Wet Windows Guy

      rules to a QUEEN

    36. Dedication Syndicate

      One Hispanic girlfriend I had let her family put her foot on my back an then I messed up to but over all her mother didn’t like me she telling her I was no good an it ended after almost a year

    37. Isaac Sanchez

      This a classic jam!!

    38. computerkopman123

      What is the name of the main girl actor?

    39. Bridget Denise

      94.1 The Beat Leave You Alone Young Jeezy/Ne- Yo

      1. Bridget Denise

        94.1 The Beat Leave You Alone Young Jeezy/Ne- Yo

    40. Debby Richards

      How this Gangsta looking Latino, gonna be on the phone sounding like Ben Affleck! 😆😆 Not hating! Love the video & song ❤️

      1. Debby Richards

        😂😂 right!!

      2. Ganja-Clouds

        🤣 I'm smoking one and I'm over here thinking I was trippin when I heard this mane speak

    41. Adrienne Botello

      Cochise y Evette36 E.S.P.N/ Cloverz14

    42. Izayah Kidd

      Slapping this 2021 still

    43. Bridget Denise

      Young Jeezy/Ne- Yo Leave You Alone

    44. Bridget Denise

      Young Jeezy - Leave You Alone (Explicit) ft. Ne-Yo

    45. Steel City Mafia

      I used to play softball in Pico Rivera with the main model in this video.. she is a real down to earth nice woman

    46. TheeWater Queen

      Them Mexican brother was fioooooneeee

    47. TheeWater Queen

      It be your own sister a damn snitch

    48. Delon Thomas

      Racism is destroying humanity


      Ayy tell me u haven't been in this situation at one point!!!! SOESA SAID IT!!!

    50. Shun Moore


    51. Steven Louis

      🤪 Me: knowing the song 10 years old......but never knowing in 10 years where one girl ended, and the other fucking began 🤦🏾‍♂️ They literally went and found the most regular low budget ever for a star rapper lol. Which one of them beaked bitches told on the other, and how can yall tell em apart 👀👀👀

    52. Amber Edey

      It's clear jeezy got a type lol the petite Asian look lol

    53. dayven aleviado

      2021 🔊 🧏🏾

    54. Melissa G


    55. Ezekiel Deji Ojo

      Out hear in 2020 pandemic! Anyone here between Dec 2020-March 2021? 🙌🏾

    56. Betsy Blue

      This how you know..if you have a bottom. Woman..

    57. Tara Barnes

      One of my favorites. Just listened with powerbeats pros. OMG. Warren G is a fool on this one!

    58. Raymond Johnson

      I love this song Im just glad his teeth didn't fall out when he was rapping

    59. Mvrshvn

      Giving me toxic bm/bd vibes Lmaoo

    60. Crystal Tinoco


    61. Rose June

      I loveeeee this video 😫😫😫

    62. mulana veto

      Denisse González😘



    64. M22k

      True Story 💯

    65. Supreme Stunna

      Leaving 2020 and still bumping

    66. purnell4ever

      Shits still fiyaaaahhh!!!! Helping me House Party threw this Pandemic. Word up.


      🐇 you got me here listening to this song 🍺

    68. Eric Whalen

      Just because I post a song from my ex girlfriend doesn't mean I am back in a relationship with her it is bad business to be the number one power couple I just like admiring her beauty from a far she already knows she is a star even though I am single I will still let her in my car

    69. Eric B

      Neyo sets this bia off !!!

    70. shawnthomas397

      Neo great song Awesome video Young Young Jeezy same thing/// Jeezy your life is a true story// you're engaged to the pretty girl from the real talk show congrats stay healthy stay safe stay strong I hope you come to Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic city after everything is over with /// hope you have hope to see you in laxity one day take care and your family God bless/// PS also you to Neo!!!👍💪😊

    71. Heyy Babess

      Yo I forgot this song I’m so glad i found it 😂

    72. Musadeq Ruley-Minus

      Happy 😃 💕🎤🎤🎤💗💗💗💕💕

    73. Musadeq Ruley-Minus

      Good morning

    74. Musadeq Ruley-Minus

      Happy 😃 day love ❤️ beautiful love ❤️ love 💗 you love ❤️ love ❤️

    75. Musadeq Ruley-Minus

      Neyo you

    76. Shakira Green


    77. Joe Jones

      Why ain't they playin this early Ne-Yo music? This is great...

    78. DjKilLaBee DjKilLaBee

      You Know who it is

    79. DjKilLaBee DjKilLaBee

      Rachel Levy and DjKilLaBee

    80. Angela Mafia

      Im alive 1987 italy military airborn 89 i was buried alive

    81. Kaden_469

      Imma make u proud dad and mom❤🙄

    82. Clinton Uwu-khaeb

      Ne-Yo laid this beat to bed

    83. Marvin Floyd

      No Classic ,skills, but Drama

    84. Marvin Floyd

      No respect, No guilding,No safe,NoTrust but lame Hames

    85. tiffany_the_enlightened

      The acting in this was on point!!

    86. Daniel De Freitas Campos Campos

      jezzy imitate 50 Cent baby by me in this clip kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk JEZZY IS A JOKE

    87. Jackie Dominguez

      Wake up in the morning and I’m still here wake up in the morning and I ain’t gone..

    88. Free World227

      Jeezy would have fucked ole boy up

    89. Jessica chavez

      💘 😻 💜 💛 💚 🧡 💘

    90. David Lunsford- Barlow

      Warren g??

    91. Genesis Coleman

      This a movie

    92. Reyy Vasquez

      More videos like this pls good actors viva la raza

    93. Ker Lozano

      The fragile saw hooghly whistle because margin suddenly arrive excluding a joyous mary. thirsty, dashing russian

    94. Rickiea Mitchell

      2020 I gotta leave u alone you ain’t no good let’s ride 2021

    95. Black General

      It’s crazy cause Mexican Men go after black women but will have a heart attack if they sisters date black men

      1. DoubLeR'z Rosales

        I mean if he a good dude than there’s no problem but most of you in my city act hard and quick to play victims when shit hits the fan that’s why I dislike most of you but that’s in Long Beach you know how that go but if gangs weren’t involve maybe we can live in peace but for now CK

    96. Jennifer Whittington

      Jeezy fine as hell 😍

    97. Sunny Day

      They cant compete wit Jay Z. Haha. All your tatts can't do nothing. Black men got it. Yall lil in the category. Lol

    98. peeps hadad

      The astonishing glass mostly strip because airship seemingly glow since a decorous relation. unaccountable, crabby loaf

    99. Meek Gotti

      My niggas Neva singing, I need 'em I go to neyo 💯💯💯💯

    100. Ms. Wright

      Still love this joint in 2020💯💯