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    Dear friends and followers, welcome back to my channel!
    Today we'll be looking at the most important aviation weather abbreviations. You have to know these otherwise it'll be a little embarrassing infront of your captain. Practice these as the will pop up every now and then during your weather briefings.
    ATIS - Automatic Terminal Information Service
    AWOS - Automatic Weather Observing/Reporting System
    BECMG - Becoming
    BKN - Broken
    BLZD - Blizzard
    CAT - Clear Air Turbulence
    CAVOK - Clouds and Visibility OK
    DRZL - Drizzle
    DWPNT - Dew Point
    EMBDD - Embedded
    EXTREM - Extreme
    FA - Area Forecast
    FEW - Few
    FRST - Frost
    GNDFG - Ground Fog
    GSTS - Gusts
    HLSTO - Hailstones
    HUREP - Hurricane Report
    ICG - Icing
    IMC - Instrument Meteorological Conditions
    LTG - Lightning
    METAR - Meteorological Aerodrome Report / Aviation Routine Weather Report
    MOD - Moderate
    NGT - Night
    NSW - No Significant Weather
    OVC - Overcast
    PO - Dust / Sand Whirls
    PROB 30 - Probability 30%
    RMK - Remark
    SCT - Scattered
    SEV - Severe
    SKC - Sky Clear
    SNW - Snow
    SQLN - Squall Line
    STM - Storm
    TAF - Terminal Aerodrome Forecast
    Tempo - Temporary
    THDR - Thunder
    TS - Thunderstorm
    UWNDS - Upper Winds
    VA - Volcanic Ash
    VSBY - Visibility
    WS - Wind Shear
    WSR - Wet Snow on Runway
    XCP - Expect

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    1. eM Pe


    2. Braindead Logan

      No significant weather can often be written as "NOSIG" right?

    3. Justa Youtuber

      OMG WTF

    4. ghost chicken

      You make great videos

    5. Me Here

      @ 8:43 Why is"SLP 223" Yet Sea Level Pressure is 1023.3 ¿¿¿¿

    6. Thomas Anholm

      If you live in the uk, you'll experience ~90% of these weather events per day

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    8. Fitti


    9. VANAR

      There are a lot of abbreviation 😕

    10. Omar Eldahrawy

      Captain Joe I feel panic from this video

    11. Omar Eldahrawy

      You are my favorite KGupr even though I am not a pilot but it's my goal to become one in the future

    12. Alex Barreto

      No one: ... Captain Joe: *Culumbunimbus*

    13. Bob Orrett

      First time I have watched you. Excellent content (wx abr) and delivery. Thank you. Amazon makes substitutes when it doesn't have the item. So in Canada, I don't know what your recommended headset is. I am interested because I am 8 hours into my lessons and thinking of getting my own headset. Bob

    14. Kim

      PO in French is Poussière meaning sand whirls


      Kindly make a vedio on manual operational flight plan ,

    16. MJ Campaner

      Captain Joe please explain the difference between a first officer and captain aside from their uniforms and being a pilot. Thank you from The Philippines

      1. Mike P

        Joe hasn't made an exact video about this subject, but he has a video which explains some details. The link to the video is below. The difference is that the captain is the first in command and is responsible for the aircraft and crew. The first officer is second in command. The usual principle is that pilots fly the aircraft by turns, for example the captain flies one part of the flight, and the first officer flies another part of the flight. The captain has four stripes on the uniform and the first officer has three stripes.

    17. Muhammed Mansoor

      hi, how safe is it to fly during a heavy rain day? does the monsoon season affect flights?

    18. Adnan Ceman

      Hi Captain Joe, I appreciate your videos and I am a big fan of your work. I'm the head of the luxembourgish meteorical service at ELLX and even if I knew all the abbreviations, it was a pleasure to watch your video. You explained all the abbreviations correctly but BECMG in TAF messages does not mean that the phenomenon will occur in that time frame, but that it will *change* to the significant weather *during* this timeframe. I'm sure that You are aware of that, because you explained it right at the beginning and then at the and you said "...the expected weather condition in that time frame". The next time you are at ELLX, you are welcome to visit us at our office and have coffee. Keep up the good work 👍

    19. Tando Mahashe

      yes please

    20. patrick westlin

      Hey Joe, I have a question for you about if a plane flies into a thunder belly and a lightning strikes the plane. What happens to the electric instruments in the Cockpit ???

    21. K777

      BLZD = Blazed.

    22. Pavel Danilov

      It's not that complicated, for those who works with terminals, or like me with GDS 😉

    23. Janice The Beautyfairy

      Can pilots play with the co pilot

    24. fnd123

      Captain Joe is the NATO Alphabet essential if you want to become a pilot?

      1. Mike P

        Yes, you must know the phonetic alphabet. You will need them every day in radio communication.

    25. Walt Johnson

      Great video, Joe - I used it this evening with our RAF Air Cadets squadron this evening helping them decode METARs :)

    26. anticosmopolitan

      8:46 Dewpoint -4.4, no?

    27. Sara de Jesus Belfort

      yeeeeeesssssss!! This video was amazing, helped me a lot

    28. Philly Phill

      A pilot should really know how to pronounce cb clouds. The first image of ‘foggles’ arent foggles, it’s called a hood. The foggles are the actual restricting glasses. You also might want to say at the start that not all governing bodies use the same abbreviations. Snow is usually SN not SNW and visibility is usually VIS not VSBY in most parts of the world. I also would call them the most common. You missed quite a few important ones like CB and + like as in +SN

    29. Brett Harding

      BR means mist...or “Baby Rain”

    30. SAL 9000

      6:37 A thing that ElectroBOOM gives away.

    31. Plum Au Yeung

      The "no significant weather I saw on METAR is NOSIG. Is there any different?

      1. Pilot Interview Handbook

        Plum Au Yeung No. NOSIG means no significant weather is expected within the next 2 hours. NSW basically means that there has been significant weather but it passed and now there is no significant weather

      2. Plum Au Yeung

        @Pilot Interview Handbook So ,it's same with the above NSW?

      3. Pilot Interview Handbook

        NOSIG means no significant changes in weather are expected to occur within the next 2 hours

    32. Mayank Parab

      Hey joe what is the difference between NSW and NOSIG? Both mean the same from my observations so why different names?

      1. ZK-APA

        Mayank Parab NSW is no significant weather. As in everything is fine. NOSIG is no significant change. As in it says that there won’t be any major change in the weather forecast

    33. Natalja Naudziuviene

      I watch all your vid

    34. Natalja Naudziuviene

      I want to be A pilot 👨‍✈️

    35. Maximos Leontiou

      Great Video !!! I Knew them all as at the moment iam a student pilot in Cyprus ✈

    36. Nxoah

      I Downloaded them! I'm still youngish, but soon going to flight school! Thanks for helping me!

    37. Hamza Faqhi

      How to become a pilot in USA what is requirement ??

      1. Mike P

        If you mean to become an airline pilot, the basic thing is that you have a high school diploma. But when you apply for a job at an airline the airlines can require also a college degree from their pilots, but this depends on the airline. Regional airlines usually don't require a college degree. And after your flight training you must have 1500 flight hours in order to work as a first officer in an airline.

    38. Ana Beatriz Moura

      Great vídeo, thank you!!

    39. Train Gaming

      I got all but AWOS right I've never heard awos used so I didn't know it but I tried M8's

    40. Shivam Khopkar

      5:15 9W!! Jet Airways! Miss that airline!

    41. Ramyak Jain

      His birthday is on my birthday -21 June

    42. COOL banana

      Hello Captain Joe. I know all the Weather Abbreviations. You make great videos. Please make more like these. Thank you.

    43. Zhaoxin Ye

      ZSPD, you can guess how excited I am when I see a large AD near my hometown

    44. Choke And Bite

      Are airlines short on printer ink or something? Some of these abbreviations are just ridiculous, and it makes no sense why they just don't print out the entire word, like frost. The abbreviation is four letters, just put the fifth letter in there and spell the entire word for Pete's sakes. I mean for a industry that's so focused on safety, why do they take the chance of somebody misinterpreting a abbreviation. Whoever came up with the standard is trying to seem smarter than they really are and I think it's going to jeopardize lives

    45. Pisces

      What’s the abbreviation for microburst?

    46. James Bernardino

      Oui, da, ja, hai, si, yes, please do!

    47. Chensich

      6:03, is that fsx 2020?!

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      Hey joe how to carrying the engine under the wings ???

    52. Nkateko Benediction

      Captain Joe, have you been to South Africa?

    53. Cambo4cam 12

      I want to be a pilot I’m going through all the training and simulators and I’m 11

    54. Marius Pfeffer

      Damn it, flew through a CAT again D:

    55. David Schiavone

      Well done Captain Joe! I like watching your videos keep them coming 🙏👍💪 Greetings from LMML

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    57. Anjali Bhakta

      Hey Joe, I want to ask you that why airbus380 have only two reverse thrust gear while ab747 have 4

      1. Mike P

        There is at least one obvious reason. Because the wing span of an A380 is large the outer engines can sometimes hang over the runway edges, and if there would be the reverse thrust also on these outer engines those engines can ingest debris from the ground which can damage the engines. So there is the reverse thrust on the inner engines only.

    58. Rohini Edke

      Jeo why does landing gear go inside the plane when it gets take off

      1. Mike P

        If the landing gear would stay outside it will cause significant air resistance during the flight which will decrease the aircraft's airspeed and also increase fuel consumption, and the range of the aircraft would be much shorter. So it's essential that the landing gear will be retracted when the aircraft takes off.

    59. Samedi Gaming

      Joe can you make a video on how to land , when to flare the different planes etc. ?

    60. sutarsun

      please make a video about zulu time

    61. Mr A.R.B.N

      Hello cap. I've a serious question about, Can a commercial airplane do a barrel roll like military aircrafts?

      1. ZK-APA

        Mr A.R.B.N because it’s simply not needed. Moreover if you try, most probably the aircraft’s envelope protection system will kick in

      2. Mr A.R.B.N

        @ZK-APA i saw that video. But i wondering to know why it never happened again?

      3. ZK-APA

        Mr A.R.B.N no one has ever tried. Though yes the Boeing 707 has actually done a barrel roll

    62. Pilot320 Mutaz


    63. Rajat Mozumder

      *Joe,can I get your T-shirt from Bangladesh*

    64. Brendan Waldron

      What is the biggest plane you have flown.

      1. ZK-APA

        Brendan Waldron b747-8

    65. Lukino Vitek

      Please make a video about autobrakes.

    66. White Tiger Store

      What if PAPI Lights suddenly broke ? What should the pilot do ?

      1. ZK-APA

        White Tiger Store you can still fly. Papi lights are more of an assistance rather than a necessity

    67. Glenn Berthels


    68. Elli P

      The most commonly used weather abbreviation here in England is YUK, which means... well... it means yuk. ;-)

    69. jignesh Machchhar


    70. Incognito Human

      Pilots after Lockdown Weather is clearer than ever

    71. Maha Aljarrah

      Please make a video about options to consider when having engine off during take off , would turning back to land on reciprocal rwy be a good idea, what other options might be?

    72. Ryann Amorie

      why is his name “Captain” joe but he only has 3 stripes ?

      1. Mike P

        It's the name of his youtube channel, it doesn't refer to his rank in his airline.

    73. Mack

      YES PLZ!!!

    74. Habiba Kazlak

      I have a big question, if someone from the passengers is a professional pilot but isn't actually flying the plain at that specific time, can he/she fly the plain if like for example for some reason all pilots on board maybe have o problem or something?

      1. Qi Sen Wang

        @Habiba Kazlak Ik, but this video is not a bout that. It's about airplane food. And look at it. He will say the answer of your qustion. Btw, plane is written like this ;). Just look at that video.

      2. Habiba Kazlak

        @Qi Sen Wang yea ik he mentioned it in another video before but he mentioned it as if a regular passenger, not someone who can actually fly a plain and is a pilot

      3. Qi Sen Wang

        yes. he mentionned that on a video before. look this. He mentionned your qustion :)

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      was missing a few impotant onces TSRA, CB

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      Hi, thank you for this enteresting video. I listened some rumors about Concorde, someone says that Emirates wants to fly it again, what do you think about these rumors?

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      No one: Literally no one: Capt. Joe: Dear friends and follower's welcome back to my channel

    80. ok ok

      Can a pilot use the phone in the cabin in cruise? Like watching movies or videos

    81. aviator boss

      captain joe,what does it mean when tower says cleared runway 34L shortened?

      1. Mike P

        It means that you will use the runway 34 Left, but "shortened " means that the runway temporarily has a shorter useful length for takeoff and landing. The reason why the runway is shortened can be for example construction work.

    82. hallobaaaby

      In my neck of woods CAVOK is ceiling & vis ok. And you dude speak like as if drunk 😆 Is it selfimportance forcing this condescending, diarrhea-flavored tone?

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      1. Harrison Haverly

        add them yourself with a video translation website ( or similar)

    85. natalia mckell

      Hii, can you do a video on how to deal with flight anxiety? I’m not sure if you already posted one . But I know I’m not the only one , I can get anxiety when I fly and I am not sure how to deal with it . And I feel when you clear it up and explain what to do . I know my flying experience will be much better :) thank u

    86. Romain BLANCHET

      I know some of them because I "play" on IVAO as an ATC on Rennes Tower, France, it's a real fun to simulate being an ATC

    87. Devdeep Plylam


    88. Rey Mysterio

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      1. ZK-APA

        Rey Mysterio nope. You are rostered as per requirement

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