Minecraft, But Your Health Multiplies Every Time A Creeper Explodes You...


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    This is Minecraft, But Your Health Multiplies Every Time A Creeper Explodes You... This was interesting.
    Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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    4. Chelsie Richards


    5. Micle John

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    7. Korbin Johnson

      at 8:37 someone said type ping pong pong in the chat so PING PONG also at 12:31 he has 17 EYES

    8. Ashley Cook

      Ur good

    9. messy vlog

      Me wanting for the " ITS OVER 9000" meme

    10. Daniel Perez

      20000 years

    11. Kevin Holzer

      Maybe try this again, but creepers randomize health instead of just increasing it

    12. AnthonyCOTF

      I He come to 100000

    13. Boi

      10:52 bookmark

    14. Banana Boi

      Hi twitch stream.

    15. Chloe Velarde

      What the!

    16. Chloe Velarde

      Why she do that!

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    20. Camtako

      At the end I wonder how long it would take you to die in the void.

    21. Mark Brauer

      fun fact: his heath was going down all the time

    22. Azrae Escobar


    23. Cenzo’s Gaming & Athletics

      @PainfulYeah I know

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      He just didn’t need a house 0:0

    28. Samuel Perez

      TapL has to see this comment I thought if u can make a video if custom armor in minecraft

    29. Sriya Raghav Achar

      16:03 Archery !

    30. Aiden Hughes

      Minecraft uhc but every time u take damage your health multiply

    31. Mika de Jager

      Imagine how noob you are if you die

    32. Joseph Atuatasi

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      8:52 dreams Heath vs the manhunts

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    40. Rayan Plays

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    48. Theveen Wimalasuriya

      I wish he would've got a billion hearts and then reset his health before fighting the dragon

    49. Bara2 Masoud

      hhhhhhh nob hhhhhhhh

    50. Echo Bregania

      Minecraft Veterans: Guess i'm immortal.

    51. ericson oguma


    52. ericson oguma


    53. Andrei Billones

      Hello tapl! Your the best🙌😎☺😊! If you have 4000 health its Insane😨😱 it means your IMMORTAL!

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    62. little duolingo

      I want everyone to know the ender dragon only has 200 health and that means only 100 hearts

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    63. Creeper

      How DARE you use my relatives for your own greedy selfish wants! I am SO unsubbing!

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    65. Pokemon Playz


    66. Elaine Kwan

      Imagine getting to a billion hearts

    67. Sami Malik


    68. nikko trembley

      the first time you want a creeper

    69. pokero mine


    70. Khaled Khaled


    71. Milly Coomber

      17:48 “FOR NARNIA” 🤣🙂👍

    72. Trinnell Enenbach

      When you had 1heart =2hp

    73. Dale Morley

      Could you people please share

    74. K F

      Regeneration potion

    75. Violet Katz

      Just do /kill

    76. Cole Nguyen

      Why when you beet the dragon you always scream

    77. Emilee Ormerod


    78. Cole Nguyen

      Can you train a dragon

    79. Bray Hefner

      How to I download this

    80. Panagiotis Rigopoulos


    81. ENDER WATCER 930

      OMG u got HEROBRINE on game . open 12 minet 49 secend there is pramid in water . this mean there is HEROBRINE on your game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    82. Ananya 07ah

      TapL: has 268 million hearts, i need enchanted bows and tools Wisp: has 7000 million hearts, I need enchanted armor and bows and more Dream: has half a heart, all I need is a shovel

    83. Avatar Roku

      Why did you dont hit a Zombie Piglin this whould be funny

    84. SoarttvRyan


    85. Adi The Superhero

      creeper is now good

    86. MR. [REDACTED]

      I want to see him jump into the void with 260mill

    87. Martin Dang


    88. Elif Ebcin


    89. Elif Ebcin


    90. Farmer joe Nothing but an epic gamer

      You walked out of the cave



    92. Wyatt Boom


    93. Donna Rolph

      Bro how

    94. masa adwan


    95. Joe Let's Play

      17:40 His neighbors: 👁👄👁

    96. em twomey

      you rook

    97. Shaun Perez

      Alt title: Minecraft But Your hearts Double when a creeper explodes you

      1. croszz

        You have a big brain kid

    98. mike flores


    99. Bridget PEDRACINI

      Ender dragon!

    100. Nguyen Phuong

      cool man that good