Exploring the NEWEST Lake in the COUNTRY - Headwaters

Scott Martin

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    Brand New Public Lake that is full of grass, islands, sunken ponds and BIG BASS! I take Hilary with me to explore the Headwaters Lake for the first time.
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    1. Steve F

      Not so public anymore!

    2. Topwater Tony

      This Lake is on my bucket list and I hope to be down there in March :)

    3. Domenick Spavento

      Man, I want to fish this lake.

    4. Wilter Quesada

      Whats the name of the place?

    5. Brooks Pearce

      I have seen several videos from the new lake , The fish seem to be long but thin looking , Is that true or is it just the camera angle ?

    6. Brooks Pearce

      Awesome day , making memories with your daughter , It don't get no better that that .

    7. IlliniDog01

      Hilary certainly has learned the skills and execution to fish with anyone. If she truly wants to go pro, boat skills and identifying patterns/finding fish will be her next hurdles. They are the big ones though. Best of luck to you and her.

    8. Jimmy Simmons

      Where is your life jacket?

    9. SoFlo Dangler

      Looking for a good place to share ideas and collaborate within the fishing community any ideas?

    10. Jeremy Tucker

      How many times have you been hooked past the barb

    11. Jeff Pearson

      Your daughter can really catch em. Great video.

    12. Chris Margarum

      Damn scott you must b proud, just a kid following in your footsteps, but your daughter that's even more amazing, that martin blood runs deep.

    13. yourneck2

      Set up on a buzz bait, realesed on a texapo rig...... Hmmmm only A Martin can get away with stuff like that S.O.N...!

    14. Thomas Caldwell

      I saw that old school devil horse!!! Great episode guys 👍

    15. Andrew P

      You have such a beautiful daughter! Shes a better angler then me😂😂

    16. Youngsters. Tv B

      You got to fish at Grand Lake

    17. Outdoor Kid

      You are the best fisherman in the world bud

    18. Samuel Wardlaw

      Hey me Martin I do not know if you remember me but I was at the 2019 classic and I bought one of your hats

    19. CasualBassGuy

      So is that an old lake that just became public or is it literally man made and brand new?

    20. Fisherman

      Got my hats in yesterday,, signed by the man 😎awesome. One for me an one for my son 👍

    21. 806 Anglers

      I've always wanted to try the ultra vibe speed worm I'm a big zoom guy but i never got around to doing it until i seen yall tear them up on it hope i get some good ones on it soon!

    22. Stephen Bowen

      I wish I knew you was coming there. 😢. This is my backyard and close to the spots I go regularly.

    23. Stephen Bowen

      I fished there the first day it opened. It was nose to motor before daylight. I caught 40+ bass. Biggest was 6 ish. Was you able to use able to use any of your graphs? I caught most of mine on a frog early, then a senko unweighted after, then as the day went on a Culprit Red Shad Worm weighted with bobber stops about 8-10 inches up. 👍. My buddy missed many then I told him to come to my spot when I left, they caught about 15. That spot as disappeared since then. 🤷‍♂️

    24. Brian Moore

      Dang just went to the website and no white hats. Its so hard to find a good white hat. Cool for the summertime. Let me know when you get some back in stock.

    25. Howabouthetruth

      The very day this video was shot ( 2 Saturday's ago ) was also my first day here. I was so early, I was the very 1st boat on the water. I didn't see Scott on the water, but I did see his truck & trailer in the parking lot as I was leaving. Biggest bass on this day for me was a 4 lb'er.......but no good moon phase & extremely hot temps. I can hardly wait until late November. This really is an awesome fishery, I live here & fish the Stick Marsh a lot. The growth rates for bass in these man-made reservoirs in our area here, are the fastest ever recorded anywhere: 2.5 lbs PER YEAR. Look it up. They tagged yearling bass & shocked them up at the Stick Marsh to discover these unbelievable growth rates!!!

    26. William Riley

      You left the light on at home...!

    27. Hashirama Senju

      1 lb/yr!!!! INSANE!

    28. 59BigWalt

      42 ramp locations? That's a lot of lake.

    29. Amedeo Cavallo

      Is that Istokpoga?


      Hill out fishing the oldman , that just means you taught her well

    31. jasontheryan

      3:55am?? You don't even get up that early on tournament days. LOL

    32. Robert Diehl

      Great hook set on that first fish girl!!

    33. Jacob Stone


    34. thecamron221

      Does anyone know where a Scott Martin poster would be

    35. Debra Burgan

      Looks like a great place to fish is Hillary out fishing you

    36. henry ludwig

      i would love it so much if i could get a box of free baits

    37. Todd Thorne

      About time to move to Florida

    38. harvey lazos

      Listen brah, I love your videos but in this one I couldn’t make out what you were saying about which lake you were going to. (On this video) Anyways, what lake were u at? Just a little criticism, either get microphones or speak up. Also if you get microphones, get the fuzz so you don’t end up hearing nothing but wind. Just a little constructive and positive criticism. I love ur show! God bless you

    39. Jaxons Outdoors

      my pops knows your dad

    40. Trenton Richard

      Hil is my fav atta girl!!

    41. TheMass33

      Oh look another bass and another bass and another bass. Boring.

    42. Hooligan Mainia

      Another awesome video !!

    43. Rodney Thomas

      Good video any time I get to fish with the kids take it also if you're having anymore of the scotty's box giveaways I would love to be one to receive a box.

    44. Chris Wind

      When did scott Martin switch to Yamaha. Apparently I am out of the loop

    45. Brock Walker

      Scott your headlight is out...

    46. MuahMan

      Stick Marsh in Fellsmere used to be so awesome. Now it's so overcrowded. :(

    47. Core Gaming

      Hi Scott I like your daughter and think she’s truly Beautiful

    48. Jeff Fournier

      It's nice watching Hillary growing up on camera and slaying bass and her brothers and sister are no joke either as they are all good anglers but it seems Hillary really found the passion for it the most. Hillary is a bass magnet and a true bass slayer I would think she just needs to figure out how to find fish and catch on other lake's on the tour cause they will be so driffent from what she's use too but now that she's getting older pop's can show her around more if he hasn't already for that needed experience to be on that level . I know she can do it cause she loves this sport to the max. Keep kicking Dad's butt girl. 👊👏👊

    49. Stiles Fishing

      those are some dark fish

    50. Doug Oster

      The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Fun to watch you guys fish together.

    51. Bryan Schaffer

      You got a headlight out! Nice vid. Hope my boys will get into fishing like your daughters.

    52. Brad Brown

      You and lojo need to fish together like if you think it should happen

    53. Joseph Maltry

      @scottmartin sorry I didn't catch what the name of the lake was...I live in Tampa FL but freshwater is always a drive for me other than the river would love to fish okeechobee or bigger lake like it!!

    54. Aktheregion2 Beast

      I thought the hats post to be signed we got ours and they weren’t signed

    55. FishNski312

      I’ve been telling my buddy I knew you would be out there soon!!! I hope I run in to u one day. Been dying to meet the famous scott and Hillary! Watch you guys all the time. I live a few miles from this lake!

    56. Diego Rodriguez

      Yo Scott, I would love if you send some of your baits because I Barely started fishing and I Don't got nothing. So if you see this it would me the world for me.

    57. deerslayer5192 taft

      Will your baitcasters mess up if you throw them in saltwater

    58. Christopher Sawczyk

      Great banter between you guys, miss my boys, life in the way of fishing...tight lines

    59. OMG MOTO

      That was some healthy looking bass.

    60. Robert Jacobs Fishing

      Hillary is one fire as usual! Well done!


      So cool to see 3 generations of Martin's enjoying this awesome sport!!

    62. Chris Lamoureaux

      Where did Spinnerworm ( Brandon) go?

    63. TheTXRebel SLAS

      Can’t wait to watch Hillary follow her fathers footsteps and maybe someday exceed you PB’s and lake records! With much love and adoration of course! To see her on the pro circuit would be great!

    64. Mike N Crew

      Do y’all ever eat the bass?

    65. Tony Pascale

      That's it I'm moving to Florida...now if I can just convince my wife we will be all good.😂

    66. AndrewOnWii-TV

      I would die to live Hillarys life

    67. Kevin Lyons

      Another good clip!!!!

    68. J B

      i believe this is right next to the Stick Marsh in Fellsmere.... great area... ill be there in Oct from NH..... JT Kenney fishes here a lot

    69. octavio decunha

      I would love to have a lure from you legendary angler.

    70. Parker Keith

      Hillary’s out here kicking ass and taking names lol

    71. Cheapskate-elitist Fishing

      Hilary has been smashing them lately!

    72. North GA OutdoorS !

      I bet those bass feel that hook set for days. Love the foot set then bam!!!

    73. Byron Hendrix Fishing

      She going to give Trait Zaldain a run for her money

    74. Byron Hendrix Fishing

      I’m going to plan a trip there this February

    75. glen johnson

      i sure do miss fishing. i had to sell my little boat to start building a house. i bet all my rods and reels have a inch of dust on them right now. i'm hoping summer or fall of 2021 i will be able to get another boat. but a house is a little more important. not much but a little.

      1. glen johnson

        @Zray Ray i just dont have time right now i have to get this house at least closed in get lights to it then i can slow down and maybe go do a little fishing.

      2. Zray Ray

        Go shore fishing bro! Or look into a little canoe or kayak! Keep fishing never stop

    76. brennan lirette

      Man this was a great video keep up the great work

    77. Howard Stout

      Thats a good lake in palm bay i have had my kayak in there and killed them

    78. Piya Chetty

      , awesome video scott crushed them out there 👍👍👍👍💯💯💯💯🎣🎣🎣🎣

    79. Rowdy Broomstick

      Anyone guess on top speed of that rig?

    80. Random Username

      Imagine being Scott Martin and realizing your daughter has every bit of talent you currently have at about 1/4th the age... This has to be how Roland felt/feels

    81. Random Username

      Hill is clowning you Scooter.. You are definitely in danger. She's for real for real. That Martin bloodline runs DEEEEEEEEEEEEP

      1. Scott Martin


    82. Fishing with Jim

      nice to see you older fellas out fishing. good for you

    83. Tim Dunn

      Hil is gonna outfish every guy on the tour. She's a natural.

    84. matt harvey

      i know you put up links to all the equipment that you use but would you be willing to give a brief description of your rig set up as far as the rod and reel combo and along with bait at the time you are catching the fish! great video and you can never get enough moments like fishing with your kids!

    85. BassGeek

      She putting the beat down on dear dad.

    86. Kevin Key

      You have a head light out drivers side

    87. Jonathan Dunstan

      17:18 great bass

    88. Jonathan Dunstan

      Hi Scott I’d love some soft baits ,I’m 12 years old I love your channel and you’re my fishing hero. I live in South Africa

    89. Hunt Family Fishing

      Great fishery. Tore them up on a frog and shakey worm

    90. Warren louisiana

      I would like to see her with her pawpaw Roland,,,,yeah..

    91. Aaron Ordonez

      Scott I’m a huge fan carry on god bless you & your family

    92. Donald Touchton


    93. Michael Whitney

      fish slayer

    94. Hog Wild

      Ok this girl is bad to the bone!

    95. JASON cantrell

      When will you let Hillary try lake Eufaula?

    96. TheBlindkiller85407

      Did you have fun washing all that Fellsmere dust off the boat/truck? Haha

    97. William Campbell

      They did stock that lake with a million bass. I can't imagine many lures making it out alive. They should make this lake catch and release only.

      1. Howabouthetruth

        The FWC also shocked up some trophy "breeder" bass from the Stick Marsh right next door, to also stock into the new Fellsmere Headwaters lake. They decided to do this a few years AFTER stocking all of the fingerling bass & blue gill. ( Which goes to show how healthy the numbers of large trophy bass still are in the Stick Marsh/Farm 13. ) I know, because I live here. I was fishing the day Scott was there for this video, but I didn't see him on the water.......I only saw his truck & trailer in the parking lot as I was leaving. I was the first one on the water VERY early that morning. The place is awesome. I love living & fishing here.

    98. Bravo Bassin

      great video Hilary is a mini you! she will be crushing the tournament scene one day for sure!

    99. William Campbell

      It's a good lake to break in a new engine with the 25mph speed limit.

    100. Jon DeMars

      What’s Hillary’s pb?