Flintstones in Real Life! 24 Hours No Technology Challenge! Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo

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    After Rebecca’s emergency room trip to the hospital she had an emotional surgery. Matt and Rebecca then posted Breaking Rebecca Out of the Hospital Emergency Room! The Game Master network posted a surprise Double Date with Maddie's Ex Crush Gone Wrong. Rebecca and her best friends must go with no technology for 24 hours as Flintstones in real life. Daniel knows the Kingpin hypnotized Rebecca and has been tracking her iphone so he sets off an EMP. Once the EMP is explodes the squad does not have power. That means that all electronic devices do not work. Rebecca will have to live without technology for 24 hours. No iPhone, MacBook not even a refrigerator. Daniel arrives and brings Flintstones disguises. For 24 hours they will be flintstones in real life. In order to defeat Al they will need to activate the gems. Each gem activates with different elements. Earth, Wind, Water and Fire just like Avatar the last airbender. Do you think Rebecca and Matt and finish this challenge in time? Rebecca can’t even do tik toks or call a best friend. No communication, no power and no technology for 24 hours. This might be the hardest challenge yet especially at 3am with ghosts. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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    1. Rebecca Zamolo

      Would you be able to go 24 hours with no technology? Subscribe for when we get to the 10 million subscribers!

      1. Katie Wesley


      2. Chocolate_Potato Playz•

        If would probably die if I went 24 hours without technology that's why i make sure I don't get grounded lol

      3. Upasana Mitra

        The code is 7362

      4. Mbidewell Malfoy

        You guys are my favourite you tubers

      5. Mbidewell Malfoy

        Probably .... Yeh

    2. Kaetrina Hurst

      I love your vids I wach them every day

    3. Brittany Allen

      Hey Daniel and I am I am wreckers Maddie hey Oli her she is heading to get away from her headaches they hurt really bad and she didn’t want to tell you but I can keep it a secret to that gone that long just to use that all the videos that show that you made

    4. Tamima H


    5. Tamima H

      Red fire 🔥 Blue Water White wind Green Earth

    6. Icecreamgirl NGUYEN


    7. Anh Hy

      In the pool

    8. Lucy De Mesa

      Can i have one of the iphone rabecca

    9. Dakota Roark


    10. America Rivera

      I think it works

    11. Kiranpreet Kaur

      the last gem is probebly by the pool somewhere

    12. Aniyah Byrd


    13. Laura Hgay

      Lnbnj I want to iPhone 11 How to make a cake for my 🥳🌛🎂

    14. Laura Hgay

      After work to go pick it iPhone 11 Llllp

    15. Leona Davis

      Johnny knoxville

    16. Elexus Mae

      Rebecca and Matt is trapped🚞🚞 🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞🚞

    17. Carla Johnson

      Hello guys

    18. ravi sarai

      The code is 7362

    19. ShadowCartoon

      Give me shout out someone at my school where zamfam merch

    20. Stevie Merchant


    21. Marwa Fardi

      I wish I can get a phone I don’t have a phone all I have is my mom’s phone

    22. Jo


    23. Jo


    24. Vicky’s gaming Toys and more


    25. Rayhana Azzouzi


    26. Rayhana Azzouzi


    27. çüţıë :}


      1. çüţıë :}


    28. Learn with Heygly


    29. Lily MacMullen


    30. Lily MacMullen

      The pool is where the last 💎 is of 💦🌊

    31. Antonia Lofajova

      The red light is hypnotising you Rebecca don't trust all

    32. Antonia Lofajova

      White is air Red is fire Green is earth Blue is water

    33. Sadia anwari

      I am a VIP give me the nen ten do switch I well give you 1000000000\000000000000

    34. Andrada Maria

      Rebeca ♥️💖, I want the iPhone

    35. Nina Klak

      The code is 7362

    36. saumya Nakayama


    37. Doggy Princess

      The pool

    38. Debbie T

      I love your Videos and I have never been entered into a giveaway before I again I did everything you said

    39. Chris Cramer

      redecca did you like the red hood

    40. Aleksandr Lipkin

      theres a flinstones song

    41. hamza hossam


    42. Kiranpreet Kaur

      wite air red fire green erth so you need to find blue wich is water

    43. Sphoie Gutierrez

      Rebeca you are in 10.1milon

    44. paul elliott

      Can you give me a iPhone 12 please

    45. Jacky GamingYT

      At 3:53 I think clear

    46. Nya Fields

      Green them glow

    47. Serenity Murph

      It is serenity Rebecca zamolo

    48. Subhash Wasim Ali

      The code is 7362

    49. Jacob Cano


    50. Sade O'Conner

      Ccccc cc

    51. Trent Feagin


    52. Francene Reid

      Same feel better soon!!

    53. Sophie Mwamba


    54. Red Alexa Saldua


    55. Andrew Kane


    56. Yang Lu Lu (Parent.LK.K3A1WD)


    57. Andrew Kane

      I love technology

    58. Jenny Dalmacion


    59. Calliope Livengood

      and my moms birthday is tommorow

    60. Calliope Livengood

      i really wont a phone i really really really love your videos

    61. Davion Ray

      Rebecca stop using using the light it will hypnotizing you Rebecca

    62. Jackie Adkins

      The clear gyms air the green gems Earth the red gems fire and the blue gems water

    63. Jackie Adkins

      Matt Rebecca's using a light from the rhs hospital and it makes her headaches feel better but it's making her hypnotized

      1. Victor Rivera

        Ya mattt

      2. Victor Rivera

        Ya matt

      3. Charlee Denson

        Yah Matt you need to see this

      4. nurah abdol

        Yes Matt listed to Jackie Adkins

    64. Keith Staley


    65. Gelnar Alsaidi

      I think Mr. X mayor L on I’ll be the SHINee’s

    66. Gelnar Alsaidi

      In the tunnel the floors and might be in the tunnels in the game at his Lair

    67. Renezme Strazdina


    68. Melissa Zavala


    69. Renezme Strazdina


    70. Aubree Mccoury


    71. Terza Hickman

      7 3

    72. Terza Hickman

      7 3 6

    73. Steven Large

      Please do a planeType thing

    74. Terza Hickman

      7 3

    75. Atop or i tell Mom

      Guys my had fil bad

    76. Kim Buzzendore


    77. Hugrún Birta Eyvindsdóttir

      7362 7362 7362

    78. jakapoom pungvirawat


    79. James McFadzean


    80. James McFadzean

      It hippnetise you Rebecca

    81. Tanner Kennedy

      I love u Rebecca i watch u everyday never missed one day

    82. Susan Turner


    83. mayla MITCHELL


    84. Amelia Lee Silva

      YES 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍

    85. Amelie Zietek

      Every element have a specific color to represent then so red = fire, blue = water, white or clear =air, and green = earth.

    86. natasha angus


    87. K willey


    88. K willey

      The code is: 7362

    89. Maddison Ramsay

      YES ❤❤❤❤❤💙💙💙💙💙💚💚💚💚💚💚💛💛💛💛💛💛

    90. Zoey Carpenter

      Rebecca, stop using the red light, it will keep hurting you and turn you into a redhead or something like that

    91. Dulcie Rudd

      I think the water one is in the pool

    92. wale omooba

      Ugh no

    93. wale omooba


    94. Tracy Hall

      it is in the pool

    95. Madison Reinbott


    96. haya elbabaa


    97. Joan Randolph


    98. Ashina Vimal

      I would never live if there's no technology in the WORLD🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍

    99. Amelie gaming