The Worst Excavator Recovery Of My Career


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    1. Chris Hoover

      Sir you are good at what you do. Where exactly do you come by mats for an excavator?

    2. Brad Benjamin

      This guy can operate a machine. Damn.

    3. Jenella Budge

      Anybody get this video recommended after binge watching crime shows? Geez, I was expecting him to dig up a body... 😅 I guess youtube algorithms figured "recovery" in the title meant bodies... ... kinda disappointed, actually... 😜

    4. Christopher Coupland

      That was lucky, dang near lost a $400 hand cart

    5. Eric J Simmons

      Thank you so much for this content. I am enjoying every minute of it!!!

    6. Bryan McManamon

      Your a bad digger driver

    7. I'M HERE

      1.5 hrs. How much did you make? Maybe I am in the wrong business.

    8. steve black

      I know nothing about these machines or how to operate them, BUT, This guy sure makes it look easy..Very good operator

    9. James S

      I'm kinda surprised I watched this entire thing. I've seen Hollywood moves that aren't this exciting. Keep up the excellent work.

    10. Robert Fischer

      You are a skilled operator! You developed a plan and executed it efficiently.

    11. Project EVOHNO

      You can tell this is legit by the ratio of people actually working to people standing around with their hands in their pockets

    12. Huskies Go

      Break out the lawn chairs and pop corn. This is the best show in town.

    13. Benjamin Hartman

      I'm in love

    14. Adam H

      @letsdig18 How much did this cost them? Pin me?? Thanks!

    15. Lil Chlamydia

      and I thought that I was an alright excavator operator, this guy is on another level.

    16. Ciaran Mac

      Your control of the machine is outstanding 👍👍👍

    17. Hugh Smith

      Are those mats built with something like used railroad ties? They look like the right size.

    18. David Mc

      @35:34 ... how romantic ❤️

    19. Richard Perea

      Ayo step-bro

    20. Jake Lowe

      28:06 the second I realized he could've dug his self out it just maybe taken a couple days at least I know I could've

    21. Brock Hoffer

      This film saved my day. don't know how it ended up in my recommended, but so enjoyable to see experienced people work!!

    22. Jake Lowe

      Ok 7:32 I'm thinking i know its neat to watch but they probably want to move from there. 10:56 I see the ground move blow them so I know they felt it. 13:13 they finally move

    23. Jake Lowe

      I'm cold on a forklift like he is on this excavator

    24. Jake Lowe

      I'm cold on a forklift like he is on this excavator

    25. LoudSonicBug

      Heartwarming when they hold their shovels together

    26. Justin Pierre

      Excavating the excavator... this is some Inception crao going on here

    27. truth*is*treason

      at 24:31 "dont know why they haven't already done that" well just look at their faces and situation the machines in. its pretty obvious why . they stupid lmao

    28. Matthew Sykes

      I hope they billed the idiot that buried it. Must have cost a fortune to hire another to dig it out, plus all the manpower.....

    29. James Franks

      Some of your mats need some attention lol.

    30. AmphibolousAmbiloquy

      Should’ve called Yoda.

    31. Scania91

      You make it look so easy operating that excavator nice work

    32. Jim Douglas

      I think it was an awesome recovery and the benefits to the soil. Just think, turning over that much soil is a good thing

    33. ImBarryScottCSS

      This is why KGup exists man I'm so happy.

    34. Flap Jackson

      That was fun! Diesel, hydraulics, and heavy equipment! These are a few of my favorite things! Great operator skills, my man! That was some serious zen going on!

    35. ImBarryScottCSS

      There's a mat! 10' above the tracks 🤦‍♂️

    36. ImBarryScottCSS

      The most wholesome video on KGup?

      1. Flap Jackson

        Perhaps so!

    37. Kuba Ober

      At 2:00, there’s that little groan from the pump when the hydraulics really get under pressure. I’ve been once next to a hardline that decided to split in such circumstances. That sound made my neck hair stand up for many months after… it all looks like nothing much at that point but it takes insane forces (vs human scale) to move those mats like that. Would take a bunch of stout people with ropes and harnesses to lift one of those a few feet up. Good work all around! The operator is one with the machine - quite a show really. It looks so damn easy: means you know it’s not something you learn overnight.

    38. alreddy13

      I'm sure anyone can spot the owner of the rental company.

      1. Flap Jackson

        Lol. Eating an Egg McMuffin!

    39. M H

      It must be pretty embarrassing for the original operator to see someone else drive out to his machine for the rescue.

    40. Barthel8CS

      how in the fu..... did they do.... you know what nevermind.

    41. sheldonv8

      Not sure how I got here . Glad I stayed. Such skill.

    42. Ifan Jones

      totally mesmerized by that!

    43. Rick K

      I'm sure the recovery was not fun, nor getting the excavator stuck was, but watching skilled operators working their machines is.

    44. Mike Howell

      I love to watch these operators, they’re so smooth it’s like the track hoe is an extension of their arm. Pure skill. 😬

    45. jack bruno

      Me... asking 3600 people why dislike this video Them... we don't know

    46. Philip Bailey

      Landowner is a total donkey. Digger far too small for that pond and no pumps to drain the water .....

    47. Ann M Brooks

      Thats amazing!

    48. Its my life

      Great! This driver really has a talent)

    49. J Perry

      I’ve operated heavy equipment for 35 years and have made my fair share of boneheaded moves, but damn! I’ve stuck about everything you can stick, but damn! I mean, damn man, at some point you have to realize you’re stuck and stop trying to get yourself out. That’s how you end up in a situation like this. I have to admit though, it’s much more entertaining when it’s someone else that sticks one.

    50. Nathan Roper

      How do u manage to fuck up that badly

    51. Marc Forest

      This is beyond skill. You are truly one with your machine

    52. midknightwriter

      I'm not sure where you're at but that looks like it would be really good topsoil. Does that have sand mixed in with it?

    53. Black Beard Gamer

      Man, I miss working with excavators and skid steers. Those were the days lol

    54. Richard Crawford

      What were they even trying to do at that pond

    55. Ben Johnson

      $10000.00 operator abouse

    56. Pax3897

      Oh crap, lol thats the only words I had when I saw how bad it was buried.

    57. DTM

      Why am I here youtube?

    58. Dale Irish

      I wonder what was the price tag was on that?

    59. Grubnar

      0:49 LOL!

    60. Ralph Roberts

      LETSDIG18: Did you get the job to finish the Pond??

    61. John Doe


    62. j g

      That man is an operating sum buck!!!!!

    63. Thomas Yerbey

      Wow you are good Chris I really enjoyed this video 🇺🇲💯

    64. Ian McDonald

      My only complaint is no tunes!

    65. KLartrandM

      "Im surgical with this b@#$*" -Alonzo Harris

    66. Ben F

      Hey kids, this is what professional looks like. Take note. Nice work, sir. 👍

    67. Thor Huns

      Typical 'construction site' where 1 guy is working and umpteen guys are watching.

    68. John Howerton

      That made me dizzy

    69. The Larochelle Farm

      Maybe they were trying to get alittle extra digging depth.

    70. Charles Pettis

      Bad ass

    71. Deejay Mercado

      I got a bit of motion sickness but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Awesome content

    72. conservative personnel

      How does one charge on these type of jobs, by hour? Or what

    73. teveler

      brilliance, knowledge, IQ (I hate IQ) and just intelligence is so misinterpreted these days. This man has about 4 of them at least :)... Who ever below mentioned spatial awareness - Good for you!

    74. sytae aurora

      Excellent job! And quick too!

    75. RobD8870

      I got a 86 fiero and a couple ropes...I could got that out no issue.

    76. djjmann

      Got a big old bucket scoopin all the time, diggin holes in the ground wondering what I'll find. Im an excavator see you laterrrr

    77. K Kvz222

      I don't know how I ran across this video, but this guy has amazing skills. I watched it at 1.75x speed and the scoop seemed like his arm and hand he had so much control.

    78. Carlos H

      oddly satisfying to watch

    79. Jonny K

      How much would a rescue like this cost, and would the guy who rented the machine have to pay or would it come under insurance? Great rescue, great machine and this guy is a good operator, very smooth.

    80. B L

      When someone asks ( why is it so expensive for your service) show them the one stuck in there and the one aka you that got it out..You pay for the years of experience the operator has.

    81. Tom Slaymaker

      you get a raise great job!

    82. supercharged6771

      Growing up my dad had a excavator service, I rember him dealing with these kind of "issues" from time to time, micro managing your moves when they called you to get the job done, and always having to have a good attorney by the phone, and yes a handful of law suits to get people to pay

    83. Angie fav

      Great job well done

    84. sparkplug964

      Made it looks easy

    85. David Detrana

      It was so cute the way they held buckets

    86. HotrodsnRock

      Apparently I have too much time on my hands,,,,watched the whole thing

    87. Mosaic Labrador

      Hope the guy spent the extra $20 on the insurance

    88. OTB Cliff

      Ahern is really a decent rental company. Most of the equipment we get from them is in good shape.

    89. Luke Hansen

      man that guy is good with his machine!

    90. Ler Rhann

      Holy shit, 7.3 million views in a month? How?

    91. TOPTREK

      Woooow mind blown, how does someone get something stuck that deep!!

    92. Yuēhàn

      Wow, quality work guys. What ever they pay you it's not enough.

    93. iFNhU

      I'm calling you if I need help hiding a body.

    94. Mark Blankenship

      Man I want to do this. It is awesome the way the machine is just an extension of yourself.

    95. iFNhU

      I cant believe this is only your 2nd day. Wow

    96. fnglert

      This is some weird ass archeology.

    97. French

      Pretty good for your second day... lol!

    98. aaron underwood

      what a fucking boss......... straight tff up!

    99. White Heart

      Enjoyed this very much! Does this mean I’m not normal?

    100. Michael Szumigala

      Dudes got skills with the shovel