Fishing for the BIGGEST Perch in the WORLD

Carl and Alex

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    Lure fishing for massive perch in Holland was mind blowing! We hope you enjoy the video!
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    We are Carl and Alex and we're brothers who LOVE fishing, the outdoors and making videos! From fishkeeping, to bushcraft and back to angling, we hope our videos entertain, enthuse and if we are lucky, inspire you to get outside.

    күнү жарыяланды Жыл мурун


    1. Daniel smith

      In Australia we have Just as big redfin perch. And we catch 30 a session with a sounder quiet often! Most are between 20-43cm though. Anything between 44-55cm is beasts

    2. Hjkutzley 04

      Alex, do yall not have pickup trucks and England and UK . As a Northern American i dont know if yall do bc im planing on after primary school , moving out there

    3. Mick Moore

      Have you tried fishing for slabs in the canals with a pole in the Netherlands? Trust me it is epic!

    4. Alan Butler

      Just getting back into regular fishing this year after 20 years of sporadic fishing and I'm really looking forward to catching some nice Perch and Crucian

    5. bcdaedalus

      cracking perch reminds me of some childhood trips on the grantham canal where i was live baiting for pike next to a lock and had back to back 3ib perch about 20 years ago now

    6. scott de-walden

      Gotta love the Dutch. Harry Enfield was spot on 🤣😍

    7. Daniel Haddon

      Prawns always the Way !!!

    8. John Paul Goult

      Dude, you don't REALLY eat a pizza with a knife and fork do you!! Love the series guys, keep 🎣! John, North Yorkshire

    9. Samuel Lacks

      And all this time I ve been really proud of the 2 lb footballs I catch. What do they put in the water steroids and tobacco fertilizer? LOL. Very nice raccoon perch as we call em.

    10. Leo Hood

      Those perch gotta be pregnant too damn it that's a tank

    11. Reel Attitude

      Looks like some great company the fish with.

    12. M Barilla

      Wow what a great day of fishing

      1. Carl and Alex

        The best!

    13. John Loxley

      Watched this video about 4 times now... then perch are just sick !!! I’m still waiting for a 3 pounder !!!! Just amazing fish and an amazing place. Perch fishing and lure fishing !!! It just doesn’t get any better.... cracking video guys ... soooooo wish that was me !!! Love it 😍

    14. Ryan Shohoney

      We covet yellow perch, a close relative to the euro perch, as some of the best table fare (in Wisconsin). Are euro perch kept for food? Is keeping fish even common in the EU?

    15. Jari Van der Maarl

      Now i feel realy lucky that i live in the Netherlands

    16. giles watts

      Great vid as always chaps, can I attach lures like those u were using straight to my braid or do I need some mono? Also what sort of test curve and length would I need for drop shotting for perch in the uk? Cheers boys!🙂

      1. Carl and Alex

        A 7ft 5-15g rod is what I use for drop shorting.

      2. Carl and Alex

        You can use braid but mono is less visible to the fish and also less likely to get damaged on snags or rocks.

    17. Country 360

      You folks have the biggest Perch! 👍 We have Perch in the United States, but they're so much smaller ! And your Zander is high, we have Walleye here and the females get big but the males are smaller!

    18. Bill Buehner

      Great eating fish

    19. Linas Kaškonas

      if you want to fish in the best place for perch, go to Kursiu Nerija in Lithuania

      1. Carl and Alex

        Cheers for the info, might look into that!

    20. Lead Free Fishing TV

      What a Beast of a Perch!!!! Beautiful views and good job all around. Subscribed!

    21. ytmas0n_5708

      have you forgot yet

    22. HoulieMon

      This video should be called how I threw the world record perch BACK with out having it officially weighed !!! "D"Oh !

    23. SamoaVsEverybody_814

      Do they taste good??

    24. Chris Street Fishing

      Great video! Definitely earned a new subscriber

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thanks for subbing Chris!

    25. Andy Bowrahfishing

      The size of some of those Perch are like "Hulk Perch"...amazing well done.

    26. William Carr

      That was awsome.

    27. Julian Jules

      Great to see you enjoying this. Big perch are the only fish I've ever been scared of - mouths like Alien.

    28. Thomas Gladders

      That looks SO fun gents! We catch em in northern Michigan but they don’t get that big. 🥸🤙🏾

    29. top pebbles

      I dont know how a 7 lbs perch is even possible

    30. Hayden Usinowicz

      you ate pizza with a fork? 3:41

    31. Paul Martin

      Another excellent video didn't realise you could get perch that big!!!

    32. Robert Mclean

      Isn't a Walleye a member of the perch family? Cheers

    33. F. U. and S.T.F.U

      Why's the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car🚗 ?

    34. Richard Spinelli

      I caught a three pound white perch in brackish water im pretty sure you call them white perch not to sure but i know thier perch for sure and I was told that it was the biggest one they seen come out of the Hudson river.

      1. Richard Spinelli

        To get a response back from you is a honor my man..Im a stripe bass fisherman thats what I live fishing is my life. Ilove videos im hooked

    35. morgan crawford

      Pizza with a fork smh

      1. morgan crawford

        Carl and Alex all good amazing video man keep up the quality

      2. Carl and Alex

        I'm sorry, I won't do it again!

    36. Andrew Kelly

      WOW IS RIGHT!!! I wish we had perch that size here in the states. That’s a fisherman’s dream. Very nice pike at the end!

      1. Carl and Alex

        Cheers for watching!

    37. 88 18

      posted on may the 11th 2019 ??? and the rest


      Do you guys ever eat them? We get them here in Australia and they're the best eating fish in the Freshwater!

    39. Joe Shields

      I never seen yellow perch that big up to 7 lbs . you don't see them that big in the USA . Nice job thanks for sharing.

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thanks for watching!

    40. Jack Vernon

      Alex your the 1st person I think iv ever seen eating pizza with a knife and fork 🤣😂

      1. Carl and Alex

        Ha, ha!

    41. Alexander Thurman

      This is my first time watching your Video. I’m from NY where, when I was a young lad we fish for perch but not quite as big as those lunkers. I now live in Southern California where you must travel great distance’s to get on the Fish. Thank you God bless! 🇺🇸

    42. Bjørn Egil Hage

      Great video! I love fishing for big perch. There are some places in Sweden and Norway that you can fish very big perch too. If you are lucky and good and find the right spots to fish, you can catch perch up to 60 cm and maybe even a tad longer if you are really lucky. I have seen a 65 cm long perch, but that was caught with a net and not with a rod. There are some places in Sweden with brackish water were there can be huge numbers of good size to huge perch. In Norway there are not that number of huge perches as in Sweden, but if you know where to fish and when and how to fish them, you have a decent chance to hook a huge one. I saw in the video that the yellow body was the big catcher and that was no surprise at all. Yellow is usually a very good colour to use when the water is cold. Another color that can be great to use when the water is cold, is white. I was rather surprised when I didn't not see one proper white body in the tackle box in the video. White is usually the colour I start with when the water is cold, sometimes with an orange head/sinker in front. Pink and hot pink can also be killer colours when the water is cold. Then as the water starts to warm up a bit, I usually find yellow to be the best colour, and then later in the spring, I usually switch from a yellow to a yellow/green and then to a darker and darker green body. When the water starts to get warn, I usually find myself changing to and try a lot of different colours to find the right one for that day. Sometimes natural colours, like a roach or a bleak jig body, can be outstanding. Specially during the time the roach and bleak spawn. Just be prepared for lots of pike bites :)

    43. Imraan Badat

      You look a lot like GeorgeNotFound Look it up if u don't know who that is

      1. Carl and Alex

        Haha, just looked it up, I see the similarities!

    44. Toby Barker

      spot the young english guy using cutlery to eat pizza! first time?!? great video

      1. Carl and Alex

        Ha, ha! Thanks.

    45. Philip Hayward

      Should of give her a kiss 😘 goodbye. Xxxxxxxxx

    46. High Definition Hunting

      In Canada, we catch a 1lb perch and think it’s huge. Couldn’t imagine a 7lb perch. Wicked video

      1. Imraan Badat

        we don't even have perch in South Africa lol

      2. matt hoyland

        Haha so true I live in the bag of quinte and Wenger some big ones but like you say 1lb is a monster here lol

    47. Barely Fishing

      I think this is the 5th time I've watched this video all the way through

    48. Jeremiah granger

      My cousins caught a bunch of 5 to 8 pound perch in texas and there 5 and 6 years old

    49. Kylen Woodward

      What is the name of that swimbait

      1. Carl and Alex

        It's a Westin Shad Teez 7.5cm I think.

    50. Paul Frank

      OMG!!! That perch is Gigantic!! Biggest perch I have ever seen is lucky to be 2 1/2 pounds in the states..... So jealous!!! Nice Job!!!

      1. Carl and Alex

        Cheers Paul!

    51. Barry McCockner

      That's a fat ass perch

    52. Janek Soroka fishing

      Great video. What is the model of westin rod on which you fished?

      1. Janek Soroka fishing

        @Carl and Alex Thanks for the answer :). For larger perches, I consider Westin Streetstick W3 213cm 7-15g.

      2. Carl and Alex

        It's a Westin W3 Finesse - TTC 7ft 7-21g

    53. Quinnker

      Im from holland and i also Fished there To!

    54. Kilgore83

      19:19 So it wasn't enough to catch the fish, you guys had to hurt his feelings too... 😂

    55. Josh Rilea

      Amazing...massive perch! They don’t get nearly as big here in the United States!

    56. Dineke De Haan

      In dutch lol met best perch is 3 pound+

      1. Dineke De Haan


    57. viol8r007

      oh wait not the Nile Pearch ?

    58. Richard Stephenson

      That’s a dream fish considering the British record is just over 6lbs!!! A place local to me have got them to 5lb but I’ve never come close!!!!

    59. moreb33r1

      Wow 7lb that’s maaaaaaad.

    60. Our Family Outdoors

      That perch could eat every perch I’ve ever caught

    61. Mike Daley

      I've learned to never trust anyone who eats pizza with a knife and fork

    62. Brian Hardrada

      Wow, what are those perch feeding on, I'm so jealous.

    63. Lewis Suave

      Thats sick dude. My best is a 14 inch from Lake St Clair here in Canada. Those are like Perchzilla ,WOW, Great video . Cheers.

    64. Urban Carp Collective

      Lobe a big perch

    65. Jack Vernon

      3.25 Did Jeroen say "see you tomorrow" to his boat ? 😁😁😆

    66. Andreas Rådman

      Anyone that knows where to go now for big perch, boat and guide in these times? Is it possible?

    67. Minh ly

      Man what a catch ! That’s the catch of life time

    68. william schlecht

      oof! that's a load!

    69. Mark Visscher

      People who live in the netherlands

    70. Sylvie Wheeler

      Wow wow wow ! They are monsters !

    71. T L

      I had to laugh when I saw the guide's sunglasses tan pattern at 2:50, and then he said he was a fishing guide.

    72. chris murphy

      did i see you eating pizza with a knife and fork ????

    73. 302-FISHING

      What an awesome Perch episode...that is one fish I've never caught here in Delaware..congrats from across the pond!!

      1. 302-FISHING

        Thank you...where do u hail from?

    74. Mighty Owl

      I have been living in America for 3 years now and i love how these videos take me back to Europe when i was fishing there.

    75. Zsombor Kosiba

      This vid is on another level. Dude. U and you brother should get some youtube spceial play button for this quality what you are made. Love you content. My pesonal best perch is 27 cm in Hungary. Here are not growing ballons :D .... Its looking tiny if i compare to these. :D and one more thing. I WAN TO GO FISHING WITH LUKE :D He were se kind, and joyful. soul brightening guy. Im sure you enjoyed your trip... This is why fishing is love. :D Meet very nice people, and live in the moment with them. share the emotions with each other when we catch a bug fish... best feeling in the world :) Hope you will do so much more like this. :) Good luck in the future.

    76. Tony Phillips

      Best film i have seen for a long long time - thanks

    77. Marcin Zander Londyn

      Luk is master :)

    78. Charlie Muniz

      British John b😂😂

    79. izac

      i can say that is not a 7 pound perch.

    80. earl bust case

      What sorta guy eats pizza with knife n fork

      1. Carl and Alex

        me I guess

    81. Rick

      Let's come back and get that Dutch record of 56cm

    82. Josh Roesch

      just watched this today. such an awesome video. very jealous.

      1. Carl and Alex

        Glad you enjoyed it!

    83. richnfamous

      a bream?!?

    84. PHARRAOH

      your a lucky man

    85. David Wheeler

      Beautiful video

      1. Carl and Alex

        Thank you

    86. Syfe lraxxl

      My biggest was a 5lb perch in the uk but there was a perch about 7lb that I could see it would have probably broken the record

    87. corneldad boudria

      OMG. I have never seen perch that big. Do you need to purchase a license to fish there?

    88. James McCreery

      Um Nile perch are an order of magnitude bigger than the little perch you are claiming to be the biggest in the world.

    89. Christopher Wood

      Pretty much looks like walleye, perch and pike fishing in the mid-west USA.

      1. Syfe lraxxl

        Yellow perch are smaller tho

    90. Celeste Walterscheid

      That is not a perch that is a bass

    91. Dustin Johnson

      So the Nile perch is larger than this. So is it not considered of the perch family or what

    92. lawrencemacd63

      Fantastic Perch fishing 🎣🙂

    93. Double Dog Sportfishing team

      Gotta get over to Kona Hawaii to catch up to 1000lb blue marlin

    94. poepslaaf jair

      I .com from the netherlands

    95. James Doran

      I don't know how this popped on my stuff other than I'm a fisherman. Suggestion. come to North America and I can introduce you to the perch cousin called walleye. 9-10 kilos are not uncommon, beware of the teeth. Great video, glad it came to me. 7 lb perch😜😝😛😲

    96. F-loris

      Die gast kan echt geen engels xD

    97. Josh Horn

      Holy hell, here in Upstate Ny a HUGE perch is maybe 2 lbs. Thank you for sharing this awesome video

    98. Cameron John-Lewis

      What casting weight rods are they using?

    99. Thomas Quant

      The best pike place in the Netherlands: Kortenhoef. I caught meter pikes there.

    100. Tanner Macfarland

      the driving u have there is so fucked up it is hard to watch