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    Watch Dogs: Legion launches its free Online mode on March 9, giving players the chance to race their friends through the streets of London, take on a variety of intense new cooperative mission types and challenges, or team a dancer up with a beatboxer by the Tower Bridge for an impromptu riverside performance.
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    About Watch Dogs: Legion
    It is time to take back London, and anyone you see in this iconic city can be recruited to your resistance. Corrupt opportunists have taken over and it’s up to you to build a resistance to give the city back to the people. With an entire population of potential recruits and the city’s technology at your fingertips, you’ll need to hack, infiltrate, and fight your way to liberate London. Welcome to the Resistance.
    Key Features
    Build a team with a huge range of characters to choose from, all bringing their own unique abilities. From a brilliant hacker to a getaway driver, from a football hooligan to an inconspicuous old lady, everyone has a unique backstory, personality, and skillset that should be used in unique situations. Customize your Legion with enhanced gadgets, unique outfits and iconic masks.

    After a mysterious assailant initiates devastating terror attacks on London, DedSec, a secret underground resistance who is being blamed for the attacks and is on the brink of annihilation, needs your help. Your mission is to rebuild DedSec to fight back against those who wish to keep London oppressed. You will continue to meet colorful characters along the way - both villains and allies - in your fight for London.

    Weaponize London’s tech infrastructure, and unleash DedSec’s mastery of technology: hijack armed combat drones, reconstruct past events using augmented reality to discover who is behind the terror attacks, and hack your way through the most advanced security systems. Upgrade and deploy tech gadgets such as the Stealth Cloak, the Spiderbot, a Micro-Missile Launcher, and the powerful Electro Fist in a brand new melee system.

    Explore a massive urban open world and fight to liberate London’s many famous landmarks-including Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Camden, Piccadilly Circus, or the London Eye-and engage in side activities like bareknuckle boxing, darts, freestyle football, illegal courier contracts or street art.

    Join forces with up to three friends in online multiplayer as you freely explore London together or take on special co-op missions, and unique game modes. Enjoy free regular updates adding new online content, rewards and themed events.
    About Ubisoft:
    Ubisoft is a creator of worlds, committed to enriching players' lives with original and memorable gaming experiences. Our rich portfolio of world-renowned brands includes: Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, For Honor, Just Dance, Watch Dogs, Tom Clancy’s video game series including Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six and The Division. We are dedicated to delivering original and memorable gaming experiences across all popular platforms, including consoles, mobile phones, tablets and PCs. To learn more, please visit

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    Watch Dogs: Legion: Online Gameplay Overview | Ubisoft [NA]

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    1. Cryptic Runner

      i got invited to the playtest, and man it was just as boring as the single player mode except for the fact that there was a random (and super slow, bland & repetitive like the rest of the game) event where there was a tough drone. the minigames didn't even work. there's also still no point in having money, as the only thing you can buy is clothes. i'm going to wait and see, but right now i don't think this is worth for reinstalling the game.

    2. Benny Gonzalez

      I'm definitely not doin anything PvP, just gunna chill with friends and family

    3. Mr Moustache

      Is that 60 fps on an xbox series x?

      1. Mr Moustache

        Noticed the buttons?

    4. Lamp Post

      So can you free roam with your friends like watch dogs 2?

    5. Malachi

      Legion might be my least favourite watch dogs, but I'm hoping the season pass and online makes up for that

    6. Malachi

      Spider bot arena would been amazing if you could crawl on walls

    7. Bruno der Kameramaa

      Will there finaly be a damn fix for PC Since launch ive got a bug, my game think im already in focus after i scaned some people Cant use gadgets while this bug happened and i need to open the focus while looking to the heaven... Its realy annoying to do this every time just to make sure to be able using gadgets in action

    8. Noob Tube

      Slight problem. I don't have a team

    9. Aphex Amine

      There better be open world pvp with this otherwise I kinda wasted my money.

    10. l xmanu l


    11. Ziff_Jxeded

      tactical ops looks dope

    12. Battlefield Bullies

      Hands down one of the worst games I’ve ever played 🤣

    13. Atun Random

      Ignore the negative fb, I love this Ubisoft, thank you for making me happy! ;)

      1. Atun Random

        @Austin Merritt well then give the feedback lol, all I see are comments of people complaining and saying how much they dislike the game and that it sucks but they don't say anything else, very few people and not in this comment section have respectfully given out ideas...

      2. Austin Merritt

        Don't ignore Negative feedback, maybe they will listen to the community and give us what we want. I love the features coming, but that shouldnt make you short minded towards the already buggy and empty game in terms of features.

    14. Agoogala

      All this extra time for only this? 2 modes thats repetitive? Bummer

    15. Lord of Cups

      I was planning on redownloading it but nah the fresh start is a big no for me I spent a week grinding just for multiplayer but I ain’t doing it now

    16. Kryptic

      No please don't make us restart i wanna use the leopard and lynx I paid for them goddammit

    17. TFAric

      One person goes down and mission fail is terrible design :/

    18. yunafires

      Who cares about online mode? Gimme Aiden Pierce and Wrench already! (Oh and the assassin character with a grappling hook ala Syndicate, please!)

    19. Flamy

      How about create custom character option?

    20. Hunter Newton

      so no free roam???

    21. Tekkenvr

      You know what would be so cool is that you can add the punisher as he’s own character in what dogs that would be awesome

    22. Atiq Hussain

      Inspired by GTA online????

    23. Rusty Rocket

      If my game doesn't crash after 3 tries I'll be excited for this

    24. SuperAce89

      Im really glad they went for a pve approach

    25. Victor Cardenas

      Should make it separate just like red dead 2

      1. Issa Yahya

        Maybe next year

    26. Victor Cardenas

      Maybe this saves the game.

    27. Marc-Anthony McMillon

      I'd purchase the online separate form the full game

    28. stoni

      damn it looks gooooood

    29. mr. yosh

      I liked the watch dogs 2 multiplayer better

    30. Revenant

      As long as the season content doesn’t have some kind of pass, I’m good.

      1. Austin Merritt

        @A1D3N F0X its ubisoft. They are that trashy bud.

      2. Revenant

        @XxMercuryRisingxX I was talking more about a battle pass

      3. XxMercuryRisingxX

        @A1D3N F0X True, but are they really gonna waste an opportunity to fleece more money from its customers? Just look at Assassins Creed, the only reason they haven't done it on that game is because there isn't any multiplayer.

      4. A1D3N F0X

        @XxMercuryRisingxX Yeah but they're completely different games, r6 and for honor are more competitive deathmatch games, those type of games are more likely to have them, you understand what I mean?

      5. XxMercuryRisingxX

        Well For Honor and R6 has them and this game has just as many opportunities for cosmetics. So I think its a given that its gonna have a season pass.

    31. Superhero

      So is this coop stuff? I'm going to guess this is not gonna be fun 7 years from now. Maybe fun for a month.

    32. Svemoćni Zmaj

      Only one thing left finding that one player that is not Random cause Random means 50-50 good or bad players but usually it means 90% bad players or even worse underaged kids with no AIM skills

    33. Gir Biscuits

      So when are we getting like a simple team death match or the old online decryption and racing? Spider bot won’t last too long for fun

      1. Aphex Amine

        @xxfratosxx yeah whats with ubisoft being so soft now? Open pvp is funnnn.

      2. xxfratosxx

        Dumbest mode I seen in any Ubisoft pvp mode/game but it's Ubisoft. They avoid realism as if tech is realistic than humans

    34. Yo, I'm GONE!

      *Can you use your single player characters in MP?*

    35. Lil Tunechi JR


    36. Mickey mouse

      Can we keep our mask from the main campaign

    37. Stoner Gee420

      They should make the fight club useful online and add in some combat too

    38. Cloaker

      Does this mean you can't bring your favourite characters from story mode are not allowed in online I couldn't watch for long

    39. Nabil Ahmad

      I wish the spider bot arena, was spider tank arena

    40. The Unhinged Gamer

      love how they give us co-op campaign in Far cry 5 but not this game

      1. A2T4R

        And in this game it makes the most sense

    41. Varun R K

      So, Ubisoft is trying to compete Rockstar games. Good.....

    42. R6_SOUTH

      Will this be in the UK

    43. Leyenda a

      The best watch dogs 1

    44. Landlord

      Where’s showdown ? Doomload ? Hack servers ?

    45. Kendrick Carter

      I can't wait for this but I know there is going be one person that ruins all this.

    46. J C

      I wish ghost recon would be more like this

    47. Kick Ass


    48. Wes Carroll

      You know my BLOODLINE is going to die out waiting for that dlc.........🙄

    49. Mr. Chase

      Wow....I’m interested!!

    50. Ferna471

      At times the gameplay looks so similar to the division its scary

    51. The Treo

      Omgggggg excited for the online mode to come out

    52. Luke Leopard

      Thank you for adding solo assignments and please consider adding these "city events" to single player.


      Does it require ps4 plus

    54. Wiz Nova

      please bring back bounties. They were my favorite. Sometimes I don't want to do a long planned out invasion; I just want to blow things up

    55. The one And only

      So no DLC stuff I bought. Waste of money buying Gold Edition

    56. Jacob Butler

      Do you NEED to wear a mask in combat in this game ?

    57. Rapazin ReaperzIn

      In online you can do all the boring stuff from singleplayer which makes it a little better I guess

    58. PvK -

      Sign me up!!!! Can’t wait

    59. Ashmedai

      Looks beyond stupid in my opinion. Game is wayyy to easy single player so i can only imagine how boring this will get :/

    60. BlissPlayz Live

      Almost forgot about this game

    61. C T

      Damn i wanted to see showdown but i guess we arent getting showdown

    62. Ghost JoKai

      Can I use the Prestige Agents in Online?

      1. Ghost JoKai

        Yes! Yes! Thx! Good News. Thx for the answer.

      2. Mr. Watch_Dog


    63. TF150Gaming

      What..? non of that epic gameplay of hide and seek hacking!?? that was my fav part! >:( Pretending to be AI while hacking was stupidly fun.

    64. wølf North † :Š.Î.Ť.Ô : †

      Will your payed ops go into online too?

      1. Mr. Watch_Dog


    65. Jacket

      How is this gonna work for special operatives like a hitman or spy?

    66. Aliya Massad

      +16072049509 Mr Steve was very helpful. He successfully unbanned mine. Contact him on WhatsApp if you encounter any difficulty

    67. thecheesytoast123

      So there’s no free roam ??

    68. tigs900rr

      13 days left on so expected

    69. XxLunaEclipsezxX

      let me think the dlc we paid for is coming next year

    70. Git Sum Gaming

      Aint gonna ever beat GTA...but OK i guess

    71. Ivan

      Is it cross-platform?

      1. Mr. Watch_Dog


    72. qeetz

      Is it coop? (Playsation and xBox etc..)

      1. Mr. Watch_Dog


    73. Jeice Ginyu

      Give us 4k 60fps

    74. Ark ozh

      no coop campaign?


      Imagine this game as GTA Online in London.

      1. Fiery Tiger Gaming

        Would be nice...

    76. Connor Maughan

      The game is absolutely dead only replaying it to get that platinum trophy on ps5

    77. Jakub Bohaty

      Is it just me or does wd2 just do everything better than watch dogs legion ?

      1. Jakub Bohaty

        @M.A.K. Dynasty how am I being a hater ? 🤣 I'm just saying my opion I played both games and watch dogs legion was way less interesting and was way worse over all its my opinion grow up

      2. M.A.K. Dynasty

        @Jakub Bohaty Okay, you're just being a hater. For one, Watch_Dogs: Legion has much better combat and hacking than either of the previous games. The fact that Legion has an actual dedicated combat system for punching/ kicking, blocking, etc. already puts it's combat leagues above the other two. Hacking is far less broken in this game and is more interactive than ever on account of being able to control all of the drones that hover throughout the city giving you access and reach to all kinds of places. The driving is not terrible. It's the best the series has had yet which isn't saying much on account of the previous games not having strong driving mechanics either. Remember that? And the fact that you can tweak the driving mechanics to your liking makes the experience more interactive. The game has some bad voice acting, but it also has its fare amount of good voice acting as well. Notable premium operative The Leopard has a great VA as well as great voice direction and line delivery which is partly why he is seemingly a fan favorite among the community. Legion's customization is on par with the second game, but being able to actually toggle your clothing options and wear different masks is a definite improvement over it. And the abilities are not terrible. In fact, plenty of them are incredibly useful of not too useful i.e. the spider bot which makes everything in the game much easier than it already is. If you want to criticize the game, give reason for why you dislike certain things instead of being impulsive and just dumping on the game.

      3. Jakub Bohaty

        @trickyflix watch dogs legion had terrible hacking terrible cars boring customisation terrible voice acting terrible abilities.

      4. trickyflix

        It is not just you, you are absolutely spittin facts

    78. 919dd

      Wheres the bloodline DLC?

    79. Agis X

      Well. I guess uninstall the game I thought there’s something cool but it’s another division-breakpoint version

    80. Noah Nieves

      Waited all this time to not even have a 4v4 pvp match but instead have spider bots that’s just stupid to me I’m tryna fight other players with weapons in my opinion literally just sounds like the division and etc other games ain’t hyped unless there is a pvp mode like tdm dom etc there

      1. CobraGamer

        From what I've seen, there's gonna be at least 2 more PvP modes in the future that haven't been announced yet.

    81. Alex Supertramp

      My dude... What about online invasions?

    82. 武見妙妙屋

      You say that I can't bring my grandma-army to online mode? DISLIKED.

      1. DaHeala

        just make a new one

    83. Blackout Lol

      So does the online mode require ps+ (if you’re on PlayStation) or does it come with the game?

    84. Justin Birch

      New trailer looks eh, kind of okay

    85. Chanc3

      I’m gonna miss the bounty Hunter missions man, those were the best

      1. Chanc3

        @Keanu Christ all the time lol, I have to many crazy clips from the games I’ve played 😂

      2. Chanc3

        @CobraGamer lol all you had to do was get a headshot and they died instantly, if you got skilled players and cops chasing you, you’re gonna need it

      3. Keanu Christ

        Those were the best. I loved messing with their cars to have them crash and make the cops kill them XD

      4. CobraGamer

        You mean the ones that gave the targets 300% health because Ubisoft thought matches were "ending too quickly"?

    86. Jamal Perry

      I hate talking to other ppl online...

    87. Three Four

      Hol up is there is a way to people for single player to multiplier

    88. Lord ChankaXKhan

      Bloodlines? Also next gen performance mode please

    89. Darkonus Gaming


    90. Roxas 101100

      I just hope there's an actual pvp mode and not just this spider bot stuff.

    91. The Royal Crowned Tiger

      Does Watch Dogs Legion online work the exact same as the story mode, but can have friend(s) join you ?

      1. The Royal Crowned Tiger

        @Mr. Watch_Dog : Thanks.

      2. Mr. Watch_Dog

        Yes but there’s gonna be tactical ops spider arena and invasion

    92. ShadowGamePlays

      Being one of the beta testers, I can definitely say that online mode is looking promising

      1. ShadowGamePlays

        @Roxas 101100 The pvp version of open world was shaded out saying it was unavailable, but we can expect to see a pvp mode in the future.

      2. Roxas 101100

        Is there a pvp mode (no spiderbots)

    93. W.W

      March 9th!!!!! Finally!!!!! Thanks Ubisoft!!! I love you!!!!


      I’m wondering do you keep the wardrobe for any bundles you have

      1. HAAA GOTEEM

        @Mr. Watch_Dog thank you very much

      2. Mr. Watch_Dog

        I think you keep the bundles

    95. h hro

      a true game for true brits

    96. Jesse Smoke

      Any new info on New Game Plus yet?

    97. Ce Ce


    98. Austin Cole

      Wow ubisoft! Took you long enough.

    99. Toph Skywalker

      you should get the battle pass thing for free if you have the season pass

    100. forgaiden1111

      im going to really have to push myself through this knowing that i have to restart everything and unlock all the abilities again ughhh lol, im sure itll be worth it all.