I Fought a Lamborghini Owner for Crashing my TESLA! Lamborghini VS Tesla STREET RACE!


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    1. Keegan Albert

      the guy in the urs was wrong. if was me i would kick his car.

    2. 999uziyrn

      15:18 what the beat name

    3. drai theking


    4. William the rambling 333


    5. ChronicCrayon

      How you got a Bruce Lee shirt and not beat his ass

    6. the Roblox man

      Bro no cat he was going to hella fast

    7. Steve Poulson

      Teslas are ridiculously sick fast. People have no clue that talk shit. Elon musk don't play.

    8. J05H JDA

      Tesla better ong

    9. Ayakhanya Nkatha

      Ayo p2 I realized that when you were gonna wrap your car there was a urus at the entrance . Mabye the urus by the entrance was the owner of the Lamborghini

    10. Alfonso Galindo

      I'm so sorry bro

    11. Alfonso Galindo


    12. E-Z H

      Bro if you were on a track bro he would have smoked you and if it was a rolling race he also would have smoked you. Bro never do a rolling race with a tesla it is so slow on rolling fr don't do it when your betting I raced a tesla with my Aventador rolling bro I killed it. trust me don't!

    13. Marii.capalot

      "he's a Lamborghini d*ck rider" oh and Love your videos

    14. viking beard

      It doesn't matter how fast he's going in the parking lot you're reversing so you supposed to stop and look and make sure there's no oncoming traffic so you're in the wrong

    15. Bread Slayer

      Bro The lambo owner is so toxic Lol

    16. R3v3LAT1ON _6

      it would have been on the lambo owner

    17. Jermaine Williams

      Tesla is my fav better than lambo

    18. Stacey Baltazar

      Tesla goes faster than a lambo

      1. Stacey Baltazar


    19. Rukevwe 006

      Part 2, P2😏

      1. Rukevwe 006

        Anyone get it?

    20. Koolkidd 0916

      My dream car is an corrvette


      He's gonna get destroyed


      He was driving hella fast

    23. Uduak Akinfenwa

      Rip Lamborghini

    24. Kelly Cartwright

      Do i am saving up for a Tesla for where i turn 16

    25. Furiøus

      What model Tesla is that

    26. TkDaOne

      This late but you shoulda hop in da car and don’t get out until he give the money

    27. Doggy YT

      Tesla's have better accelerations than Lamborghini's

    28. ک Fearify

      This video should be titled Edgar vs P2

    29. Justyna Bareja

      What od the model of your Tesla

    30. nicholas cortez

      bet a track hawk can beat that tesla

    31. Justin Simon


    32. Liam Mikey

      Man got vexed that his lambo is slower than his “shit Tesla” 😅😅

    33. Rôxy king 8

      P2 please post videos about races . maybe with your friends and cousins first

    34. OMG Lexis

      I would’ve kicked his car

    35. Dailyn Martin

      I feel bad for that kid he got murdered

    36. RIP G.O.A.T

      Lambos are slow they have alot oh weigh in them

    37. Patrick Blankenship

      Patrick you please shout out

    38. Channel

      What a fool this lambo punk does not know about car first tesla is 3seconds lambo 3.6 and this guy does like car he get so mad spitting on a car

    39. Pretty

      its the random fault he was going 40mph in a parkinglot

    40. Eli Shue

      That dude is giving lamborghini a bad name

    41. litboi litboi

      He got so mad cause his car is slow as heck he now that that’s why y’all dabbed up and he still not give money

    42. Jack Jennings

      It's my ghost fault

    43. Bobby Horner

      But u murdered that foo

    44. Bobby Horner

      Dog u should have seen him that would have been on u

    45. Henry Laing

      You are rite

    46. tjscared

      20:03 17:38

    47. Caleb Ure

      Really your the guy that stuffed up because you where supposed to give way to him

    48. Bryan Johnson

      What's Next Drake

    49. Demarise Gillard

      P2 I’m a big fan

    50. salim hackett

      Bro that was 🔥🔥🔥

    51. Fonkel Fonkel


    52. Devon Walbey

      P2 it was not you it was that guy

    53. Caleb Smith

      It was the Lamborghini

    54. Ashtian Williams

      Ima punch him for spitting on your tesla

    55. Miguel Joseph

      Uhmm where is the crash

    56. Gabriel Castro

      Yea because he’s the best KGup

    57. Brian & Cekey Townsend

      You talk way to much and your voice !! Its gets on my nerves i want to you to stop talking so much dang shut up sometime

    58. Rea Lamaizon


    59. SirDJMichael

      Yaaa y’all people be like o that Tesla modle x is so slow sut the fuck up and get a baby car.

    60. Messiah Prieto

      That guy is going to lose like a dirt because that was like 2000 miles and then jeep stupid professionals best you’re the best wife in the world I think there’s a better than your stupid than everybody el’t

    61. Messiah Prieto

      That guy is going to lose like a dirt because that was like 2000 miles and then jeep stupid professionals best you’re the best wife in the world I think there’s a better than your stu

    62. JDV

      He should have spat on the seat of the lambo

    63. Constantino Peralta

      Ask anybody who’s the right of way or if there was a collision.. they’ll say the white car bcoz when you’re backing up is just like you’re supposed to look first before opening the door and getting out of your car hello..?

    64. Constantino Peralta

      Both of you weren’t looking

    65. ice breeze

      He fighting for his tesla but he scared when people come up to his labo

    66. vMLG_ Panther

      bro...why his lam truck sound like a dodge lmfao

    67. Melvin Ngugi Thanu

      deffinetly the Lambo

    68. TrapEzium

      people who thinks lambo can beat a tesla straight ahead are dumb as hell. Great job dude, u fu*ked him up lol!


      Its his fold

    70. Dailyn Martin

      I’m laughing bc a Tesla is faster than a lambo urus LOL

    71. Markell Cue

      Thats probably savester Cousin or something

    72. BURRITO_2GO

      Tesla is better

    73. TheTRAINOR11

      Dude's a bum !!! Glad you bust that ass !!

    74. KozkovStuff

      Yessssss Tesla

    75. Vybz_sawdogg270

      P2 now officially stands for Part Two

    76. Joseph Hill

      If he spit on my shit I would've bear his ass

    77. Cvh The kid

      Does he know his car an suv Lamborghini 😆😆😂😂

    78. dariyon defoe

      for a second there i thought the lambo had the headstart but when i saw the front angle i just smiled

    79. Decorion Mccormick

      Nah Tesla are I think 1106

    80. Decorion Mccormick

      He was driven hella fasti saw

    81. Jayvien McClennon


      1. Jayvien McClennon


    82. Mvk. toxey

      the guy in the lambo was in the facetime call

    83. Adam Stewart-Francis

      16:42 was funny

    84. L B

      Are you afrieca

    85. Ywb Bando

      Nun fucking with that model x

    86. Kevin Johnson

      That is disrespectful for em to spit on your car u payed money

    87. AL Mokdad 123

      Damn boy no one mess with the Tesla and p2 😝🔥🔥🔥😝🔥🔥

    88. stayy gucci


    89. Ajz06 Gonzalez

      I remember being subed to p2 before he hit 1 mill 💀

    90. rich boy DJ dj


    91. Jayden Williams

      Elon Musk Be Like 😈

    92. Jeremiah wilson

      P2 your implying the Tesla has more acceleration

    93. Sky Nessie


    94. Sky Nessie


    95. Panadera57

      his fault

    96. Bryder Baker


    97. Tahmid Showket

      Yo no disrespect but u know that lambos sucks on drag race right but if it was like a like a lap race or something the lambo would've win

    98. Gofhaone Mphela

      The uras is heavy so its dosnt stand a chance

    99. Rahim Amer

      Lambo would take it if the road was longer lol p2 u got too much off a ego

    100. Davian Fields

      He's talking about oh you're trying to show off your money he's supposed to show off his cars that's what the car meet is for