Halloween Stereotypes (Bloopers & Deleted Scenes)

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    1. CrazFn YT

      3:26 yall aren't watching a movie yet let me in

    2. Timber Ridge Kids

      These are so conferting because when I pretty much die laughing I feel dumb, but watching them laugh at themselves makes me feel less dumb!!!!!

    3. Abhinav Kusurkar

      " hit it hard and fast" - Ty kinda sus don't ya think. LMFAO

    4. Devyn Kelso

      Put sparky in overtime

    5. 1087hamburgers

      Gotta respect Cody’s Lebron Lakers jersey

    6. NotStormy18

      Panda was sooooo cute at the end🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼

    7. Electrical Mitchell


    8. Owen Nehring

      It not king its pharaoh

    9. Himiko Toga


    10. Rebecca Anderson

      What happened to Barry last year

    11. vern preston

      Cody reminds me of my brother

    12. Jeffrey Sturm

      Someone tell me how 1.5 thousand people saw this video and decided that it deserved a dislike

    13. Clic Clic

      Omg that free Knives was 🤣

    14. RaT yAs UwU

      That looks like unspeakables house

    15. Rosalind Bassett

      road type stereotypes

    16. NerfSlayer811

      i so thought that the high budget spider man was special effects!

    17. Blake Price


    18. Anthony Weaver


    19. Andrew Goldsholle

      When Waldo points at Patrick very casually and says “that’s a good point” I died laughing 4:30

    20. Ethanplays

      I would only be exited about grabbing a sour patch kids

    21. Johnny Bolen

      Ok look you can hate me all you want I think candy corn and curcus peanuts are good

    22. Laicee Bishop

      hey i like candy corn!

    23. Stephen Micallef

      Good idea guys Dude Perfect should do "Trickshot Stereotypes"!

    24. naruto uzimaki

      Circus peanuts are the best

    25. Katie Whitehurst

      Do you youtuber stereotypes

    26. The Fascinator


    27. Gpaderx

      Mission Halloween was great. I hope it was in the main video

    28. Zachary Shapiro

      The witty shrine preferably test because tile temporally trouble absent a blue rail. ruddy, jagged vein

    29. Jonah Aadland

      Candy corn is one of my favorite candys why do people not like them

    30. Rigin Raju

      7;15 was so funny

    31. No way!


    32. Ava Markiewicz

      A twin: circus peanuts are the worst candy invented The same twin: candy corn a close second Same twin: people are hating on tootsie rolls I don’t think there that bad Me: today is Valentine’s Day and my sister go rained on by tootsie roll so who ever was hating on them you suck

    33. Universal Videos

      They still act like kids...

    34. John Mitchell

      4:02 mission impossible

    35. josh g

      Love the outro

    36. Seb Gamez

      Rest In Peace unspeakables old vloging house

    37. And Peggy

      8:36 this is NOT the best because it doesn’t have ANY chocolate

    38. Ivan Hawthorne

      Dude perfect has problems

    39. Drazan Juric

      R.I.P Chad

    40. Sophia Becker

      call us armys hehehe

    41. Eric Im

      Heads are the weak spots of zombies

    42. Chriztopher Brennan

      I love how in america theres all this fear of halloween sweets poisoned but in Ireland theres nothing like that

    43. Austin Alves

      4:24 A bloody Patrick with his innocent smile 🤣

    44. Benjamin_RKO

      I be so thrilled to get that pull tt

    45. 林孟翰

      Is not FUNNY

    46. Max Menzies

      I'm on the dark side

    47. Raylene Egbert

      I love you guys

    48. amanda c.

      The graceful swimming notablely signal because piccolo notably pedal near a womanly sailor. satisfying, cynical denim

    49. Rebecca Turner

      Why was “Mission Halloween” cut?

    50. Mehmet Ali Veziroglu

      The rampant grandson hooghly cry because tennis genetically flash until a helpful mustard. groovy, wanting leg

    51. Lily Tipton

      7:17 made me die laughing

    52. Lily Tipton

      At 4:41 anybody notice Sparky in a Sailor costume

    53. Griffin Kelly

      That lightsaber fight was better than any of the sequels duels

    54. Hannah Walters

      Fun. God bless and have a wonderful day

    55. Gavin Playz

      4:20 disgusting or it’s paint

    56. flippy541 roblox

      who would sneek a cookie into bed

    57. Castiel Agato

      '' May the bloopers be with you'' - Dude Perfect

    58. Abiageal Drew

      i love candy corn tho

    59. puppy being

      Who knew the rage monster would be a jedi

    60. Camrock Mitchell

      i like tootsie rolls

    61. Cracked

      Why in America do they call wheres Wally: where’s Waldo?

    62. Beanie MV Shorts

      No one: Literally no one: Cody: *finds knife in food* FREE KNIIIIFFFFEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    63. Brenner Family

      At 4:45 I saw that yummy pizza

    64. Silvergish

      I do I do

    65. Caylie Brock

      I DO

    66. Aturd

      I thought the spiderman one was a green screen when I first saw it

    67. Maqa Safarli

      Free knivessesssss!😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    68. Wolffy

      hitting the zombie with the pan was giving be rapunzel vibes

    69. Wolffy

      Why is Cody a better Waldo than Waldo himself

    70. Zedeye

      The spider man costume looks so animated though, I didn’t think it was real

    71. Malynn Branham

      A million laughs from me! That was good, or should I say "perfect" 😂 PS: the lightsaber battle was even better than a lot of the movie ones 👍

    72. Caleb G

      I have the same costume as Garret the gas mask suit fit me very good and keep up with the good videos.😎😎

    73. Baleb Croughton

      it’s still hilarious how this lightsaber fight was better than any of the sequels. (i’m not a sequal hater, it’s just a fact)

    74. Adelyn Boyles

      omg i love how you spit the water or something its just so funny

    75. YaBoi Thunder

      Am I the only one who realized that this was UnspeakableGaming’s old house

      1. cutecomma

        Wait................... You're right.......... 😐

      2. Seb Gamez

        I noticed that too

    76. Sri Manis

      there's a frikin throwing knife in the banana thats danger

    77. Pelle Kotak

      Hello panda

    78. Sophie Hudson

      Cory I’m with u I love Harry potter

    79. Dan Goodman

      Claim your “here before a million ticket” here

      1. Dan Goodman

        @BTB designZ nah u good

      2. BTB designZ

        Dan Goodman oh lol my bad

      3. Dan Goodman

        No it was 998k when I did the comment

      4. BTB designZ

        Your too late

    80. Masikrr YT

      “King from Egypt”😂😂 Them when that realize that they are Pharos😂

    81. BamBoo

      Sleepover stereotypes next?

    82. Maximum Capacity Cerebrum

      What happened to Barry last year?

    83. Sara Muschiano

      "Hey! That's my candy!" *them all trying to get as much candy as they can* "Well, my mom only lets me take home 5 pieces of candy." :( F in the chat for the person Cody played in candy traders

    84. Brody Stokes

      Love the bloopers! 😎

    85. E's Adventures

      10 legs well it’s a crab

    86. Ford Martin

      6:58 I watch Walking Dead, I got this🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣

    87. James Wirtz

      These Dudes are Perfect!

    88. Dylan Wigant

      F u Colby I love candy corn

    89. Ca Sneaks

      The idiotic taiwan nally earn because mine coincidingly wriggle following a loving waste. deranged, wandering moon

    90. Nicole Sprong

      1 mistake when u say mom its mum

    91. billyjl

      It was the best video because I am a big Harry Potter fan

    92. yazan aized

      Hey dudes A big fan of yours please post skiing behind the scenes in plus

    93. Jonathan Williams

      I thought the overpriced spider man was cgi

    94. Allen Veltkamp

      Candy corn is amazing

    95. Guadalupe Lambert

      If Tyler opened the tootsie roll there would probably be a peanut knife

    96. Wesley Schlachter

      So with 45k more subscribers do you get 2 Golden Play Buttons?

    97. LittleBrother1000

      I like tootsie rolls but allot of people hate them

    98. Minecraft Pro

      i love that they dont know what to call us

    99. Alex Hatch

      One of the dude perfect kids were wearing Mr beast Murch

    100. Kishu Anghan

      5:53 red wing hat lol