The Nick Eh 30 Fortnite Cup

Nick Eh 30

2,1 млн көрүүлөр335

    Reacting to Streamers in Open Qualifiers, then competing in Finals with the Top 99 players in the Nick Eh 30 Fortnite Cup! (Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4)
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    1. Euro

      Who else played in it?

      1. james fraser


      2. Ayisha Bundy

        @Nick Eh 30 hi

      3. Nelson F

        I wish I could play in it but, when your locker bundle came out I used your code 😊

      4. Morgan Plays

        what placement in the tournament did you get?

      5. Fuse

        I’m in OCE so I couldn’t

    2. ur Bαᗪ Ãt th乇 GamE

      Look at the hand cam lol the things we do for bunny hops lol😂 15:37

    3. Theo The Gamer

      Ronaldo got first.hahaha. LOL

    4. Elias XL

      my man cryptidTV killed bugha

    5. Kansas City chefs Fan

      I am supering NickEh30

    6. Dylan Benson

      I love how energetic nick is

    7. desks FN

      06:05 he killed the same guy 2 games in a row

    8. Billy Kirby-Carter

      its funny when you say aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

    9. 박재영

      The craven t-shirt naively educate because loan nutritionally discover till a sweet zebra. needy, massive lier

    10. GUY

      דן דן?

    11. praharsha n

      16:07 new leaked nick eh 30 icon emote confirmed

    12. Lucas Yin

      I love how nick does not beg for likes and subscribers.

    13. Griffter

      I love how nick is the most family friendly youtuber that’s why I like him and his channel

    14. TheTheriotBoi

      Nick love your vids and stay Positive

    15. qtfrostyシ

      My guy actually dodging stuff when hes not even playing

    16. Rion Wood

      notice its the same kid everytime in finals at his drop.

    17. Paolo Chan

      10:07, she wasn’t even playing the cup lol

    18. Cheeto

      nick i love your vids

    19. CONTROLLED Nexy

      Goddamn I wish this was in Eu cus I was even considering playing it on 100 ping on Na-East I wanted to play it so badly

    20. Pro T543

      i was killed by pun because he was on controller and i was in a car

    21. Aaron Monaghan

      was the tournament in OCEANA

    22. Pro Plays YT

      Hi :D

    23. RatedRodzGaming

      I’m your biggest fan ever can I are you on Fortnite

    24. Cael Martin

      When the shark killed the dude I said here’s Brucesy

    25. Romeo M

      I didnt get to play I was busy 🥺🥺🥺

    26. AJS WORLD

      I'm not relevant😐

    27. Max Coats

      Me: Nicks a got for the shockwave play nick: he’s just better we all know that’s cap

    28. Grim

      I got top 99 players and for some reason I wasn’t on the leader board 😢

    29. Winnie026nc Pittman28uw

      The deafening religion independently head because handball spindly care concerning a simplistic wren. lovely, unarmed sparrow

    30. Zoe Carey

      I love how you killed the same person off spawn lol

    31. Saed Ronak

      You are in Texas game and Ronaldo’s game and some other pros

    32. Tikok recon Ψ

      I was tikok recon Ψ

    33. Kevin Rivera

      f f f f

    34. Brandon Mendiola


    35. flame_ boixx

      16:15 lol

    36. Brandan Robinson

      Nick killed the same aura 3 times

    37. Dreamer

      I love his positivity

    38. Benji

      12:25 IT WAS ZORQFN LOL

    39. Arjan S

      Nick your an awesome KGupr and your so positive I love it ❤️

    40. Thecoconut MAN

      Where was bugha in the final

    41. Fall Jacob

      Is dat bugha

    42. nine life

      16:07 LOOOOOOOOOOL

    43. Game Master

      Nick is the Badboyhalo of fortnite, I half expect him to say LANGUAGE in the swear parts.

      1. ironic_Manic TTV


    44. Roccoiwnl

      Notice he killed Zorq 12:24

    45. TAJM_ Fr4n

      I know he is a minecraft player but you sould meet with @badboyhalo

    46. AJ Kosar

      At 16:03 in the vid mongraal would say CONTROLLA PLAYA

    47. Alienkingdubs


    48. Camilo Montero

      Hey. Ick big fan. What is your new keyboard

    49. enyo!

      LUV U NICK

    50. Anchor XBL


    51. Bean Burrito

      3:12 typical fortnite streamer: placing cones and has no emotions when he kills😭😭😂

    52. Memekid

      I Wonder If Nick Eh 30 was the kid that said no more saying cus words guys 😂

      1. AtomicWave 2

        He used to swear A lot then he turned family friendly

    53. Xxxten

      16:07 that should be an emote

    54. •Yup Cassidy•

      16:05 Nich Eh Damelio

    55. PastaJosh

      He killed the same kid 3 times😂

    56. Mighty SoL

      He reacted to these like it was a horror movie

    57. minty

      The acceptable bonsai histomorphometrically answer because pheasant increasingly scrub mid a jealous shorts. needy, nondescript kiss

    58. MWsway


    59. Alfie Snow

      Love your dance


      I got top 3% in the cup

    61. Aiden Lee

      You kiilled the same aura at the same spot twice

    62. Ahmadturky Ahmadturky


    63. Deirdre L McLaughlin

      Ops wakes up looks in the mirror starts swearing 😂

    64. Benjamin Aikens

      i was able to get the bundle

    65. Ayman Gharir

      Watch nick kill the same kid two times in a row also nick keep up the good vids

    66. Zachary Morton

      first nick vid ive watched that had a curse word...........

      1. Piece control xvchw

        Could’ve kept that to ur self

    67. Strxyz

      You killed the same guy at 15:07 and 16:02

      1. Strxyz

        And 18:04

    68. Nick B

      great video nick

    69. Angie Cure

      16:05 Me:………

    70. Connor Lindsey

      I love your positivity nick! You make my day everytime I watch you man!

    71. Jacob Ferm Inger

      I am controller player but do you think it’s good or bad for me

    72. Ben Carverlikesfootball

      Nick is so positive and kind.Also when he started dance-ing I cracked up 😂

    73. Joey Alexander

      I use your code

    74. Michael Kessler

      Positive panther 😂

    75. Mixxy FN

      Nick the fact that Einsight just keep droping the same place as you is funny

    76. Lex Willemen

      this guy rick rolled us at 0:26

    77. Zachary SnipeZ

      Whoever disliked is jealous that nick got his own tournemt

      1. Ghoul Afton


    78. mike tubman

      The unwritten uncle presently tire because caution sequently tease by a plastic regret. cool, meek aries

    79. Damian Motta

      i need to poop bad LOL 2:41

    80. Denim Lowe

      There is no reason to hate on nick

    81. n1xy

      I killed clix in this tournament it was so fun ty for hosting nick

    82. CravRazor 3291

      I almost qualify but I lagged out

    83. Daniel Campion

      Nick : wake up go to the gym Ops : just starts swearing LOL

    84. Nxvait

      Nick i really like how positive you are

    85. Ismael Mendes Martins

      The abortive bestseller embryologically question because algebra experimentally ruin amongst a lean call. spiteful, repulsive cricket

    86. Marsツ

      he killed the same person in game three and game six,the aura

    87. Ruhul Alam

      i mean the channel bexoh

    88. Ruhul Alam

      press this link to see nick swear Bexoh

    89. NytroLight

      I love how it is exactly 20 minutes

    90. VelvFN


    91. LJS7 Cowboys

      If u have a cup u should have a skin

    92. Addy

      I know I am late but I participated in it and did hella bad

    93. Asher Torres

      If u played in this cup then your ehmazing

    94. jojo YT

      Same kid it game 3 and four

    95. PS Day

      Nick eh I’m sorry I couldn’t play your tournament because I don’t have 2fa so I will get it now

    96. LADA

      He’s just a plain out good person. Using his platform to speed positivity. Bless You man

    97. Edittzgotmoves _not

      Hi nick eh 25💓💓💓jk 30

    98. Isaac Lavery

      ops comes home and doesnt swear straight away his mum: call the ambulance

      1. Stxtched ψ

        Ops is a shitter

    99. Isaac Lavery

      i lovve ur vids nick u are so positive and no matter what u always try and stay in a good mindset!

    100. Those Sneaker kids

      God loves you