The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt - Official Trailer

The Grand Tour

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    Because Epic didn't really work. The Grand Tour Presents: A Massive Hunt.
    Launches 18 December only on Prime Video.

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    1. bannedfahim Epic blogger

      Better than BBC and Clarkson agree

    2. TheFreakonhell

      Mr. Wilman complaining he couldn't get into the studios for the cuts... "Dear Andy, we don't need any of these, cut into a kinda short thing. Just put the diffent records together and release a special special, which is almost as long, as the whole trip has been! This series is being watched by real fans and yes, we would love to watch a days-long-special, thanks!"

    3. Farbod Harandi Fasih

      Watching grandtour trailer untill it realeses Day 3

    4. Oru's and Or nots

      1 year later............

    5. Khaled A

      I think the director getting rusty, check 0:45 no grass but 0:46 oh there is grass. 😑

    6. Sophie

      This trailer has made my Christmas 10x better. Can't wait to see this episode!!! I love these idiots!

    7. Kuba Pacula

      Let's pump more oil into fcukin' fossils 😘

    8. SpudSupreme

      Mada *gas* *car*

    9. Edu

      Did they put tracks on a focus, and offroad a Continental Gt??

    10. Dart Nikita

      Кларксон явно Академика не смотрит, бентли может в оффроад только на гусенницах. :)

    11. Bantip

      Best ad for Madagascar Tourism ever

    12. Edward Kwak

      Hope no more Rimacs were harmed during the filming process.

    13. JackstandJohnny

      The world needs this so bad right now.

    14. Zaid Khan

      Hammond is that one dad that makes everything embarrassing for you when your friends are over but you still love him anyway.

    15. Pablo Alonso

      I have tears in my eyes

    16. Это Реально Интересно

      Ну наконец то. Так долго, что я уже забыл сколько жду эту серию.

    17. no one

      just hope dont smash captians slows face in screen makes harder wach sauasge party , unlikable , not like im going watch amazon ptime

      1. Cameron Holt

        Woah there! Put the crack down and step away from the pipe!

    18. JTheGame Coster

      I'm so so excited it's been long time since we haven't had one of these for a long time I'm so excited

    19. TS classics and academics

      Yeah! 🤟

    20. sudarsha n

      Legends starts his journey again

    21. StriderCX 2nd

      Wow they pulled a Cyberpunk... I thought the show was canceled. An episode a year isn't much of a show.

    22. Hean Jin Ong

      Epic would have been way better !!!

    23. Harry Solente

      The first shot on the highway is in Reunion Island, next to madagascar

    24. Gamende

      That has got to be the best birthday gift ever



    26. kosn4smw

      FINALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY . For Fuck's shake ! :D . They are here . Can't wait to watch it . And also can't wait for the next one ,which will probably release in 2200 i guess :D

    27. fragrounds

      Yessss I can't wait to watch this. Hammond is driving my car!

    28. Артур Петров

      Мы ждём! Привет из России!!!

    29. JM B

      Release the fkn video already

    30. GreenPaperMoustache

      “Fucking Finally”- Kimi Räikönen

    31. jules simon

      I am not crying just sand.

    32. Natty riddim

      Is anyone still waiting?

    33. Владимир Медведев

      Когда наконец

    34. иван Иванов

      Ну когда уже ?

    35. Simon Hinchley

      Patients people

    36. Максим

      ждем с нетерпением 18 декабря)

    37. Derrick Mwangi

      Many, many years to you good sirs, and may the wobblers finally let you be for you are doing the Lord's work. Be blessed

    38. Corby Lambert

      I'll believe it when I see it in prime video...


      Finally some great streaming content.

    40. Ethan James

      We have waited a ehole year for this so it better be a good 3 hour episode

    41. Alvar Lagerlöf

      Wow this is truly a shitty color grade

    42. nasser ALR

      I love and respect these three.

    43. Dee Snuts

      I readed Cunt instead of hunt

    44. Joshua Nas Ser

      hammond's the only one that looks older

    45. Ferd San

      I’m excited

    46. Simeeen88

      Been waiting forever for this.

    47. Andrew Markowitz


    48. ICommandoI

      About damn time The Grand Tour! Where have you been hiding!!! The May get lost? The boat show season was a bit of a joke, at least you've come back to your senses. Hammond you idiot! Oh and hey Mr Clarkson.

    49. Alexey Klimashevich

      the cars they are destroying are getting more expensive( focus RS - whyyy?

    50. Luca Possente

      i've seen 2000 times already

    51. Adrian Rogiewicz

      It's season 4th, right?

    52. rhys hutchinson

      I think part of the specials was aways that you could maybe do it yourself one day , £1500 cars across Africa, £5000 cars in the middle east , $1000 cars in the US , but these you cant really dream about if that makes sense 🤔

    53. Lo Value

      They can take a run-up and ... Fuck Off! I'm all about surviving these days.

    54. Hypersphere Engineering

      Hammond, "this car is unstoppable!" 2 seconds later "breaks down" 😂

    55. QuickSilver

      Oh God.. I've been watching these 3 for so long that I dread the words "let's modify our cars" it NEVER ends well :D Can't wait!

    56. антиблогер из америки.


    57. Glen Booth

      Yes the boys are where they rightfully belong 👏👏👏 Can't wait for this

    58. Jimmy Vingadassa

      La Réunion 974 lo frère

    59. Juhoko

      these legends, finally again. if somebody should be immortal, it is those three lovely chaps

    60. Marvelous

      Спиздили идею у КОКОКОКостика)

    61. tejw2012

      Re new TG and GT, in both instances there is one worthwhile presenter and two hangers-on. Clarkson is a journalist who can drive, Harris a driver who can present.

    62. Bounty Hunter


    63. JCBP

      Poweeeer!! Vamos que lo esperamos el 18/12 😍

    64. Sandwich Anomaly

      I suspect that the H in hunt is supposed to be a C for obvious dirty reasons

    65. Danny

      The 3 Blokes came to save 2020!

    66. CuTTeP Denisov

      очень ждем!

    67. Alexandria Stark

      This trailer literally beat most of Hollywood produced trailers by far 😂

    68. Ivy sOlaR


    69. Catatonic Galaxy

      love these guys..

    70. Igor Abrazumov

      Тот случай, когда Бентлю скопировали у Русских

    71. Nikolas IVRIT


    72. Devon Auhorn

      I can´t wait for this to come out!

    73. Austen McLEAN

      They got that Bentley from ‘Supercar Challenge’ hosted by Shane Lynch from Boyzone, recognised it straight away!

    74. Samuel Bomorse

      Can't wait for this!

    75. cella360

      I pressed the 'like' button so hard that i have made a hole in my phone now

      1. Bujf vjg

        watch out for your fingers, it may be a black hole!

    76. Jared Fehr

      Sooooooo happy! Literally got Amazon prime for them, was on the verge of canceling...

    77. Jailbreak _79

      Has it been released?

    78. Kolunio k

      I can't wait to see this!

    79. fouoii gyhh

      Only now I realised... MASSIVE (h)UNT So it's been "Seamen", now "Massive Hunt". Then what? Big Walls?

    80. Usman khan


    81. James whodat Moore

      Hope to see season 5 in maybe 2 years

    82. Daniel Knight 17

      How many episode of grand tour

    83. Армен Маргарян

      Хоть что-то хорошее в этом году.

      1. fouoii gyhh

        It's almost like Christmas has come back !! It's all going tits up but we have the lights of our lives have returned.

    84. nahom dereje

      About God damn time!!!!!

    85. Tornike Chkhikvadze

      keep going guys! :*****

    86. Bubba Bong

      LOL WTF did I just watch?

    87. Chopin1995

      I bet it was Jeremy's choice of music! And again a good choice!

    88. Leloko Seupi

      I hope its 10 hours long

    89. Mad Megatron

      hammond still cant drive for gods sake

    90. Diamond Fatima

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    91. OlgasikPatrol

      Когда уже ?

    92. Timmy limmy

      I was expecting Richard being taken away in a air ambulance and his car down a hill

    93. WiFi gaming

      I want to see but I don't have prime

    94. Zim

      Год ждали!!!Амазон розродился!Ну лучше позно чем никогда!

    95. kcooga

      Everyone: OMG A NEW GRAND TOUR Video:(has 3.8 million views) Amazon:i’m gonna pretend like I didn’t say that

    96. Mahdi Astanei

      come to iran

    97. fluide fluide

      It's almost like Christmas has come back !! It's all going tits up but we have the lights of our lives have returned.

    98. Steve Keen

      "A massive hunt" bit harsh i think jeremy's a sound bloke

    99. Andy Calarco

      They got the best job in the world... FACT!!

    100. Peter Gregson

      Launches on the last day of school